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Judgement Day | by NexhendJudgement Day | by Nexhend
Judgement Day | by Nexhend
4 месяца назад
Fierce Battle | by Kenji FujisawaFierce Battle | by Kenji Fujisawa
Fierce Battle | by Kenji Fujisawa
7 месяцев назад
The God Hand - Berserk | by Shiro SagisuThe God Hand - Berserk | by Shiro Sagisu
The God Hand - Berserk | by Shiro Sagisu
8 месяцев назад
Nemesis - Halo 4 | by Neil DavidgeNemesis - Halo 4 | by Neil Davidge
Nemesis - Halo 4 | by Neil Davidge
8 месяцев назад
Fiesta De Guerra - Bleach | Shiro SagisuFiesta De Guerra - Bleach | Shiro Sagisu
Fiesta De Guerra - Bleach | Shiro Sagisu
10 месяцев назад
Pure Land - Tsugumomo | Yasuharu TakanashiPure Land - Tsugumomo | Yasuharu Takanashi
Pure Land - Tsugumomo | Yasuharu Takanashi
10 месяцев назад

Комментарии • 21

  • Kunar Ha
    Kunar Ha 8 месяцев назадвидео.html Do you know the soundtrack at 0:11 of this video ?

  • Leo CruHx
    Leo CruHx 8 месяцев назад

    Hi! This is a great channel! i have a question, what is the song that you use in your intro channel?

  • Terlin1466
    Terlin1466 10 месяцев назад

    hey markie any chance you can try to make a Impure World Resurrection theme its been over 5 years man and i've only found one version of it.

  • Dianax Kainsa
    Dianax Kainsa Год назад

    Obito asffjajajs :3

  • MarcieHaunts
    MarcieHaunts Год назад


  • Rohammer Racist
    Rohammer Racist Год назад

    Hi, can you put this song from 3:04видео.html I know you had it from old channel.

  • Alejandro Vergara
    Alejandro Vergara Год назад

    Hello markie, please could you upload Naruto Shippuden OST - [Custom] Tragic Thank you very much

  • Eden
    Eden Год назад

    hey do you think you could upload gen2tree02 part 2 from nanatsu no taizai?

    • Markie S
      Markie S Год назад

      I did it, hopefully its the right one x)

  • Aizaz Hussain
    Aizaz Hussain Год назад

    Hii ! :) I really Like your channel. Great Work Buddy. I have a request for youвидео.html Episode 98 Dragon Ball Super. That Part in which zeno-sama erase universe 9. The Instrumental Music in background. Can you please convert it to instrumental only, it is so good. Thank you :)

  • Sir Gayboi
    Sir Gayboi Год назад

    If you do requests i would love to see some drifters ost especially the funny/silly ones ;^) however it's up to you ^^ love your channel!

    • Markie S
      Markie S Год назад

      Sure thing ^^

  • SniperMartin4
    SniperMartin4 Год назад

    Hey can you put the Hokage OST back on please and thx with lots of love.

    • Markie S
      Markie S Год назад

      Yeah sure thing

  • Sergmanny Rolic
    Sergmanny Rolic Год назад

    They never give up do they? Some just don't understand the concept of freedom, specially when it comes to art (music, videos...). Keep up the good work, sorry this happened to you, again. Copyright is such a bitch.

    • Markie S
      Markie S Год назад

      It is, but i'm glad to see you back. Thank you very much for the support friend <3

  • BrokenDre4m
    BrokenDre4m Год назад

    Hello Markie Love to see that your back and haven't given up yet. On your old channel, you had this video of Naruto and Sasuke fighting until they grow up in this animation style video. I would love to see this video return if it can. Thank you BrokenDre4m

    • Markie S
      Markie S Год назад

      Hey! I'm just seeing this, so sorry about the late response. I'll upload it ^^

  • guillezgz95
    guillezgz95 Год назад

    What happened to your channel? I was very sad weeks ago when I saw that your channel had disappeared. I have taken great joy to meet you again, your channel is very important for me.

    • Markie S
      Markie S Год назад

      My old channel was removed for copyright reasons so I started another one. It warms my heart knowing my channel meant a lot to you. It meant a lot to me as well. Thank you <3

  • Freek Alving
    Freek Alving Год назад

    keep uploading you tha beast!

  • Madara
    Madara Год назад

    The Rinne Rebirth jutsu is not something a common clan would know of, nor know how to use properly. Yet, you have executed it flawlessly, indicating your prowess as a splendid Shinobi. Tell me.. what is your clan?

  • GopaFake
    GopaFake Год назад

    So happy to found your new chanel ! :D Thx so much for your work :)

  • FruityPoopLoops
    FruityPoopLoops Год назад

    Thank you for making a new channel so we can enjoy the awesome OSTs! Your work is greatly appreciated!

    • Markie S
      Markie S Год назад

      I'm so happy you found my new channel. I hope you continue enjoying the OSTs I post <3

  • Aizor
    Aizor Год назад

    Hello can u re upload the ost of attack on titan for i can dl pls

    • Markie S
      Markie S Год назад

      Check my playlists, theres an Attack on Titan playlist. All songs arent there, but most of them are.

    • Aizor
      Aizor Год назад

      The video are delected

  • Gabriel Silveira
    Gabriel Silveira Год назад

    I regret the old channel :( I really like your videos I hope it does not happen again.

    • Markie S
      Markie S Год назад

      Me too, but if it does. Dont worry, i'll be back <3

  • Amd Bj
    Amd Bj Год назад

    so will your other channel return?

    • Markie S
      Markie S Год назад

      No it wont. This will be my new channel ^^