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  • Rosbin Palencia
    Rosbin Palencia Hour ago

    The game play is alot slower then mkx

  • transam2002ws6
    transam2002ws6 Hour ago

    Shang Tsung is a monster.

  • 300game
    300game 3 hours ago


  • Mario Prendi
    Mario Prendi 3 hours ago

    If Terminator doesn't say "Hasta la vista" during supers and "I'll be back" when he wins, I'm not even buying it.

  • Man in Tidy Whities
    Man in Tidy Whities 3 hours ago

    Dimitri Vegas as Sub Zero? I wouldn't be surprised if Shaq is Geras


    Kombat pack 2: Peppa Pig Ben 10 iCarly Donald Trump Rick and Morty Phineas and Ferb

  • Mateo Rocha Gomez
    Mateo Rocha Gomez 4 hours ago


  • S6N 6F G6D
    S6N 6F G6D 4 hours ago

    1:50, when you realise tomorrow is monday.

  • Xianglican
    Xianglican 5 hours ago

    Make joker look like The Dark Knight version.

  • Djinn871
    Djinn871 5 hours ago

    Why did they make Joker look so stupid?

    • Falloutbo1
      Falloutbo1 Hour ago

      It's looks better than Dimitri vegas as sub zero 🙄

  • Michael san roman Jr

    i want Michael Myers in mortal kombat. Take all those dlc and Shove up your ass.

  • rogwww2005
    rogwww2005 6 hours ago

    Kombat Pack 2: Sheeva Fujin Mileena Ashley Willians Michael Myers Pennywise

  • TheGtxbeast
    TheGtxbeast 7 hours ago

    I feel like DOOM guy would fit well into the MK universe and gameplay

  • Ömer Karaman
    Ömer Karaman 8 hours ago


  • Sam the Mit Man
    Sam the Mit Man 8 hours ago

    MK 11 is a huge mess with 1 redeeming quality - story mode. The 3 worst things about it are the WEAK character selection, the unbelievably horrible costumes, and the stupidly ugly lighting in a lot of the stages. Shang Tsung's island is in my opinion the best stage in the game (and the only good one). The ugliest stages i have ever seen in a fighting game can be found here also - shirai ryu fire garden and sea of blood. Im not sure if the development team just threw in whatever colors they could think of or what...but they hit perfection with MK XL.... I dont know what went on with mk11....major dissappointment.

  • Trevor Gitonga
    Trevor Gitonga 8 hours ago

    Tyler: “that wasn’t going too well for me....I have an idea though” Steph: “BLOCK?” 😭😭😭 deaddd

  • Zyprex
    Zyprex 9 hours ago

    1:41 that sword slice 😍

  • kiro Akiro
    kiro Akiro 9 hours ago


  • azlanism
    azlanism 11 hours ago

    I hope NRS will provide Heath Ledger, Jared Leto and Joaquin Phoenix designs as skins for Joker.

  • Grimwolf35 GW35
    Grimwolf35 GW35 12 hours ago

    What the actual f-

  • Easton Rise up
    Easton Rise up 15 hours ago

    Y’all sayin joker trash, I agree but you gotta admit after he smiles it looks a little better.

    • Falloutbo1
      Falloutbo1 Hour ago

      Plus he looks better than that demitri vegas skin

  • CoinCast2212499
    CoinCast2212499 16 hours ago

    Can we get Ezio in the next kombat pack because that would be awesome

  • Lewis Dube
    Lewis Dube 18 hours ago

    Mortal Kombat, I've got one fantasy request: If not now then possibly in the future MK games, with DLC ft Takashi (can't remember his name clearly) /Jaqueline's boyfriend, can it be that Undertaker and Kane from WWE be joining the fight? I feel that they are so worthy for being part of the realms as outsiders. If they're crafted right, they can be a super asset to the Realms. Imagine what Bi-han says to the Undertaker, and Scorpion say to Kane... Even the costumes, some from wrestling, others from your making. MK community, I would like to hear your take on this? it's just an idea I thought to share with all.

  • yungboy brocli
    yungboy brocli 18 hours ago

    I bet T-800 is gonna say Hasta La Bista in his fatality 😎

  • Alberto Osvaldo Pereira

    Põe como trilha sonora de um cenário que a gente compra a versão Gold Platinum fucking edition por 1000 Trumps facinho

  • Alexis Aguirre
    Alexis Aguirre 19 hours ago

    Shouldve added batman who laughs instead

  • jorge blast
    jorge blast 20 hours ago

    Cetrion is a pain in the ass jesus christ zoner as fuck in KL get me nuts

  • Spense
    Spense 20 hours ago

    Does anyone know what time Kombat League ends? Or what time the last one ended because I’ve completed all of the challenges but I only have 3/10 the daily ranked completed right now and it says it ends in 7 days.

  • God1902
    God1902 21 hour ago

    Next reveal, Terminator.

  • kingdom heart
    kingdom heart 21 hour ago

    wait what, kitana is an asian? i tot she was from another world called outworld and she is edenian which mean she is a human-like creature who live in this world for 10000 year old, this is another species i can believe but not asian 😂

  • Jeffrey Rodriguez
    Jeffrey Rodriguez 23 hours ago

    Edboon i really want all characters on mk phone please this is my wish respond to me please

  • Zach k
    Zach k 23 hours ago

    BRUTAL mic quality by the commentator

  • Slav Lazarevic

    Boring ass game play.. Spent the whole game running and spamming projectiles.. Definitely did not deserve to win this

    • Killjoy
      Killjoy 17 hours ago

      that's how Cetrion plays though. She can't fight up close it's like asking to get your ass whooped by characters with better normals than her. I hate her teleport though even know it costs her 1 def bar it's still really frustrating.

  • Chris the kid
    Chris the kid Day ago

    Subscribe to my channel for mk11 video.

  • Gamer525 Loquendo


  • Patient Zero
    Patient Zero Day ago

    It's going to be funny ripping off jokers face.

  • bro.fuck.urself. 99

    0:17 when u and ur girlfriend finally did it in the bedroom (Liu kang and kitana in the bed)

  • Codie Nash
    Codie Nash Day ago

    Steve is now Stephanie lol.. just another dude that wants to wear women's underwear haha

  • ツYousefdoz15

    Neathrealm why you don't do mortal kombat 11 demo

  • Alexandru von Carstein Zarovich

    Seriously that Joker model is horrible and that is me being very polite mind you, still I am very happy for Spawn and the Terminator! :D Hope for many puns,

  • Dr. Croc
    Dr. Croc Day ago

    1:19 The True Kahn has returned!

  • vmezencev •
    vmezencev • Day ago

    Пенниваиз лучше бы чем джокер

  • Tzec Arnaz
    Tzec Arnaz Day ago

    I was really bummed that Catrion won that How scummy do you have to be to enjoy zoning and constantly staying back For me zoning is probably the worst thing to deal with in mk

  • Manson Channel

    21 immortal

  • Matias Manson
    Matias Manson Day ago

    Demasiado vestidas las guerreras... pueden mostrar violencia pero no piel??

  • Jae Lee
    Jae Lee Day ago

    This audio is super trash.

  • x numb17
    x numb17 Day ago

    Kombat pack 2 Spongebob Ben 10 Johnny Test Drake Henry Danger Apple Jack

    • Gabriel Alvarez
      Gabriel Alvarez 3 hours ago

      I got a better Kombat pack 2 Venom Chucky Maniac Cop Pennywise Deadpool????

  • Matheus Castelo Branco

    21 savage on this was just perfect

  • Lemonsx996 Gg
    Lemonsx996 Gg Day ago

    Fuck sindel put her last make spawn come in on November plzzs and thx ??? Kratos is he coming back for ps4 only

  • Yung Skrrt
    Yung Skrrt Day ago

    audio and video are off ...

  • Bakugo Shounen

    Yo Mortal Kombat! you want brutality? Add DIO!!! He can throw knives, take somebody's insides with his BARE HANDS, his stand is also powerful that stops freaking time, and HE.FLATTENS.PEOPLE.WITH A FREAKING ROAD ROLLER!!!

  • Simonangkir Balikpapan

    Iconic language of shang tsung, 2:10 I still remember this scene in MK anihilation movie.

  • Elmer Ajanel-Pena- Class of 2024

    It’s bull shit how I bought 2 of them and a see them all of them for 40 bucks why can’t they put a discount for people that bought night wolf and the other one

  • Suleiman Ayub
    Suleiman Ayub Day ago

    joker looks like an evil Gay lol

  • Scorpion 7
    Scorpion 7 Day ago

    Your soul is mine

  • bullbae02
    bullbae02 Day ago

    @Mortal Kombat can we use your video? we are going to edit it for something game and human movement related video.

  • jorge blast
    jorge blast Day ago

    That player Sooneo a beast with jackie, dammnn

  • Rene Mavungo
    Rene Mavungo Day ago

    There is so much outrage in social media about the Joker being in MK11! I can’t even imagine what the social media response would have been back in 1995 when MK3 was released. That roster had no masked ninjas (not even Scorpion!!), no Kitana, no Mileena, no Johnny Cage, no Raiden. Ed Boon and John Tobias would have been murdered! Luckily they then released UMK3 with all the classic characters.

  • Mr.Wolfchamp 1999

    I really enjoyed this gameplay alot. The tournament gameplays aren't this fast paced and end up feeling dragged in each match due to how defensive the players are but the gameplay here had less blocking resulting in more fast pace and action so it was more enjoyable to watch.

  • Edgar Esteban Torres Rodriguez

    Joker???? Pfffff

  • Maximum Carnage

    Uncle and step dad fighting for my step-sister’s room 0:17

  • Sergeant Kaboose

    One way or another, scorpion always wins.

  • Chemy Chem
    Chemy Chem Day ago


  • Red Bleiker
    Red Bleiker Day ago

    Pero que asco me dio cada vez que usaban a Cetrion

  • Juan Sepulveda

    Reptile for mk 11

  • Rodycaz
    Rodycaz Day ago

    I want John Wick and Pennywise from It.

  • MaverickKings 20

    Mirrors...real BALANCED. FUCK NRS.

  • MaverickKings 20

    Wow. Yet another TOP TIER WIN...FUCK YOU NRS. Having a 3rd tournament variation means SHIT when the fucking FRAMES are the exact FUCKING same!! 2nd, if the moves LOOK LIKE a FUCKING OVERHEAD, they should probably HIT OVERHEAD!! 3rd, why the FUCK doesn't EVERYONE have 50/50 options?!?! 4th, if Liu Kang and Raiden legit have FOUGHT IN SEVERAL TIMELINES & LIU KANG FUCKING DIED IN ALL PREVIOUS TIMELINES, wouldn't it make FUCKING SENSE THAT THEY ARE EQUAL FIGHTERS?!?! And Raiden may even be MORE POWERFUL THAN LIU KANG since he FUCKING LIVES?!?! 5, if Kung Lao was the 1st choice to be the MK Champion, wouldn't he be on the SAME LEVEL OF A FIGHTER AS LIU KANG IF NOT BETTER?!?!? 6th, if Kung Lao is the DIRECT descendant of the GREAT Kung Lao & each generation gets stronger than the previous (ie. Cassie & Jacqui), why is Kung Lao a fucking 2-3 hit mid THROW fighter that is NOT TOURNAMENT VIABLE?!?! Instead you have fucking BITCH ZONERS (CETRION, GERAS) at TOP TIER. ZONERS?! Pussy ass BITCHES. Lazy FUCKING DESIGN of a FIGHTING GAME. Why not just label MK a fucking FIRST PERSON SHOOTER?! F U C K YOU NRS. FUCK YOU.

  • Gooniegoogle
    Gooniegoogle Day ago

    Heroesnz doing that well against foxy should tell you all you need to know about liu kang. Best in game.

  • Kerron Edwards

    Hasta la Vista baby

  • Adithyaa Suresh

    That Scorpion murko played like an idiot mashing down 3 and down 1 on block and calling it pressure. Feel bad for VideogamesYo.

    • musicx xa
      musicx xa Day ago

      Scorpion one of the most weakest character in the game. He doesn't have much tool. Playing Jax and Shao Kahn cheezy af. Kudos to murko make it work beautifully.

  • An Idiot On Your Channel

    No wonder why Kronika wants to erase time. *It'd really fucking help the world for the better.*

  • Codie Nash
    Codie Nash Day ago

    Is it just me or does the dude on the right have a bunk bed lol.. and asodimazze is a poon

  • T 2k
    T 2k Day ago

    Cetrion is wack , why does her projectiles push back on block and she has a teleport lol smh

  • LAAD-rapta verse

    Damn videogamez i felt that one man. Wanted u to win bruh

  • Jesus MLG
    Jesus MLG Day ago

    Cetrion can zone you hard and teleport away for safety when you're trying to close in hahahahah! what a cheap ass zoner. So annoying to deal with.

  • Smallbot 10000

    Can you please add ermac in the game

  • jotos j
    jotos j Day ago

    Te copiaron a erron black en free fire

  • jotos j
    jotos j Day ago

    Cómo se comparte con uno de tus personajes erron black pusieron un emoticón de

  • just james dance

    Mileena please ed boon

  • Lee Avila
    Lee Avila Day ago

    Sonya is better on mortal kombat 10 And please do jonhy cage

    FRoOGLE PoWER Day ago

    Why does the tranny always dress like a 1950s lady?

  • Reality FAX!
    Reality FAX! Day ago

    Brother: your a girl I barely hurt you Also brother 1:00

  • Xx AyyItsAj xX

    Bruh it would be fresh if they put lights on raidens eyes

  • XD Goulart
    XD Goulart Day ago

  • Shane Reed
    Shane Reed Day ago

    I would mercy’d him at the very end.

  • Rs_Kira
    Rs_Kira Day ago

    When can we get that scorpion skin

  • Lawliet Q
    Lawliet Q Day ago

    Hey there Nether realm, are you ever going to fix your shit KL point system?

  • Pauly King
    Pauly King Day ago

    I bought the pack but I can’t find any of them does anyone know why ?

    • The Mitchell Special
      The Mitchell Special Day ago

      if you noticed, the characters are being released one at a time. the kombat pack grants you early access to the fighters when they are revealed. since you own the kombat pack, you will be able to play terminator october 8, while everyone else gets to play him october 15. if you want spawn, you got to wait until march 17 next year, while everyone else gets to play him march 24.

    • Pauly King
      Pauly King Day ago

      Emanuel Bryant I really don’t know what happened ,I want spawn so bad

    • Emanuel Bryant
      Emanuel Bryant Day ago

      Pauly King I did the same can’t find them

  • Mert
    Mert Day ago

    When vgy missed that fatal blow something inside me died damn. But what a fuckin show it was a good tournament ggs 💪🏼

    • Mert
      Mert Day ago

      @Anddy Oso he deserved the tournament bro he reverse 3-0ed maybe the best scorpion almost beat cetrion with shao altho the matchup is really bad but noticed something when he switched to shao he started to play better neutral than he did with liu. You gotta work sometimes

    • Anddy Oso
      Anddy Oso Day ago

      My heart dropped for him😭

  • Bombing Gamer
    Bombing Gamer Day ago

    delete cetrion from mk

  • Mark Gabilo
    Mark Gabilo Day ago

    Shao Khan: YOU SUCK CETRION: dash away-projectile

  • Алмаз Гилязов

    Уважение Кратосу и Азербайджану. Молодцы ребята!)

  • GSynCH
    GSynCH 2 days ago

    so many voice fcked up in this game mkx whole voice acting is better now dimitri is much worse than this

  • Angie Munoz
    Angie Munoz 2 days ago

    I hate the joker, I want pennywise

  • Oli Dancer
    Oli Dancer 2 days ago

    they need to add SHAZAM!

    VOLD GAMER 2 days ago

    this is where i started to find out mk11 was going to suck, ronda looks like a nice person in real life, but she was a huge miscast a sonya,

  • MKEarthAndSea
    MKEarthAndSea 2 days ago

    we should be getting a trailer for the terminator soon since they usually drop a trailer 2 weeks before the character comes out!! can’t fucking wait!!

  • Piero Official
    Piero Official 2 days ago

    this is a masterpiece everything is this game is well built