NCAA March Madness
NCAA March Madness
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7 March Madness bracket tips
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  • Shawn Minniear
    Shawn Minniear 12 hours ago

    This still hurts

  • Matthew Lopez
    Matthew Lopez 19 hours ago

    He’s kinda underwhelming so far not gonna lie

  • Chris Tesch
    Chris Tesch 22 hours ago

    I’m here because Oregon just beat Michigan again. Early season R5 vs R10. Juwan Howard gonna want that tournament rematch

  • Nick Brngl
    Nick Brngl Day ago


  • Osh Ick
    Osh Ick Day ago


  • LaSharkus Aldridge

    WRECKED 'EM IN THE GARDEN!!! 806 dirt gang GO, FIGHT, WIN RED RAIDERS! 🏀 🔥 🏇 💥 💨 #GunsUp #WreckEm #BearOurBanners #LongLiveTheMatadors #TexasTech #Big12Champions #RaiderPower

  • John Dezern
    John Dezern 2 days ago


  • John Dezern
    John Dezern 2 days ago

    I always likes it when unc loses especially in the NCAA finals

  • Red Card
    Red Card 2 days ago

    This was THE BEST Nat’l championship game EVER!!

  • Brandon Weatherly
    Brandon Weatherly 2 days ago

    Being a blue blood sounds nice but growing your own culture and building your own legacy trumps jumping on someone else’s boat! WRECK EM FOR LIFE!

  • LaSharkus Aldridge
    LaSharkus Aldridge 2 days ago

    Hit 'em Wreck 'em Texas Tech! 🔫's 👆go, fight, win Red Raiders! #GunsUp #BearOurBanners #StriveForHonor #LongLiveTheMatadors #DegreesOfImpact #FearlessChampions #IAmARedRaider #TexasTech #Big12Champions #RaiderPower

  • Jesse Ajuda
    Jesse Ajuda 2 days ago

    I am from Murfreesboro TN where MTSU is located and it was WILD around here for a solid week after this happened

  • Jesse Ajuda
    Jesse Ajuda 2 days ago

    4:25 f*** it”

  • XPBInthenight
    XPBInthenight 2 days ago

    Luke Maye brings to mind the fact that NCAA Basketball Season is the one time of the year that sports fans and armpit fetishists can find something in common.

  • Alpha Bro
    Alpha Bro 2 days ago

    He made that dunk look like a felony 🚨

  • Lawrence Smith
    Lawrence Smith 2 days ago

    Why all these thumbs down shaking my head I bet his young life

  • Baltazar Pacheco
    Baltazar Pacheco 3 days ago

    #RedRaiders !

  • King Connor
    King Connor 3 days ago

    Wde we going back to the final four this year

  • underdog ishere
    underdog ishere 3 days ago

    Mama de. From Virginia is the man

  • Ellsworth Bentley
    Ellsworth Bentley 3 days ago

    This game still makes me sick

  • Bryson Johnston
    Bryson Johnston 3 days ago

    GUNS UP !!!!

  • Harold Finch
    Harold Finch 3 days ago

    I love me some Shaq! However, if I were going against him like this guy was, I would be super frustrated and would try to dunk on him, only to get super blocked, thus heightening my frustration. Lol. But, when he is in the paint on your side, "LSU" literally means "Lob Shot Up" because my guy will finish the play!

  • Aqua Lung
    Aqua Lung 3 days ago

    1:13 cheap shoulder drop

  • Mountaineer World
    Mountaineer World 3 days ago

    Only if the refs saw a press before everything was a foul

  • Kyle2324
    Kyle2324 3 days ago

    Burke’s shot was crazy because it wasn’t just one shot, he hit 3 or 4 bombs in the last few minutes and OT

  • Matthew Nichols
    Matthew Nichols 3 days ago

    Wreck em baby!.... Thanks for doing the special video @marchmadness.

  • goop 321
    goop 321 3 days ago

    Virginia shouldn't have even had the opportunity if they call double dribble. ..

  • JB19
    JB19 3 days ago

    Coach Beard is a treasure and a second chance to Texas Tech after the Mike Leach debacle. Hopefully we can keep the blue bloods away and keep him for a long time. Wreck 'em!

  • LetItSinkIn
    LetItSinkIn 4 days ago

    Don’t even get me started with TY JEROME 😡😡😡😡😡

  • Munchie
    Munchie 4 days ago

    Guns up!!

  • thuOTAKU
    thuOTAKU 4 days ago

    I'm not an Auburn fan but I enjoyed their game so much, i started rooting for them along with my maize and blue

  • Mark Garcia
    Mark Garcia 4 days ago

    Great game Avery, Keep up the Hustle and earn those playing minutes!

  • Ryan Swanson
    Ryan Swanson 4 days ago

    6:20 How do the refs miss that double dribble? Did they think that the defender touched the ball instead of an off his own foot? I realize that refs have a tough job but c'mon! So much was on the line. Sorry Auburn fans. Yikes.

  • gabethrg8
    gabethrg8 4 days ago

    I sometimes just watch this to soothe myself in between finals

  • Jack Fuller
    Jack Fuller 4 days ago

    Auburn should have won the championship!!! NO WAY VIRGINIA DID NOT TRAVEL

  • tyrion27 ion
    tyrion27 ion 4 days ago

    Thats a double dribble come on

  • jbehr30
    jbehr30 4 days ago

    that ice defense tho🥶

  • Chad Reno
    Chad Reno 4 days ago

    I see Patrick Mahomes @ 0:20

  • mike welch
    mike welch 4 days ago

    Shaq blocked my #

  • Psithurism
    Psithurism 4 days ago

    70 - 57 😼

  • AUstinKF
    AUstinKF 4 days ago


  • Kederrick Parson
    Kederrick Parson 4 days ago


  • KungFuKenny #Ain'tNobodyPrayingForMe

    Ouch this still hurts

  • Kim Tyska
    Kim Tyska 5 days ago

    I love Kansas basketball! Go Kansas

    DRUMAT!C 5 days ago

    Anthony Edwards...

  • Ten O
    Ten O 5 days ago

    Auburn is looking like a potential final four team again... watch out👀

  • Michael Hillman
    Michael Hillman 5 days ago

    YESSIR 🔥🔥

  • Literally three words

    What happened with Maryland though??

    • Crill
      Crill 5 days ago

      Literally three words 😂

  • Armando Godinez
    Armando Godinez 5 days ago

    He's the best and hopefully he brings a Natty to Lubbock soon! Wreck'em!!

    • Tommye Bunn
      Tommye Bunn 4 days ago

      I think Texas Tech has a special coach... as a Duke fan, yall played well enough to beat them last year, and should had beat, UVa in the title game.

  • joreist
    joreist 5 days ago

    Shaq was playing volleyball swatting the guys 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mad Clown
    Mad Clown 5 days ago

    Does college basketball have only 24mins playing time?

  • Michael Kaeding
    Michael Kaeding 5 days ago

    North Carolina shouldn’t be ranked after those losses

  • Connor Thornton
    Connor Thornton 5 days ago

    Goooooo Dayton Flyyyyers

  • obibyn
    obibyn 5 days ago

    All these white college kids look like they are in their 30s lol

  • Famous Cecil
    Famous Cecil 5 days ago

    Let’s go Louisville!!! Go Cards!!!

  • Sean Oconnor
    Sean Oconnor 5 days ago

    Andy Katz is right on with his polls ! This is the best poll out there .great job Andy......

  • Erik Bueno
    Erik Bueno 5 days ago


  • Devin Morse
    Devin Morse 5 days ago

    Duke beat both MSU and VTech on the road and barely got recognition

  • Robert Drake
    Robert Drake 5 days ago

    LSU not ranked because Skylar Mayes doesn't pass the ball Smh Will Wade can't coach

  • DAD RAB Rice
    DAD RAB Rice 5 days ago


  • quavez100
    quavez100 5 days ago

    Zion is a smaller Shaw now that I watch him play

  • chicken nuggets
    chicken nuggets 5 days ago

    Thats what Zion gets he is overrated and Tacko just shut him up

  • Holden Schmidt Sports talk

    Why is Kentucky still 8

    • Holden Schmidt Sports talk
      Holden Schmidt Sports talk 4 days ago

      Jason Milly SFA

    • Jason Milly
      Jason Milly 5 days ago

      They have played nobody relevant, let alone ranked, since their loss to Evansville. Their only quality win was a close last minute win vs an overrated Michigan State team who had a couple players miss that game. And even in the five games vs nobodies since Evansville, they've still struggled. Barely beat Utah Valley thanks to Kentucky having 34 free throw attempts and only led Mount Saint Mary's by 5 at halftime. They have zero room to complain about being ranked too low. Top 10 is generous enough.

    • Tommye Bunn
      Tommye Bunn 5 days ago

      @Holden Schmidt Sports talk Duke is better than Kentucky

    • Holden Schmidt Sports talk
      Holden Schmidt Sports talk 5 days ago

      Duke should be 10

    • Robert Drake
      Robert Drake 5 days ago


  • Thomas Barnard
    Thomas Barnard 6 days ago

    Sounds like more shuffling next week..

  • GrubWarp
    GrubWarp 6 days ago


  • Shafo
    Shafo 6 days ago

    He explained what a rebound is so well.

  • Cole Ellish
    Cole Ellish 6 days ago

    Maryland should be 3 messed up

  • Gregory Jones
    Gregory Jones 6 days ago

    I gotta give heads up to Loyola-Chicago after a long run to the national semifinals and they worked very hard to get to where the be and made it to the NCAA tournament only one shy away from making it to the national championship and Villanova worked very hard to get where they be and win against my Michigan Wolverines which they came short again like they did back in 2013 one day they will get their chances and they will win them a title in the future.

  • Bock bock chicken crazy dude


  • Bock bock chicken crazy dude


    • O.G. THANOS
      O.G. THANOS 4 days ago

      We should be number 1 after Maryland and Louisville went down.

    • Craig J.
      Craig J. 5 days ago

      Bock bock chicken crazy dude u should have left one of us finish it

  • jay G
    jay G 6 days ago

    Loyola Chicago?

  • John Morello
    John Morello 6 days ago

    West Virginia improves after losing to St. John’s 🤨

    • ­
      ­ 5 days ago

      They didn’t improve. They dropped from 20th to 25th.

    • Robert Drake
      Robert Drake 5 days ago

      St. John's is good Look out for DePaul too

  • Harrison Doby
    Harrison Doby 6 days ago

    Isn't it funny how NC State still isn't receiving not even ONE vote in the AP Top 25. What a joke... the Wolfpack will prove their worth as we progress into the season and especially into conference play.

    • Paul Konyha
      Paul Konyha 5 days ago

      Harrison Doby Ngl I agree they should have at least one vote like cmon richmond has a vote but it really doesn’t matter so don’t stress over it

    • Harrison Doby
      Harrison Doby 5 days ago

      Tommye Bunn doubt it, but they get no respect, so it’s true 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Harrison Doby
      Harrison Doby 5 days ago

      Robert Drake Look who’s receiving votes to be ranked and let me know which one of those teams have beaten anyone noteworthy. Not many have, it’s still early.

    • Tommye Bunn
      Tommye Bunn 5 days ago

      We hear that every year

    • Robert Drake
      Robert Drake 5 days ago

      Who have they beaten?

  • Cam C
    Cam C 6 days ago

    Watch out for Malachi Flynn and the San Diego State Aztecs!

    • Larry Wilson
      Larry Wilson 5 days ago

      Cam C Wait till y’all run into Merrill and them Aggies!!!

  • george mikal
    george mikal 6 days ago

    Didn't know Shaq was in college during the 60's

  • Derek Shaffer
    Derek Shaffer 6 days ago

    Dropping Kansas after beating #20 Colorado by 20 points? Edit: Wait. And you have Colorado at #19 still?

    • Derek Shaffer
      Derek Shaffer 6 days ago

      @MemeBot7000 lol he has North Carolina at #34

    • MemeBot7000
      MemeBot7000 6 days ago

      Because Ohio State beat #7 North Carolina by 20 points

  • Moonroof
    Moonroof 6 days ago


  • King James
    King James 6 days ago


  • Roger Anderson
    Roger Anderson 6 days ago

    Calipers why are you afraid of II IND BASKETBALL

  • Rick
    Rick 6 days ago

    3:36. The look on their faces. PRICELESS!! LOL

  • DJ AIR
    DJ AIR 6 days ago

    Back then the refs let them play

  • Raymond
    Raymond 6 days ago

    Wait...BYU had a black guy on their team?

  • chieftain023
    chieftain023 6 days ago

    Whose created character is this?

  • jose martinez
    jose martinez 6 days ago


  • JonahsWail
    JonahsWail 6 days ago

    Looks like a Blue Chips montage

  • Evance SmiBagel
    Evance SmiBagel 6 days ago

    On jah?

  • Lil Turkey
    Lil Turkey 7 days ago

    Kyle guy double dribbled

  • stacksies
    stacksies 7 days ago

    he was definitely NBA material!

  • Tristian Shew
    Tristian Shew 7 days ago

    Lol Go Blue

  • Nick Mandelin
    Nick Mandelin 7 days ago

    This is my favorite video on RUclip

  • Mohamed Adan
    Mohamed Adan 7 days ago

    And now he plays for the best team in the NBA along side lebron james lol who would of thought

  • B-Ball Bests
    B-Ball Bests 7 days ago

    I watched this live lol

  • NAT3128
    NAT3128 7 days ago

    What is name of Andy’s podcast?

  • Proud Jayhawk
    Proud Jayhawk 7 days ago

    Two bluebloods going at it in the NCAA tournament. Cant get better than Kansas and Duke. Unfortunately at the end, Villanova was to tough. A good run tho.

  • shutupnyel
    shutupnyel 7 days ago

    “Ball handling”

  • Brooks 555
    Brooks 555 7 days ago

    Hands down top ten game of the past decade in March Madness

  • Yo boi Myles
    Yo boi Myles 7 days ago

    He only played two games in the march madness he got eliminated by FSU

  • Stephen Beale
    Stephen Beale 7 days ago

    Anyone know most blocks record in a single *NBA* game?

  • Fat Boy
    Fat Boy 7 days ago

    0:23 Shaq with the assist

  • Harlem Caron
    Harlem Caron 7 days ago

    Shaq is Legend