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SHAZAM Movie Review! (2019)
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  • James Kilkenny
    James Kilkenny 16 minutes ago

    These rumors were reported in August 🤷‍♂️

  • Zdiddy7
    Zdiddy7 12 hours ago

    I guess comics have always been full of libtard propaganda. Today they just dont try to hide it and make sure every good guy character is an SJW and constantly preaching and pushing their agenda.

  • KolPlays
    KolPlays 19 hours ago

    i'm surprise luna snow is from korea.

  • DeAlpha 369
    DeAlpha 369 Day ago

    kit harington: so i will be using sword again? MCU: yes but not longclaw it will be ebony blade magical and curse kit harington: Nice!!! MCU: but you will be a black knight again and woman name Sersi will be invole kit harington: NOT AGAIN!!!

  • Christopher Walker

    This is really... thorough.

  • Tim Canadian Comic Hunter

    Hope this is true , it would great to see him in MCU film

  • One on One with Lp

    Who remembers him on Transformers?

  • Edgar Flores
    Edgar Flores Day ago

    They need to buff her sword to affect things beyond magic

  • Scott Jackson
    Scott Jackson Day ago

    Are you, The Gatekeeper!

  • T Bone
    T Bone 2 days ago

    Do Lo Light....pls

  • cory merry
    cory merry 3 days ago

    Maybe take a brief pause in between sentences. Everything is kinda running together.

  • Man Sivaborvorn
    Man Sivaborvorn 3 days ago

    We Love Comics directed me to your channel - thanks for the information!!!!

  • Chief Cook
    Chief Cook 3 days ago

    Can you do gun-ho

  • Chief Cook
    Chief Cook 3 days ago

    Can you do Wild Bill next

  • Agnetha LaDuff
    Agnetha LaDuff 3 days ago

    Get the Injuns out of G.I. Joe

  • James Nickle
    James Nickle 3 days ago

    what other comics besides the first app of deadpool do you think are worth investing in after hearing this news?

  • Tyler Lewis
    Tyler Lewis 3 days ago

    Nice video dude. Do you know if a sticker effects a cgc grade if its older. I have a dtec 400 with a old price sticker on it and I'm wondering if I should try taking it off?

  • Alex the Comic Hoarder

    That leaker “mcu cosmic”???? Dang I could be a leaker with that broad info. Confirmed: the x-men/mutants will first appear in a team up movie, on Disney plus streaming or in a solo movie. Sub up to my channel for all the hottest MCU news.

    • JLS Comics
      JLS Comics 3 days ago

      LOL yeah people still follow him though for some reason

  • Lords of the Long Box

    Great Breakdown Jesse! And I agree, Jeremy Conrad is dumb as hell. Thanks for the shoutout brother!

  • Comic Addiction
    Comic Addiction 3 days ago

    We love comics sent me to you I'll sub Nd check the channel out

  • We Love Comics
    We Love Comics 3 days ago

    And Gee, I was telling people just 3 days ago that they should buy NM 98 again ;) lol. Good thing that video got 18 thumbs down ;) lol. Great video good sir.

    • We Love Comics
      We Love Comics 3 days ago

      @JLS Comics It is always better to get something 10 years too early then 10 seconds too late :). Hope my video gets you a few subs :).

    • JLS Comics
      JLS Comics 3 days ago

      Thanks brotha! Good timing on picking that up too, wow!

  • PJ Smith
    PJ Smith 3 days ago

    there is only one Cobra Commander!

  • leyenda61
    leyenda61 3 days ago

    Deadpool & Taskmaster have crossed swords

  • leyenda61
    leyenda61 3 days ago

    Ok, that's some pretty impressive news. Nice scoop!

  • Izat Aiman
    Izat Aiman 4 days ago

    That would be awkward.....meeting his ex-wife

    • Drew Thompson
      Drew Thompson 3 hours ago

      Izat Aiman it's time to find out which has the better ass Johansson or Jackman.

    • leyenda61
      leyenda61 3 days ago

      I hadn't realized that until i read ur post. That's pretty funny

  • WarParty! At the Outpost

    I played Spirit as Rambo. I attached Sergeant Slaughter arms on him witha Rock 'N Roll machine gun belt chestplate and equip him with an M-60, Storm Shadow's bow and arrow, and Falcon's backpack with the knife on the side. It was your worst nightmare.

  • Jor- El Rand
    Jor- El Rand 4 days ago

    I’m not gonna get my hopes up because these movies are PG-13 and won’t take a step to make them R-rated.

  • Joshua Munn
    Joshua Munn 4 days ago

    We'll see if that clown T.V.O is legit or not because if that scene doesn't happen he will be done.

  • take-the-time-collectibles

    Black Widow would make sense, especially with the Taskmaster connection. Have they announced a rating for Widow yet?

    • JLS Comics
      JLS Comics 3 days ago

      Nothing official yet but I'm quite sure it will be PG-13

  • Solaceboy
    Solaceboy 4 days ago

    My friend was going through his Transformers toys that was in a box and found Firefly as the only figure in his box. He gave it to me and I still have him. It's a cool figure.

  • Harvey Lembeck
    Harvey Lembeck 4 days ago

    Watch "Rollerball"

  • Manolis Anastasiou
    Manolis Anastasiou 4 days ago

    do lady jay!!!

  • Chief Cook
    Chief Cook 4 days ago

    Can you do wildcats next

  • Ynffy
    Ynffy 4 days ago

    Bear taken out by Wham! ...bam! I am! a man! Job or no job, You can't tell me that I'm not.

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 4 days ago

    Hahahahaha damn, this list is AWFUL! 😂 You're best pick is Allison Brie. The others are just terrible. You do know Jen is caucasian, right?

    • Itachi Uchiha
      Itachi Uchiha 4 days ago

      @JLS Comics nothing personal bruh. I too am excited for she hulk i just think all that race bending is nonsense and the likes of Gina carano and Rhonda Rousey should never ever play a great character like Jen.

    • JLS Comics
      JLS Comics 4 days ago

      Itachi Uchiha I’m glad you got a good laugh out of it

  • Ricky Anderson
    Ricky Anderson 4 days ago

    Do Duke and Storm Shadow

  • Ricky Anderson
    Ricky Anderson 4 days ago

    Do Duke

  • Robert Polanco
    Robert Polanco 4 days ago

    WOW! I am in AWE of "The She-Hulk"! I have collected most of the back issues of the green-skinned amazon for my reading pleasure and I enjoy them so much.

  • Paul Ley Harris
    Paul Ley Harris 5 days ago

    I always have Spirit on my special team led by Lt. Falcon

  • The Bronze Age of DC Comics

    The second action figure you showed looked like that one dude from Predator. Like a dead ringer.

  • The Bronze Age of DC Comics

    Of my favorite cartoon characters were Shipwreck, Snake Eyes, Low Light, and, of course, Spirit. In no particular order.

  • a i
    a i 5 days ago

    October Guardsman, retired: "In Soviet Russia, American Spirit smokes YOU!" 🚬⚰️

  • Avery J
    Avery J 5 days ago

    I hope they don't make it out to be this sort of royal family type thing with them. They were a RACE of superhumans, sone related to each other. It's not like it's the Inhumans....

  • Jonathan Jones
    Jonathan Jones 5 days ago

    Id love to learn more about Lifeline!

  • Jonathan Jones
    Jonathan Jones 5 days ago

    I can't get enough of these gijoe vids! I truly look forward to them every week. I'd like to request Shockwave please!

  • Ser Justin Klann of the blackwater

    Dusty and muskrat would be cool.

  • ionicblood666
    ionicblood666 5 days ago

    I love the realistic take on these character portfolios.

  • Ser Justin Klann of the blackwater

    fire fly an storm shadow are the greatest cobras of all time.

  • da61934
    da61934 5 days ago

    Can you do Alpine, Quick kick, and Scrap-iron?

  • energicko
    energicko 5 days ago

    Great video, JLS! Continue the great work. Fun fact for 8:26 to 8:32 , Alongside Frank Welker performing Spock's vocalizations; Leonard Nimoy (credited as "Frank Force") was the computer voice of the turbolift at Spacedock.

  • John Valencia
    John Valencia 5 days ago

    Next month so November USMC B-day is the November 10th. Could you please do videos on the Marine Joe's?

  • John Valencia
    John Valencia 5 days ago

    Could you do a video of all the Joes's who were K.I.A.?

  • Shane Stewart
    Shane Stewart 5 days ago

    Cobralalalalalalalaaaaaaaalaaaaaaalalaaaah !

  • KingTAkeem 83
    KingTAkeem 83 5 days ago


  • Baron Thomas
    Baron Thomas 5 days ago

    never understood why he had those 3 red chevrons

  • Shadowfaux
    Shadowfaux 5 days ago

    I'd love to see one of these videos on Dusty...

  • Ser Justin Klann of the blackwater

    yessssss!!!! thank you!!!

  • MrBurlybiker
    MrBurlybiker 5 days ago

    Do Gung Ho!!!!!!

  • Kratos Craken
    Kratos Craken 5 days ago

    The one thing i never got till this day, what was that beef in TAS between Spirit and Stormshadow? 🇺🇸👍💪

  • Kratos Craken
    Kratos Craken 5 days ago

    Spirit is one of the best his popularity was on the same level as Snake Eyes not to mention tget made the best tag team. 🇺🇸👍💪

  • Lamont Simpson
    Lamont Simpson 5 days ago

    Sabotage you with melted snow.

  • Jerrod Draping
    Jerrod Draping 5 days ago

    Interesting character, thanks for the video. Just remember knowing is half the battle.

  • John Sorrow
    John Sorrow 5 days ago

    Maurice LeMarche was the voice for Serpentor only in the DIC cartoon. Dick Gautier did the voice for Serpentor in the old Sunbow Entertainment version.

  • Jamaal Austin
    Jamaal Austin 5 days ago

    Would you do one on Roadblock or Doc? Thanks.

  • King Kong
    King Kong 5 days ago

    Where can I see the UK action force profiles?

  • Outlawstar79
    Outlawstar79 5 days ago

    Now I know more about Spirit! And knowing is half the battle...what's the other half?

  • dwoodard78
    dwoodard78 5 days ago

    If I ever get lost, I'll be sure to have Spirit by my side. Love he in the cartoon series!

  • Devon Robinson
    Devon Robinson 5 days ago

    Please do a video of Lady Jaye.

    ACE ZANDERS 5 days ago

    bring back a sunbow/ marvel inspired animated version

    ACE ZANDERS 5 days ago

    great character ....but why would the ever kill snake eyes permanently ?????

  • Magur
    Magur 5 days ago

    That bear was terrifyingly huge.

  • efrem peters
    efrem peters 5 days ago

    Thanks 😊 he was so smooth on the cartoon series.

  • joey dubbs76
    joey dubbs76 5 days ago

    1:32 that re issue action figure has clearly been modeled after 'Billy' from the original Predator movie with Schwarzenegger. He's even got a Remington 870 mounted under his M16 & he's a "tracker"....

  • cory F
    cory F 5 days ago

    JLS I hope you do Ship Wreck soon, and highlight some of his growth in the cartoon as it was actually some of the best story telling

  • cory F
    cory F 5 days ago

    I loved spirit's toy. I got my first experience with spirit from the cartoon so he was not as interesting as the comic.

  • dave yardbird
    dave yardbird 5 days ago

    Spirit was my first Joe and still my favorite

  • Gregory Page
    Gregory Page 5 days ago

    That was a very interesting and informative video.

  • The Tomahockey
    The Tomahockey 5 days ago

    Thanks JLS 💯

  • CaptAssassin
    CaptAssassin 5 days ago

    I’ve always liked Spirit. Easily one of my top 5! Thanks for posting this content, it was great!

  • Samantha Mcallister

    Halle berry duh she’s bad ass as cat women

  • Solaceboy
    Solaceboy 6 days ago

    I remember them getting shot in the 1987 GI Joe movie. I might be wrong, but I think that was the last time they are seen in it.

  • Sargonarhes
    Sargonarhes 6 days ago

    I didn't like IDW take on Cobra Commander, that's when I stopped reading them. The classic Cobra Commander is always going to be the real Cobra Commander. And if one only reads the comics he was a mad genius.

  • da61934
    da61934 6 days ago

    Wasn't there a cobra called Scrapmetal?

  • James Rudolph
    James Rudolph 7 days ago

    Given the magic nature of his origin and that the MCU established magic and science are the same thing, best we can hope for is that the sword is like ancient pseudo-sentient alien technology or something, if he shows up at all.

  • J B
    J B 7 days ago

    Sweet video! But if you bring up Ray Stevenson, you have to mention him as Tituss Pulo in HBO's series "Rome", his best tough guy role. He's absolutely phenomenal in a wonderful underappreciated series. Sorry, off topic somewhat I know. Regardless, you history videos are extremely well done and informative! Your passion comes thru very well! Keep up the solid work

  • Timothy Bonovitch
    Timothy Bonovitch 7 days ago

    Soooo why are they not burning on the daylight Come on yall

  • Keith Skaran
    Keith Skaran 7 days ago

    Lapu-lapu story is not a legend, he's real, he was written in our history.

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 8 days ago

    as a 9yr old in 1982- my Dad, me, and my brother saw those first GIJoe action figures in a store- my Dad, who grew up with the Large GIJoes, thought they were neat and Let us get 2 each- this was before the cartoon came out in our area, no backstory, no real history, just that GIJoes were a redone thing and were American Soldiers, competing with the Star Wars action figures at the time- this was the first series- no swivel arms, pretty basic, I took the Blond Bearded Machine Gunner (don't remember his code name) and this Really Cool Looking Black Clad "Commando" Snake Eyes (as seen in the Video at 2:55) - became one of my favorite toys of all time- made up my own backstories about him, he was always a bad- a ss when fighting my other toys --- Later on they came out with the Ninja version with the wolf and the sword that everyone Likes so much- still cool, but I always prefered the older style- just a mystery man with an UZI

  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith 8 days ago

    Cobra Commander is Starscream lol

  • Tony Flores
    Tony Flores 8 days ago

    My friend another super great joe bio👍 Hoping your going to do Duke and my Marine brother Gung Ho🇺🇸

  • AJKayy
    AJKayy 8 days ago

    Who else plays marvel future fight...

  • Dustin Nunn
    Dustin Nunn 8 days ago

    I'm surprised DC didn't acquire the rights to Hoppy the Marvel Bunny and rename him Hoppy the Shazam Bunny.

  • Xerxes 666
    Xerxes 666 8 days ago

    As a kid....I mailed in my ..' proofs of purchase" .... for my Cobra Commander mail action figure.... but I ..NEVER got it!!😧😥💔🤧😥😰💔😢💔😢😢💔😢😢💔💔💔💔💔💔💔#Scarred Childhood ✴️💔✴️💔✴️💔✴️💔

  • Xerxes 666
    Xerxes 666 8 days ago

    ✴️❣️Haha!!! ✴️❣️❣️💝💝💛💝😻🍭🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈Great video!!! Thanks!✴️❣️🖤❣️💟💝🖤💝🌈🌈💙✴️💙💟💥🌹💥💝💥🌹🌹🖤

  • Tony Flores
    Tony Flores 8 days ago


  • Joshua Munn
    Joshua Munn 8 days ago

    RUMOR CONTROL. Disney cannot realistically or responsibly value #SpiderMan at $4B-$5B in any potential bid to get the movie rights back from Sony for one simple reason: Disney would ONLY be getting film profits in return. This is not a Lucasfilm or Marvel situation. When Disney bought Lucasfilm for $4B in 2012, Disney was picking up EVERY revenue stream for Star Wars and other Lucasfilm properties. The same for Marvel Entertainment in 2009 (less movie rights and some merchandise already licensed to other studios). Disney already owns all #SpiderMan revenue streams except those that come directly from theatrical distribution (box office, home release, promotional participation, etc.), meaning those are the only ones that would factor into Disney’s #SpiderMan evaluation. There’s no way movie distribution profits from #SpiderMan movies are worth more than EVERY revenue stream for #StarWars, so $4B for S-M movie rights is out of the question (and forget about $5B). It would take Disney way too long to recoup an investment of that size. Remember, we’re talking about the PROFITS from S-M movies, not the flashy, billion-dollar box office revenue figures. The cost of making and marketing those films would have to be taken out when measuring exactly how much each film helps Disney recoup its investment. Even if we assume that every S-M movie profits, on average, $400M (and that’s generous), it would take Disney 10 films to make back $4B, which would take 20 years if Marvel Studios consistently puts out a new S-M film every 2 years (and they wouldn’t). 20 years (minimum, because it really would be longer) is way too long to make back an investment like that. Sure, Marvel Studios could speed things up with Spidey spinoffs, but they don’t NEED those films like Sony does and therein lies another problem. Sony, understandably, values the S-M movie rights more than Disney reasonably could because Sony needs those rights more than Disney does. Sony, if it holds the rights, will make more Spider-related movies than Marvel Studios ever could within a 10 or 20-year period. Because of the difference in how much each studio values the Spider-Man movie rights, Disney would have no choice but to overpay. There’s no doubt about that, but $4B is well beyond overpaying. That’s downright irresponsible. I can’t see Disney even considering that number. Any scenario in which Disney buys #SpiderMan movie rights would feature a lump sum well under $4B and perhaps a percentage of future Spider-Man box office revenue that goes to Sony proper in perpetuity, even if the company eventually sells its movie/TV division. The alternative is Disney waiting/hoping that Sony eventually sells its movie and TV division, in which case the #SpiderMan movie rights would revert back to Disney automatically, and for free. I appreciate that many of us want #SpiderMan to be at home with Disney and #MarvelStudios free and clear, but don’t fall for the clickbait that tells you what you want to hear when it’s clear the rumor peddlers haven’t done the math. The thing is, Disney currently owns the merchandising rights for Spider-Man. So yeah they may not make back the 4-5 billion in movies only, but they certainly would make that back in merchandising AND movies, especially when they are the ones controlling the content. This is precisely the timeframe I've tried to explain to folks repeatedly, the profit margins from Spidey films (even for Sony) would take a/b 5 years for cinematic profits to add up to $1B, so it would take 20 years to reach $4B. No way, no how, will Disney pay that much.Too many folks talk a/b films & revenue w/o really understanding how financials work. They don't know studios only get 35-40% of box office $, & that costs of production (shooting, marketing, distribution) come out of studios' %, + backend points for stars etc are subtracted. For Spider-Man: Far From Home, for example, Sony probably only pocketed perhaps $130M (before subtracting potential backend points for actors, filmmakers, etc who might have profit sharing in their contracts. They had to make it, then wait a year & a half to get their profits.

  • NemFX
    NemFX 8 days ago

    Hard corps? :)

  • Tiago Dipa
    Tiago Dipa 9 days ago

    My Main Choice is Elizabeth Reaser, I Honestly Don't Know Why They Aren't More People Who Think The Same.

  • TheStinkRay
    TheStinkRay 9 days ago

    do u plan to make one on storm shadow?