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  • Trevor Thompson
    Trevor Thompson 19 hours ago


  • Black King
    Black King Day ago


  • Jacob Winward
    Jacob Winward Day ago

    11:30 Isn't that a perfect argument for why kawhi not coming back prematurely was a good thing? Why would you want him to come back even if it will make things worse in the long run? Showing that he's fighting for the team to the point of ruining his career isn't worth the time he sat out imo.

  • lemur918
    lemur918 2 days ago

    If a PG should create opportunities for the rest of their team, by that definition Steph is the best PG of all time. Why is Klay Thompson (career 41.9% 3pt) wide open from 3 all the time? Because of Steph's impact, but with the ball movement Steph might not get the assist. No way Lebron or Harden is better at creating for their teammates than Steph.

  • ssnnpp
    ssnnpp 2 days ago

    look at Bruce Bowens dumb ass look on his face, Jalen was right. Bowen thought it was a joke that the Raptors could be the warriors

  • Shaun Howard
    Shaun Howard 2 days ago

    6:36 is the greatest soundbite in a min

  • Marla Parks
    Marla Parks 4 days ago

    No snoop.the Steelers aren't better with the lost.of AB & levon bell .its over this year look at there record for regular season. Should of keep the two.

  • Cuisineinthe6ix
    Cuisineinthe6ix 5 days ago


  • Gopinath Karunanithi

    James harden may have more assists than steph, but steph has the basketball iq that James harden don't.

  • Weast May
    Weast May 11 days ago

    Conie the king of 👣🎈

  • ramzan bahadurzaev
    ramzan bahadurzaev 12 days ago

    Conor is a rapist

  • Sirr Jazz
    Sirr Jazz 12 days ago

    Darryl Dawkins would kick Shaq's can in rap. Shaq just came into the NBA at the right time!!!

  • Gonzalo Gordillo coronado

    Que juegazo carajo y perdon por la groseria esque me emociono hasta las lagrimas con este juegazo, y vengo de parte de German

  • Eric King
    Eric King 13 days ago

    These two don't know hip hop they judging the battle on material things

  • Eric King
    Eric King 13 days ago

    And what does championships have to do with lyrical skills. Cause shaq can brag about having more stuff doesn't mean he is a better rapper. LL cool j had more stuff than canibus but lyrical skill canibus is better

  • Eric King
    Eric King 13 days ago

    Dame is better then shaq. Shaq doesnt write his own stuff. Dame is better period

  • Julio Garcia
    Julio Garcia 14 days ago

    Llo anoté uno des lejos sin nada de eso

  • FPietros
    FPietros 14 days ago


  • Nolan Mendoza
    Nolan Mendoza 15 days ago

    Shaq the most awesome OFFENSIVE force? Uhh. Kareem? Wilt? Jordan? Wtf

  • Alex
    Alex 16 days ago

    skip is so salty, he cant admit that kawhi is the goat

  • JustSayin
    JustSayin 17 days ago

    Trade Diggs for Jalen Ramsey. He is too much of a diva. There are a lot of other good WR out there to replace him. Maybe we should bring back Case Keenum or Sloter and change things up since Cousins is not playing very well, and I don't see improvement there.

  • Ziggy Doom
    Ziggy Doom 17 days ago

    All signs point to guilty.

  • Ziggy Doom
    Ziggy Doom 17 days ago

    Let it play out......

  • Marshall Smith
    Marshall Smith 17 days ago

    Skip's utter denial of this talented Chiefs team is frankly embarrassing.

  • Marshall Smith
    Marshall Smith 17 days ago

    Ego? Really? Have you seen this Chiefs team? Probably the most modest group of guys in the league.

  • Osh L
    Osh L 17 days ago

    12:45 "Pascal don't scare me." Siakam then goes on to have one of the greatest NBA Finals debuts in history LMAO

  • Ricky Sanchez
    Ricky Sanchez 18 days ago

    When it comes to quarterbacks Dak vs Mahomes... for love of my team for the love of Dak my quarterback .. Mahomes by far is the better quarterback js...

  • Rammstein Red
    Rammstein Red 18 days ago

    I don't get the love for Aaron Rodgers. He is HUGELY overrated. I'm not a Cowboys fan, but they are going to beat up on the Packers

  • Memz 99
    Memz 99 18 days ago

    this piece of shit hates on Patrick.M...for being10 times better than his bitch disrespect to Dak..but he acts like your his bitch...and im not even a cheifs fan

  • Tyler Prince
    Tyler Prince 18 days ago

    Skip just said Odell syndrome? It's not like Mahomes didn't have hill last year, we had hill Watkins kelce and Robinson last year and it was fine, skip does not understand how the Chiefs organization works, no one on our team is unhappy, everybody is buying into the team concept, the Chiefs just want to win, plain and simple, there is a culture in Kansas City and skip is praying that something goes wrong with the Chiefs and it's not going to happen.

  • Shakamansa Gilchrist

    Scott Norwood

  • Justin Long
    Justin Long 18 days ago

    Skip is right about AD and Lebron once it goes bad the media is gonna tear up AD and blame him if things in LA goes bad watch Skip is right!!

  • Lord Maxwell
    Lord Maxwell 18 days ago

    “Ain’t nobody talking bout no Tom Brady” 😂😭

  • Pledge Pin
    Pledge Pin 18 days ago

    The Patriots have a right footed punter this season. Cris musta missed the memo.

  • Jadd Henderson
    Jadd Henderson 18 days ago

    Sup good ole sharp ,drip Bayless gald da parkers gat some injuries so his Dak presscot dallars cud look good n he cud brag tomorrow. DRIP:HMM HMM EMM EMM.

  • Cesar Silva
    Cesar Silva 18 days ago

    how tf does the kicker get injured

  • Jeff Bach
    Jeff Bach 18 days ago

    If Chiefs D can be half-decent superbowl bound they are.

  • Kenny Rodgers
    Kenny Rodgers 18 days ago

    Aaron Rodgers gets hurt

  • Alec Wilcox
    Alec Wilcox 18 days ago

    Sharpe should have put the money down man

  • D B
    D B 19 days ago

    Why tf do they feel the need to have a 10:30 minute segment on his shooting form

    • TOM ls94
      TOM ls94 19 days ago

      They need NBA content

  • Rammstein Red
    Rammstein Red 19 days ago

    Pelicans is a really stoopid name for a team

    • ATLsF1N3ST91
      ATLsF1N3ST91 19 days ago

      One of the worst in the league, if not THE WORST. But the logo is nice.

  • AnotherSKYWALKR
    AnotherSKYWALKR 19 days ago

    Dame won round one, but I’m expecting Shaq to come back with some HEAT!

  • k brown
    k brown 19 days ago

    Cowgirls are a joke

  • Eric B
    Eric B 19 days ago

    Skip just hate to hate

  • Stormy Syndrome
    Stormy Syndrome 19 days ago

    55-40 and they want to talk about the offensive problems. I must have missed something. I know I don’t watch anything but the Bears, but is that a common score these days? Do these teams not have a defense?

  • Tarrance Bush
    Tarrance Bush 19 days ago

    But he got them rings thou don't matter who got em get u one .

  • New Japan is Better than AEW and WWE

    Finally, something other than cowboys talk.

  • Deshawn hughs
    Deshawn hughs 19 days ago

    Shaq got hits and number 1s best rap athlete ever💯👍🏿

  • Eric B
    Eric B 19 days ago

    Packers winning

  • Robert Epps
    Robert Epps 19 days ago

    Everybody type in on RUclip [Shamarr Allen hit the Sean Payton] Watch that video! These will be your Super bowl Champs God willing! As a matter of Fact type in on RUclip [The Saints rap videos] Watch all of these videos! WHO DAT!

  • Jerome Jenkins
    Jerome Jenkins 20 days ago

    Glad Jalen got away from Bama. I cant think of any QB that came from there in the last 10-15 years that succeeded in the NFL.

  • mick chappo
    mick chappo 20 days ago

    Chris still smokin rocks.smh

  • SuperVillian SVWorld

    Skip is right, Bron stay in the news.

  • Jay Walker
    Jay Walker 20 days ago

    Name the teams they have played they all don't have no QB which doesn't prove anything until they face Good QBs

  • Froze Moments
    Froze Moments 20 days ago

    Unless your your Tom Brady. They’ll figure ya out.

  • Froze Moments
    Froze Moments 20 days ago

    I hate agreeing with someone I don’t like...but damn Bart Scott hit the nail on n the head...Respect.

  • Mc LOVIN
    Mc LOVIN 20 days ago

    Damn skip talked the whole video smh.

  • Killito Kortez
    Killito Kortez 20 days ago

    He had Marshawn on the 1......

  • gogetit 500
    gogetit 500 21 day ago

    "Thats how D-Bo choked smokey" 😭😭😭😂😂

  • Mike ferrari Ferrari

    Obj still being a childish bitch, really ur gonna punch a guy with a helmet on?

  • cobfucius
    cobfucius 21 day ago

    I don't care for people being happy a player was hurt...oddly was not the Patriots that gave everyone the blueprint for beating the Rams last year. It was the Bears. Week 14 last season. Goff does not do well with pressure at all. You take away his pretty, clean pocket, he will take bad shots....or take sacks. Belichick used quite a few similar looks that the Bears used when they won.

  • thedude22
    thedude22 21 day ago

    the disrespect, you can not like the guy, but to praise Trubisky getting injured is ridiculous. Chris Carter as a former player should know better.

  • Lord Maxwell
    Lord Maxwell 21 day ago

    “You gotta atleast kick him Odell” - Uncle Shay Sharpe 😂😂

  • Tony Garcia
    Tony Garcia 21 day ago

    Mr Ed , Shanon is right, Trashcott needs to play like he is worth the money. And big head zeek is not worth the money. Same old Cowboys. They will Finish 8 and 8.

  • Rammstein Red
    Rammstein Red 21 day ago

    If the Bears had a half-decent QB, they would be unbeatable!

  • Mr. Bond
    Mr. Bond 21 day ago

    2:28 lol don’t worry about where I’m going I just know I’m going in the right direction.

  • Darrell Pierce
    Darrell Pierce 21 day ago

    Your qb is a starter tho tbh he would start for buffalo jags jets giants redskins pittsburg while ben out ijs he aight

  • Kohene Moore
    Kohene Moore 21 day ago

    "77 L's!" 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 oh this was worth the wait! 😅

  • Joey saunders
    Joey saunders 21 day ago

    Skip with so many excuses like usual. We were playing our backup Ab and still won aha just take the L and move on man. Edit: Bridgewater had a better qbr than dak😂

  • xxxblackboy77
    xxxblackboy77 21 day ago

    Skip really salty this morning 🤣🤣 WHO DAT⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️

    • k brown
      k brown 21 day ago

      I hate Sean Peyton but I hate the Cowgirls even more

  • Rammstein Red
    Rammstein Red 21 day ago

    If the Bears had a half-decent QB, they would be unbeatable!

  • Justin Long
    Justin Long 21 day ago

    Skip is gonna have all kinds of excuses he is gonna blame Zeke and everybody but Dak watch!!

  • Dynamitekid 100
    Dynamitekid 100 21 day ago

    They should have traded Ezekiel. QB should get 50 million a year for his performance.

  • Stefany Speck
    Stefany Speck 21 day ago

    Can we please stop with the narrative that the Ravens defense is good? Lol lost way too many key pieces and has Communications issues every week. The defense is the problem lol.

  • big deezle
    big deezle 21 day ago

    These mfers are so bored they need to make up stories pathetic

  • J Rich
    J Rich 24 days ago

    Steph is trash

  • Aaron9
    Aaron9 24 days ago

    David Robinson at his peak was more dominant player than Kobe was the problem is he played in the 80s in the 90s so he didn’t have a luxury to win in a much easier league

    • Mannie Supa Sport
      Mannie Supa Sport 21 day ago

      David Robinson was not the best Center in his own era. Not even the 2nd. Won titles at the end of his career and past his prime. Shaq and Olajuwon was better than David Robinson and played in his era. You can make an argument of Patrick Ewing being better than him. Should not be ranked that high. Should be 25-30.

    • T- Smooth
      T- Smooth 22 days ago

      But over the Dream though? I'm a Bulls fan.

  • Aaron9
    Aaron9 24 days ago

    How the fuck is Michael Jordan over LeBron an issue? Lebron is the most overrated athlete in the history of America

  • TheLarrybird33mvp
    TheLarrybird33mvp 24 days ago

    Steph gets a bad wrap for the post season, people were saying after the 2016 series against Portland where he came off the bench after an injury in the previous round, people were saying that was one of the best individual and post season performances of all time. Same with 2015, before the finals he was incredible. He's not bad in the post season, he was just bad in those Finals.

  • Sean Carney
    Sean Carney 24 days ago

    Cincinnati will always be Cincinnati, they gon do Bengal things 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Shannon you are too much

  • k brown
    k brown 24 days ago

    I really really hate that piece of shit Skip Dickless

  • Mike ferrari Ferrari

    Stephs impact on the game is far greater than Kobes. Lebron and steph changed the game while Kobe was just a generic version of Jordan.

    • Maurice Johnson
      Maurice Johnson 23 days ago

      Mike ferrari Ferrari no magic was bro

    • Maurice Johnson
      Maurice Johnson 23 days ago

      Mike ferrari Ferrari “just a generic version of Jordan “. Lol that alone puts him ahead of curry 😂😂. You said it like that’s easu

    • J Rich
      J Rich 24 days ago

      Nobody gives af abt Stephs impact. Kobe is a wayyy better player than Steph. It's not even a close debate. Steph should be in the bottom 20. Kobe is in the Top-10. Give a damn if MJ was before him. How was he a generic version of Jordan when he's the one that scored 81 pts per game. Kobe went to 7 Finals. Jordan only 6?? Kobe did it with more shit to deal with and more drama to balance. Yall Kobe hataz just use excuses to suck Jordan's divk all day

    • Mike ferrari Ferrari
      Mike ferrari Ferrari 24 days ago

      @Aaron9 he was the first legit hybrid player that could play and guard every position clown.

    • Aaron9
      Aaron9 24 days ago

      LeBron did not change the game

  • J Stew93
    J Stew93 24 days ago

    I like how they said Jordan edges out Lebron like its a small gap in between real

    • Keymacha Riggins
      Keymacha Riggins 23 days ago

      @Kahlil Rush Dumbass reply have nothing to do with my reply. Learn how to read. Get off Lebron dick. Lebron the reason why I dont watch basketball anymore. He hates competition, that's why he want 15 allstars on his team in order to win, and he cry and complain to much. Dick riding clown.

    • Aaron9
      Aaron9 24 days ago

      Mike ferrari Ferrari ummm He’s not better than Jordan offense of Lee or defensively so how the fuck is he better all around

    • Kahlil Rush
      Kahlil Rush 24 days ago

      J Stew93 you sound straight crazy. Larry bird not fuckin wit bron an lebron average more points than bird so he not a better scorer an what does magic do better than lebron other than pass ? 😂😂😂

    • J Stew93
      J Stew93 24 days ago

      @Kahlil Rushnah you should watch more basketball instead. Results dont lie LeBron has the athleticism and due to those scheduled January trips to Miami to reup on vibranium🤣 he'll will have the longevity over even Jordan but LeBron is and always has been overrated. Magic was slightly better cuz you actually put him at all 5 positions for a whole game and he'll get results Lebron dont want no post action from no body in the league for a whole game even in his defensive prime he could on shut down point guards smaller 2's and Larry Bird was a better scorer and just as good a passer and a way better rebounder. Go do sum research then come back to me

    • Kahlil Rush
      Kahlil Rush 24 days ago

      J Stew93 larry and magic better all around then lebron ??? Stop watching basketball

  • 2fly215
    2fly215 24 days ago

    Does Shannon really think Jared Goff is better than Dak Prescott???

  • Ziggy Doom
    Ziggy Doom 24 days ago

    I'm picking the Saints at home. Cowboys have played nobody.

  • Jesse Jackson
    Jesse Jackson 24 days ago

    Skip that not what say about Kawhi when he had a MRI funny how you you act when you like a person

  • Mr. Bond
    Mr. Bond 24 days ago

    Shannon needs to knock it off. To be perfectly real any one who speaks the truth will point out that the lakers fell apart when Lonzo got hurt. Say what you want about Lonzo but something about him lead to his play being the pulse of the team. Even with lebron without Lonzo the team fell apart. So to attribute the lakers bad record to lebron being hurt is not factual. Lonzo absence was more the reason the lakers didn’t win than lebron’s absence.

  • Jerome Jenkins
    Jerome Jenkins 24 days ago

    All we need now is a Dallas Loss and a Giants Win. Put a little more pressure on them because that schedule about tighten up. Hate those Cowboys. Ready to see those cry baby fans.

    • Jerome Jenkins
      Jerome Jenkins 24 days ago

      @Garret Buckmaster I like yall for NFC but good luck with Todd and those knees. I'm glad he got paid. I like him but he's lost a step not as explosive. Hope I'm wrong.

    • Garret Buckmaster
      Garret Buckmaster 24 days ago

      @Jerome Jenkins im a Rams fan 🙄

    • Jerome Jenkins
      Jerome Jenkins 24 days ago

      @Garret Buckmaster 8-8 if u lucky

    • Garret Buckmaster
      Garret Buckmaster 24 days ago

      Dallas isn't losing lol

  • bernardo meza
    bernardo meza 24 days ago

    First comment jaja lol

  • peanut Nola504
    peanut Nola504 24 days ago

    Chris Carter you will be eating your words who dat.⚜⚜⚜⚜ everyone doubted the New Orleans Saints when we played the Seahawks. Without Drew Brees Cowboys going down🏋️‍♂️💣💥💥 is think about the Cowboys schedule🤣 versus New Orleans schedule Saints are battle-tested.

  • Hubaldo Saldana
    Hubaldo Saldana 25 days ago

    Snoop ain't a no Steelers fan, he's a Rams fan

  • Rakan Alyaakbeh
    Rakan Alyaakbeh 25 days ago

    This aged well😂😂😂

  • GuUdA COA
    GuUdA COA 25 days ago

    Shannon avg scoring in high school was something like 38.0 pts a game.

  • Respect Knuckles
    Respect Knuckles 25 days ago

    2:13 they ain't Khalil mack SKIP! *Incredible hulk voice*

  • Latdot
    Latdot 25 days ago

    Super disrespectful

  • Rammstein Red
    Rammstein Red 25 days ago

    Mahomes is a great QB, but you can't win a Super Bowl without a good defense

  • Ziggy Doom
    Ziggy Doom 25 days ago

    And the Bears passed on him for Mitchell Trubisky 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Matti Suffron
      Matti Suffron 25 days ago

      Everybody responsible for picking Trubinsky over Mahomes should be do they miss that badly?

  • Geruda
    Geruda 25 days ago

    Why’s he keep calling this grown man “Patty”?

  • Feminism Destroys Men

    Mahomes was 16/31 passing in the AFC Championship game - wasn't a great game.

  • Feminism Destroys Men

    Nick Wright finally made a decent point about LT for the Pats.