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Disco Elysium Review
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Little Town Hero Review
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Doom: Annihilation Review
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Asgard's Wrath Review
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  • cliff krahenbill
    cliff krahenbill 2 hours ago

    I bet new guns will be in the pass.

  • Pikachu
    Pikachu 2 hours ago

    A Battle Pass system is better than loot boxes but not by much.

  • Hassan Alamoudi
    Hassan Alamoudi 2 hours ago

    0:42 ign has some sense of humor

  • The Flame Fist God
    The Flame Fist God 2 hours ago

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me for 5 years straight, go to hell activision.

  • officialgamerz29
    officialgamerz29 2 hours ago

    Also i thought special ops was on all platforms and survival was the mode exclusive to ps4 for a year.

  • Gloku
    Gloku 2 hours ago

    That monster just wants to play

  • Gamer869
    Gamer869 2 hours ago

    Anyone else heard that "FOR NOW" in the small prints section? 😂😂😂

  • n8tiveashii
    n8tiveashii 2 hours ago

    Hah im not buying this game and company that bends the knee to china

  • Dr.Politan
    Dr.Politan 2 hours ago


  • Compa Chuyy
    Compa Chuyy 2 hours ago

    First 😀

  • IKnowWhoUAre
    IKnowWhoUAre 2 hours ago

    “For now”

  • Benjamin Lewis
    Benjamin Lewis 2 hours ago

    Lol people complaining about graphics, it's not the be all or end all look at fire pro wrestling graphics are proper old school but still the best wrestling game on the ps4.

  • YTawesome gaming
    YTawesome gaming 2 hours ago

    no views and 22 likes lol

  • Aaron Barragan
    Aaron Barragan 2 hours ago

    I want to buy it, but my internet wont handle my 5 siblings whatchin Netflix HD simotaniously u.u

  • Johnny Freile
    Johnny Freile 2 hours ago

    This seems like a younger delson rowe gets a magic brush rather then conduate powers and its centeres around a more fleshed out stenciling mechanic in second son

  • James Gatz
    James Gatz 2 hours ago

    I'm not even supposed to be here today

  • yuval158
    yuval158 2 hours ago

    who's Harvey?

    MΦNSTER 2 hours ago


  • Big boi Gamer
    Big boi Gamer 2 hours ago

    Cod: NO LOOT BOXES! Me: finally! Cod: actually... Me: 😔

  • kyrie alarin
    kyrie alarin 2 hours ago

    I read loot boxes my eyes are burning

  • JON
    JON 2 hours ago

    Yeah not buying this

  • Emma Van Rose
    Emma Van Rose 2 hours ago


  • mohamed birjeb
    mohamed birjeb 2 hours ago


  • officialgamerz29
    officialgamerz29 2 hours ago

    Oh dear....

  • Arseni Plotnikov
    Arseni Plotnikov 2 hours ago

    No lootboxes, but still micro transactions right?

  • Han Hattori Hanzo
    Han Hattori Hanzo 2 hours ago

    $200 for something I can get for free 99. No news on battery life or the quality of the 3600 games? Miss me with that

  • gold333
    gold333 2 hours ago

    Odd that they included the steps leading up to the Acropolis commissioned by Claudius in 57AD. The ingame Acropolis overall is from 346BC not 431BC. Better research next time Ubisoft.

  • Daniel Alvira
    Daniel Alvira 2 hours ago

    “For now” 😂😂

  • Erika myers
    Erika myers 2 hours ago


  • MooMoo 8399
    MooMoo 8399 2 hours ago


  • Levi Melton
    Levi Melton 2 hours ago

    I have mixed feelings for this! Thoughts?

  • Let Tice
    Let Tice 2 hours ago

    Sekiro shadows die lightsaber

  • NakedSpaceMan
    NakedSpaceMan 2 hours ago

    Guarantee they haphazardly made it after people found their loot boxes in the betas

  • Faker_FK
    Faker_FK 2 hours ago


  • Ecu-Boy1755
    Ecu-Boy1755 2 hours ago


  • TheHardcore Gamer
    TheHardcore Gamer 2 hours ago


  • SilverStrumer
    SilverStrumer 2 hours ago

    Ok..but is Dunsparce getting an evolution though?

  • Anders L
    Anders L 2 hours ago

    lmao, pushing down the club doors violently , walking up to the dance floor, and within 30 seconds of entering the club, immediately start dancing alone vigorously. Then abruptly stop and walk slowly to the corner.

  • bossbear 0803
    bossbear 0803 2 hours ago

    To all you people in 2019 or 2020 if you are a Mario og you will get this One jump = one up

  • uraganshinobi
    uraganshinobi 2 hours ago

    Black stalker - Igor. 110%

  • sam apples
    sam apples 2 hours ago

    take my fnn money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rajas A
    Rajas A 2 hours ago

    Luke Reilly is the only person I really would take the word of.

  • Nick
    Nick 2 hours ago

    My first plan is to turn the camp into justice league

  • Riley Greenleaf
    Riley Greenleaf 2 hours ago

    I don't understand, do these people think ea develops these games?

  • Nayden
    Nayden 2 hours ago

    MAIN char looks DERPY AF

  • Fox Fable
    Fox Fable 2 hours ago

    Thick fluff

  • Unlimited Zero
    Unlimited Zero 2 hours ago

    11/10 a little something greater for everyone

  • StalePangolin
    StalePangolin 2 hours ago

    The first rule of modding an open world game is that Thomas will appear within 1 month, I for one cannot wait

  • Sunny
    Sunny 2 hours ago

    VR and mod support?

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 2 hours ago

    Interesting, how do I make the goose have fried rice and teriyaki chicken?

  • Vinicius 0604
    Vinicius 0604 2 hours ago

    The Sims 5 with expansion Pack of zombies

  • Coliflower 420
    Coliflower 420 2 hours ago

    Am I wrong or is that Arthur in black waters plains in the end cause if it is does this mean we can explore new Austin as Arthur now?

  • kenjisus
    kenjisus 2 hours ago

    EA: "You will love this game! Until you play."

  • Paradox Acres
    Paradox Acres 2 hours ago

    JoJo Part 9: JoJo Rabbit Stand Name: Taika Waititi

  • Jargonoftheantolopes

    It’s almost like this is scripted to say exactly what Disney wanted out there. It’s almost like video game journalism is all a lie. Crazy

  • Huginn Hjartarson
    Huginn Hjartarson 2 hours ago

    I Hope The Girls Aren't

  • J Roman
    J Roman 2 hours ago

    She's back !!!! Sexy face !!! Never noticed the big ears

  • K
    K 2 hours ago

    Poor taste. Would you do the same with slavery???

  • The Human Landa
    The Human Landa 2 hours ago

    Kevin Smith is correct about Tom Holland being the best Spider-Man

  • Maddie Graffeo
    Maddie Graffeo 2 hours ago

    Cool Skyrim mod/skin

  • JhoelS4
    JhoelS4 2 hours ago

    is coming 2028. Lol

  • hans dampf
    hans dampf 2 hours ago

    3:45 we don't say that

  • Bernie Katzroy
    Bernie Katzroy 2 hours ago


  • Natos
    Natos 2 hours ago

    yet another nfs game to avoid. bring me back underground pls

  • BlitzWolfer
    BlitzWolfer 2 hours ago

    this DOES look interesting...but I have and only have a switch

  • Mac Cregar
    Mac Cregar 2 hours ago


  • Syrus Walters
    Syrus Walters 2 hours ago

    I been lied to there’s 7:17 not 7;00

  • putsome basilonit
    putsome basilonit 2 hours ago

    The last thing I want in a video game is shared experience unless it's couch co-op.

  • suavevalen
    suavevalen 2 hours ago

    I think I will enjoy this one

  • Alistar Riaz
    Alistar Riaz 2 hours ago

    Knock knock. Jareds parents: Who's there? - It's the police, m'am! Your son's been hit by a Joker movie. He's dead.

  • big russian man
    big russian man 2 hours ago

    If a movie makes you feel emotion then its doing something right

  • Stay Tuned in
    Stay Tuned in 2 hours ago

    Can’t believe kevin smith thinks he can beat the all powerful shaggy

  • CatPoop Official
    CatPoop Official 2 hours ago

    I'm actually really looking forward to this. I'm more optimistic than most because I never really play EA published games so I haven't been burned countless times like others.

  • Pup Neal
    Pup Neal 2 hours ago

    Wow I got here quick

  • uu7lkido8
    uu7lkido8 2 hours ago

    In the multiverse...

  • Alphawolf 655
    Alphawolf 655 2 hours ago

    *The Nightmare Reborn* Still gives me chills today

  • Soon Forgot
    Soon Forgot 2 hours ago

    Kevin Smith is at his best! Stay healthy

  • HeemThe Kat
    HeemThe Kat 2 hours ago

    Dismemberment is at the top of my list for games,dammit EA

  • Last Son
    Last Son 2 hours ago

    Why does Luffy look like Star Platinum

  • henk hofman
    henk hofman 2 hours ago

    ill believe it ones i yhave seen it on release day,its EA so nothing they say will be true,

  • Ulloasremmurd
    Ulloasremmurd 2 hours ago

    I love this game😍

  • Gerald Davis
    Gerald Davis 2 hours ago

    Superman hold his own against one punch man. He can't be beaten so easily

  • Vthe Man
    Vthe Man 2 hours ago


  • Daniel Rojas
    Daniel Rojas 2 hours ago

    Hands down, one of the Best reviews IGN has done, amazingly written and voiced

  • MyScragy
    MyScragy 3 hours ago

    from what i've seen with the gameplay of combat it heavily reminds me of star wars force unleashed does anyone else see this? I may be complete wrong having just seen glimpses of gameplay

  • Princess Bug
    Princess Bug 3 hours ago

    Me watching this while playing Undertale on the switch

  • Trav
    Trav 3 hours ago

    Everyone bitching about EA, they make incredible games and I think the EARLY ACCESS STEAM ERA brings that to light more than ever. Appreciate buttery smooth animations, well-written story, and polished experience published by a AAA developer.. and stop crying about their microtransactions or any bad decisions they've made. As far as I'm concerned you make more bad decisions on early access titles.

  • Jamie Holmes
    Jamie Holmes 3 hours ago

    Connection to server timed out {code:leaf)

  • Jay Khan
    Jay Khan 3 hours ago

    that Aladdin/lion king better be like $9.99

  • Yu1 Dawan
    Yu1 Dawan 3 hours ago


  • Jack Yeetus
    Jack Yeetus 3 hours ago

    Some cool footage.

  • clinton caple
    clinton caple 3 hours ago

    If you can't slice a stormtroopers head or arm off that's a deal breaker ✌

  • Obsolete Excellence
    Obsolete Excellence 3 hours ago

    We need another “Chasing Amy” moment

  • Jake Fox
    Jake Fox 3 hours ago

    Was that a rancor?

  • gboi gamer
    gboi gamer 3 hours ago

    That was only chapter 1?!

  • vztanir
    vztanir 3 hours ago

    welcome Back Sydnee

  • Left Leg
    Left Leg 3 hours ago

    I’m going to chalk this up to Rockstar trying to build interest for GTA 6

  • better late than never

    Why waste money to develop this when they could have spent it trying to keep the DS family alive? I just want a future where the xds was a real thing.

  • Chase JabL
    Chase JabL 3 hours ago

    Horizon zero Dawn is straight overrated...