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  • startat2
    startat2 3 minutes ago

    80s model Camaro!

  • Trisha Hernandez
    Trisha Hernandez 3 minutes ago

    5 speed manual Mustang gt

  • emtiaz mohammed
    emtiaz mohammed 3 minutes ago


  • Forrest Carroll
    Forrest Carroll 3 minutes ago

    Having bought a totalled 05 Legacy GT and rebuilding it, the answer to the question in the thumbnail is thoroughly "Yes."

  • Ian Hebert
    Ian Hebert 4 minutes ago

    the lack of appreciation for the Holy Grail reference disturbs me...1:54

  • Nick  Martinez
    Nick Martinez 5 minutes ago

    Rip nos energy sponsor lol

  • jacob rodriguez
    jacob rodriguez 5 minutes ago


  • Alex Ortiz
    Alex Ortiz 6 minutes ago

    Luv your vidz! Make a Kawasaki next and feature the H2 and how it's supercharged!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . . Be crazy if you features 650ib cause his bike channel is awesome !!!

  • Braiden Reid
    Braiden Reid 7 minutes ago

    Catfish camaro for next

  • Corvette Burnout
    Corvette Burnout 7 minutes ago

    I think a C4 or C5 corvette would be a cool hi-low episode.

  • PaulNat360
    PaulNat360 8 minutes ago

    i want one!

  • Braiden Reid
    Braiden Reid 8 minutes ago

    Personally i think i would’ve preferred a battle between a mid-low range car and a mid-high. But i love the series guys

  • dean reed
    dean reed 9 minutes ago

    now which one of you gave them the key's?, as you need to give them a set of keys to another super car , come on you know i'm right lol, how much was you guys laughing when trying to put this vid together?

  • Ashwin George
    Ashwin George 10 minutes ago

    Really good episode

  • An Awfully Hot Coffee Pot


  • Senko
    Senko 11 minutes ago

    RX7 next season, like to agree

  • Fauzan Ahmad
    Fauzan Ahmad 11 minutes ago

    vespa / piaggio episode please

  • 2burning2turning
    2burning2turning 13 minutes ago

    This was the best, thanks for making this series.

  • Nikoxion
    Nikoxion 13 minutes ago

    I will start linking people to this video when they do cat deletes.


    Someone knows whats the name of the color/wrap on the focus st 8:50 ?

  • Jesus Oropeza
    Jesus Oropeza 14 minutes ago

    You guys should built a Jeep xj and take it off roading

  • penguin monster
    penguin monster 16 minutes ago

    ''Its grandpa was meant to beat ferrari'' Our grandpas were meant to beat Germany and most of us can't digest gluten , that says a lot about the 17 gt

  • Diares
    Diares 16 minutes ago

    He dead fam #uptospeed

  • llzermll
    llzermll 17 minutes ago

    Ngl engine sounds like a vacuum cleaner

  • david gentert
    david gentert 17 minutes ago

    Do a hi low with some v8 power

  • ashutosh salunke
    ashutosh salunke 17 minutes ago

    Honda please

  • Robert Schneider
    Robert Schneider 18 minutes ago

    Love the sound of my Audi A4 B8 2.0TDI Engine. Nothing special, it's just mine ❤️

  • JerseyMikeP
    JerseyMikeP 18 minutes ago

    It's FUNNY, Or a Joke...that they call the FORD Flat a FORD at ALL, Previous FORD CARS were built/designed by the DODGE Brothers... Which were 4 cylinders. I have 0 Doubt Ford just COPIED the heads of previous 4cyl. and made a DODGE V8. That 1969 Polara had a Higher top speed than any 3rd or 4th gen FOXBODY Mustang. This 1969 Polara cop car STILL Holds the Speed Record.

  • Michael Bujaki
    Michael Bujaki 19 minutes ago

    6:33, 0 - 60 in ten seconds is a lot faster than some of the cars that I have seen today.

  • Дядя Федя
    Дядя Федя 19 minutes ago

    Its perfect to buy if you live in Rust Belt state and you know your ride going to rust away anyway

  • Taconator
    Taconator 19 minutes ago

    Foxbody Mustang HiLow

  • Juncheng Chen
    Juncheng Chen 20 minutes ago

    Do A GTI

  • Flavio KS
    Flavio KS 21 minute ago

    Sort out your Italiano!

  • cavyss2004
    cavyss2004 21 minute ago

    Sounds like my lawn tractor

  • Kevin Chan
    Kevin Chan 21 minute ago

    What's up with the Justin Bieber look?

  • Lewis
    Lewis 22 minutes ago

    Bike up to speed 🤤 would love to see more of these!

  • Fernando Sanchez
    Fernando Sanchez 22 minutes ago

    You guys should try the "ACURA INTEGRA" has many different models and installs that can be added and is algo a car Nolan Sykes wanted to own so that right there is a great opportunity for him to do Hi vs Lol on an Acura Integra!! @donutmedia #TeamHi vs #TeamLo #Acuraintegra

  • The Soggy Baguette
    The Soggy Baguette 24 minutes ago

    James: B24 liberator bombers Donut :shows lancasters

  • Adrien Marsoni
    Adrien Marsoni 26 minutes ago

    Hi/Low 3000gt VR4

  • Zen Xia
    Zen Xia 27 minutes ago

    Every time I see one, I recognize it IMMEDIATELY, I absolutely love seeing and driving by one on the road. Btw...What’s the songs they use?

  • Exodus1337
    Exodus1337 29 minutes ago

    240sx hi lo.. then sell them! :)

  • Thelma Valenzuela
    Thelma Valenzuela 30 minutes ago

    Build a nissan gtr skyline and a toyota supra

  • Pavle Mejic
    Pavle Mejic 30 minutes ago

    Maybe since you guys did rwd, now maybe you guys do something that’s fwd

  • hectorae86
    hectorae86 30 minutes ago

    The 916 is indeed awesome, too bad the US never got that Alfa Romeo. Especially the 3.2 is quite sexy.

  • Hands Of The Koala
    Hands Of The Koala 31 minute ago

    Let’s see some rotary action get some Rx8’s or Rx7s however the 7 is nore

    NAMENAME 31 minute ago

    anyone remember this little boy from gran turismo 4

  • Kyle S
    Kyle S 32 minutes ago

    Gotta love the death wobble

  • oneway1403
    oneway1403 33 minutes ago


  • BrinkOfGaming
    BrinkOfGaming 33 minutes ago

    Why did Low Car's price go up $1k for the differential when it was marked by free?

  • Opavská Letecká
    Opavská Letecká 34 minutes ago

    Good old Corolla E10 <3

  • SE Creator
    SE Creator 34 minutes ago

    "Miles per"? Thats an oddly annoying way to be unique

  • rodrigo borjas
    rodrigo borjas 35 minutes ago

    Camaro or mustang GT from the 2010

  • isaiah perez
    isaiah perez 35 minutes ago

    Do trucks list for trucks Chevy Silverado 2005 ford 150 2005

  • AbRAoM J
    AbRAoM J 36 minutes ago

    would like to see miata in the season 2.

  • captainchaos087
    captainchaos087 37 minutes ago

    How about a pair of identical muscle cars since you did the import tuner build? Maybe two identical Challengers?? Or for something really interesting, two identical SUVs.

  • Shahzaman Ahmed
    Shahzaman Ahmed 37 minutes ago

    Do an acura tl 3rd gen

  • Bigboy Jones
    Bigboy Jones 37 minutes ago

    Bruh it sounds like a lawn mower

  • Justin Rohrbacher
    Justin Rohrbacher 38 minutes ago

    Do a 240 for season 2!!

  • Harsh Vardhan Singh
    Harsh Vardhan Singh 40 minutes ago

    If my destiny ever let me come to America I would love to visit your studio ❤️ Real love from India

  • Gavan Clay
    Gavan Clay 41 minute ago


  • Colby Langley
    Colby Langley 41 minute ago

    Sn95 mustang's the new edge because they are bad stock but with the right mods they drastically improve

  • Harsh Vardhan Singh
    Harsh Vardhan Singh 42 minutes ago

    Real love for your channel from India Love your videos so much that I watch It on loop without skipping

  • jiwana abimanyu
    jiwana abimanyu 42 minutes ago

    Gran Turismo IV : Dodge Viper with proper tunning can go 450km/h in test course

  • Bryan Black
    Bryan Black 44 minutes ago

    bmw e46 please! If you can find them. Two 330ci manuals that haven't been modded already will be tough unless you're willing to take real high mileage ones. But maybe an engine swap/rebuild could be one of the mods. Anything with the e46 chassis would be great.

  • Daniel Lindy
    Daniel Lindy 44 minutes ago

    When my wife and I first married she bought a brand new 1997 SL1. She and I drove it for 13 years and 170000 miles it survived three accidents and three children. Sold it for 800 bucks running well but without functioning airbags. 5 years later I saw the buyer when I was at work one day she was a couple days drive away from 300,000 miles had only put routine maintenance struts and wheel bearings and an ignition coil pack into it. Guess I should have kept it longer...

  • JerseyMikeP
    JerseyMikeP 46 minutes ago

    It's the Track were MOST of the Manufacturers CHEAT... SO their times there is a waste. (FACT).

  • Gabriela Perdomo
    Gabriela Perdomo 47 minutes ago


  • Eric Casiano
    Eric Casiano 47 minutes ago

    So why did she light her self on fire?

  • 2KUSH11
    2KUSH11 48 minutes ago

    90s MR2

  • Dušan Savić
    Dušan Savić 49 minutes ago

    Here in Serbia we don't really have enough money for cars. For example I have Toyota Yaris from 1999 and also that's the car I would like you to upgrade, not only because I own it, but also because Toyota is dropping new tuned (sport) Yaris this year. I would also like BMW M3 from 1999 or maybe even Volkswagen Golf 2, because those two are something like cult cars here in Serbia and Balkan.

  • Theunskilledtryhard
    Theunskilledtryhard 49 minutes ago

    I love that the name of the 2 horses is dice and Carlin. 2 of the goats

  • RetroActiv Restoration
    RetroActiv Restoration 50 minutes ago

    More of : more power baby an herspers

  • Carlos Z143.1
    Carlos Z143.1 51 minute ago

    300ZX Twin Turbo!!!

  • kaysun jackson
    kaysun jackson 52 minutes ago

    Why do you say carbon fibbir instead of fiber?

  • 5th generation turbo farmer

    you should do a truck

  • JerseyMikeP
    JerseyMikeP 53 minutes ago

    I can drive on ANY-SIDE, As ALOT of IDIOTS in my town think they can do what they want, DRIVE Down the Middle. FK Them and I'll drive right at them to Scare the SH*T out of them so their Life flashes before their eyes and teach them to be a GOOD Drivers. Now I'm working on IDIOTS that don't let Pedestrians cross first. DIdn't have to pull any from a car and Beat them to SH8t yet... almost kicked a few mirrors of those cars. It Gets Tiring, Teaching the DUMB/STUPID.

  • Mateus Bittencourt
    Mateus Bittencourt 53 minutes ago

    Manual in the US is ending because Driving a manual requires skill... and American Drivers are BAD. Some of the worst in the world.

  • Soon Forgot
    Soon Forgot 54 minutes ago

    You get really sweaty. Soft ass bitches.

  • Paul Howell
    Paul Howell 54 minutes ago

    Triumph do triumph

  • Tanner Cox
    Tanner Cox 57 minutes ago

    Love a street car on pump gas. The new age to go straight to e85 before it’s even fully built and maxed out on pump gas is just a soft and cheap move

  • l00k4tstuff
    l00k4tstuff 58 minutes ago

    I had a friend who bought a 3000GT VR4 either first or second year. He traded in an '88 Trans Am GTA for it. On paper, it looked great. It was always in the shop. Active air flow failed. Transmission problems. Engine problems. All-wheel steering problems. By the second year of owning it, he got rid of it for a different sports car. Everyone he spoke to that had one had similar problems. That's what really killed it and made them remove all those features - they could never get them to work.

  • cain bender
    cain bender 58 minutes ago

    This is great. I completely agree about everything you said.

  • GankMan
    GankMan 59 minutes ago

    That wasnt a good example of ducatis dry clutch :D search Multistrada dry clutch sound for better representation of what it sounds like :D

  • Sean Mansfield
    Sean Mansfield 59 minutes ago

    I think it should be either another street car with a huge following already or an off road type vehicle with a similar following. Street car: MX-5 Miata, Subaru WRX, VW Golf, or Ford Mustang. Off road: Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Cherokee specifically XJ model, Toyota 4runner, or Toyota Tacoma.

  • Patrick Kirby
    Patrick Kirby Hour ago

    2nd Gen gsx! OR galant vr4!

  • ADiTYA
    ADiTYA Hour ago

    6:57 holy shit it scared the crap out of me

  • Hector Sanchez
    Hector Sanchez Hour ago

    Did you say cuh??😭😭😭

  • canna roe
    canna roe Hour ago

    You wrote a script for a podcast? nurrr

  • Gina Lopez
    Gina Lopez Hour ago

    Donut media car ill take a ninja H2R because im insane and with a minor death wish lolol

  • Brandon Niebur
    Brandon Niebur Hour ago

    Great video but why in the kitchen 😂

  • Kommin 515
    Kommin 515 Hour ago

    Bro hit the line with a pair of 2nd gen eclipses you can really span out the cheap parts and expensive parts with em

  • Gina Lopez
    Gina Lopez Hour ago


  • Sebastian Szefer

    Sound Like Daewoo Tico

  • Chocolate Zeeyz
    Chocolate Zeeyz Hour ago

    Please makes more motorcycle videos... This is great n very informative.

  • jiwana abimanyu
    jiwana abimanyu Hour ago

    1:31 when you realize it's just a video game 😂

  • JerseyMikeP
    JerseyMikeP Hour ago

    Henry FORD didn't Build the Model T, The DODGE BROTHERS Built the Engines/trans/ rolling Chassis. That's why He did fail like in Prior attempts.

  • Meat Butt
    Meat Butt Hour ago

    Cummins episode: do I mean nothing to you?

  • Ahmad Malik
    Ahmad Malik Hour ago

    Looks like James cut back on the drinking face isn’t as red anymore

  • TikyCZ
    TikyCZ Hour ago

    Mi left handed for me is better have a sword to my right side. For me it’s soo confusing that ppl drive on right side when rest of unopened on left side this till this day I cannot get. I mean I use the word drive to identify the wheel on left side to be clear soo even if my native language and USA language witch I think it’s English witch that is as well that confused me a lot. That we saying we drive on left side but I confuse it with the wheel and not the road


    MR2 or STI