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  • junhoe’s hoe
    junhoe’s hoe 12 minutes ago

    im tearing up why does this performance sound like a fetus camila to me :((( i love you cammy.!

  • Antonia Stevens
    Antonia Stevens 16 minutes ago

    i hate when people say ariana is untalented or doesn’t deserve all the recognition just because they don’t like her. you can’t say she’s untalented like look at the low notes and the whistle tones in imagine etc, she’s one of the best vocalists.

  • Nafisa Fg
    Nafisa Fg 19 minutes ago

    I desperately need someone to look at me the way MGKs looking at Cam when I'm singing!Like I'm just getting addicted to this two!!Why????

  • Levi
    Levi 28 minutes ago

    Severely underrated band

  • Eargasm
    Eargasm 47 minutes ago

    Her facial expression @2:33 is priceless. I Love it! 💖😘😘😍

  • Sam Harrop
    Sam Harrop Hour ago

    They just look bored

  • Nancy Ramirez
    Nancy Ramirez Hour ago


  • Man Rotatu
    Man Rotatu Hour ago

    She has a prety voice i can imagine talking yo me will be a succesfull girl i wish know her.

  • Carla Sharon
    Carla Sharon Hour ago


  • war w
    war w 3 hours ago

    3:45 i love this part so much

  • Shine Rissah
    Shine Rissah 3 hours ago

    Wowww jonas brothers Im sooo speechless just Love it the way they sing soo sexy hmmmp

  • gerry tee
    gerry tee 3 hours ago

    I hope never see or hear this weirdo again. Oh lord, she's so vain, she probably thinks this song is about her. Super cringy.

  • Cristina Peres Pérolas

    Ouvi no meu trabalho e apaixonei na voz!!!💝

  • Katie O
    Katie O 3 hours ago

    I need a full cover of Senorita. 😭

  • Libby Scott
    Libby Scott 3 hours ago

    These ladies can do no wrong.DAMN.

  • Arbiana Putri Wulandari

    I wanna see how she open her eyes

  • Humfrey Balicat
    Humfrey Balicat 3 hours ago

    0:34 am i the only one ? 😂

  • bleep77
    bleep77 3 hours ago

    Beautiful rendition! Taylor looks sexy here.

  • Death Cats
    Death Cats 3 hours ago

    He’s to make a full coverage back to black

  • DancingWithOurHandsTied

    what just happened? I- 😳🥰

  • Hudson Steere Steere

    What does she make me want to cry with joy

  • kuruman1
    kuruman1 4 hours ago

    This was actually good.

  • Debora Domingues
    Debora Domingues 4 hours ago

    Linda maravilhosa amo a Cami❤❤❤

  • Emi ZC
    Emi ZC 4 hours ago

    the flash in the middle, approves this (2257)

  • charlotte son
    charlotte son 4 hours ago

    she is BEAUTIFUL

  • duda
    duda 4 hours ago

    Eu tô perplexa

  • Mister Mojo
    Mister Mojo 4 hours ago

    I'm sure that Bon Scott smiled when he eard it, great cover

  • Confused Paragon
    Confused Paragon 4 hours ago

    I am single but somehow this reminds me of my ex that I never had

  • Stephen Cook
    Stephen Cook 4 hours ago

    This song is hard to sing

  • Rodaempat
    Rodaempat 5 hours ago

    fucki*n shit... just awful worse... the tone just not match.. this thing called artist?

  • Tina Hang
    Tina Hang 5 hours ago

    That last brother killed it

    PHXNTXM 5 hours ago

    You know Lewis Capaldi is a special talent, when some of the most popular and esteemed artists in the music industry make his lyrically deep and emotionally provocative song sound like a pop song.

  • raidor diniro
    raidor diniro 5 hours ago

    This the hip hop I fell in love with man. ❤️

  • Yuval Ezer
    Yuval Ezer 5 hours ago

    Excellent spin on this amazing song! Kudos 👏👏👏

  • skyclimber7
    skyclimber7 5 hours ago

    im a sucker for Halsey

  • Sadie Black
    Sadie Black 5 hours ago

    lmao; based on the comments, Luke would be overthrown and replaced with Ashton in a heartbeat

  • Laura G.
    Laura G. 5 hours ago

    this version is better than the original

  • Inspired Listener
    Inspired Listener 6 hours ago

    Can we do 1 million??

  • Ella O’Brien
    Ella O’Brien 6 hours ago

    Woah. How?

  • Aly Marie
    Aly Marie 6 hours ago

    two words; in love

  • Richard Ramos Melandres

    the song is so amazing. lets the famous singers sing it!! good job lewis capaldi

  • Xandria -
    Xandria - 6 hours ago

    This is my fucking queen right here

  • Victoria Xn
    Victoria Xn 6 hours ago

    #dermotkennedy im right here. No roaming without caesar. i dont understand what else i can do to reach you. I dont wanna wait anymore....

  • Griffin Davis
    Griffin Davis 7 hours ago

    Damn Luke's voice is sooooooo good!

  • zekementa
    zekementa 7 hours ago

    I've listened to this version repeatedly for over three years now. It's a song that I listen to when I think of that person I still can't get over ("there's this tune I found that makes me think of you somehow, and I play it on repeat" is exactly this). When I first heard it, the lyrics - in comparison to the Arctic Monkey's original - stuck out and it felt like I understood them for the first time, saw them in a completely new light. Like many others have mentioned, Hozier made this song his own, of course all the cred to the Arctic Monkeys, this is a genius song, but Hozier expanded the potential of it, made the essence of it more emphasized. All the love to this interpretation, it's always going to mean a great deal to me.

  • Ulisses Oliveira
    Ulisses Oliveira 7 hours ago

    Why are people talking about James Charles here?

  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee 7 hours ago

    Best story of the creation of the universe ever.

  • Paul Lisney
    Paul Lisney 7 hours ago

    This must have been an amazing experience for them to play with an orchestra. It’s a great song!

  • Cristian Fernandez
    Cristian Fernandez 7 hours ago

    hermosa de mi corazon

  • it's true
    it's true 7 hours ago

    The eyeshadow is pretty dope💙

  • Izzy
    Izzy 8 hours ago

    I wanted to downvote this but the honest singing wouldn't let me

  • jack daniels
    jack daniels 8 hours ago

    Je cherche à prendre des décisions, il faut pousser.

  • Thorsten Topp
    Thorsten Topp 8 hours ago

    Srry but your pretty bad not your style luv u though its still unique though

  • Mitch Jackson
    Mitch Jackson 8 hours ago

    I just think the original song is cringy Lol so

  • Sakura Fernanda
    Sakura Fernanda 8 hours ago


  • Jacob Dean
    Jacob Dean 8 hours ago

    Her mouth be a cave with that damn ECHOOOOO either prove you can sing by ditching the reverb or stop singing boo

  • Horror Manta
    Horror Manta 8 hours ago

    Why i got.a batman beyon feel from this song

  • Miss Rouje
    Miss Rouje 8 hours ago

    This performance give me a crazy tingles for sleep

  • Naye Cortez
    Naye Cortez 8 hours ago

    Wolf Alice with this song 😍

  • Patrick Duffy
    Patrick Duffy 8 hours ago

    Как же хорошо

  • Paty Maila
    Paty Maila 8 hours ago

    Me gusta mas esta versión

  • Mely Cruz
    Mely Cruz 8 hours ago

    Es hermoso💕

  • Rafa Vogarim
    Rafa Vogarim 8 hours ago


  • Jephrison Madzimba
    Jephrison Madzimba 8 hours ago


  • aninhaoliveira80
    aninhaoliveira80 8 hours ago

    Have you ever heard him singing “You’re not the only one?” Perfect!!!! My favorite!!

  • Geyza Xavier
    Geyza Xavier 9 hours ago

    Tô apaixonada

  • Tømmø RVR
    Tømmø RVR 9 hours ago

    2020 anyone?

  • Aesthetic Asia
    Aesthetic Asia 9 hours ago

    James Arthur did it better 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • medicalsurgical2008
    medicalsurgical2008 9 hours ago

    Who doesn't like her lousy version?

  • MackTvish
    MackTvish 9 hours ago

    She's cute af

  • Pascal Heidekamp
    Pascal Heidekamp 9 hours ago

    Just stop your crying, 2021 still listening

  • - Shelly
    - Shelly 9 hours ago

    Alessia is my favourite person ever

  • Dennis Edlund
    Dennis Edlund 9 hours ago

    Robyn (orginal Artist) did a lot of live in radio with this song. Calum just took that version as it was, he did it good but it was almost excatly like her live radio version.

  • Chris Morgans
    Chris Morgans 9 hours ago


  • Deril Dany
    Deril Dany 9 hours ago

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate the bassist for filling the song with life ♥️

  • eclap78
    eclap78 9 hours ago

    autotune - fast car

  • Aalu Mix
    Aalu Mix 10 hours ago


  • keosbay stnicholas
    keosbay stnicholas 10 hours ago

    Voice of an Angel 👌

    MYST GAMING 10 hours ago

    Still rather listen to Lewis this sucks 😂

  • Jula G.
    Jula G. 10 hours ago


  • keosbay stnicholas
    keosbay stnicholas 11 hours ago

    Done the classic justice. Brings back memories being a young boy with the queen bee blasting this out on repeat. Good ole days 💯

  • Hilary Wyllie
    Hilary Wyllie 11 hours ago

    I literally love this song, how is she doing this right now?!?!

  • Maria Eduarda
    Maria Eduarda 11 hours ago


  • Caleb Jenkinson
    Caleb Jenkinson 11 hours ago

    Playing a BB king guitar. Noice

  • Michael Craigie
    Michael Craigie 11 hours ago

    WOW incredible performance by Miley!! I know that she can sing rock songs, but this is a slow love song and she utterly knocked it out of the park. I really love Miley because she not afraid of being herself and trying so many different songs. I love you Miley!!!

  • Ayyub Adam
    Ayyub Adam 11 hours ago

    Leena sent me here.

  • alia ehsan
    alia ehsan 11 hours ago

    Raw Talent is underrated

  • Makaveli Thadon
    Makaveli Thadon 11 hours ago

    Miley can't sing.Noah is an amazing singer though.o

  • Nora Campbell
    Nora Campbell 11 hours ago

    stop commenting on her phone she’s a human and she can have whatever phone she wants i have a six and what’s wrong with that? NOTHING ITS A 🤬ING PHONE

  • hello
    hello 11 hours ago


  • just another
    just another 11 hours ago

    YUNGBLUD: I GET THOSE GOOSEBUMPS EVERY TIME YEAH Me: *gets goosebumps * well fuck

  • Santiago A.
    Santiago A. 11 hours ago

    Por dios la amo

  • sunshine
    sunshine 12 hours ago

    No offense but her voice are annoying. The original sounds better than this lol

  • Les Turpin
    Les Turpin 12 hours ago


  • fay baboulina
    fay baboulina 12 hours ago

    My celebrity crush!❤❤❤

  • Jock12366
    Jock12366 12 hours ago

    Weird Al Yankovic on drums 😆


    amen sister

  • Adam Milner
    Adam Milner 12 hours ago

    I've heard the phrase "Could sing the phonebook" I am fully convinced this man really could, what a voice! Blessed!

  • TheLocal Cryptid2
    TheLocal Cryptid2 12 hours ago