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  • Chykim Sanders
    Chykim Sanders 17 hours ago

    Soo incredibly sad, my God 😔 😔

  • raul manugas
    raul manugas Day ago

    i heard d song, i like d song its about d love of mother to her child its true juls ms.cynthia is really beautiful👍

  • Dav Info
    Dav Info Day ago

    The Fist size Pink Cocktopus

  • Mari Behling
    Mari Behling 2 days ago

    She looks so sad. Why did her parents do that to her? 😢

  • Beyond Dreams
    Beyond Dreams 6 days ago

    This despicable behavior of superiority towards women by men needs to stop. They think they can do as they please and get what they want with all means possible. He is kidnapping her youth and her overall mental well being. God help her and all who suffer in the hands of men like these🙏

  • Victoria Aktsioglou

    Gross old man with too many wife's

  • mike sutton
    mike sutton 7 days ago

    Listen to Max Bygraves : " Any Dream Will Do ". Nice beautiful smooth song !

  • Making Sense
    Making Sense 7 days ago

    He will be back in the water. This wont stop him from surfing. Crazy people.

  • mike sutton
    mike sutton 10 days ago

    Farewell James Last ! Always loved your music ! Please watch and listen to Luca Stangl he's 13 years old and sings and plays the accordion from Austria ! Check out his RUclip channel Luca Stangl .

  • busy boy
    busy boy 10 days ago

    the desperate souls of the Middle Kingdom , they like to ostentate a wealth that its not there , friends that do not exist , fear of loneliness and a lost life.Never groun up kids still playing with toys.If you take part to a rich party you end up in a cultural desert.They can not get a life so they believe you can buy one.LOST SOULS in a comunist salad bowl. ,

  • Your Father
    Your Father 11 days ago

    What wrong is there a consent with the bride. If no consent is wrong.

  • Alexander Anthony Michaj


  • Sujatha Gokhale
    Sujatha Gokhale 12 days ago

    Poor girl pity of her

  • the atheist
    the atheist 13 days ago

    When his prophet can marry a child..why will he hesitate to do so... We are just reeping what was sowed centuries back... If a medicine is having deadly side effects it should be banned..even if it was made foor good.

  • hatlenneng hangshing

    What in a world...

  • Nurhayati Datok
    Nurhayati Datok 14 days ago

    Poor child 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Kamal Goyal
    Kamal Goyal 15 days ago

    In Islam it's common. No respect for women

  • Princess-k- Lynzzz
    Princess-k- Lynzzz 18 days ago

    Give him a poison... wow it's better to die😈

  • I am Groot
    I am Groot 19 days ago

    Islam is wrong It’s cancer for the world

  • Angie Hermoso
    Angie Hermoso 19 days ago

    im so thankful that i born in my place (philippines) we are free to love if who we want. and we are free to go., that's why when i saw this i can said im so bless.

  • Yvonne Ortega
    Yvonne Ortega 19 days ago

    Another certified pedohpile, used his money to bought the parents girl, and the parents are greedy for money. Poor girl dying inside.

  • Helen Woodrum
    Helen Woodrum 22 days ago

    How can this man get away with forced rape through a farce marriage. It is disgusting.

  • Dega FG
    Dega FG 23 days ago

    Fuckin fake stupid channel. I'm indonesian never heard about this

  • Senada Pasic
    Senada Pasic 25 days ago

    he looks like Assad. A boyfriend , too, even though consensual is a big sin.

  • youreallbrainwashed
    youreallbrainwashed 25 days ago

    Life sucks... Don't think so.. give it time

  • Lilith Munster
    Lilith Munster 25 days ago

    My family was in the blue SUV

  • wesley juliet
    wesley juliet 25 days ago

    Chechen president is crazy

  • Casper Turner
    Casper Turner 27 days ago

    in Canada army of old muslims get married 3-5 years girl, and this is black market, they have 4 wives and social big money.

  • suzycreamcheesez
    suzycreamcheesez 28 days ago

    no college no career no nothing

  • Lainie Bain
    Lainie Bain 29 days ago

    Ok so now she should get divorced now

  • Sari Bramble
    Sari Bramble 29 days ago


  • Ayngaran Thamo
    Ayngaran Thamo Month ago

    Fukin hel

  • Kojak Kojak
    Kojak Kojak Month ago


  • Nayan Mipun
    Nayan Mipun Month ago

    If old women could have come for young men you could have said - "love is ageless" "let the women enjoy" "it is their wish" "if consenting fine"

  • Pete Wong
    Pete Wong Month ago

    She don’t deserves to be a Beauty Queen.

  • Sherly Agustin
    Sherly Agustin Month ago

    Poor girl... shes living in a hell

  • Liz Jones
    Liz Jones Month ago

    These men should be eliminated, period!

  • Jasmin Santiago
    Jasmin Santiago Month ago

    Our very unprofessional beauty queen

  • Elizabeth Rhymer
    Elizabeth Rhymer Month ago

    Poor girl it's degusting

  • Magical adv
    Magical adv Month ago

    Poor , I’m so angry at this!!! Why not report this? Force children to marriage... what a bad world we live. Ir’s their culture, if she don’t marry this old man, she ended up death

  • Jokapeti Vula
    Jokapeti Vula Month ago

    What happen if it is done to her daughter would it be right or fair to him.

  • kasandra mendoza
    kasandra mendoza Month ago

    Ugly rich millionaire. You have to do some plastic surgery to change your ugliness so that she could start to love you a bit.

  • Efren Agaceta
    Efren Agaceta Month ago

    Old carabao eating newly growing grass.... Stupid culture..against her will..idiot parents as well..fak

  • Trina Wong
    Trina Wong Month ago

    He is only 47 years old. Some men would be older like in 70"s.....would be worse......

  • Lexi Johnson
    Lexi Johnson Month ago

    Outright pheodophilia. Because they are and thought they can get away with it.

  • Jaisudhan Jai
    Jaisudhan Jai Month ago

    I think she is normal no sad no happy

  • Deeqa Warsame
    Deeqa Warsame Month ago

    This is sad in Muslims if she's ok he can marry bt if she doesn't it's no so i don't know how the do this happened she is a kid he's old pig stop show people bad thing in Muslims no is no 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Kono Dutch
    Kono Dutch Month ago

    Feudal???? We are the slant eyed kingdoms nobility. That doesnt get erased because they keep calling peasants noble

  • Jason Khawaja
    Jason Khawaja Month ago

    1she is a adult by now , now she got a beautifull life all that cash

  • KP Roshni Sreejith

    Y still some rich people has more power than government officials. This is happening everywhere and it has to stop.

  • Tea
    Tea Month ago

    This is a complete man hoe already married with children

  • Joy C
    Joy C Month ago

    So much for great loving family!!

  • Umaiyal Umaiyal
    Umaiyal Umaiyal Month ago

    It's irritating 🤮🤮

  • Wolfie Gaming
    Wolfie Gaming Month ago


  • Kavita Shatranj
    Kavita Shatranj 2 months ago


  • Sophia Loulas
    Sophia Loulas 2 months ago

    Her parents must go to the death row assholes

  • shoyeb siddique
    shoyeb siddique 2 months ago


  • I’m Jake Paul 🤨
    I’m Jake Paul 🤨 2 months ago

    Why did nobody stop that old pedo old guy

  • دلوعة البيت بس طيوبة

    Lemme tell y’all something my mom was married when she was 16 but the problem over here in my point of view is not only age it’s the fact that she was forced to marry that man and it’s probably because of how rich he is and what might most likely happen after marriage is her gettin beaten up by him then getting divorced at a very young age and after that because of the stupid society that we are in and because of how people think she might not get married in the future because she already has been married once and she’s divorced and that just gets me so mad because that man took her whole entire future from her

  • Saira _
    Saira _ 2 months ago

    A marriage contracted under duress or force of any kind, mental, physical, implicit or explicit or any sort of intimidation should be made void and invalid.

  • Najib Masoom
    Najib Masoom 2 months ago

    she gone to hell befor she die

  • Helena Quinn
    Helena Quinn 2 months ago

    I'm going to eat clams tonight, anyone going to freakout? I'll only give the shells away, I'm better than most of you. Also I make sweaters from pubes... Those are for sale,I want to be exploited

    • Helena Quinn
      Helena Quinn Month ago

      @Retro I knew it I put myself out there someone would value my hard work and effort, now I can sustain my virtue signaling

    • Retro
      Retro Month ago

      What's the price bro

  • Tina Tina
    Tina Tina 2 months ago

    Poor child

  • Karen Harding
    Karen Harding 2 months ago


  • shapumawildcat
    shapumawildcat 2 months ago


  • billy ????
    billy ???? 2 months ago

    She’s a fake horrible manipulative person.

  • Sunitee
    Sunitee 2 months ago

    In western world young girls are marrying 80 year old millionaires. All they want is money

  • Guard Jo-Jo
    Guard Jo-Jo 2 months ago

    Fucking idiots her parents 🤬🤬🤬

  • bruce lansing
    bruce lansing 3 months ago

    My God give the woman some privacy.

  • Virginia Miller
    Virginia Miller 3 months ago

    Dear Lora Logan, God bless you and make your mighty determined self Well again, in Jesus Mighty Name I pray. Amen.

  • John Ford
    John Ford 3 months ago

    Get Well Lara !

  • Corazon Salamiro
    Corazon Salamiro 3 months ago

    Those who's against this married should check what is their religion.... Theirs far worse than this ... In Oman 9year old girl married to 45 years old man... Check the background... Soon it will come in your country if you keep sleeping and tolerant of this so called _______.

  • Ramata Sow
    Ramata Sow 3 months ago

    Am I the only one who think he looks like Hitler .-.

  • Pat Wyatt
    Pat Wyatt 3 months ago

    A pedophile in the guise of a husband wanting sex with 17 year old child...filthy disgusting excuse of a human being....should be jailed for life.

  • Xavier Lee
    Xavier Lee 3 months ago

    Fucking radical Muslims!!

  • kickass girl
    kickass girl 3 months ago

    scum bags hells soon

  • Eilene Kellogg
    Eilene Kellogg 3 months ago

    Well at least she's not 8 years old.

  • Mayra Valle
    Mayra Valle 3 months ago

    Eww I wouldn’t marry him but due to her situation is hard what a horrible way to do to this you g girl the man is sick .

  • Ladislav Erdos
    Ladislav Erdos 3 months ago

  • Angel Angel Angel
    Angel Angel Angel 3 months ago

    I hate to be the bitch to say it but I watch alot of shit like this happen on RUclip atleast he is a millionaire bitches be forced to get married for 5cows 2 sheep's a blanket and a rug or less to live in a mid hut with her husband and his 15kids an 3other wives who is a farmer whom makes likes 30$ a day, I've seen it all on RUclip before an fuck whoever feel some type of way I'm jus being honest and keeping shit 💯

  • Sunshine Flower
    Sunshine Flower 3 months ago

    The bride looks so happy! NOT!

  • Dhez Vivas
    Dhez Vivas 3 months ago

    If she don't want to marry that man, she can't forced her, well maybe she wanted too.17 years old is not a kid she knows what she doing 😏!Well I pray for her.

  • shallnotbeinfringed AmericanslivesMatter

    Was it just me or were they doing a Construction job to make a basement for a building? Good thing they used an excavator machine and hadn't decided to use explosives to "dig" out a basement. That was a Close one

  • mighty
    mighty 3 months ago

    This is my mom

  • Zohra Razaq
    Zohra Razaq 3 months ago

    Looks like the marriage was in Iran or in Turkey. So sad 😖 to see that

  • Zohra Razaq
    Zohra Razaq 3 months ago

    F*************k them

  • Zohra Razaq
    Zohra Razaq 3 months ago

    Shame on those who are forcing kids to married

  • Vivek Yadav
    Vivek Yadav 3 months ago

    What the fuck

  • Dani Targaryen
    Dani Targaryen 3 months ago

    Feel bad for her. The groom is basically just wanted to molested her wtf!! Hope u rot in hell !! Suka!

    KEWL KID KONNER 3 months ago


  • Alvin Remeticado
    Alvin Remeticado 3 months ago

    maniac DOG idiots for you

  • Strong Widow
    Strong Widow 3 months ago

    Very crazy rule I’m sad to this poor girl. Going to sleep to this Monster Evil men. His happy bcuz his already old men n smell soil already. This girl no experience for men pity

  • Tom Aiger
    Tom Aiger 3 months ago


  • Linda Da
    Linda Da 3 months ago

    Im muslim and it not allowed to force our child to marry someone.But somehow this cruel doing be a tradition to us.

    • Doc M
      Doc M 21 day ago

      Linda Da i donot think any literate woman at this age and time wold be ok with that . 😂😂😂. I donot know if you like the hobo stuff. Why cannot 1 woman have 4 husband then?

    • Linda Da
      Linda Da 26 days ago

      @Doc M men is not encourage to marry other without wife permission.

    • Doc M
      Doc M 26 days ago

      Linda Da men can marry 4 woman . If thats seemss fair good luck

  • Thennuj Sexy
    Thennuj Sexy 3 months ago

    Most muslim in the worl has no freedom in terms if marriage... they even married cousin's for the sake of wealth.. that is sad but it is true

  • mari gold
    mari gold 3 months ago

    This happens everywhere including UK middle age men with money getting divorced only to marry woman of their daughters age these old men have no sense of shame no real self respect imagine the shock on wedding night when the young woman discovers old age body parts she will never look at him the same way after she sees him naked .I should know I married an old men ..we only have one life ..these old men are plain shameless ..most of them wil still die as lonely old souls...I feel sorry these old rich but very poorly loved souls..I rather be invisible than to show my body to a men half my age..

  • Tommy GanVEVO
    Tommy GanVEVO 3 months ago

    Citibank OBAMA 2014 came

  • Seema Sreekumar
    Seema Sreekumar 3 months ago

    Is she still with him?

  • Blessing Agbo
    Blessing Agbo 3 months ago


  • Sherry Shane
    Sherry Shane 3 months ago

    Im sick when i see this the only thats happy is the Old Man and of course hes all smiles this is very sic and wrong in the sight of the true God