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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Big Thief Performs 'Not'
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  • Fatima Mirza
    Fatima Mirza 46 seconds ago

    “.... it’s not his money, it’s ours”. Much easier to play with someone els’s money. Gawd!! Sean Hannity ogling at his sweetheart and offering encouragement “Pocahontas”. The bully and his goon!

  • the tim of clubs geaughan

    i was just watching 3rd rock

  • Melanine Afrika
    Melanine Afrika 2 minutes ago

    This guy is funny. 😂😂

  • tecums3h
    tecums3h 2 minutes ago

    Trump speaks his mind. About that mind.......

  • Cero Miedic
    Cero Miedic 3 minutes ago

    Don: People are talking about me all the time. 10000 people while talking about Trump: No one is talking about you.

  • André Piotrowski
    André Piotrowski 3 minutes ago

    John Lithgow knows how Trump ticks. He played such a megalomaniac character in »Lethal Point« …

  • Bjarke Stemann
    Bjarke Stemann 3 minutes ago


  • Dump the Chump
    Dump the Chump 3 minutes ago

    John Lithgow’s spent far too much time studying Rudy Colludy for his own mental health.

  • Sergei Pilyugin
    Sergei Pilyugin 3 minutes ago

    John Lithgow is magnificent!

    ACK_MINDSEYE 4 minutes ago

    The US is so desensitized to Trumps many occasions of stupidity and corruption, no one should be surprised if this latest debacle just blows over. Yet. Again.

  • novice Price
    novice Price 4 minutes ago

    I want to record all of this so that when our country is destroyed. To show all of Trump's supporters children. As to why the USA is no more. Thanks to thier parents.

  • dojinho
    dojinho 4 minutes ago

    What an inarticulate man. Every time he opens his mouth it's the same thing over and over again and he can't even find a way to convey his silly, unimportant message in a coherent manner. And this is probably is most appealing to his base. So disturbing!

  • Proper Noun
    Proper Noun 4 minutes ago


  • Robin Swanson
    Robin Swanson 4 minutes ago

    I had no idea how long 4 years could be.

    • S D
      S D 2 minutes ago

      It's been so entertaining, tbh for me it's gone by so quickly.

  • Kathy
    Kathy 5 minutes ago

    Rudy Rudy Rooooooo

  • Harshita Goyal
    Harshita Goyal 5 minutes ago

    If Camila Cabello marries Shawn Mendes... There would be 2 Camila Mendes that I absolutely adore🤩🤩🥰🥰😍😍

  • Carl Anotny
    Carl Anotny 6 minutes ago

    Omff this is gold

  • Mermaid Ninja
    Mermaid Ninja 6 minutes ago

    Yes! I bought DUMPTY as soon as I saw this show’s posting...where is the audiobook with John Lithgow as narrator? Love hearing his voice!

  • GreenEyes 1226
    GreenEyes 1226 6 minutes ago

    OMG I watched this morning .And all most spit my coffee out all over the place!! Especially when he said tiny Hillary was in his neck !!!🤣🤣🤣😂

  • judy coulter
    judy coulter 7 minutes ago

    i just can’t stand steven colbert personality. cringe. Classy Julie Andrews ressurected this interview.

  • Adrian Duran
    Adrian Duran 7 minutes ago

    Things are sure heating up in the realm of sports. I'd take a Blizzard to cool it down

  • MrRictusGrin
    MrRictusGrin 7 minutes ago

    Is that John Lithgow? Hilarious

  • wendy pan
    wendy pan 7 minutes ago

    SNL! SNL! SNL!

  • Curse Heart
    Curse Heart 7 minutes ago

    John is a terrible character actor.

  • Zach weyrauch
    Zach weyrauch 7 minutes ago

    I hope you didnt watch this with a special lady. I did and now i look like crap. Downvote 4sure!

  • Mu Effe
    Mu Effe 7 minutes ago

    CBS: Gary is on his way to an Uighur re-education camps. Expect him to return until further notice.

  • Monkeynati
    Monkeynati 7 minutes ago

    He's a genius

  • Moku
    Moku 7 minutes ago

    Ahh, John Lithgow's voice is like a thick cream embracing my ears, like a comfort food of intellectualism.

  • mary jones
    mary jones 8 minutes ago

    i know you are a brilliant actor who has played so many great roles but my fav is still from 3rd rock from the sun. miss that show! it let me relax after a long hard day at work and leave my troubles behind. it lightened my life!

  • Yagi
    Yagi 8 minutes ago

    I wouldn't bother to watch these terrible clickbait videos from a far-left clown, but I keep getting them in my recommended. As such, I have to thank you for four more years of Trump! Thank you for not learning your lesson in 2016! Keep being outrageous and divisive! Couldn't do this without you!

  • Dump the Chump
    Dump the Chump 8 minutes ago

    De-bunkmate 🤣

  • Danielle king
    Danielle king 8 minutes ago

    shhhhhhh shhhhhh.

  • oldahe
    oldahe 8 minutes ago

    nice Mozart on the outro

  • Mary Richards-Kallman
    Mary Richards-Kallman 8 minutes ago

    Lithgow’s Newt Gingrich Press Release continues to be a favorite and often quoted “onslaught”. John continues to please in “Dumpty”

  • Commander Useless
    Commander Useless 8 minutes ago

    Dang, that's a good Giuliani :D

  • Professicchio
    Professicchio 8 minutes ago

    6:55 I think Jon is confusing Charles Manson with Marilyn Manson there......

  • oldahe
    oldahe 8 minutes ago

    nice Mozart on the outro

  • Bin Wu
    Bin Wu 8 minutes ago

    Giuliani is acting Trump's lawyer for free. Two messages here. First, obviously, he is paid by Trump anyway. Second, nothing free is good, including lawyers!

  • Work Fit
    Work Fit 8 minutes ago

    Sondland looks like the guy from Wallace and Grommett.

  • oldahe
    oldahe 9 minutes ago

    nice Mozart on the outro

  • ZdenekLU
    ZdenekLU 9 minutes ago

    Wow... When I fought that DT couldn't sound more stupid...

  • writerspen010
    writerspen010 9 minutes ago

    What a life Stephen has. And after seeing that home video, I'm sure Jonathan Groff is freaking out backstage xD I just knew there was more to her segment.

  • Ramiro Benavidez
    Ramiro Benavidez 9 minutes ago


  • vmah0111
    vmah0111 9 minutes ago

    Most of Trump's cabinet conduct their daily operations with the help of Rudy Giulianni's "research department".

  • Mae Anne Ngo
    Mae Anne Ngo 9 minutes ago

    I thought they had a pic of the real Rudy on the thumbnail. So accurate

  • Danielle king
    Danielle king 10 minutes ago

    John Lithgow?

  • Umi Mahuy
    Umi Mahuy 10 minutes ago

    Forgive me for saying this but I think Trump is doing a great job.. at exposing himself and the snake pit of supporters he feeds. Hopefully none of those snakes get loose and wrap around his pale neck 😬 that would be a lynching.

  • novice Price
    novice Price 10 minutes ago

    Yeah they have to shut the if those brows get out the room.

  • Simon Sanchez
    Simon Sanchez 10 minutes ago

    Lithgow love

  • Nadir Munoo
    Nadir Munoo 10 minutes ago

    "It's time for a Rudy snack." 😂😂😂

  • jerk fudgewater
    jerk fudgewater 10 minutes ago

    I hope they publicly execute 45 and i hope it’s so barbaric and takes so long i lose interest long before it’s over. Death to traitors

  • WeltenKrank
    WeltenKrank 11 minutes ago

    Good performance.

  • Marius Thefaker
    Marius Thefaker 11 minutes ago

    she thinks the dog likes going with her because he likes helicopters 😂... shall we tell her?

  • Bruno Brizzi
    Bruno Brizzi 11 minutes ago

    The litter boy of my sister , five years old , it is a much better lier than the don. Can't even lie this TELL Climbing mirrors all the time. I pity you...Little don. The house of card is falling on the bird nest you have on your head Disgusting.

  • Danielle king
    Danielle king 11 minutes ago

    fraud guarantee.Thats a very funny company name.How to look as guilty as possible

  • Canuckmom1958
    Canuckmom1958 11 minutes ago

    John Lithgow - that was genius! I know you've gotta laugh or you'd loose your mind, but Jeezuzz...this Cluster-F#*K of an Administration is so far down The Rabbit Hole I fear it will take YEARS to fix. The Lunatics are running the Asylum!

  • evil spoon
    evil spoon 11 minutes ago

    Lithgow is a legend

  • I C Renegade
    I C Renegade 11 minutes ago

    This alone might make the presidency worth it.

  • Richard Block
    Richard Block 11 minutes ago

    What happened to Rudy?

  • Michael Nepia
    Michael Nepia 12 minutes ago

    best piss take ever

  • Ruby Doomsday
    Ruby Doomsday 12 minutes ago

    One lonely goatherd disliked this.

  • RAO 2
    RAO 2 12 minutes ago

    Isn't he from dexter

  • Dump the Chump
    Dump the Chump 12 minutes ago

    4 years, yes it’s an eternity.

  • evil spoon
    evil spoon 12 minutes ago


  • Peter Picallo
    Peter Picallo 12 minutes ago

    John Lithgow and Bigfoot...hmmmm, where did I hear that before?

  • gustavo xar
    gustavo xar 13 minutes ago

    He did say there will be alot of work...for comics that is.

  • zapzap zaraaap*
    zapzap zaraaap* 13 minutes ago

    This whole *Trump is President with biggest bestest brain Thing* in the USA must be so frustrating to the Normal thinking half of the American citizens, can t imagine... My country is srewed up as well but wow.... This is on a whole New Level 🤯

  • royalcityman
    royalcityman 14 minutes ago

    Vancouver loves you, Stephen. Come visit soon!

  • Richard Thurmond
    Richard Thurmond 14 minutes ago

    I don't have band?🤔That ain't all you don't have

  • Ramon Solorio
    Ramon Solorio 15 minutes ago

    Aww man I missed John lithgow

  • Emperor Nimbala
    Emperor Nimbala 15 minutes ago

    “He’s being operated by a tiny Hillary Clinton in his neck!” I about fell out of my chair.

  • rokia gad
    rokia gad 15 minutes ago

    Congratulations America you are now as corrupt as third world country. Welcom to the third world. Sorry we are not happy to have you.

  • Patricia Rose
    Patricia Rose 16 minutes ago

    "when President OBAMA made me Head of All Things Clandestin...? Surely Lithgow meant Trump there...

  • Zelos311
    Zelos311 16 minutes ago

    Lmaooo Lithgow is soooo good in this xD

  • Joey Martin
    Joey Martin 16 minutes ago

    ..... im sure you wouldn’t want that 12 yr old you t0rtur3d to have a gun, would you Steven. Your times coming my friend, Trump is gonna get you... 😂

  • Sam Katawaru
    Sam Katawaru 16 minutes ago

    The damage that 45 has done in 3 years will take a lifetime to restore. There is stii 1 year left and he may cause the annihilation of the human race with nuclear holocaust.What an excuse of a human being.

  • Hektor G
    Hektor G 17 minutes ago

    Cant believe she's brazilian

  • Joey Elrose
    Joey Elrose 17 minutes ago

    Just brilliant!

  • Neil Das
    Neil Das 17 minutes ago

    Omfg, I am in love😍😍😍😍

  • Kimtaehyung Daddy
    Kimtaehyung Daddy 17 minutes ago one's talking about Jungkook harmonizing with Yoongi's rap? Cause it's is so damn beautiful.

  • Vinyl Xplorer
    Vinyl Xplorer 17 minutes ago

    Absolutely LOVE her!

  • Jeannie G
    Jeannie G 17 minutes ago

    Debunk mate 😂

  • Funk O'Matic
    Funk O'Matic 17 minutes ago

    she's cute...

  • Michael La Fayette
    Michael La Fayette 18 minutes ago

    It honestly feels like it's been an eternity since tRump was elected. Really looking forward to a change in rhetoric with the next election. I missing having that sweet american pride in my country.

  • mark willies
    mark willies 18 minutes ago

    This Rudi and Melania should team up.Would make a great show

  • Les Lane
    Les Lane 18 minutes ago

    ...shhh, I can’t hear myself drink...😆

  • P Reese
    P Reese 19 minutes ago

    This is freaking hilarious!!!🤣🤣🤣

  • Henry Dawkins
    Henry Dawkins 19 minutes ago

    The real Rudy needs to be put in a padded room

  • Joey Elrose
    Joey Elrose 19 minutes ago

    They need to hire him on SNL!!!

  • The Homelander
    The Homelander 19 minutes ago

    LOL IF Stephen Colbert Thinks he can do a better job than Trump why doesn't he run against him in the 2020 election

  • Isabel Gason
    Isabel Gason 20 minutes ago

    Great writing! And I’m so impressed by your mime chaps!

  • Mu Effe
    Mu Effe 20 minutes ago

    5:45 Is that Bigfoot name, Harry Henderson?

  • Jaci Lyn
    Jaci Lyn 20 minutes ago

    Hwoah! She's amazing!

  • Anna tomasiello
    Anna tomasiello 20 minutes ago

    Yeah just let her!! Barrra Barrra !!

  • César Madero
    César Madero 20 minutes ago

    Watching Lithgow as Giuliani has the same expressions and gestures as Robbie Rotten. Of course, comparing Giuliani to Rotten is an offense.... to Robbie Rotten, the master of disguise.

  • Charone Josey
    Charone Josey 20 minutes ago

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  • Rob Stimson
    Rob Stimson 20 minutes ago

    Lithgow rocks Guiliani! Dream matchup; Lithgow, McKinnon, and Rudy all doing Rudy at the same time!

  • My Name Is Not Quaid
    My Name Is Not Quaid 21 minute ago

    If I were a talk show host, I'd be sure to introduce John Lithgow the only proper way: "My next guest tonight, star of Harry and the Hendersons, and Eric Qualen from the hit action film Cliffhanger, JOHN LITHGOW!!!"

  • Catherine Tran
    Catherine Tran 21 minute ago

    Actually the UK's head of state has always been HM Queen Elizabeth II. Prime Ministers don't count as Head of State.

  • Scorpion Braid
    Scorpion Braid 21 minute ago

    If Lincoln was here today, he'd bitch slap Trump up and down the Lincoln Memorial.