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i'm leaving YouTube...
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  • Meenal Rm
    Meenal Rm 10 minutes ago

    Use goblin gang mirror it and clone it u will be three crowning the opponent

  • Swornim 10
    Swornim 10 44 minutes ago

    Hey there eclipse I am a fan of you and I don't know why you aren't making brawl stars video but please accept my request on brawl stars Name is Swornim10 .If my request has not gone then you can send me request on#2U2PV2Y8. Please a request from a fan

  • SYN master
    SYN master 3 hours ago

    Sorry i was late

  • Jeremy Chavez
    Jeremy Chavez 4 hours ago

    Good content eclihpse 👌

  • Tomas Mora
    Tomas Mora 4 hours ago

    Water or coffe or tea

  • Lucas Asselin
    Lucas Asselin 5 hours ago

    Waste your money for us Do it for us plz

  • Noe Garcia
    Noe Garcia 5 hours ago

    Yes waste your money

    • Noe Garcia
      Noe Garcia 4 hours ago

      @Eclihpse O.M.G I can't believe Eclihpse reply to my comment I am literally freaking out right now

    • Eclihpse
      Eclihpse 4 hours ago


  • Poke Gold
    Poke Gold 5 hours ago

    Fuck me daddy!

  • Poke Gold
    Poke Gold 5 hours ago

    Maury:You are the father!

  • Dank Boi
    Dank Boi 5 hours ago

    Flexing on us lol

  • Top funniest vines & memes

    A legend was born

  • Chris Capacete
    Chris Capacete 5 hours ago

    im level 84 so hopefully i can get accepted

  • glmsgina
    glmsgina 5 hours ago

    I haven't seen u in a long time

  • Christian Perez
    Christian Perez 6 hours ago

    Spend money

  • Braulio Ocampo
    Braulio Ocampo 6 hours ago

    it’s not even hard

  • Toby Floof
    Toby Floof 6 hours ago

    That intro tho 👌

    • Toby Floof
      Toby Floof 4 hours ago

      @Eclihpse can I make a funny edit pls of it? Would you mind?

    • Eclihpse
      Eclihpse 4 hours ago


  • Alexanderthe wolf_playz

    I have a good idea accept people if they got the battle pass and high level like me

    THE MASTER 6 hours ago

    I like ur voice

    CWR GAMING 6 hours ago

    Im higher then you hahah

    CWR GAMING 6 hours ago

    I have the same ops bro

  • Brawl With Rainy
    Brawl With Rainy 7 hours ago

    I don’t understand much about COD but those guns r fire 🔥

  • Hello There
    Hello There 7 hours ago

    Aahhhh I saw my name

  • Night Owl
    Night Owl 7 hours ago

    The AS1MO is a really op gun

  • Coolkid
    Coolkid 7 hours ago

    Ecliphes can I have $20?🙂

  • Pierce McLoughlin
    Pierce McLoughlin 7 hours ago

    Do you play with controller?

    BAs EXTRA 7 hours ago

    Yes waste money?

  • Fine pro Gaming
    Fine pro Gaming 7 hours ago

    Dude this whole lucky is bull I wasted 50$ and it didn’t even get the girl skin I hope they change it up

  • Fri End
    Fri End 7 hours ago

    What you play on pc, my dreams are ruined. Btw want to see you spend some more money, it's entertaining as hell when you get some leg weapons. Only if I spent money on games.

  • Eggolden is boss
    Eggolden is boss 7 hours ago

    You are the best youtuber and I hope you have a great day and I hope you accept my friend request see you in the battle

  • Camron Bennett
    Camron Bennett 7 hours ago

    and yeah waste some more damn money on call of duty mobile

  • Alexander Maranon
    Alexander Maranon 7 hours ago

    Let's get Eclihpse to 69 likes please

  • GBJ
    GBJ 7 hours ago


  • Super nub nugget
    Super nub nugget 7 hours ago

    Noooo! Eclihpse I gave you 4 green 3 blue and 6 purple. And I am only rank 23.

  • Orlando Maya Escobar

    You good at sniping

  • Orlando Maya Escobar

    Can you do a live stream so we can play with you in call of duty mobile

  • Miles Stephens
    Miles Stephens 8 hours ago

    Lmaooooo loved the video and died when ferg spent £250 and you felt confident when having 940 cup 😂😂

  • Anthony Balbuena
    Anthony Balbuena 8 hours ago

    Ty that u friended me can we play while ur in a vid pls it's my dream my name is themasterboi

  • The Watermelon King #1


  • Bryan Silva
    Bryan Silva 8 hours ago

    All the brawl stars youtubers are now play COD Mobile instead of brawl stars:(

  • Pyro Warp
    Pyro Warp 8 hours ago

    I can see my name

  • Calvin Zhou
    Calvin Zhou 8 hours ago


  • Spiderman Brawl Stars

    Rip eclipse doing brawl stars

  • Danielplayz xx
    Danielplayz xx 8 hours ago

    It does not let me join eclipece 😭😢

  • Random Nation
    Random Nation 8 hours ago

    Guy:knock knock Other guy: who’s there Guy:ach Other guy: ach who Guy: bless you

  • Bro ken
    Bro ken 8 hours ago

    Fan since CR Days : )

    • Bro ken
      Bro ken 8 hours ago

      Thanks for giving your subs time by replying :>

    • Eclihpse
      Eclihpse 8 hours ago

      og <3

  • thereaper 93
    thereaper 93 8 hours ago

    Yes waste your money eclihpse

    • Eclihpse
      Eclihpse 8 hours ago

      thank u for commenting sir

  • Vrajk2003
    Vrajk2003 8 hours ago

    Can you lower the rank limit because I am level 25

    • Eclihpse
      Eclihpse 8 hours ago

      I have a feeling a lot of people will join. I'm gonna keep it where it's at for now

  • Evan Mott
    Evan Mott 8 hours ago

    How do rank??

    • Eclihpse
      Eclihpse 8 hours ago

      Hit rank 10, and then switch to the ranked gamemode :-)

  • SoLiD Gold
    SoLiD Gold 8 hours ago

    *who else is a loyal fan and has been watching before 2019?* 🤣 👇(I'm gifting out my next 49 loyal subs)

    • SoLiD Gold
      SoLiD Gold 8 hours ago

      @Eclihpse u unhearted lmao

    • SoLiD Gold
      SoLiD Gold 8 hours ago

      @Eclihpse lmao u right but deadass i remember watching your clash royale vids

    • Eclihpse
      Eclihpse 8 hours ago

      we all know u aren’t gifting subs mate

  • Vrajk2003
    Vrajk2003 8 hours ago


  • Evan Mott
    Evan Mott 8 hours ago

    COB Points

  • Eclihpse
    Eclihpse 8 hours ago

    Thank you for watching today's Call of Duty: Mobile video! If there's anything you'd like to see LEMME KNOW!! P.S. JOIN MY CLAN: SpankMePapi P.S.S. I DAILY UPLOAD ON MY SECOND CHANNEL! You should peep my newest video ;)

    • Brawl With Rainy
      Brawl With Rainy 7 hours ago

      Eclihpse na na na naw sweat dreams brawlstars makes NAA na Na-Na

    • Camron Bennett
      Camron Bennett 8 hours ago

      hey bro its me Camkiller26 how is it going

  • Danielplayz xx
    Danielplayz xx 8 hours ago

    Hey am first btw love vids EPIC COONTENT

  • Dragon Leaf
    Dragon Leaf 8 hours ago

    First baby

  • iiJacobb-
    iiJacobb- 8 hours ago

    what up bro 🤘🏼

    • Eclihpse
      Eclihpse 8 hours ago

      i’m just replying to comments :)

  • cj_dog44
    cj_dog44 8 hours ago


  • Dragon Leaf
    Dragon Leaf 8 hours ago


  • Lol Gamer
    Lol Gamer 8 hours ago


  • RoBit
    RoBit 8 hours ago

    3 yay first

  • Dovid Heller
    Dovid Heller 8 hours ago

    #rip ecl walet

  • Hannah Laite
    Hannah Laite 9 hours ago


  • Albert Diaz
    Albert Diaz 9 hours ago

    How does nobody know that he said shelly isn't from a battle royale game ._.

  • Greidi Muça
    Greidi Muça 9 hours ago

    Do brawl stars and rush wars again

  • Bil ly
    Bil ly 9 hours ago

    So sad that I’m better then you even tho I play on iPhone

  • TheRealZombieArmy
    TheRealZombieArmy 10 hours ago


  • Daniel Evans
    Daniel Evans 11 hours ago

    What level are you currently as I post this comment eclipse

  • D0m15
    D0m15 11 hours ago

    Penny is asociated with the sea necause shes acctually a pirate

  • best craft in the world

    I am the best

  • 11GEMs GT
    11GEMs GT 12 hours ago

    Why dose eclipse looks like a gay?

  • Deadpool 238
    Deadpool 238 13 hours ago

    Bro Arabic changes everything

  • Vašek Herout
    Vašek Herout 14 hours ago

    When you talked about lagger,my phone somehow managed to disconect from itself for no reason

  • Kalost 07
    Kalost 07 14 hours ago

    15 is wrong. It's "My class started so i cant play quiters"

  • Chok Wei Qi
    Chok Wei Qi 14 hours ago

    Can He guess This character 8 bit from Braw Stars?

  • TheEpicGold
    TheEpicGold 15 hours ago

    You should do Rockability Mortis

  • Jack does stuff
    Jack does stuff 16 hours ago

    I tried the same thing with Pam but red hair and he got it

  • Jiyeon Park
    Jiyeon Park 16 hours ago


  • keed11
    keed11 16 hours ago


  • keed11
    keed11 16 hours ago


  • just se
    just se 16 hours ago


  • pandagamespro nl
    pandagamespro nl 17 hours ago

    1 easy 2 easy 3 little hard 4 little les hard than 3 5 pretty hard and just got it on time

  • Emil Chin
    Emil Chin 18 hours ago


  • xDqrz/AChocolateDeath
    xDqrz/AChocolateDeath 18 hours ago

    I have Christmas Nita and star Shelly then I quit the game for a while and now their rare?

  • Charles Erik Simbulan
    Charles Erik Simbulan 19 hours ago

    Open mega box

  • Muna Gurung
    Muna Gurung 19 hours ago

    Maybe because u are in pc

  • Muna Gurung
    Muna Gurung 19 hours ago

    Why can't I find u

  • Filip Malis
    Filip Malis 19 hours ago

    I have 5 k trophies and 3 rares and 1 super rare

  • Manisha Lak
    Manisha Lak 20 hours ago

    No one: Littrly no one: Not even like askers: Me: U hAvE a RiPoFf Of BrAwL sTaRs NaMe Is SuPeR cAtS

  • Lipton Red
    Lipton Red 22 hours ago

    Old eclihpse : *Brawl stars!!* Now : *COD* I like the old eclihpse better I miss the old days..

  • icebear gaming
    icebear gaming 22 hours ago

    Why no more brawl stars people from your brawl stars club miss you pls come back....

  • Tyson NGO
    Tyson NGO 23 hours ago

    Add my Cod mobile acc NotAHacker2112

    YOUR NAME 23 hours ago

    People who are in master and above Are we a joke to you ?

  • Sapna nair
    Sapna nair 23 hours ago

    Our match was the epic one Bruh!!! 😎😎

  • Dylan Lam
    Dylan Lam Day ago

    This dropped on my birthday

  • RoboWolfZane
    RoboWolfZane Day ago

    Hey camping is a fine strategy

  • kid_dos 64
    kid_dos 64 Day ago

    Crow has feathers....

  • Dragon ball super

    But you lose range with smgs

  • Eric Garcia
    Eric Garcia Day ago

    My favorite character is Leon and the mostly like is the shark

  • Griml20k
    Griml20k Day ago


  • Ivan Leow
    Ivan Leow Day ago

    Love ya vid

  • A Person
    A Person Day ago