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Trump Explains Exactly Why He Never Liked John McCain
Просмотров 8 6452 дня назад
Democrat Actually Believes Vladimir Putin Controls America
Просмотров 2 18411 дней назад
Sarah Sanders RIPS Jim Acosta Into SHREDS Over Illhan Omar
Просмотров 12 82911 дней назад
Sarah Sanders White House Press Briefing 3/11/2019
Просмотров 1 11111 дней назад
Trump Starts Talking About The Wall In Front Of Apple CEO Tim Cook
Просмотров 6 31616 дней назад
Brave DACA Dreamer Thanks Trump For Being Compassionate
Просмотров 2 91916 дней назад
Chuck Schumer Praises Trump For Backing Out Of Deal With North Korea
Просмотров 3 46718 дней назад
Trump SLAMS Michael Cohen Says He Lied To Congress During Hearing
Просмотров 2 55822 дня назад
Trump Reacts To What Michael Cohen Said About Him
Просмотров 3 51723 дня назад
Trump Says He's Walking Away From A Deal With Kim Jong-Un
Просмотров 4 00623 дня назад
Michael Cohen Explains Why He's Afraid If Trump Loses In 2020
Просмотров 2 47723 дня назад
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez GRILLS Michael Cohen
Просмотров 40 61623 дня назад
Michael Cohen Says He Was Never Paid A Monthly Retainer By Trump
Просмотров 1 33823 дня назад
Michael Cohen Says Trump Told Him To Rig Online Polls
Просмотров 83023 дня назад
Michael Cohen Says Trump Knew About Trump Moscow Tower Deal
Просмотров 36223 дня назад
Michael Cohen Refuses To Answer If He Just Lied To Congress
Просмотров 4 03623 дня назад
Michael Cohen Admits He Never Saw Any Trump Russia Collusion
Просмотров 1 17223 дня назад
Michael Cohen Identifies Trump As Individual Number 1
Просмотров 39623 дня назад
Nancy Pelosi Begs Republicans To Not Let Trump Build The Wall
Просмотров 7 93024 дня назад
Chuck Schumer Hates That He Can't Stop Trump From Building The Wall
Просмотров 12 81325 дней назад
Trump Says He Has Around 8 Billion Dollars For New Wall
Просмотров 2 402Месяц назад
Trump Declares A National Emergency Over The Wall
Просмотров 2 261Месяц назад