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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Jon Batiste: "PRINCE"
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Jon Batiste: "BLACCK"
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The Weeknd: ''Heartless''
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Mood Mix with LL Cool J
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  • Darth Vestius
    Darth Vestius Hour ago

    And the Comrade Donnie Shit Show rolls on Soon to be cancelled. And all those that support this vile piece of fascist crap are just as moronic and evil. God forgive you cause real patriotic Americans will not...ever!

  • Reuben Ricciardi

    What has she actually done... literally... unfortunately she is used by the media to push falsehoods. More funny is the fact that you can’t stop talking about Trump, it’s very obvious your Trump derangement syndrome is in full flight.

  • Micah D
    Micah D Hour ago

    My conscience tells me that Biden's crack-addict son is not above the law. It also says that Americans who dump our taxpayer money into Ukraine are extremely unpatriotic.

  • Craig S
    Craig S Hour ago

    Trump 2020

  • EcoAdvocate
    EcoAdvocate Hour ago

    3:09 to 3:30 nice.

  • atomant451
    atomant451 Hour ago

    Wow, according to tRUMP, this guy is a raving lunatic, sounds pretty sane to me! Unlike tRUMP, who is a lunatic. Lets keep the Constitution and kick tRUMP to the curb.

  • will Henry
    will Henry Hour ago

    Colbert has not been funny for years.

  • Queen Rojoher
    Queen Rojoher Hour ago

    after watching this i think the human race is on the endangered species list i do love 💕 the wings they can stay 😋

  • interman 77
    interman 77 Hour ago

    All the crowd cheering when Greta comes on ,just shows the mentality.

  • Fred Thompson
    Fred Thompson Hour ago

    Brad: I’d go back in time and annul my marriage to that crazy bloodsippin devil woman.

  • DN N
    DN N Hour ago


  • Andrew Church
    Andrew Church Hour ago

    “I dunno, teenagers ...... teenagers scare me 😳 “ 👍👍 😂😂

  • El Ram
    El Ram Hour ago

    Gym Jordan already has a bad reputation and Gaetz and just about all the Republicans on both House committees.

  • chaz max
    chaz max Hour ago

    You lost.

  • Luke Nester
    Luke Nester Hour ago

    Gaetz is a piece of crap.

  • Aronda Jackson
    Aronda Jackson Hour ago

    I pray.

  • Joe Bertolini
    Joe Bertolini Hour ago

    Can we add a third charge for trump's impeachment for being incredibly assholic in verbally assaulting a 16 girl from Sweden. He needs to get in a wheelchair, cover himself up in a nice, warm plaid blanket to watch the grass grow on the 19th hole at Doral and keep his fucking mouth closed. Stupid old man.

  • Exterioris-vallem

    I don't understand why Americans aren't more ashamed of the Trump family... They should somehow show the world, by a march or something. What a bunch of clowns!

  • Antonio Bagala
    Antonio Bagala Hour ago

    this guy definitely deep state

  • Michael Simmons
    Michael Simmons Hour ago

    I am super pissed to be ruled by racists!

  • interman 77
    interman 77 Hour ago

    Gee a 5 minute segment without dumping crap on Trump !

  • Hugo Downs
    Hugo Downs Hour ago

    DT and CONS will be crushed in 2020 elections. Hopefully, this will include the part of the country where idiots are most struggling under his admin and they will awaken to their own self-interests beyond racism and irrational evangelical zeal.

  • Adrian Duran
    Adrian Duran Hour ago

    I was Person of the Year before Greta was even born

  • Craig Keller
    Craig Keller Hour ago

    Does this mean the conspiracy is a conspiracy? I’m confused.

  • Alan Delgado
    Alan Delgado Hour ago


  • lichga100
    lichga100 Hour ago

    You know you won the battle of trolling when you have to tell somebody to go fjok himself. In Colbert's TDS bubble that is a clear sign of victory.

  • Crushi .Music, Art & Love.

    Don't blame me. I always and only vote for Prince from 80s. Crushi - Empathy, Kindness, Listening 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤

  • alissabethla
    alissabethla Hour ago

    For the people not getting paid to leave comments to support Colbert! I do feel a bit sad. Lots of employees work for Colbert’s network!

  • Stephen Palmer
    Stephen Palmer Hour ago

    Schiffty and Colbert..the circular firing squad... Too bad Colbert didn't ask Schiffty what would happen after the Senate dismisses the impeachment and exonerates Trump...since that's what is going to happen....

  • Chris Churchill
    Chris Churchill Hour ago

    Our president, the cheating racist bully who can't hide his jealousy of teens.

  • Walt F.
    Walt F. Hour ago

    So, it isn't just the stockings that are hung this year, huh?

  • Alan Mercieca
    Alan Mercieca Hour ago

    Whenever a female outshines Trump, he looses the little mind that he has left. I am proud of Greta, she deserves it! He's such an idiot, the man who could not keep his temper, to save his own daughters life, said that about Greta. Is he trying to kill us with laughter, by way of his stupidity? Oh wait that's it if we are dead, then support for the impeachment goes away. LOL

  • alissabethla
    alissabethla Hour ago

    How do I block this HATEFUL PERSON Colbert? Get back to TV, why are you on YT? Nothing worse than YT shoving list of videos from TV, in our faces. Looking at the headline, I had to write something but I will not watch you. Never again! Good thing you made your money before you became an idiot!

  • Dean Nicholls
    Dean Nicholls Hour ago

    "for all too many"...they'll lie

  • Kokún de Nazareth

    Reps are too dumb to admit it. The evidence is overwhelming, just like the evidence of his small, dissapointing mushroom shaped ding-a-ling, republicans will deny it even though there's proof that je paid 30k to get that tiny fella rubbed by my main girl Stormy!

  • Xzander Vance
    Xzander Vance Hour ago

    Fjuking brilliant.

  • Jeanie Piecara
    Jeanie Piecara Hour ago

    I love Greta! She seems to think that humans will be wiped out (which is inaccurate) but her heart is in the right place. Funny how it's not ok to mention autistic Barron's name, of whom Malaria and the Trumpturd are so ashamed but it's okay for a moronic old man to attempt to actually bully an Asperger's teenager who's out there fighting for what she believes in and doing the right thing--and nobody says a word. Hypocrisy is their middle name.

  • Michael Simmons
    Michael Simmons Hour ago

    More than half the people you see at the mall would kill you to protect trump.

  • Adolfo Serrano
    Adolfo Serrano Hour ago

    Woe you know It is like Noah time not one believe until it is too late. How you see me as Noah building thee boat. But you each said I hope it is true lest see what happens then. INdeed me to waiting for my death to come

  • Tony Brophy
    Tony Brophy Hour ago

    Would you Trump followers suck on this man's dirty socks? Would you?

  • Lala How
    Lala How Hour ago

    Can someone please animate this lmao

  • JA Kim
    JA Kim Hour ago

    마지막 망개요정 미소에 폭행당함...심장폭행...

  • George Stanfo
    George Stanfo Hour ago

    Their grandkids are gonna come to them in the Trump Youth Camp and ask, why didn't you pike those dems sooner?

  • B Mahamed
    B Mahamed Hour ago

    Hi Stephen Colbert ❤️

  • Quincy Darius
    Quincy Darius Hour ago

    Seriously... Thank you Adam Schiff. And Nancy Pelosi, and The rest of the forces fighting for truth and justice.

  • steve coley
    steve coley Hour ago

    For alien vampires (greed/hate) like Count ing Dracula (Trump) to comprehend earthling human beings (hearts/love) like like black holes in space trying to comprehend the stars (light and warmth) that they suck out of the heavens (joy, beauty and hatmony). Also, light and truth coming from human beings like Greta cause vampires great pain and suffering.

  • Michael Simmons
    Michael Simmons Hour ago

    Will we all vote this freak out, and then fight the confederates?

  • Iced Clips
    Iced Clips Hour ago

    I dont like Greta but Trump (or whoever runs his twitter) needs to delete his account. He's not winning over any voters by posting tweets. You'd like to think the POTUS has more important stuff to do.

  • Jacob Guo
    Jacob Guo Hour ago

    Can we get a downloaded version of the Do us a favor jingle?

  • lichga100
    lichga100 Hour ago

    Yet, it only took you and the impeachment disaster to actually give him political gain

  • squamishfish
    squamishfish Hour ago

    Not surprising trump the woman abuser pussey grabber would attack a 17 year old it is his way of being a tough guy

  • Mily v
    Mily v Hour ago

    I really really love this interview

  • Yellowbeard
    Yellowbeard Hour ago

    Who still thinks there will a Presidential Election in 2020? I have doubts!

  • John J
    John J Hour ago

    Imagine the fun the country could have without lazy, financially insatiable, egotistic jackasses.

  • illuminated chalamet

    I'm a BIG fan of Timothée, and this is by no means any hate, but can't there be a single interview with Saoirse where it's only her, speaking about herself? Saoirse is unbelievably talented and I hate that nearly all of her interviews have Timothée in their title (only to attract viewers, I guess).

  • MrAwsomenoob
    MrAwsomenoob Hour ago

    Trump deserves to be on time magazine the same way hitler was

  • Cam Newton
    Cam Newton Hour ago

    If you look at the charts of rising sea levels youll realize over the past ten thousand years sea levels have been rising at an astronomical rate and over the past 200 years it has come to an all time low

  • bella roja
    bella roja Hour ago

    There is NO excuse for not naming ALL of the freedom heroes in Hong Kong, Venzuela, Iran and more - NO fn excuse for this bs globalist propaganda with this girl. That's how immoral and sold out MSM really are.

  • lichga100
    lichga100 Hour ago


  • costa rican guy
    costa rican guy Hour ago

    That was well made

  • lichga100
    lichga100 Hour ago

    My God. This guy has a nerve to show himself in the public.

  • Pete’s Couch
    Pete’s Couch Hour ago


  • Kelly Dyben
    Kelly Dyben Hour ago

    Did Colbert just fuse with Pewdiepie? "Bing bing bong bong bong"...

  • Stoned Immaculate

    Dave Grohl’s mom is AWESOME!!! Kurt Cobain’s mom is shit and is just taking advantage of his fame now that he’s not with us. She shouldn’t have kicked him out of the house!!!

  • Grace Bertrand
    Grace Bertrand Hour ago

    He wants them ALL to go to prison for him? Bwahahahaha they're stupid enough to do just that...GAWD!!!!

  • Michael Simmons
    Michael Simmons Hour ago

    There are simply more dumb people, people should just get used to being ruled by them.

  • Karen Dugan
    Karen Dugan Hour ago

    I LOVE THIS MAN!!!!! lol

  • Brandon Davidson

    Thank you, Schiff. This isn't about Trump, this is about future Presidents and the corruption of the presidency itself.

  • Jonathan Murray
    Jonathan Murray Hour ago

    Wait he invited a pastor who said Jews are going to hell to a Jewish Celebration Hmmmmm ok.

  • Cleopatra TROPHY WIFE


  • Mr. Ramirez
    Mr. Ramirez Hour ago

    Trump can't stand losing, let's make his nightmare come true 2020.

  • Chris Churchill
    Chris Churchill Hour ago

    Donald operates exactly like a mob boss. These extortion techniques are straight from the mob.

  • Mary Helen Gonzales

    How pathetic is trump to put his 🎃 face over Greta's picture his a desperate snow flake. How bad dose he wants to be on the cover? Sick

  • Michael Hobbs
    Michael Hobbs Hour ago

    Am I the only one that can care-less about this girl? She’s annoyingly and put in place by unknown rich people

  • whendric so
    whendric so Hour ago

    President public faceplant.

  • Karen Sieradski
    Karen Sieradski Hour ago

    Someone saw Crowley torture plants in Good Omens and thought, I can get grant money for this!

  • Edwina Gray
    Edwina Gray Hour ago

    Gosh darn how stupid can he be? Oh, nevermind. And Jeffress needs to come out of the closet, stop supporting this idiot. 1st Baptist in Dallas has a long history of racism. See::: W. H. Criswell, may he burn in hades.

  • Boudica
    Boudica Hour ago

    trump's allies don't care how history remembers them but their children, grandchildren, etc will care.

  • Zhor'i Ambassador

    Article 1: Trump investigating Biden's Son, which again... I don't think Republicans understand how unlawful it is for a politician or a sitting executive to do an investigation on another person. I suggest I should explain what politicians frequently do and how that differs. They use the data that is already available, a year ago to a decade or two ago. They are not conducting an investigation. They are doing research, bringing data that has already been achieved through an investigation. It is the act of investigation by a politician that is illegal. Article 2: Trump listening to his pundits in not giving in to what the Democrats want. How could this be illegal? Well... you shouldn't look at the Presidency as Republican or the House as Democratic. So it is not what the Democrats want, it is what Congress wants. The fact most Representatives are Democrats is irrelevant. And... it is illegal to not provide witnesses and evidence when subpeona is issued by the House of Representatives. So Republicans shouldn't be angry about Democrats with this. This is their own doing. They should be angry with themselves, because Trump listening to them is how he received article 2, otherwise he would just have article 1. You know if any Democrats are there and reading this message, they should inquire Trump to explain to his followers how utterly stupid they are for giving him two articles of impeach. Get him riled up by speaking about how much of a disgrace the impeachment process is and then about the numbers. Then why he received his second one because of what Republicans wanted him to do. So he can blame them and call his own followers, stupid. Let us see what happens. Will you Trump supporters still follow him after he has called you an idiot? Democrats can then use that message to create a divide within Republicans to tear the party into two. "If you are so stupid, then why should you be allowed to make decisions on our behalf?" In effect, segregating Republicans from Trump Supporters and turning them against one another. This in turn would heavily benefit the Democrats, whether corporate or progressive.

  • Joy Phillips
    Joy Phillips Hour ago

    Remember how the Liberal media treated the COVINGTON KIDS? Don't pretend you aren't using this poor girl as a POLITICAL PAWN.

  • SuperSaiyanJohnCenaTrappedInADeathStarPokeball

    ScarJo is gonna win an Oscar for playing a character that wins an Oscar mind = blown

  • Sterling Pound
    Sterling Pound Hour ago

    Btw thanks for bringing my attention to the canned Xmas lunch, my oven broke down and I can't get a new cooker before January, this looks a lot better than fried Turkey.

  • Sterling Pound
    Sterling Pound Hour ago

    Btw thanks for bringing my attention to the canned Xmas lunch, my oven broke down and I can't get a new cooker before January, this looks a lot better than fried Turkey.

  • Gary dP
    Gary dP Hour ago

    Good God the US has a lunatic for a president, the rest of the world sympathize with the sane people in the US having to put up with this maniac tweeting at 2:30am when he should be sleeping. Oh who am I kidding the guy doesn't have a brain to rest, his head is as empty as that deep cold empty void recently discovered in space.

  • Steve Wheels
    Steve Wheels Hour ago

    "Listen, to the cry of the carrots." ~ Maynard James Keenan

  • Stephanie S
    Stephanie S Hour ago

    THIS ENTIRE VIDEO IS NSFW. If you’re wearing good earbuds/headphones you’ll be ok.

  • Kate Hillenbrand

    I have a little crush on Rep. Schiff. He knows it. I've told him.

  • Henri boy
    Henri boy Hour ago

    Trump sucks but vehemence sucks too.

    MM BOYD Hour ago

    Don’t go there, 45. You cannot survive a tweet battle with a teen.

  • Kenneth R Loper
    Kenneth R Loper Hour ago

    I just CREATED (5) food GROUP. MEDICAL Marijuana

  • NurseCarnivore
    NurseCarnivore Hour ago

    4:47 wtf their smiles are horrifying lmao

  • PresidentBanana
    PresidentBanana Hour ago

    I'd consider god and outdated explatation for scientific questions and myth a believed to be reality with multi-personality disorder.

  • Milliondream
    Milliondream Hour ago

    Miss him. He was dope

  • Kid Mohair
    Kid Mohair Hour ago

    ask yourself, why did #dirtyoledon run for president? I did and the answer I came up with was... to stay out of jail, cuz SDNY was starting to breath down his neck... so...3 years down the road, some (not all) of his skeletons and dirty laundry are out in the open, because what happens to an elected official...scrutiny bit of a backfire, what? but typical for the demented waste-of-skin

  • Ed Catanzaro
    Ed Catanzaro Hour ago

    KING TRUMP how low can he go.

  • Jesse Cole
    Jesse Cole Hour ago

    Schiff (calm and collected): "Here is the complete explanation of the articles of impeachment." Trump (screaming into the Twitter-abyss with foam on his mouth): "Adam Schiff is CRAZZZY!!! He's totally UNHINGED!!!!!!!"

  • Sterling Pound
    Sterling Pound Hour ago

    We just had an election with huge consequences for the country, but... Meanwhile... the top news story with readers of the Guardian this afternoon was the penis fishes emerging from a Californian beach after a storm. Meanwhile is a very important thing to keep an eye on!

  • Sterling Pound
    Sterling Pound Hour ago

    We just had an election with huge consequences for the country, but... Meanwhile... the top news story with readers of the Guardian this afternoon was the penis fishes emerging from a Californian beach after a storm. Meanwhile is a very important thing to keep an eye on!

  • mikefromwa
    mikefromwa Hour ago

    Yes Donald, go fjuk yourself.

  • ꧁Cat G꧂
    ꧁Cat G꧂ Hour ago

    Canada says. you go girl! You have more class in one strand of hair, than the orange sphincter could ever have. How America much be so proud of their dumpster fire!