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Mume mutarajiwa atoweka
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  • Wadzanai Manyore
    Wadzanai Manyore 4 hours ago



    i wish africans know WHITE JESUS WAS BORGIES it was all lies....many are putting whiteman in their sitting rooms

  • mumo vincent
    mumo vincent 5 hours ago

    village comedian.....its funny how he has a laughing squad too

  • Goko Mburu
    Goko Mburu 5 hours ago

    Very stupid leadership!

  • ayan ollal
    ayan ollal 5 hours ago

    as we all know Somalis are lions of Africa just try us we surely finish it very dearly

  • Dan Kariuki
    Dan Kariuki 5 hours ago

    Shouting in the streets wount help. I think leaders from mombasa should be leading from the front but shida ni moja. Mwanasiasa na tumbo lake akishiba mwananchi anabaki kuumia

  • Judith Juliana
    Judith Juliana 5 hours ago

    Wambukusu sura mbaya

    ismaOVERSIZEDSHADES 5 hours ago

    Using public funds to build a private hospital?! That is just insane!

  • pius otieno95
    pius otieno95 5 hours ago

    That's was to be the gorvener

  • rahma salim
    rahma salim 5 hours ago

    Subhanallah Hasbunallah waneemal wakil

  • Margaret Wambete
    Margaret Wambete 5 hours ago

    Pole jameni.Ushirikina

  • rahma salim
    rahma salim 5 hours ago

    Ndio dhulma sana

  • Peter Waiharo
    Peter Waiharo 5 hours ago

    Rotten government #NKT!!!!!

  • Vincent Ouma
    Vincent Ouma 5 hours ago

    Butita is the best roaster

  • Annie Ndungu
    Annie Ndungu 6 hours ago

    I feel like Ribashandererebah holy ghost fire ...

  • Peter Waiharo
    Peter Waiharo 6 hours ago

    This policemen will always die like stray dogs Karma is real

  • Tina kai
    Tina kai 6 hours ago

    Their agenda is devilish. The Devil wants you to believe he doesn't exist. They can homeschool for all I care!

  • Lillian Akwam
    Lillian Akwam 6 hours ago

    Huyu Ana faa kufugwa hadi makende 🙄😏👹👹💩

  • Lillian Akwam
    Lillian Akwam 6 hours ago

    Kweli pesa ni ya thamana kuliko bina damu Kenya 😢😢

  • shem adede
    shem adede 6 hours ago

    2pac last words b4 he died "Fuck Police "

  • Elizabeth Njoki
    Elizabeth Njoki 6 hours ago

    Poleni sana Mungu amsaidiye arudi salama

  • Sodium 143
    Sodium 143 6 hours ago

    Its all about the money

  • Warrior
    Warrior 6 hours ago

    Of course Eugene Wamalwa the thug doesn't want punguza mzigo.

  • jackieleigh shameer
    jackieleigh shameer 7 hours ago

    Kenyans need to Learn that , if you are bought by the politicians to vote , then you have to buy to get the services by bribes too . It's a vicious cycle of which can be eradicated by simply only VOTING for a politician that is delivering to the common citizens .

  • Mercy Lenson
    Mercy Lenson 7 hours ago

    Odm watu wa mawe

  • Jebiwot Spari
    Jebiwot Spari 7 hours ago

    Waàaaah mbona ajiliwe Sasa..God have mercy

  • fredrick ndiege
    fredrick ndiege 7 hours ago

    Nyinyi watu hao viongozi wanawatumia kisiasa ili muone kuwa wamewasaidia kwa kumpalilia mtu fulani support,hiyo ni haki yenu msidanganywe na hao

  • Dennis Muthai
    Dennis Muthai 7 hours ago

    The name though.. Adepang'ole 😁

  • memusi antonio
    memusi antonio 7 hours ago

    mutunga was never a good man as gachoka portends in this argument. if youwere to walk into mutungas head; its then you will get to know how blank and naive he {mutunga} is ! mutunga is just like chebukati. very naive and dull to simulate life.

  • Olivia Atieno
    Olivia Atieno 7 hours ago

    Good work God bless rwanda

  • Marta Aklilu
    Marta Aklilu 8 hours ago


  • Pato Mwas
    Pato Mwas 8 hours ago

    Realy dude how is the president held accountable to all other peoples luck of responsibility?. What happened to personal responsibility. When will you hold people accountable for their actions. Lets be honest, We as Kenyan have lost it, its not the president or the presidency. Even if you change the president today and people are not held accountable, what difference will you make. Its about time Bonnie you think beyond the traditional blaming the president/Government. Change the mind of the people and you will change a country, changing the president changes nothing.

  • Pato Mwas
    Pato Mwas 8 hours ago

    If Bonnie is the one to lead a revolution, I pity our generation. He has no idea of what he is talking about. All he does is focus on the presidency because its an easy target.

  • Zxcv Zxcv
    Zxcv Zxcv 8 hours ago

    Sasa njaa itamuua watoto wenu watalala njaa serikali haina hasara

  • Mohamud Hassan
    Mohamud Hassan 8 hours ago

    How can science disprove God that's not how science works science is based on workable model empirically successful but also falsifiable we hv quantum mechanic that worked for hundred of years and later was challenged by Einstein there's also philosophical argument which state if induction challenge deduction yu will go with the deduction but at the sometime respecting the induction as workable model that can be disproved by future observation Induction means same thing which is based in limited observation and general conclusion this is science and deduction is something you believe to be certainty true Lyk metaphysics

  • Phoebe Mukhwana
    Phoebe Mukhwana 9 hours ago

    Only God protectin us

  • Evans muli
    Evans muli 9 hours ago

    All gods are man-made and useless

  • Nancy Njoki
    Nancy Njoki 9 hours ago

    Watu wakibra nataka kuwaulisa (1)mbunge gani asawahi potesa ,mtoto wake au mali yake cos ya compain ?sisi tu raiya diyo tunakufa ,kuharibia mali ,wakumbwa tukiumisana na wako pande ile ingine wakiralua nyama ,my question siku gani tutawacha ujinga wakutumiwa na viongosi, mariga ,imra ,okoth,isipokuwa hio 200 ya compain iko siku atakuletea unga?

  • Geoffrey Edwin
    Geoffrey Edwin 9 hours ago

    Wash wash.. Dahhh!

  • Nancy Njoki
    Nancy Njoki 9 hours ago

    Kibra people tunataka compain sa amani pls raiya msitumiwe na wambunge mpigane bure nawao wanakuaga pamoja

  • Joan koome
    Joan koome 9 hours ago

    Why don't they open their own schools and not attack the curriculum of schools built and funded by religious institutions....

  • Waziri Wany
    Waziri Wany 10 hours ago

    Kwani waluhya wamekosea wapi jameni!!mumia food is enough at home if njaa ndio ilifanya ufuate ujinga was mzungu!!I still stand for God of Israel

    • Evans muli
      Evans muli 9 hours ago

      why not God of africa?u brainwashed

  • Bnussrahlim Santah
    Bnussrahlim Santah 10 hours ago

    Yaani raisi huheshimiwa hata ukisikia mtu alitaja jina la raisi yoyote hutanguliza na muheshimiwa kisha raisi but sio uhuru uhuru atambakia kuwa uhuru juu hana sifa rakuitwa mueshimiwa raisi hebu ajaribu kuiga japo kidogo kwa mueshimiwa magufuli wenzetu wanajivunia na ichi yao sisi wakenya kila siku ni mashaka tuuu

    COLLINS KUNGU 10 hours ago

    Do you Guys even know....The Kenyan Constitution allows anybody to Think, believe, worship whatever or conscious are rights..I dont believe in god..the Reason is quite simple..I DON'T REMEMBER WORSHIPING ANYBODY IN MY MOMS WOMB..NEITHER WHEN I WAS 6YRS I WORSHIPED NONE..Sitalazimiswa kuabudu NUGU AU MUNGU .

  • moses mugweru
    moses mugweru 10 hours ago

    For there to be morals, there must be a law by which you decided whether something is good or bad ,and every law has a law giver and that is God(plain and simple) so really this whole idea of a moral system as described by mukiimbi holds no water. Otherwise if morals are from a person then you have no right to claim that Cannibalism on you is wrong.

    • Robin Dude
      Robin Dude 9 hours ago

      *For there to be morals, there must be a law by which you decided whether something is good or bad* What do you mean by 'a law'? There can be 'a principle' for morality, and there is. It has nothing to do with a god. It has to do with human well-being. We, being human, care about human well-being. As such we hold human well-being to be the goal we are trying to achieve. We may differ in how we think that is best done in minor ways, which is why when humans invent gods they invariably require or prohibit some things that are different than the gods of other religions, though in many key ways we fall towards a simple consensus, which is why most gods also have overlapping features. At the end of the day, I wonder how many people would _care_ what a god has to say about 'right' and 'wrong' if there wasn't the ultimate 'human well-being' idea in there: the afterlife. Suppose there's no afterlife, at all. When you die, that's it. Why do you care what this god being's opinion is on what you should do with your life? *Otherwise if morals are from a person then you have no right to claim that Cannibalism on you is wrong.* _Is_ it wrong? It depends a lot on what you're talking about. _Killing_ another person without a proper reason such as self defense is certainly something I think we can agree is wrong. Notice how that violates human well-being? The well-being of humans is reduced if we permit random slaughter. On the other hand, if we do not permit our own defense, those who know of this can take too much advantage and that, too, reduces the well-being of humans. So we go in the middle. But what about _eating_ humans? After they're already dead, either from old age, accident, perhaps having tried to kill someone without proper cause and having been stopped. They're dead. So what human well-being is being hurt by it? Well, fortunately, there's quite a bit of food in the world, so we don't have to resort to that right now. Certainly it doesn't sit well with us, but perhaps that's because we find the notion of _anything_ eating us to be rather a horrifying thought since, for most of history, everything that ate us was _preying_ on us, and those things were, in a way, 'the enemy'. So I'm quite glad we don't have to choose between our internal disgust for it and survival of our species.

  • Julius Ndalaba
    Julius Ndalaba 10 hours ago

    Namba yangu ni +255764790265

  • Julius Ndalaba
    Julius Ndalaba 10 hours ago

    Nawahitaji ndege hao naweza kupata Namba yenu please

  • FX TV
    FX TV 10 hours ago

    The prison warden was actually on a day off but he is allowed to come into work kill someone and walk free then get protection from the head of prison?How will he explain this when his time comes?

  • Cj Dollasign
    Cj Dollasign 10 hours ago

    Kumbe horror stories like this do exist?...count your blessings people.

  • Farhan Siddique
    Farhan Siddique 10 hours ago

    This interviewer has the most lovely golden brown hair I have ever seen.

  • Bonga Sasa
    Bonga Sasa 10 hours ago

    Amazing thank you Ruanda you have shown maturity you have come of age! Trail blazers let these ppl fly font build concentration camps for them!

  • joseph mwangi
    joseph mwangi 11 hours ago

    we will drink these waters and sex somalia girls #254

  • Jennifer Isaacs
    Jennifer Isaacs 11 hours ago

    Science is better than MMS bleach cure alls. I suggest Myles Power and Jeff Holiday. They don't call themselves atheists.

  • Sean Chrispus Goodmann

    Religion has failed terribly on what it claims to be propagating. We have religious pedophiles around us. As a country we have people who, despite being believers and going to church every day, they are very corrupt and con artists, murderers, thieves..........people are doing silly things in the name of religion, and nobody is talking about it. When atheists criticize these, believers bark at the top of their voices that they are being attacked. They should style up, stop forcing their deities on everybody and we shall have a better society. A proud ATHEIST as always.

  • Ethiopian - Kenyan Couple

    What's going I thought is new news

  • Cj Dollasign
    Cj Dollasign 11 hours ago

    Washenzi hao!!!........they could not control themselves

    PETER KARIUKI 12 hours ago

    A black man is a beast in human form. His reasoning capacity is sometimes lower than that of a wild beast and to make the matter worse evil n demon processed. Wachawi wako lakini nano kasema yeyote asiyependeza macho yako ni mchawi. Semi humans are worse than wild beasts. The whites have every reason to call us apes. For sure we are products of amalgamation of man and beast! Hurting truth but true. We are called human beings by the grace of God alone. Confusion is everywhere; in schools, parliaments, homes, villages. No big difference between the learned and unlearned. God was so

  • Riziki Hamisi
    Riziki Hamisi 12 hours ago


  • sabby pesh
    sabby pesh 12 hours ago

    My sentiment exactly why are you so hell bent on proving something that you claim doest exist doesn't exist.... Some LGBT bull stop pushing we are OK not knowing you exist

  • Chebet Vivian
    Chebet Vivian 12 hours ago

    I lost a brother here.

  • frank mtemi
    frank mtemi 12 hours ago

    I grew up as a staunch and religious young man, but as of now I am so disgusted by religious practices, I wish sometimes my neo-cortex brain never developed so fast. Between when you in a certain level of enlightenment you tolerate everyone, gays, lesbians, Christians, Muslims, atheists because you know each person is evolving differently and God is universal. God is not tribal and is inside us all.

  • Sadia Abed
    Sadia Abed 12 hours ago

    Wabunge muko wapi achenikula rushwa mombasa inachukuliwa huo

  • Caroline Kasiemeka
    Caroline Kasiemeka 12 hours ago

    What??? Poor how do you give news like these?

  • Sadia Abed
    Sadia Abed 12 hours ago

    Musikamane basi hivyohivyo musijekuhongwa pesa mukanyamaza

  • Sadia Abed
    Sadia Abed 12 hours ago

    Nauliza kina abdiswamad wako wapi na kina joho hawa wakubwa ndio wanachangia

  • Barnabas Kiugu
    Barnabas Kiugu 13 hours ago

    Pastors sleeping with underage, bishops taking properties of poor people, and priests who openly enjoy in bars with other people's wives clearly erodes positive aspects of Christianity(religion)..With such behaviors, future generation will have no reason to believe in religion..As a result, we will have more people staying at home on Sundays..This group that will remain at home will then start developing their own views and assumptions about the 'Sunday god', thereby forming strong rebellious movements (call it Atheist)..If religion is to remain relevant for the next 200 years, churches have lots of assignment to do..Otherwise, God of Christians will be forgotten the way Maasai, Kikuyu, Nandi and Merus forgot their African gods

    • Barnabas Kiugu
      Barnabas Kiugu 8 hours ago

      @Jennifer Isaacs sure...And the group that is not going to church is growing each Sunday..

    • Jennifer Isaacs
      Jennifer Isaacs 11 hours ago

      Nothing changes when nothing changes. Many are theists that don't go to churches ...I don't blame them not going.

  • Georgy Mahi
    Georgy Mahi 13 hours ago

    Father of ...

  • guluc 200
    guluc 200 13 hours ago

    What happen to my next country kenya

  • Macca Juma
    Macca Juma 13 hours ago

    From God we come and unto Him is our return

  • osy machen
    osy machen 13 hours ago

    We know Arati,Babu and the rest hii ni ni kazi yao ,wauni was ODM ni kawaida hii sababu ya bhangi nyingi.

    • Thomas Mwangi
      Thomas Mwangi 11 hours ago

      Just watched Junet Mohammed during an ODM rally, saying they'll burn Dp's house coz it's where corruption money is being distributed. I don't really care who wins, but incitement is wrong, irrespective of who it's being directed to

  • George Otieno
    George Otieno 13 hours ago

    Alexander make me laughing

  • Saada Kasudi
    Saada Kasudi 13 hours ago

    Jee kuna tafauti gani baina ya muguka na miraa.

  • Jackson Kedaha
    Jackson Kedaha 13 hours ago

    This program is all about "Ruto" ... We have selective amnesia in fighting corruption.... Im not a Ruto fan but we have politicians, govonors,looting this country but just because they support Raila they will never be touched........ Look at Kibra its controlled by cartels.... Raila has been the MP for decades look at Kibra.. and the depleted condition there ... But no one can mention that...

  • Barnabas Kiugu
    Barnabas Kiugu 13 hours ago

    Who brought Christianity in Africa, and who is trying to fund Atheists in Africa? Your guess is good as mine...Let me join my grandpa to pray our god of Mt Kenya ...What I need is a sheep to slaughter up the mountain and I'm good to go!

  • Hassan Charo14
    Hassan Charo14 13 hours ago


  • sospeter ndichu
    sospeter ndichu 13 hours ago

    what she is doing is not even tolerated by those who does not know God. She is a fake pastor.

  • Alvis mum Karanja
    Alvis mum Karanja 13 hours ago

    But ktn did yu help this man apart from being in social media...

  • Riziki Hamisi
    Riziki Hamisi 14 hours ago

    Uyu atasijui aogea nn watu waharibiaka yy sema somesha watoto

  • Muvai Musyoka
    Muvai Musyoka 14 hours ago

    Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

  • Neph Neph
    Neph Neph 14 hours ago

    criminal state

  • Rita Andai
    Rita Andai 14 hours ago

    Publicity seekers lol, thanx for wasting my time. Some beliefs will finish u one day. U need God n salvation

  • Hanifa Ali
    Hanifa Ali 14 hours ago

    you can go anywhere anytime day or night you have security, us we can't leave at night ngeta will be waiting for us outside.

  • Deep Sea
    Deep Sea 14 hours ago

    Kikuyu government

  • mariah Bill
    mariah Bill 14 hours ago

    Why don't we elect him as president? why do we elect old thieves and complain???

  • Barke Said
    Barke Said 14 hours ago

    Uwizi umezidi kwa ukosefu wa makazi Allah istiri kenya yetu

    • Bnussrahlim Santah
      Bnussrahlim Santah 10 hours ago

      Yote yanaeza isha ila wakuyamaliza ni raisi wetu naye ndehuyo mungu atusaidie wallah

  • Ayub GN
    Ayub GN 14 hours ago

    Why use an entrance to SDA, their logo, and music inside, as well and immediately change the Frame of Reference to ACK cathedral. Plus, Sunday is not just the only day honoured by Christians.

  • Loice Chemutai
    Loice Chemutai 14 hours ago

    Hujasamehewa madam,you need total deliverance.pstr mwasi pray for this lady

  • Kelvin Kithuki
    Kelvin Kithuki 14 hours ago

    Rip my colleagues

  • Leila omar
    Leila omar 14 hours ago


  • Samantha Ali
    Samantha Ali 14 hours ago

    Uhuru yani ww

  • osy machen
    osy machen 14 hours ago

    Ati Mashirika ya kibidamu,ujinga,na mabendeleo ndo munajua.Common mwananchi akiuliiwa na police hamko,lakini wakora wakiuliwa na police mko msitali was mbele.Huo ni ujinga

  • Wilson KApesi
    Wilson KApesi 14 hours ago

    Iyende sana

  • salma said
    salma said 14 hours ago


  • kaskey spoiler
    kaskey spoiler 15 hours ago

    Rip poleni sana help me subscribers more 100

  • Abel Wanjala
    Abel Wanjala 15 hours ago

    Sometimes things need to be said, and fights need to be fought even if they are unpopular. To the closeted atheists, you are not alone, and you deserve equality!

  • Economic Freedom fighter

    let the protests spread all over kenya

  • John Nyaga Ndwiga
    John Nyaga Ndwiga 15 hours ago

    Now like raila surely how old is he, they're reaching for money, the constitution they were abusing each other to change, what's up now.

  • John Nyaga Ndwiga
    John Nyaga Ndwiga 15 hours ago

    When you're talking like this nobody is happy with you Kenya is only our God keeping us. Qatar

  • John Nyaga Ndwiga
    John Nyaga Ndwiga 15 hours ago

    The problem with our divers ni wale wa kupeaniwa pesa so that they can be employed, they're just called lifeguards but know only swimming. Qatar

    AM BLESSED. AMEN 15 hours ago

    KIKUYU tribe is hell

    • Kenn Mutevi
      Kenn Mutevi 14 hours ago

      ujinga huna dawa

    • Denis Kanja
      Denis Kanja 14 hours ago

      AM BLESSED. AMEN and the lou tribe is the devil himself