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A special heart for Mum
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  • Gorilla HD
    Gorilla HD 5 minutes ago

    Great video. I just ordered the silver version less than 5 minutes ago. Both gold and silver look great but in your video in a side-by-side comparison the gold looks a bit better than the silver.

  • TheEndIsHere FinalWarning

    You can remove milk spots with a Goddards silver cloth. Some of these mints need to improve quality I've seen alot of horrendous scratches on royal mint bars and coins. But kruggers and libertads are gorgeous. I like Geigers too

  • Sin
    Sin Hour ago

    Outstanding presentation!!!

  • Metropolis 2026
    Metropolis 2026 Hour ago

    Sunshine Mint for investment rather then beauty 👍

  • Metropolis 2026
    Metropolis 2026 Hour ago

    What about the Sunshine Mint? They also make the US Silver Eagles.

  • Sea Panther
    Sea Panther Hour ago

    Scottsdale :)

  • Beatrice Asarte
    Beatrice Asarte 2 hours ago

    Dont like milk spotted and scratched coins,So only buy colorised ones.Its fun finding then for same price as generic silver.Fav Mint Anonymous. There fantasy stuff is to die for.

  • David Buckbee
    David Buckbee 2 hours ago


  • Maximum Axiom
    Maximum Axiom 2 hours ago

    I will be buying these cheap from you peeps, when financial turmoil will hit and you will need to pay your bills and all these coins will come out on silver forum and ebay at the same time.

  • Philip Robson
    Philip Robson 3 hours ago

    Great video. Very interesting display of coins! About 60% of my collection are Perth Mint Coins. The rest are nearly all Eagles and Libertads. I rarely get any quality issues with these coins. For me one good coin is worth more than many mediocre coins although I do wish the Perth Mint would do more subjects other than animals. I do not like the Krugerrands because they are 'milk spot city' . Your coin with the Great Wave was great! Thank you for making this video. A great subject.

  • Mark B
    Mark B 3 hours ago

    The Perth Mint by all means is the best mint.

  • Victoria Gale
    Victoria Gale 3 hours ago

    Got to love them Scottsdale bars

  • MisterDinosaur
    MisterDinosaur 4 hours ago

    Perth but those new Germania mint coins are nice

  • 143DREWID
    143DREWID 4 hours ago

    In the Past it was the Cuban Mint, so many, so original and true art on coin. Now quality & quantity is owned by Perth, although committee design decisions are challenging art sincerity. Bavarian Mint produces some beauties.

  • 143DREWID
    143DREWID 4 hours ago

    But there is only one... BYB Mint.

  • c s
    c s 4 hours ago

    i like scottsdale but i really like the rwanda mint

  • Nate Sandoval
    Nate Sandoval 4 hours ago

    I'm from the US but I love kookaburras so I have to say Perth. Off the subject.. I know it's not from the perth mint but what's your opinion on the redback spider? I hear some people like it and some dislike it. Personally I love the design .

    • Nate Sandoval
      Nate Sandoval 17 minutes ago

      @Backyard Bullion I have some of the 1oz silver. I also ordered the gold. I'll have to post a video

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 4 hours ago

      I personally don't like the redback spider, but I haven't seen it in hand so my mind could change. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  • richard c
    richard c 4 hours ago

    It depends, it depends if you want to stack there is one answer, if you like art work then many of the mints have interesting products, its what you like!

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 4 hours ago

      Yes indeed, beauty is in the eye of the beholder for sure!

  • harry Wyatt
    harry Wyatt 4 hours ago

    I like Canadian maples the best, never had any milkspot, they are .9999 and are cheap

  • Dan H
    Dan H 4 hours ago

    Perth mint for the kooks or maybe the valiants or coat of arms from royal mint. Worst mint regarding silver for me as to be south African mint, only coins I've bought where a quarter of the tube was milky from day 1 !! Gold krugerrand is very beautiful though.

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 4 hours ago

      Yes - the SA mint should stick to what they are good at, the gold Krugerrand is perfect!

  • Tomoko's Enterprize
    Tomoko's Enterprize 5 hours ago

    There are soooo many mints and choices out there now. I have pieces from many mints. I get what I like for a price I like. Just keep them dry and loving what I have is all that maters to me. I love em all !

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 4 hours ago

      A great way to look at things my friend, thanks as always for stopping by and commenting!

  • Gary E. Worrall
    Gary E. Worrall 5 hours ago

    Since 2018, “Mint Shield” protection has eliminated milk spotting so perpetuating the previous problem is NOW misleading on your part. In addition, the RCM leads the market in anti-counterfeiting features

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 4 hours ago

      Well - I dont think it is misleading - time will tell about how effective the mint shield is but in time I will certainly correct this and praise them.

  • c17360
    c17360 5 hours ago

    Best, US mint; worst, Canadian mint. MHO.

  • Tuff Tuff
    Tuff Tuff 5 hours ago

    I have left a Maple Leaf from 2018 (first with Mintshield) outside without a cap, and it still hasn't spotted. So far I'm pretty impressed.

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 5 hours ago

      Fair enough, so far so good with the new maples, but will they stand the test of time

    J BULLIONAIRE 6 hours ago

    Perth mint for quality. Royal mint for designs I think (when they're on the ball)

  • Robert Casados
    Robert Casados 6 hours ago

    SMI (sunshine)

    • Metropolis 2026
      Metropolis 2026 Hour ago

      Yes, the Sunshine Mint also makes the US Silver Eagles for the US government. If I buy .999 silver, it's Sunshine 🌞

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 5 hours ago

      They do great work!

  • John Sorge
    John Sorge 6 hours ago

    Perth makes some great coins. Royal Mint can do some nice ones like the Queens Beasts. Sadly the US Mint does more bad than good. Notable exception is the 2019 Gold American Liberty and 2.5 oz Silver metal. Both are really beautiful coins.

  • Townie Stacker
    Townie Stacker 6 hours ago

    I prefer the Perth mint...but I'm still a rookie

  • daca decenu
    daca decenu 6 hours ago

    Very, very hard to decide, all the mints have + and - LE Pressburg Mint has some truly gorgeous products.

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 5 hours ago

      Yes they do, it's about the stand out pieces that come from certain mints

  • Trevor H
    Trevor H 6 hours ago

    I like the occasional polo mint....but being serious don't think the Perth Mint can really be topped!

  • MrKrzys01
    MrKrzys01 6 hours ago

    Has anyone been able to get any 2019 Mexican Libertads? Any year is rare enough but this year it seems to be extra difficult.

    • conrailer
      conrailer 36 minutes ago

      Bought my ‘19 ‘tad at a coin show last weekend. There were many, I bought mine for $22.

    • sampras12
      sampras12 48 minutes ago

      Try silver trader UK. The guy who runs it is called Martin, excellent service. 2019 libertads on his site currently £21.69

    • MétéoMan
      MétéoMan 2 hours ago

      I bought 2 last March.

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 5 hours ago

      I am not a libertad collector so cannot say - good luck getting them!

  • sandesh suresh
    sandesh suresh 6 hours ago

    Please make a video about Dutch proof lion dollar

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 5 hours ago

      I would if I had one, but I don't plan to get one any time soon!

  • Steven Hodgson
    Steven Hodgson 6 hours ago

    Pressburg mint opinion..great subjects..great quality

  • harryzero 156
    harryzero 156 6 hours ago

    Mr BYB makes a very good point about opinions being subjective. I had a monster box of 2oz turtles, that's 400oz. I Iiked the smooth rounded finish of the reeded edges, but the design just didn't do it for me. I switched the proceeds into silver britannias and platinum QBs. I'm looking forward to getting my 1oz Platinum QB Falcon of the Plantagenets and my 1oz gold White Lion of Mortimer tomorrow.

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 5 hours ago

      Thanks for sharing your opinions my friend, it's a big world and lots to choose from!

  • SilverBlackBird1989
    SilverBlackBird1989 7 hours ago

    For premium silver the Chinese mints and Perth mint. For cheap government silver I don't have a personal favorite. I try to buy what is the cheapest at the moment of buying.

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 5 hours ago

      Thanks for sharing, I agree pandas are a great choice for high premium silver

  • Eagle 47
    Eagle 47 7 hours ago

    Perth mint is the best for sure, I'm very happy with the new 2020 Kook and Kangaroos. 2019 Maple is also nice and so far I haven't found any problem with milk spot yet. The edges of the new 2020 Britannia is kinda rough I had a hard time putting them back to the tube.

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 5 hours ago

      I hate getting britannias back into the tube, they don't fit well! Very annoying!

  • Silver Eyed Stacker
    Silver Eyed Stacker 7 hours ago

    I’ve had a lot of luck with Scottsdale, Germania, Mexican, Perth, and Silvertowne. Runner up goes to the Queen’s beast series at the Royal Mint (love those). I can’t pick just one mint. For reference, I’m in the USA and buy what I like, so I’ve purchased bullion and collector coins from most mints.

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 5 hours ago

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these coins, if you buy what you like that is the best thing!

  • Lee Oldham
    Lee Oldham 7 hours ago

    Llke the products from the Perth. Don't buy much Government bullion though.

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 5 hours ago

      I think a lot of people share the same sentiments as you!

  • Oreo
    Oreo 7 hours ago

    GSM!! GoldenStateMint..!!

  • Rod Panhard
    Rod Panhard 7 hours ago

    You can't beat the Perth Mints coins that you pay a premium for as the best for avoiding spotting etc but their low premium ones are just as bad as everyone else.

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 5 hours ago

      I agree, it's a funny old world of coin making with similar problems form different mints

  • Jonathan Reese
    Jonathan Reese 7 hours ago

    Being from the U.S. I love the ASE but I believe each country/mint have their own crown jewel and it's nice to have a mix otherwise stacking will just get boring and repetitive

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 5 hours ago

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    • Tom cat
      Tom cat 7 hours ago

      Jonathan Reese being from the uk with 20% sales tax on silver and platinum stacking those metals is uneconomical

  • Barbara G. Seaverson

    Great video. I'm not really sure which mint I prefer. I kind of just buy what I want at whatever mint is selling it at the time.

  • Indiana Jones
    Indiana Jones 7 hours ago

    Perth Mint is the best mint on world. I have no doubt about it at all !

  • David England
    David England 7 hours ago

    Where’s China??? Love those Pandas.

  • Tom cat
    Tom cat 7 hours ago

    Best quality mint (including quality control and design) is Perth mint. Royal mint have indifferent quality control and even their ultra premium gold coins have scratches and flaws. Canada mint have consistent milk problems and I just don’t trust them to buy a lot of their coins.

  • D H
    D H 8 hours ago

    it will be interesting to find out if the food supply issue and whether gold and silver are valid as a day to day use when brexit happens. Hopefully this person updates his findings

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 7 hours ago

      I will make a video about this when we know more about the final situation. Interesting times ahead!

  • the bros
    the bros 8 hours ago

    Absolutely agree with just about everything you said. Personally, i am beginning to use silver as a method of locking away capital in a monor that keeps me from too easily spending it on frivolity. I like tangible silver as a vehicle of safe keeping because of the relative "control" i have

  • Nathan Talamante
    Nathan Talamante 12 hours ago

    You just want us not to buy so you can have more.. 😠

  • Daniel Morgan
    Daniel Morgan 13 hours ago

    Where do you buy bulk shot from im in Australia

  • John Sumner
    John Sumner 15 hours ago

    wow that is impressive. Would you consider swapping your entire QBs collection for 3 magic beans?? lol

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 15 hours ago

      I think I will stick with my QB collection thanks!

  • CaninesBestFriend
    CaninesBestFriend 17 hours ago

    60 ozt

  • Justin Russell
    Justin Russell 20 hours ago

    Almost have my first monster box filled....already have a second box ready to go.

  • KurJan&Urbano
    KurJan&Urbano 21 hour ago

    Finally a gold [silver] bug with some sense. Great video... Check out the Perth Mint digitised gold on blockchain. Provides an opportunity for anyone to start investing in gold... Exciting times.

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 18 hours ago

      Well, I like to think i have a real world pragmatic outlook. Lots of people watching this video will simply shout and say I am wrong - but they are blind to how the real world works! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  • Dom1118
    Dom1118 21 hour ago

    Black market

  • spackler crack
    spackler crack 23 hours ago

    you are wrong silver will kill an infection because silver is anti fungal,bacterial and anti viral.Have you heard of sovereign silver great for every prepping family and you can make your own with silver

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 18 hours ago

      Yes - but would you rather have a lump of silver and have to try to make collidal silver or some antibiotics? I know what I would want!

  • Dominic Benoit

    3000 grams, 3 kilos


    I think it is BO LI VAR...not BO LI VIAR.

  • Eric Huttar
    Eric Huttar Day ago

    No matter what brexit is chosen, Trump and Boris have made underlying trade agreements which will put the EU in a bad position and make the UK prosper. Keep watch, its going to work out okay for UK.

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion Day ago

      I hope so, it's the masses that I am worried about, they might make a good situation turn bad. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Mika Leppakoski

    Prefer 10 kg coins

  • Charlie Boy2
    Charlie Boy2 Day ago

    If the price of silver shoots the moon , then so would the price of goods that contain silver .?

  • HisWordsAreTruth

    I agree completely. Unfortunately, here in the U.S.A. most people are ignorant of the value of gold and silver. It would be largely useless in a crisis except for trade between fellow stackers/preppers who understand its value. The Fed will cheat and change the rules at will to avoid a crisis. They’ve already proven this with bank and auto bailouts. Then there’s the “plunge protection team.” Need I say more? I think Catherine Austin Fitts has it will be a slow burn for our economy, not full scale hyperinflation. Great analysis! Subscribed :)

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion Day ago

      Thanks for the comment my friend, glad we see eye to eye!

  • Repeat After Me:


  • Colorado Kid
    Colorado Kid Day ago

    Pretty dumb to put a QC sticker on the actual product! I think the 16 represents the person who did the QA on the coin. Cheers.

  • Kevin R
    Kevin R Day ago

    BU looks better to me

  • Music Track Mind

    Fountain of youth.

  • Adrian FC82
    Adrian FC82 Day ago

    There is no such thing as too much silver.

  • jackpine savage

    Buying food and water and bullets are a necessity but if you have alot of wealth buy gold don't leave your money in the bank

  • richard c
    richard c 2 days ago

    I am so sorry for you my man! 2018 was a bad year

  • Ryan Silvester
    Ryan Silvester 2 days ago

    Not free shipping for me. £23 to ship to Australia, AND no combined shipping. Getting three different coins and they come in three parcels. They said they can’t combine shipping because price I’d only valid for 15 seconds £69 down not happy

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 2 days ago

      Well, buying internationally will always be different, have you tried contacting the customer service team to see if they can combine the shipping?

  • FilipinaKisses. com

    Interesting, thanks.

  • richard c
    richard c 2 days ago

    Thank you Mr Back, great tips!

  • Chris Knapp
    Chris Knapp 2 days ago

    The Rip tide

  • kevin smith
    kevin smith 2 days ago

    Boliviar , really ?

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 2 days ago

      Yes, I made a pronunciation mistake, whoopsie to me.

  • Silver.Sleuth Tiger.nTasha

    These are absolutely fantastic I have tried to find them everywhere unfortunately when I finally contacted Perth they said they were sold out. 😣 my nickname is Tiger and my son's nickname is Phoenix dragon so it's like having him and me on a coin OMG I want this so bad if you know where I could get a few of them I would really like to know please contact me thank you 🐯n🐶

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith 2 days ago

    Wish I had your problems of too much silver

  • Royal Satan
    Royal Satan 2 days ago

    Unless you're in the protected elite class, having silver and gold is just going to increase the chance of you getting killed by your neighbor.

    • Royal Satan
      Royal Satan Day ago

      @jackpine savage You can't keep it private when you're going to exchange it for a bread.

    • jackpine savage
      jackpine savage Day ago

      Only if you announce it to the world, most people keep there wealth private or they should

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 2 days ago

      This is one of the points I made, but people don't understand that - they say "gold and silver will save you easily you idiot" it won't be that simple.

  • Roy Sandoval
    Roy Sandoval 2 days ago

    If you have gold or silver bullion you can buy from me and others - food, shelter, water, protection, medications, if you have fake paper Moines you can't buy from me and others, so you can take that fake paper back and only wipe your backside with it...Again when the SHTF Gold and Silver will give you life, without it you will perish period....

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 2 days ago

      I agree, in these situations paper money is useless. But, what if you have no food, shelter, water to sell? What if you have run out? Starve a rich man!

  • jmunsamy
    jmunsamy 2 days ago

    Ripple Lake

  • Fernando Vaca
    Fernando Vaca 2 days ago

    This is BS, why? U are from Venezuela, tour paper money is worthless.. u cross the border(colmbia), sell some gold ,(in colombia) get 100 dollars... that Will save your year now there.

    • Fernando Vaca
      Fernando Vaca 2 days ago

      As I said.. the best example is a Real one, people living in Venezuela that had both ... paper money and gold, can surely tell you what is better according to the situation they are having, the bills are worthless, gold still has value, there is good, the country has food but the cost for IT is just too much, some people has dollars... few dollars can get you food, if u had only gold, you can go to pawnshop and sell IT and buy food, u can Also cross the border like many did and send money to your family of u had gold to sell. Everything is better that the currency they had and now is worth 0

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 2 days ago

      I agree, you can do this, but the vast majority of people won't be able to do that and if you have no food on the shelves, how is that gold going to help you?

  • Orthodox_Warrior
    Orthodox_Warrior 2 days ago

    You can melt them in bar and test the bar dummy

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 2 days ago

      Why would you call me a dummy? How about you show some respect. Yes, you can melt them into a bar but that requires you to have the means to melt it - you know how much the equipment costs? You know how easy it is to pour a large bar of silver? It's not, it's dangerous too. So, dont call me a dummy please.

  • digiphot2
    digiphot2 2 days ago

    But...Silver has medicinal properties, and in a powdered form of Silver Nitrate can and does purify water for storage! And if you didn't plan ahead before the crash, then you won't reap the benefits of Silver or gold because of the scarcity of the commodity for purchase! I am stock piling food and gas and other stuff just in case there is a truckers strike, or a banking bubble popping and our fiat currency goes to shit in a handcart, and a million dollars can't buy a roll of toilet paper! It can and will happen given our 23.8 trillion dollar national debt! Yes you can't eat Silver! I never said so, but when I see a crash coming, I will leverage my investment to it best ability, and pay off my house and fill it with more food, and keep some for rainy days to stave off the vultures who will try to steal my belongings! That is why I own a means of self defense, that will stop any threat with one or more rounds of Buckshot, and to hell with AK-47's one shot at a time, because I will be spitting out 9 - 27 pieces of lead with one pull of the trigger. Sooooo...Speak softly, but keep your powder dry and gun loaded!!

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 2 days ago

      Yes indeed, but having a 1 oz silver coin doesn't help you medicinally at all! But as you say having all the other preparations in place is key and it sounds like you have it sorted! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  • Richard Bridle
    Richard Bridle 2 days ago

    You are wrong people are selling gold in pawn shops to buy food... see link

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 2 days ago

      I made my video over a year ago when things were different. Also, my premise is still valid, if there is no economy or food to buy with your gold because....there is NO food then what are you going to do?

  • Patrick McCrady
    Patrick McCrady 2 days ago

    Scottish rite

  • Nate Sandoval
    Nate Sandoval 2 days ago

    I love this series. I have the bullion version of the 1/4 oz gold as well as the 2oz silver. What do you think of the Redback spider from the Australian mint? It has a very limited supply of only 250. I think the design is amazing .

  • Graham Leadbeatter
    Graham Leadbeatter 2 days ago

    Put it this way. When the GFC hits, I'd rather have gold & silver than not.

  • John Kacarab
    John Kacarab 2 days ago

    No country using fiat currency is immune. All fiat currencies from 1700 to present have gone to 0.00 value.

  • M Bormann
    M Bormann 2 days ago

    If the silver and gold looses all value you getter have invested in lead and plenty of it. All the shist that has been imported has to be defended against.

  • DW
    DW 2 days ago

    The proofs look nice but I am buying the BU gold ones.

  • Braden
    Braden 2 days ago

    Dude did you eat fried chicken before filming this?!? Also how much was the gold coin proof above spot?

    • Backyard Bullion
      Backyard Bullion 2 days ago

      No fried chicken, just have labourers hands my friend! The gold coin was £535 which means about £240 over spot price at the time.

  • W1NGXER0
    W1NGXER0 2 days ago

    Great video. What, should Silver find parity with gold? I assume you would hold your stack of silver. Its nice to see a stack like that. Very well you have some numismatic value there. Good investing sir. Bravo.

  • anyutubenamesleft
    anyutubenamesleft 2 days ago

    Serial number or assay stamp is useless. Anyone can fake that and a lot of the places there is no way to look up that number

  • MrMonkeySwag96
    MrMonkeySwag96 2 days ago

    Disney coins are junk......

  • Tracy K
    Tracy K 3 days ago

    Like someone wouldn’t take your silver for trade when the nations currency is worthless. Come on, dude. 🙄 It’s common sense. You could easily pay or bribe a truck supply guy for supplies with silver if you had to. I agree however, that supplies are always better. Til thugs come and take it if you have no way to protect it. Doesn’t like silver, has a lot of it he likes to play with. 😂

  • JJ Wen
    JJ Wen 3 days ago

    1000 grams

    FOSSIL METALS 3 days ago

    The royal mint have nailed it with this series. The right artist, enough variety without going ott and releasing each new coin regularly enough rather than just one a year. There’s something for everyone price wise and I think that’s excellent. BU in silver or gold are my favourites. I genuinely hope the RM build on the success of the QB’s quality and think very hard before putting out any more zombie dog series killers!!

  • Carl Perrett
    Carl Perrett 3 days ago

    I'm saving up to get gold 1oz bullion version of bodybuilder of Mortimer can't wait. Yr proof's look awesome by the way 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • The Macz1
    The Macz1 3 days ago

    Hope you have a great recovery from foot 👊👊

  • Silberpunzel
    Silberpunzel 3 days ago

    awesome coins i like the beasts

  • Tomoko's Enterprize

    Now these I do like ! Thanks fella.

  • frog- eye
    frog- eye 3 days ago

    The 1/4 oz proofs seem to be struggling to sell for much above their release prices , the bullion releases and their resale price have continued to climb . Its probably best to keep clear of the proofs and sink any money into to Bullion earlier rather than later . Good to have a set of each though :) and enjoy the collections