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  • boston babe
    boston babe 2 hours ago

    She just wanted to pee.

  • 3636lk
    3636lk 2 hours ago

    Drugs in his "fat rolls".....YUCK

  • baltazar garcia
    baltazar garcia 2 hours ago

    He looks to be close to woodland

  • boston babe
    boston babe 2 hours ago

    They gave her the knife ...

    YANKY BOI 2 hours ago

    First of all as a former marine most of us never come out and tell people were marines because people always notice it in us right away anyway.

  • Patrick-Sun Numchuckchia-Kun

    That first cop is Daddy material .... 😂😂😂😂

  • 3Triple MMX
    3Triple MMX 2 hours ago

    The thumbnail tho😂😂🤣🤣

  • Cohen MGE
    Cohen MGE 2 hours ago

    Not so tough now!…

  • Brayden Michael
    Brayden Michael 2 hours ago

    Who else kept freezing at 1:47

  • Zimrian Zimrian
    Zimrian Zimrian 2 hours ago

    Hoarders keeps me and my house chores on track

  • 3636lk
    3636lk 2 hours ago

    Ya gotta love our cops, I don't know how they deal with scum like that.

  • MrKErocks
    MrKErocks 2 hours ago

    Angelina exhibits some mental issues too...

  • Renato Serafim
    Renato Serafim 2 hours ago

    This is sooooo stupid

  • Kailey Marie
    Kailey Marie 2 hours ago

    Always amazes me when people get an attitude with officers for trying to make sure we are safe from drunk drivers....

  • S. Sanchez
    S. Sanchez 2 hours ago

    Respect to the man in the last video , that’s wassup

  • Smith Smith
    Smith Smith 2 hours ago


  • al spears
    al spears 2 hours ago

    Toyotas are garbage

  • Rob N.
    Rob N. 2 hours ago

    🙂 ROOKIE COP 🙂

  • JennyO. LuvsFLA
    JennyO. LuvsFLA 2 hours ago

    OMG, how about how out of control you hair styles are..gawd

  • Timmy O'toole
    Timmy O'toole 2 hours ago

    Hilarious 😁😁😄

  • Stijn De Smedt
    Stijn De Smedt 2 hours ago

    Why are there still so many idiots drinking and driving? I still think this should be classified as attempted manslaughter.

  • 3636lk
    3636lk 2 hours ago

    She reminds me of and acts a lot like Nancy Pelosi !

  • Big 4x Jeff
    Big 4x Jeff 2 hours ago

    Too y’all weak asf he’s soft I can tell

  • Better Luck
    Better Luck 2 hours ago

    Imagine if this was with prisoners who actually can’t be trusted to do this 😂

  • Kimmy Middleton
    Kimmy Middleton 2 hours ago

    3 minutes, 35 seconds in, and I ALREADY DETEST "laura" and find her to be ABUNDANTLY OFF PUTTING. UGH...

  • Yt ice Dragon
    Yt ice Dragon 2 hours ago

    GTA be like

  • Fern Mccreary
    Fern Mccreary 2 hours ago


  • Yt ice Dragon
    Yt ice Dragon 2 hours ago

    This looks fun

  • Village Idiot Bear
    Village Idiot Bear 2 hours ago

    A&E my mother and 47 year old brother are hoarders. I have tried to help for DECADES. My dad has sunk to a shadow. Please help us.

  • Carlos Danger
    Carlos Danger 2 hours ago

    Whats with the pink hair in the family? Its rotting their brains

  • Better Luck
    Better Luck 2 hours ago

    Psycho is well spoken, apart form “imma drink some you yo blood” :/

  • Pearcey111
    Pearcey111 2 hours ago

    Need more cops like this man, hope he becomes one of the top cops, its cops like him that can out rid that bad ones

  • Troy Evans
    Troy Evans 2 hours ago

    What was the probable cause? Parked in one area of the apartments and moving to another isn't probable cause.

  • Isaac Ibnoumaryama
    Isaac Ibnoumaryama 2 hours ago

    We need cops like him in new york. It's crazy over here

  • P. F.
    P. F. 2 hours ago

    I can never watch these in HD, all those details....yuck!

  • Hello Friend
    Hello Friend 2 hours ago

    Lol he reminds me of Donald trump 😂 a POS that calls himself a nice guy.

  • EddyYT
    EddyYT 2 hours ago

    I just came here because I knew the comment where going to be pure gold🤣🤣.

  • Brianna Smith
    Brianna Smith 2 hours ago

    Mary lives in Fresno, California I live about 40 minutes from there

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 2 hours ago

    Too Tall: I run dis mot***f***** Detention Cert Team: You mind if we borrow this block for a while. (Taser, Taser, Taser)

  • The Truth
    The Truth 2 hours ago

    She hot 😍😍

  • bridget
    bridget 2 hours ago

    You're a.... free man.... the disappointment in those lines man

  • yolo squad
    yolo squad 2 hours ago

    9:26 the officer is like a gaint to her

  • UK DoctorFRCS
    UK DoctorFRCS 2 hours ago

    Leaving that poor man is the nicest thing you could do for him.

  • Steven Anderson
    Steven Anderson 2 hours ago

    I hope the officers thanked those dudes.

  • Pearcey111
    Pearcey111 2 hours ago

    Why do these girls even want to do this going to jail for 60 days, good way to get killed or very badly hurt, like how dumb

  • Better Luck
    Better Luck 2 hours ago

    Please just put him in the cage I want to see what his going to do :/

  • Tshiabu Kabongo
    Tshiabu Kabongo 2 hours ago

    What's up with people thanking the internet for likes

  • TooSick2Di3
    TooSick2Di3 2 hours ago

    What show is this? What’s going on? Why are there so many marines in this prison?

  • Steve
    Steve 2 hours ago

    I wasn't expecting Cookie Monster to come to the door with him.

  • Jayjay_ 2xs
    Jayjay_ 2xs 2 hours ago

    The nigguh too tall ain't even fight though

  • Jordi P
    Jordi P 2 hours ago

    dudes skin makes me cringe

  • C M John
    C M John 2 hours ago

    SOOOOO... she yells about how nobody does anything. okay. Then she doesn't want to delegate anyone to do anything, because she doesn't want them to touch her stuff. She yells at John for not cleaning the kitchen, says she shouldn't have to clean everything, why is it not about him too. OKKAYYYY. So John cleans the kitchen and she screams at him for "touching her things" and "not caring about her". THEN PROCEEDS TO SAY SHE THOUGHT THIS WAS ABOUT HER GETTING BETTER?! Okay Sis,

  • balsamic vin
    balsamic vin 2 hours ago


  • arnold Quintana
    arnold Quintana 2 hours ago

    I wonder if the girl in the black SUV Is The ex...some ex's are Mean and bad Asf ...there evil...

  • Dailyyy Dangles
    Dailyyy Dangles 2 hours ago

    Really the Dccs don't hurt the mom

  • coffee cures79
    coffee cures79 2 hours ago

    Cops earn the hate because of the illegal acts they do not because people just hate cops for no reason. Ice T song COP KILLER is a great song, he doesn't mean go out and kill all cops, just the ones who abuse authority, going overboard when holding down a suspect. Its more than just one "bad apple".

  • Alporpogx
    Alporpogx 2 hours ago

    These parents should have clap this dude on the butt at the first minute

  • Josh Herbel
    Josh Herbel 2 hours ago

    Dear Cops, when you are always there when we don't need you and never there when we do, how should we actually feel about interactions?

  • Wake up Sheeple
    Wake up Sheeple 2 hours ago


  • tom bob
    tom bob 2 hours ago

    I got a sticker specially made that says if you have white headlights I hate you then a guy flicking you off

  • Kimmy Middleton
    Kimmy Middleton 2 hours ago

    I'd would have thrown that DEMONIC MOTHER IN LAW in a nursing home SO FRIGGIN QUICK, it wouldda snapped her neck..( METAPHORICALLY OF COURSE)

  • XD djinngame
    XD djinngame 2 hours ago

    The first 2 cops look identical an i cant unsee it

  • ridge runner
    ridge runner 2 hours ago

    if he had some mud tares on that thing could have drove out i know i done it

  • Michael Langas
    Michael Langas 2 hours ago

    this show is BS....see 4:40, guy has a cell phone.

  • str8husler
    str8husler 2 hours ago

    Give him the chair

  • Shogun Elite
    Shogun Elite 2 hours ago

    Wish more police had the same humanity as this officer...GOD BLESS HIM

  • Sarah Sanchez
    Sarah Sanchez 2 hours ago

    She and her bf needed to break up. I dont think they were good for each other. Marriage should be for life and i hope she finds someone more compatible for her.

  • David O Donovan
    David O Donovan 2 hours ago

    Is it the lighting, or does that police man have a pink badge?

  • Plaid Omelette
    Plaid Omelette 2 hours ago

    Lol, you can have the mattress back in a bit, he smashing on it rn.

  • Diamond Dingers
    Diamond Dingers 2 hours ago

    That one part wen he went ewhuuuuuuughhhggg, then . Uu wunah goo huuum

  • Denzol [NA]
    Denzol [NA] 2 hours ago

    She had her when she was 14 wtf

  • Tshiabu Kabongo
    Tshiabu Kabongo 2 hours ago

    Lmao he got real quiet when the black guys approached him

  • David Crooks
    David Crooks 2 hours ago

    I would suspect inmates have long memories and never forget a face. He doesn't need to be in jail with the guy he was shouting at ....... It'll go south really quickly........

  • Paul Linton
    Paul Linton 2 hours ago

    As soft as those lips are after all that chapstick, you could sell that kid for three honey buns and a ramen noodle!

  • Auerra 91
    Auerra 91 2 hours ago

    He says "Treat me right" quit acting a fool and act like an adult...

  • Freshness
    Freshness 3 hours ago

    He dident get caught driving so it not driving while drunk.

  • Justn Brnard
    Justn Brnard 3 hours ago

    2:59 I’m sorry, but the way he put his “girlfriend” against the glass had me dying 😂😂💀

  • DJT DripGod
    DJT DripGod 3 hours ago

    She need a weapon on her

  • Zombie King
    Zombie King 3 hours ago

    If we had to take a school trip here, I will stay in school and do my best.

  • Um Yeah
    Um Yeah 3 hours ago

    She gonna get killed if she does the wrong move

  • Lovinlife Life
    Lovinlife Life 3 hours ago

    Start swinging they will think different

  • Philly Leo
    Philly Leo 3 hours ago

    He was supposed to g check him to see if his creditable

  • f hard
    f hard 3 hours ago

    *laughs in german*

  • Mark L
    Mark L 3 hours ago

    Just once I wanna hear the officer reply to "you're hurting me" with "Man up."

  • CoolMan Caravan
    CoolMan Caravan 3 hours ago

    "since he doesn't like law enforcement we're gonna cut him a break" WHAT? Shouldn't it be the opposite? I'm so respectful to every officer I meet. I know they have a hard job. Why cut a break to someone who can't or won't realize that

  • NPC 86740296
    NPC 86740296 3 hours ago

    I got an add for crybabies toys at the end wtf

  • Annastasia LuvSexy
    Annastasia LuvSexy 3 hours ago

    It looks so creepy how Stacy looked like Kathleen but she did tell her, " you are me " before Kathleen had died.

  • Milk
    Milk 3 hours ago

    Wow not even anybody in the comments section believes in her

  • TexMechs
    TexMechs 3 hours ago

    Matt Paxton could have his own show. He always cracks me up. If you read this, make your own show, man!

  • ethan wilson
    ethan wilson 3 hours ago

    Bruh I legit got a felony on my speeding ticket for not having identification or proof of insurance

    UNIVERSAL THOUGHTS 3 hours ago

    Who gives af about a Marine

  • Angel Playzgames
    Angel Playzgames 3 hours ago

    Are 14 years old taller than 17 years old people these days?

  • Thomas Brown
    Thomas Brown 3 hours ago

    Montana police is joke

  • Taurus L
    Taurus L 3 hours ago

    I see the American penal colony is stilling making money of the back of the unfortunate.

  • Ethen Brown
    Ethen Brown 3 hours ago

    I like Dave

  • Ethen Brown
    Ethen Brown 3 hours ago

    I like Dave

  • 700Pro. Patriot
    700Pro. Patriot 3 hours ago

    You've got to be kidding me?!?!...he was Christ after all!!!

  • Hello Friend
    Hello Friend 3 hours ago

    What he meant was "I've seen many pretty faces get scraped off on the asphalt"

  • Ulrik Marcher
    Ulrik Marcher 3 hours ago

    I’m hjemme og gav en tyv Gamingm

  • Alporpogx
    Alporpogx 3 hours ago

    They're small for their age