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    The make-up industry is so saturated...

  • Charlotte Secker
    Charlotte Secker 31 minute ago

    Please that would be amazing to win 💛🐈

  • Bianca Reynolds
    Bianca Reynolds 36 minutes ago

    Eryn ❤ Such a happy family x

  • Carrol Hathcock
    Carrol Hathcock Hour ago


  • sam robson
    sam robson 2 hours ago

    pick me

  • Ivana Georgieva
    Ivana Georgieva 2 hours ago


  • Melissa Smith
    Melissa Smith 2 hours ago

    One in a million... er, 5 in a million... Either way, I'd DIE if I ever actually won!! This would be a dream come true, for sure!!! Holy guacamole guys!!! Hehehe Ig @mel_marie22

  • Christine E
    Christine E 2 hours ago

    ERYN..Omg they were so rough on u!! Ur face must have been sore 😨

  • Quincey Rae
    Quincey Rae 2 hours ago

    Gurl...your hurrrr! You wear it well. Love it!

  • Kylie Hollitt
    Kylie Hollitt 3 hours ago

    i really hope i win because i dont have much makeup love you laura

  • Brittany Scherze
    Brittany Scherze 3 hours ago

    wtf was that after she said " cant wait" in the beginning of the video it was like a creepy laugh lmao she looked and sounded so fucking funny omg!!!! love it!

  • Sarah Massey
    Sarah Massey 3 hours ago

    I feel like you could of built a huge fort with all those boxes of makeup. 😆⛺️✨

  • Dream Morris
    Dream Morris 3 hours ago

    I need a make up closet

  • Dream Morris
    Dream Morris 3 hours ago

    Love this

  • sarah cisco
    sarah cisco 4 hours ago

    If I could have seen this when I was twelve the I m p a c t man. Thank you so much for sharing you and your families story, finally hearing someone that went through the same things I did is so powerful, truly beyond words. I always felt so isolated and alone in my childhood experience. Thank you so much for making this and using your platform for good.

  • Tori Sharpe
    Tori Sharpe 4 hours ago

    Whyyyyyyyyy are they being so rough on your face 😂😂

  • Ana Mondragon
    Ana Mondragon 4 hours ago

    Omg ... this is the cutest ever!!!! Although I love Eryn's side I vote for TYLER!

  • Penelope 12
    Penelope 12 4 hours ago


  • FunFishie
    FunFishie 4 hours ago

    Tyler is so tolerant of the unruly teenager

  • Emily Caudillo
    Emily Caudillo 4 hours ago


  • Ena Karčić
    Ena Karčić 4 hours ago


  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 4 hours ago


  • Suzy Verkade
    Suzy Verkade 4 hours ago

    Outstanding Bravo Perfection Love it Love ya lots Love your cats toooo Xxxxx Awesome!!!!

  • Amanda Persaud
    Amanda Persaud 5 hours ago

    Literally Eryn won

  • Mela Boneau
    Mela Boneau 5 hours ago

    I don't have any make up, i need😭

  • Welch Zafira
    Welch Zafira 5 hours ago


  • Eligia Marteliz
    Eligia Marteliz 5 hours ago

    How come you don’t show your eye pallet? I’ve watched you for a while now and I would love 💗 to see it. I know you have it it’s in your give away box it was lite pink. Love ❤️ you an manny together oh n Erin she’s to cute.

  • Lily Zamora-Smith
    Lily Zamora-Smith 5 hours ago


  • Kemberly Jaquez
    Kemberly Jaquez 5 hours ago

    Eryn totally won!!! Lol

  • Kat Rabbitt
    Kat Rabbitt 5 hours ago


  • Clair Hambridge
    Clair Hambridge 5 hours ago

    You both did really well but my vote goes to Eryn, love you Laura

  • Mandy Summers
    Mandy Summers 5 hours ago

    So sweet 😍

  • makayla poulsen
    makayla poulsen 5 hours ago

    Eryn won

  • Ivette Padilla
    Ivette Padilla 6 hours ago

    Eryn side... 🥰

  • Lindsey Serpe
    Lindsey Serpe 6 hours ago

    Love that you are such a share bear with all of your swag!

  • Cameo Daphanee
    Cameo Daphanee 6 hours ago


  • Kayla Romans
    Kayla Romans 6 hours ago

    @ 18:18 She definitely said she is gonna murder him haha 😂😂😂 Eryn definitely won but Ty did pretty good for someone who doesn't do makeup 🤷🏽‍♀️


    How to blindfold a Chinese, cover their eyes with floss LOL!

  • Katrina Bell-Forman
    Katrina Bell-Forman 6 hours ago

    Eryn won but honestly Tys side looks like how I do my makeup so I’m not hating on it cause I feel personally attacked 😂

  • Nicole Burton
    Nicole Burton 6 hours ago


  • Taylor Miller
    Taylor Miller 6 hours ago

    Laura just needs a bright pink lip and she’ll be back in the 90’s

  • Ginny Miller
    Ginny Miller 6 hours ago


  • Taylor Miller
    Taylor Miller 6 hours ago

    I use that bronzer/contour palette and I’ve never had trouble with it being patchy. I feel like it’s the concealer

  • Taylor Miller
    Taylor Miller 7 hours ago

    Gotta say, I never have flashback with the Elf powder and the other ones that have really fine silky powder

  • Tori Williamson
    Tori Williamson 7 hours ago

    Eryns side was prettier, but Tyler put in work. Lol.

  • Amy Fisher
    Amy Fisher 7 hours ago

    I vote Eryn for the final product but Ty did amazing and I love that he participated in the challenge all together! Cute little family!

  • Heather Waterman
    Heather Waterman 7 hours ago

    Eryn for me. Ty did good but Eryns eye looks good!

  • Dina Goldstein
    Dina Goldstein 7 hours ago

    Eryn defin ☺️. But Tyler’s effort was good

  • Emily Loftin
    Emily Loftin 7 hours ago

    Eryn’s side!

  • AnMaPa
    AnMaPa 7 hours ago

    Eryn! I love her eyeshadow!

  • Brandi Downs
    Brandi Downs 7 hours ago

    eryn side

  • Amber Fazzino
    Amber Fazzino 7 hours ago

    Eryn....but ty was a good sport 💜

  • lou lou
    lou lou 7 hours ago


  • Brooke Weiser
    Brooke Weiser 7 hours ago

    I vote Eryn

  • missmayhem_ x0x
    missmayhem_ x0x 7 hours ago

    When Tyler said pizza rolls I jumped so high because right before I started watching this video my husband put pizza rolls in the toaster oven and we both forgot. Lol thank God for the timer, they didn't burn 😂

  • Tammy Henry
    Tammy Henry 7 hours ago

    Highlighter and eyeshadow.. yes

  • typxraerae Edit
    typxraerae Edit 7 hours ago

    plzz i don’t have that much make up

  • Shanaynay
    Shanaynay 7 hours ago


  • Kayden Ballram
    Kayden Ballram 7 hours ago

    I enjoyed this video. I think Eryn won and Tyler won with being funny . You should do more videos like this❣️

  • Kitcat the cat
    Kitcat the cat 7 hours ago


  • Ashley Cox
    Ashley Cox 7 hours ago

    Eryn!!!! Loved the video tfs love you Laura

  • Megan Unger
    Megan Unger 7 hours ago

    Eryn1 Sorry Tyler! lol

  • Alexandria Jade
    Alexandria Jade 7 hours ago

    Eryn... killed it 💖

  • Lindsay Kemp
    Lindsay Kemp 8 hours ago

    I'm getting Mimi from the Drew Carey show vibes from this look!

  • Brandi Simpson
    Brandi Simpson 8 hours ago


  • Chante Fuller
    Chante Fuller 8 hours ago


  • Emily Dobrich
    Emily Dobrich 8 hours ago


  • Chloe Cooper
    Chloe Cooper 8 hours ago

    6:55 was me when my friend was doing my makeup for our friends quinceanera and she jabbed me in the eye with a beauty blender

  • Grace Singthleen
    Grace Singthleen 8 hours ago


  • Heather Haynes
    Heather Haynes 8 hours ago

    Eryn, this was so fun to watch!

  • Stina! C
    Stina! C 8 hours ago


  • Marlene Huslig
    Marlene Huslig 8 hours ago

    Eryn win. Tyler made you look like an oompa lumpa... good work!

  • Makeup With illy
    Makeup With illy 8 hours ago

    Team eryn though ty has some good ass effort I would’ve looked like a clown if my husband attempted this. 🤣

  • Lindsey Marie
    Lindsey Marie 8 hours ago

    Both Tyler & Eryn did awesome in their own way for the makeup. I love seeing them in your videos ❤️

  • Mikayla Conci
    Mikayla Conci 8 hours ago

    Love you Laura lee

  • Andréanne Bordeleau

    Erin 🥰

  • Christina Stewart
    Christina Stewart 8 hours ago

    ERYN took the cake

  • Justine Nollet
    Justine Nollet 8 hours ago

    Just made a decluttering in my makeup, now I need more haha

  • Anna Robb
    Anna Robb 8 hours ago


  • Anonymous Guy
    Anonymous Guy 8 hours ago

    you still havent reach the 5M subscriber you once was..lmao

  • Brenda Santaclara
    Brenda Santaclara 8 hours ago

    Who were the winners????

  • Janice Tubman
    Janice Tubman 9 hours ago

    Eryn killed it except for maybe the freckles weren't very natural looking but this was awesome!

  • All kk 36
    All kk 36 9 hours ago

    I love yall

  • Katelynn Tull
    Katelynn Tull 9 hours ago


  • Joyce Anderson
    Joyce Anderson 9 hours ago

    Sorry Ty but I have to give the vote to Eryn lol

  • I Digress
    I Digress 9 hours ago

    I think what so many people don’t realize is that not only is addiction a real health condition, but the person struggling with it was most likely sick long before they were introduced to the substance that ends up binding them. Thank God your sister is in recovery. And thank God you guys never gave up on her. It’s such a common thing for people to take in and care for the children of a family member who isn’t well, but that doesn’t make it any less special or meaningful. Thank you for sharing this with us. The most powerful thing a human can do, for themselves or another person, is to tell the truth about their lives.

  • Rehannah Ali
    Rehannah Ali 9 hours ago

    Eryn's side looks really good

  • Maddie Simmons
    Maddie Simmons 9 hours ago

    pls do full face of Halloween store makeup

  • Andrea Chapa
    Andrea Chapa 10 hours ago

    Shein makeup tryon

  • Alexandra Junikka
    Alexandra Junikka 10 hours ago

    Eryan wins ty would do better than my boyfriend 😅

  • Shanda Wallace
    Shanda Wallace 10 hours ago

    Eryn for the win... Ty, A for Effort! 😂

  • Brooke Reeves
    Brooke Reeves 10 hours ago

    Definitely Eryn!!

  • elexis santos
    elexis santos 10 hours ago

    Eryn wins her pounding your face with the brush was hilarious

  • Kelsie Cook
    Kelsie Cook 10 hours ago

    An I oop

  • Kelsie Cook
    Kelsie Cook 10 hours ago

    An I oop

  • Amanda Smith
    Amanda Smith 10 hours ago

    Eryn's side!

  • debbie garcia
    debbie garcia 10 hours ago

    why did you tip??????

  • Jasmine LaRue
    Jasmine LaRue 10 hours ago


  • Cat Smith
    Cat Smith 10 hours ago

    Your mom is so sweet and cute !!

  • Kat kat
    Kat kat 10 hours ago

    Is it too late to enter?