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'Bombshell' Premiere
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  • Rebekah Smith
    Rebekah Smith 36 seconds ago

    I've never related to someone so much in my life

  • peter otoole
    peter otoole 2 minutes ago

    what she opens with this impassioned speech then asked and then she wants to be silent while she knows so much and herself a victim at NBC- hypocrite...

  • Rekieta Stovall
    Rekieta Stovall 6 minutes ago

    This interview made me like her even more!

  • Atrina Loves bts
    Atrina Loves bts 9 minutes ago

    I have a friend that loves Billie but hates bts but I’m hoping they collaborate so maybe my friend will like bts more

  • Gypsyheart777 Foxworth
    Gypsyheart777 Foxworth 14 minutes ago

    Love you Ellen! You are strong and beautiful

  • Lita Perez
    Lita Perez 15 minutes ago

    very much disappoited

  • Combat Vet
    Combat Vet 16 minutes ago

    That is bullshit. Black people say it then non black people will say it

  • Big J
    Big J 16 minutes ago

    Yeah it's always weird that some Non-Black people WANT to say the N word so bad. 🤔

  • The following is wrong:
    The following is wrong: 17 minutes ago

    It's easy for these guys to talk about metoo, they're gay.

  • Fiorella Calmet
    Fiorella Calmet 17 minutes ago

    Emma mackey must have been catwoman well he has big eyes

  • Chris W
    Chris W 17 minutes ago

    No one told her to have babies or be in oversexualized roles. She chose what she wanted to do...own it move on 🙆

  • will ordonez
    will ordonez 18 minutes ago

    Remy ma will destroy both of them period

  • jmissle
    jmissle 18 minutes ago

    Yes Reba basically lost her entire band in 1991,I bet she had a heart to heart with Kane......

  • D_soulga4u X
    D_soulga4u X 19 minutes ago

    The word is the word. Weather it's in a song, a poem, spoken between friends, a line in a movie or shouted out from the window of a passing vehicle it's the same word. Context only matters to the speaker when it's spoken. If anyone uses it they should consider who's gonna hear them and how they may feel about it coming out of your mouth

  • h D
    h D 21 minute ago

    Okay I love her!!! Lol 💕

  • Heidi Perez
    Heidi Perez 21 minute ago

    It seems Hollywood is just handing these out to anyone lately.

  • Slinger
    Slinger 22 minutes ago

    Clay Rogers never ever visited Glen Rogers on death row! He sold a bunch of BS to a bunch of Hollywood fools! Clay Rogers is a con artist! He put an ad in the paper that his wife and children died in a fire, collected a bunch of money. Then his wife and kids pull up in a station wagon toot the horn, and he says.... gotta go!

  • Fiorella Calmet
    Fiorella Calmet 23 minutes ago

    Zoe is very ugly

  • The following is wrong:
    The following is wrong: 24 minutes ago

    It's pretty obvious that women are scrambling for power with this metoo window, but Bravo, Megyna. What are you going to be for Halloween? blackface is cool, right?

  • Dragonflame Lego Productions

    Ellen needs to calm down ! Chris was just talking about a diet . I’m not homophobic or any thing but dang she needs to calm her lesbian self down!praise the lord he loves everyone (even lesbs)

  • Alex Storms
    Alex Storms 26 minutes ago

    I couldn't love Niall Horan more than I do right now. Level headed, humble, talented...good lookin, if you're into that ;)

  • B Em
    B Em 29 minutes ago

    They will always use someone as a scapegoat to justify their power move to muzzle others. It’s very easy to read in between the lines to hurl their vengeance at her bc they work very close as a massive cover up. Where there is a cracked white wash wall it doesn’t take long for those paint to peel off, bc the walls weren’t good enough to begin with. They took undue advantage of her now they paying the prize for all their discrepancies and disrespect.

  • GiVer
    GiVer 34 minutes ago

    It's become a cancel culture, this woman had a consensual affair with Matt Lauer even after her so called "rape" she continued sleeping with him. Matt is a lousy husband, an adulterer, and a liar but a rapist? I don't think so. These women are not innocent like they want to portray. Another one of his so called accusers came out talking bullshit about Matt. She had a consensual affair with Matt years ago, yet came out talking about how she felt victimized, even though she willingly slept with him and said it was consensual. She gave an interview portraying herself as a victim. The truth is, these bitches are like black widows waiting for the kill, women can be more dangerous than men. Women know how to think and plot, I know I am a woman we are vile bitches when we want to be.

  • PoppyChild75
    PoppyChild75 37 minutes ago

    Nope...not offended by this woman of color saying it. The white guy better not do it!!!

  • Blake Allen
    Blake Allen 38 minutes ago

    Omg! Yaas! Ya know, art reflects life! To me, this is progress!!!!

  • CALife
    CALife 38 minutes ago

    Wasn't the walk of fame intended for movie stars?

    • Ms Rana
      Ms Rana 14 minutes ago

      No, Donald trump has one, Mohamed ali has one, you can be a tv personality or on sports or actors.... it’s not for only movie stars.

  • csdragonfly
    csdragonfly 38 minutes ago

    He's just pissed because her songs are a trillion times better than any of the songs of the boys bands and other pop artists he's produced. A teenager can write and perform better than all of his "discoveries" put together and that must be hard to swallow. I'm sorry that you are only able to produce the same type of beaten-up boring song over and over again, Simon. "So (you think) you're a tough guy"? "Chest always so puffed guy"! Take a chill pill and step aside. Duh!

  • Geraldine Rhabb
    Geraldine Rhabb 38 minutes ago

    Congratulations Wendy Williams so very happy for her

  • Kassi DIYlover
    Kassi DIYlover 39 minutes ago

    I’m not a fan either tbh but I wouldn’t judge a performance because it

  • Hilario Luis Pangan
    Hilario Luis Pangan 40 minutes ago

    2 soy boys of the year. Jesus Christ! Effing disgusting!

  • erick moss
    erick moss 40 minutes ago

    Megan Fox is a terrible actress she only get roles cause of this...

  • Hilario Luis Pangan
    Hilario Luis Pangan 41 minute ago

    I love that apology. "Sorry I offended you". Smart while being passive aggressive. Just don't love black and sing black songs.

  • Chastity Palomino
    Chastity Palomino 41 minute ago

    😢😢😢😢 this was so good and you can feel the love and true feeling . 💚 YOU LUKE

  • Andrea West
    Andrea West 43 minutes ago

    I FUCKING LOVE MEGAN FOX!!! Talk Girl Don’t hold anything back

  • dan 125
    dan 125 43 minutes ago

    I love Nicole Kidman. A wonderful and versatile actress.

  • April Martin Chartrand, M.S.

    Congrats Mamma Wendy, you deserve this after all you have been through to get where you are. Be happy and heal from all that you have dealt with of recent time.

  • Rafi Tanzim
    Rafi Tanzim 47 minutes ago

    1:33 Nobody: Blake: I am a country music Icon

  • Debbie Hall
    Debbie Hall 48 minutes ago

    AMERICAN WHITE MEN! RAPE IS EVIL, no matter who does it! Such a STUPID thing to say

  • teambeining
    teambeining 52 minutes ago

    I’m sure this cast will be great - they’re all great actors - but it is so hard for TV viewers to adjust to actor changes. That’s why so many shows write characters out instead of replace actors. Make up, people! They could have used Clare well into season 3 if not through season 4. The Queen showed some age in 1969, but it was not that dramatic. Clare in aged makeup would have done well. That goes for all of the original cast. I am also critical of how fast they are moving seasons 3 and 4. It is spanning so much time. I’m going to try to watch it, but I’m afraid it won’t be the same show I loved.

  • Mary Dayries
    Mary Dayries 58 minutes ago

    No I do not agree with her saying the word but please do not get mad when we put it in our songs and somebody sings a song and says the word we can't say we take ownership of the word and use the word and don't expect other people to use the word the word should not be used unless we are teaching are young kids about the word we should never use the word unless we are teaching the history of the word I'm not saying take the word out of movies books and songs but if we do have it in movies books and songs don't be surprised if somebody use it people are human they will do stupid things she needs to learn from the situation and do not repeat it

  • Sergio Rivera
    Sergio Rivera 58 minutes ago

    My name is Jenell

  • tiffany curtis
    tiffany curtis 59 minutes ago


  • Emerging Billionaire
    Emerging Billionaire 59 minutes ago

    i understand what bro is saying, but we always gone love Skateboard P (past, present and future)

  • Louie Adam
    Louie Adam 59 minutes ago

    I think Women should come out and go for this creepy man. Now Karma is coming back.

  • Sofia Tapias
    Sofia Tapias Hour ago


  • Kito 91
    Kito 91 Hour ago

    Is it just me or did Chris Pratt seemed totally unbothered and said what he did off of pure reflex?

  • Fred Hoy
    Fred Hoy Hour ago

    Love it. Now that's real life.

  • hey xoxo
    hey xoxo Hour ago

    the BrEak uP is AboUt hiM & HAilee 🤧

  • Andy Paris
    Andy Paris Hour ago

    The end of Joker is the perfect setup for a Harly Quinn introduction.

  • Pastey Unicorn
    Pastey Unicorn Hour ago

    Sherri...the chick who said she didn't know whether or not the earth was round and was very against a woman's right to choose o yea..and is also against same sex marriage... uhhhh..let's leave politics to someone who knows at least for the most part what they are speaking of.. Sherri was comic relief.. I like a strong unapologetic woman who speaks her mind and isn't a clown 24/7.

  • Liz P.
    Liz P. Hour ago

    All Jessica is doing is keto and intermittent fasting. Anyone can lose fat easy once they are IN on the facts... So now I’m going to tell you all how your body makes fat. Insulin stores glucose as fat. Glucose is supplied to your body by eating carbohydrates. All carbs are glucose and glucose is made by plants during photosynthesis. Glucose is a plant thing!!! So now - stop eating all that carbohydrates that are just glucose sugar. And your body will begin to use the stored up glucose you’re wearing as FAT! Look into keto and intermittent fasting for change in your fat loads.

  • WolfieGacha :3
    WolfieGacha :3 Hour ago


  • Erika R
    Erika R Hour ago

    Wendy deserves this she has worked so hard!!!! I remember watching an episode where she said she had to sleep in her car while being on radio, proud of her for not giving up and being real, that’s what makes her different 💙

  • Mour
    Mour Hour ago

    Ok, so now they are just handing these like candy...what has chic done for art? Mike Jackson is turning like hell in his grave...respect the person, but pls somebody tell me what was done in the name of art 😳🤯😡

  • Poppi Starr
    Poppi Starr Hour ago


  • A.o.D
    A.o.D Hour ago

    It's all about context, plenty of Latinos and Latinas say it America it depends on where you grew up and how you use it.

  • Shelly McMullin
    Shelly McMullin Hour ago

    I hope she gets compensation for everything she had to go through

  • Bon Bon
    Bon Bon Hour ago

    Believe her! shes telling the truth..

  • brooks wade
    brooks wade Hour ago

    OMG! That is one beautiful female. But, Megyn please grow the hair back. A personal preference because she is stunning.

  • Jace Woods
    Jace Woods Hour ago

    WTF are you kidding me I know now they just giving these things away Lucy Liu Kirsten Dunst and Kaley Cuoco now her? 🤔☹😴

    • Jace Woods
      Jace Woods 3 minutes ago

      @I WANT MY SLAW!! the only movie she made was a terrible porn which actually jump started her career thanks to her mom and of course Ryan Seacrest unleashed her on us 🤣🤣

    • I WANT MY SLAW!!
      I WANT MY SLAW!! 17 minutes ago

      @Observer Jr. r/woooosh

    • Observer Jr.
      Observer Jr. 20 minutes ago

      @I WANT MY SLAW!! She's not talented in any way. She can't sing, cant act, can't dance. Why would they give her a star...for releasing sex tape? lol

    • I WANT MY SLAW!!
      I WANT MY SLAW!! 51 minute ago

      Yes. But they refuse to give one to Kim Kardashian. Who is arguably a bigger star than all of them.

  • jacob harris
    jacob harris Hour ago

    How I met your mother is better than friends. And I watched every episode of both shows

  • Darian Williams
    Darian Williams Hour ago

    That bitch just don’t know,that’s a Doberman, She lucky she didn’t get her hand ripped off in a large pool of blood on the floor screaming as the dog finishes her off

  • Martina Kuhnert
    Martina Kuhnert Hour ago

    I never liked Matt Lauer. Why? I simply did not like his "persona", behavior ,found him cocky, arrogant. After I saw his interview with Christie Brinkley in regards to her divorce with her cheating husband, it clicked. He was so mean to her . Shame on NBC in many ways covering for a sum like him.

  • Fadilla Achmad
    Fadilla Achmad Hour ago

    How is she this beautiful at the age of 61???

  • Dave Gibson
    Dave Gibson Hour ago

    Love this dude so real.

  • niller
    niller Hour ago

    "Side profile" As dump as it gets.

  • WolfieGacha :3
    WolfieGacha :3 Hour ago


  • Luiz Ricardo Paes

    She was sarcastic to say the least about writing breakup songs while she is happy and in love. It’s an ability of her to portrait what’s going on all around her and put all those perspectives and points of view into complex and relatable lyrics. I’m in love with this new album!

  • Daniel Ruiz
    Daniel Ruiz Hour ago

    Shut up! She’s Puerto Rican idiots. You don’t get mad when Cardi B says it, and she’s not black. So dumb.

  • octagonproplex
    octagonproplex Hour ago

    The "compassionate" "community": Fall in line. Toe that line. Say this line. Or you're out of line. And we'll put you on a firing line.

  • Glenn Jarvis
    Glenn Jarvis Hour ago

    Conservative voice? Ha! She used to be a registered Democrat until her Daddy tried for the position of President, then she flipped, just like she does with everything else.

  • RandyMandy
    RandyMandy Hour ago

    Can't find it on Lifetime Canada :(

  • Laurie Huntley
    Laurie Huntley Hour ago

    Meghan has INTELLIGENCE? WHO KNEW? Why is She on the show ⁉️

  • PureSparkles22
    PureSparkles22 Hour ago

    If Angelina and Brad posted a pic together it would reach million of followers fast

  • Mississippi Mud
    Mississippi Mud Hour ago

    That wreck was caused by STUPIDITY.

  • Sandra Jones
    Sandra Jones Hour ago

    Ellen's a celebrity globalist elite - a socialist, who wants the continuation of the new world order, the destruction of the west, which is the plan, and the end result being the multi-billionaires using 99% of the world's population as their slaves. That's why she stands by the criminal elements within the politicians - the Obama's, Clinton's, Bush's, and if George Soros or Jacob Rothschild reared their ugly heads and wanted to be interviewed on Ellen's show, she'd gladly comply!

  • Roy Bey
    Roy Bey Hour ago

    No credibility people

  • Roy Bey
    Roy Bey Hour ago

    Matt the monster. Matt the molester and the white brotherhood

  • G B
    G B Hour ago

    She's not crying because of her actual age at all. She's crying because she's realizing that her life is unfulfilled. She's crying because she thought she would have made more or a difference in the world or in people's lives than she currently has. She's crying because she still hasn't grasped when her purpose in life is. She's crying because in comparison to her other sisters she hasn't done anything memorable. She's crying because she might feel like she's let herself down. I think she should start/join a charitable organization something that means something to her. Something she can be proud of.

  • Tankrit Kiddo
    Tankrit Kiddo Hour ago

    she's full of herself. just be humble. it's admirable.

  • Jordan-Paige Dodge

    heś so cool, how is he alone? hed be so much fun to be with

  • Kevin Davis
    Kevin Davis Hour ago

    She Deserved Hollywood Star

  • msrubie11
    msrubie11 Hour ago

    This chick is always saying something racist or out of pocket. We are not people of color we are Black, stop putting us into a mix bowl of GUMBO! Our ancestors came here Black and that is what we are! WIth that being said, forget this chick! Latinos, Hispanics are some of the most RACISTS people to Afro Latinos in the Latin countries. But Afro Latinos bring their behinds to this country and suddenly they want to be racist? Give me a break! Also FOOLS who are rappers and putting in their music are some of the DUMBEST Black people on earth!

  • Sylvia Gomez
    Sylvia Gomez Hour ago


  • jthegrind
    jthegrind Hour ago

    Yea that apology was bs, she’s not black so that word should not come out of her mouth...period (especially on camera).

  • Edward O'brien
    Edward O'brien Hour ago

    Omg Sherri w the fun bags!😍😍😍😛😛😛😛

  • D
    D Hour ago

    It’s just a damn song , she defiantly did not have the intention to hurt anybody.... just let it go people and for the record ,I’m black and Latino .it’s all gd

  • T H
    T H Hour ago

    Who???? So she nominated herself did she? Lol

  • trevor_daniles
    trevor_daniles Hour ago

    I hate it when hispanic people think they can say that word. Dumbasses.

  • Tobe Doss
    Tobe Doss Hour ago

    Why do you all have to talk like that? That makes you expendable, because you have no personality, you are the same as all the hosts out there... Ughh

  • Abby YT
    Abby YT Hour ago

    0:52 Is that reporter the person that hosts movies on the zone?

  • Animal Lover
    Animal Lover Hour ago

    "The View" hosts are so rude. Just because she has money she can't be upset?

    MAN AWAKES Hour ago

    Michelle Pfeiffer played Selina Kyle & Catwoman the best so far.. She’s also one of the best villains on screen from DC. All of her scenes were amazing. My favorite was Selina becoming Catwoman in that apartment. Michelle played BOTH characters flawlessly ...I think Batman Returns would of been a masterpiece with just Batman and Catwoman. Definitely had chemistry.

  • Sniper1234 Boy
    Sniper1234 Boy 2 hours ago

    So this is why she stopped using the game on theme ? 🤔

  • Debra Slack
    Debra Slack 2 hours ago

    Its cos she blames everyone else for her own mistakes.

  • yknight
    yknight 2 hours ago

    Hes got a big heart like his beautiful mother Diana's is still living through her son's she taught them so much in such little time with her children, she made a big impact on them may she rest in peace!

  • Young Reborn Mommys with Abby and Emily

    Adam Sandler was fired?😖

  • Mikey Bejaran
    Mikey Bejaran 2 hours ago

    Selena Gomez And Him Would Be So Cute Together ! 😊

  • Xander X
    Xander X 2 hours ago

    That trailer was goooood

  • Mekkah Richards
    Mekkah Richards 2 hours ago

    Wasn't a diss