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Netflix's Dracula - Review
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  • Thecoolestree
    Thecoolestree 7 hours ago

    If the DCEU uses the Anti-Monitor then they should change his name to Mobius and give him the anti-life equation since crisis never called the Anti-Monitor Mobius And I prefer the comic book Anti-Monitor

  • Atul Singh
    Atul Singh 7 hours ago

    Did in anyone find brian o'conner??

  • Not An Idiot
    Not An Idiot 7 hours ago

    More of the same... So?

  • Milan Khand
    Milan Khand 7 hours ago

    watching it for sure

  • Rares Cocea
    Rares Cocea 7 hours ago


  • Rob Cop
    Rob Cop 7 hours ago

    Is kickstar a guy??????????

  • Hilman Jachya
    Hilman Jachya 7 hours ago

    jelek bat ni game 8 bit

  • Luis Fraser
    Luis Fraser 7 hours ago

    Yeesh bro its console this is not terrible for console gameplay. Parts are bad tho

  • tasan215
    tasan215 7 hours ago

    If Seven is in her 50's Picard has to be in his 80's?

  • Blaz Colina
    Blaz Colina 7 hours ago

    Descendants of the woman (who was just a slave on Tatooine) messed up the whole universe.

  • Mansa X
    Mansa X 7 hours ago

    Just get both. That's what I always do

  • Emmet 2018
    Emmet 2018 7 hours ago

    Ghost busters

  • Marko Pantner
    Marko Pantner 7 hours ago

    This game is amazing.. And I was playing destiny.. What a fool.. This is a masterpiece...

  • boogel
    boogel 7 hours ago

    Sweet little lies.

  • Evatron
    Evatron 7 hours ago


  • FarcrY LOvERS
    FarcrY LOvERS 7 hours ago

    hey bro IGN which one editer you use for video editing

  • Martin Cruz
    Martin Cruz 7 hours ago

    Hold tf up This won't be on PlayStation? No disrespect to all my Xbox homies tho

  • dub boys
    dub boys 7 hours ago

    xbox 360 and ps3 are finally getting some love....

  • thefttwo
    thefttwo 7 hours ago

    Do Xbox Players here understand the difference between a Day1 PC Launch from Xbox First Partys and this 3 years old Horizon Zero Dawn?

  • Tanishq Sahu
    Tanishq Sahu 7 hours ago

    I like Batman Arkham xd

  • LazyPug3
    LazyPug3 7 hours ago


  • Science Vids
    Science Vids 7 hours ago

    Zombie: "wow you puked on me how rude I'll forgive you for sum of those brains."

  • [THIRD] Gamer
    [THIRD] Gamer 7 hours ago

    Darth Malgus? We need an updated list

  • Jezza Lenko
    Jezza Lenko 7 hours ago

    I had to savor this game as it is a work of art..... Speed runs are just dumb... and boring...

  • ooczzy
    ooczzy 7 hours ago

    That stamina bar already sets it multiple bars above Pokemon's difficutly. "Im lookin at you Swampert, fuken plowing through all of elite 4 with one pokemon"

  • HamieOfficial
    HamieOfficial 7 hours ago

    your not in Hogwarts anymore Harry

  • GN Online Gaming
    GN Online Gaming 7 hours ago

    100% Here for Theo 0% Here for Google Stadia

  • ルイスマシアス

    Need more of this !!!

  • RusterRD
    RusterRD 7 hours ago

    Little does everybody knows this is just a taste for whats to come on gta 6

  • ImRaw
    ImRaw 7 hours ago

    Ate they using controller on pc?

  • Il Maestro
    Il Maestro 7 hours ago

    Pokémmo >>>>>>

  • Petah Parka/ Augustus V.

    I wonder what Tyrese we’re gonna get; Romie Rome or Jody

  • Adeeb Thameam
    Adeeb Thameam 7 hours ago

    I hope to see a romance bloom between bigby and Snow White

  • PastoKage
    PastoKage 7 hours ago

    ç_ç)" Dat english dub tho...

  • سعود qwerty
    سعود qwerty 7 hours ago

    Nemesis: STAAARS kid: turn the console off

  • Marco Perez
    Marco Perez 7 hours ago

    I expect the boss battles to be really epic compared to past Lego games

  • Terry Sprouse
    Terry Sprouse 7 hours ago

    All they need to work on is aim because I see no recoil control

  • TheFURY
    TheFURY 7 hours ago

    Best 3D Fighting Games = DOA, Tekken Best 2D Fighting Games = Street Fighter, KOF and Guilty Gear sorry MK and Smash fans

  • Atomic Muffin
    Atomic Muffin 7 hours ago

    best game, best trailer, best of best ever

  • stolen innocence
    stolen innocence 7 hours ago

    Watch dogs legion?

  • silver9 00
    silver9 00 7 hours ago

    What platform is this gunna be on

  • nando Alicea
    nando Alicea 7 hours ago

    i have to see this movie

  • Jaaron Tolley
    Jaaron Tolley 7 hours ago

    Once I heard them talk I decided no Lego you will not ever get my money for this already garbage game.

  • Chris The Dude
    Chris The Dude 7 hours ago

    Did anyone else think he was carrying a lightsaber on his way out?

  • Frankie B
    Frankie B 7 hours ago

    This looks sick.

  • kasper stein
    kasper stein 7 hours ago

    I didnt understood this kinda gameplay in the first 7 minutes😂

  • BeauloWannaBe
    BeauloWannaBe 7 hours ago

    Haven’t watched yet. Maybe this time you guys will talk about this kind, talented man with the respect he deserves

  • Moth Man
    Moth Man 7 hours ago

    1:15 I kinda wanted doom guy to say “I’m no human I’m your doom”

  • YeahxGrizzly
    YeahxGrizzly 7 hours ago

    Is it just me, or Gohans voice acting in the game is terrible 😅😅

  • Borrio Boy
    Borrio Boy 7 hours ago

    New quake looks great

  • m ranger
    m ranger 8 hours ago

    when u show dc team up in tv series then there is no interest for film.

  • Burak Eren
    Burak Eren 8 hours ago

    Is it weird that i dont like Doomslayer has a face?

  • Christian Thomas
    Christian Thomas 8 hours ago

    Mentally challenged. Read: All IGN employees. Except Brian Altano. He alright.

  • bruh
    bruh 8 hours ago

    Quality wise, I'd say Avatar deserves to be #1.

  • DeeDo
    DeeDo 8 hours ago

    No special outfit like the show, horrible loading times, and about 4 voice lines total between Goku and the instructor.

  • Андрей Кузнецов

    Up to what they did with Witcher, we want nothing

  • Gaming Gamer
    Gaming Gamer 8 hours ago

    No point buying an zbox if i can play xbox games on pc

  • Rafael Ortín Soto
    Rafael Ortín Soto 8 hours ago

    Looks great this new SS but the clash of the blades sounds definitely better in the original from 1993.

  • unsmartnerd
    unsmartnerd 8 hours ago

    Can I preorder for wii?

  • Emi T.
    Emi T. 8 hours ago

    We're both here because of crisis and you know it

  • Abhinendra Singh Gautam


  • The Judge
    The Judge 8 hours ago

    Not the same without the epic DBZ music....

  • AN_ 7
    AN_ 7 8 hours ago

    I was 11 old💔

  • Ankit Tudu
    Ankit Tudu 8 hours ago

    He should've said "In your face, Bennett Foddy" at the end.

  • Minotour - GAMEPLAY
    Minotour - GAMEPLAY 8 hours ago

    Best game in the world i finished It and It was VERY EXITING

  • Phana Rith
    Phana Rith 8 hours ago

    DELL if you listening to us user pls provide us with up to date driver i use Alienware 17 2014

  • jolodong gaming
    jolodong gaming 8 hours ago

    2020 yang masih nonton mana ini

  • tamas miskolczi
    tamas miskolczi 8 hours ago


  • Robert C. McGee aka Joe_Cracker

    My answer: A censorship policy

  • GeneralButter
    GeneralButter 8 hours ago


  • tamas miskolczi
    tamas miskolczi 8 hours ago

    4500,0000 DT

  • Jaiden Desilva Music

    I got CHILLS no joke when I saw this

  • tamas miskolczi
    tamas miskolczi 8 hours ago


  • Currency96
    Currency96 8 hours ago

    Here’s an idea, buy both.

  • LazyPlanet 50
    LazyPlanet 50 8 hours ago

    Those vampires were using veiled strike , stage 4 vampirism , the steed and the elusive mist , that's why they ran like the flash .

  • Noreen Tahir
    Noreen Tahir 8 hours ago

    Yall must be thinking tfue s the best he will win

  • AhmedA44
    AhmedA44 8 hours ago

    Inside xbox : 😉

  • Andrey Yakzhik
    Andrey Yakzhik 8 hours ago

    Looks like Quake)

  • Bub Wesley
    Bub Wesley 8 hours ago


  • Aaron Murff
    Aaron Murff 8 hours ago

    I love hearing duel of the fates in there

  • Zoe Hazel
    Zoe Hazel 8 hours ago

    excellent Games

  • PixelatedGame2 0
    PixelatedGame2 0 8 hours ago

    Who else plays only frontier defense V

  • Joshofalltrades Vanveen

    I get the turtles winning in most of these match ups but against the Flash? Naw... As much as I love the turtles, the Flash would win...

  • emad
    emad 8 hours ago


  • Cale Leonard
    Cale Leonard 8 hours ago

    I can’t wait for the release of this game.

  • Random Stock photos
    Random Stock photos 8 hours ago


  • Piuk Daniel
    Piuk Daniel 8 hours ago

    "How our grandparents got to school" cinematic trailer

  • Vlad Tepes
    Vlad Tepes 8 hours ago

    The game story was fine until I reached the last sequence, the ending felt rushed and it felt pointless all the trouble having Desmond escaping Abstergo to just being snapped from the franchise, just like that. Ezio's trilogy was the peak of the franchise.

  • SMOGGames
    SMOGGames 8 hours ago

    I'm pretty impressed with this actually. 2 main reasons. 1. they are playing on console. that is already a huge deficit. 2. Siege is by far the hardest FPS in the world to learn how to play.

  • AL C
    AL C 8 hours ago

    I even dont mind waiting till May ends, i just need ff7 to be well made

  • Daniel Pierson
    Daniel Pierson 8 hours ago

    this needs refining. like visuals/animations are especially buggy

  • Zoe Hazel
    Zoe Hazel 8 hours ago

    wonderful Games

  • google / you tube
    google / you tube 8 hours ago

    PS,,,,,, the adds inbetween are annoying eh.

  • Irsyad Asyraf Mohamad

    Where is dragon age inquisition?

  • google / you tube
    google / you tube 8 hours ago

    Your going to have fun inside the factory. You have to kill the monsters. Than you have to run upstairs first. The. Down stairs to turn on a switch, ,,,,it's a real NIGHT MARE. 😕😕😕😕😕👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Anakin's Burnt Penis


  • Life Is Rage
    Life Is Rage 8 hours ago


  • PauhovXiong
    PauhovXiong 8 hours ago

    Yesterday I hesitantly bought this game after asking the employee at GameStop what he thought of recent AC releases. He said he loved it. So far I’m having a ton of fun with it and I don’t regret my purchase.