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  • Bran Evans
    Bran Evans 2 hours ago

    Andrew McCabe needs to be in jail. Why is this animal allowed to walk in normal human society? He needs to be in a cage.

  • Ka Boom
    Ka Boom 2 hours ago

    She asked questions on the amount of drugs coming in, hoping there were none, then changed her approach. Man if I was Mr Green coat, I’d get up and spit on her ugly face

  • hiep nguyen
    hiep nguyen 2 hours ago

    How about we don't need democratic in congress no more

  • David Vane
    David Vane 2 hours ago

    How many of your tax dollars did you just witness being wasted by a reckless and feckless hearing with 0 chance of succeeding? It's your money....

  • Patricia Brown
    Patricia Brown 2 hours ago

    Omar and Tlaib must be put out. This is serious. Praise GOD FOR THE LORD JESUS ON OUR SIDE FOR OUR BEING, PROTECTION, AND HIS FAVOR ON US. BELIEVE!!!!

  • Dudley Milbin
    Dudley Milbin 2 hours ago

    Trump will not be impeached Not going to happen

  • george wood
    george wood 2 hours ago

    taking our guns will not stop mass shooting look at Europe and just what part of shall not be infringed do people not understand you will have Hong Kong here but with guns and that is why we have this wright and the 2nd took an oath to protect and defend the const. you sent me to war to kill people I never met that never did anything to me what do you think I would do to someone who is trying to destroy my nation and take my things that they have no wright to take

  • dale maloney
    dale maloney 2 hours ago

    we need to get these illegals CLEAR the heck out of OUR COUNTRY! if YOU came from another country, YOU ARE ILLEGAL HERE! go to the state department, fill out the forms! get legal! PAY TAXES! dont take handouts from OUR COUNTRY! EARN your own money! be a good citizen! stop robbing this country! THEN YOU CAN VOTE! it takes at least 2 years to get legal!

  • Jenny
    Jenny 2 hours ago

    If this guy doesn't win 2020 I will have lost all faith in humanity!! Could nt watch Dem debate for 5mins!! Trump had me laughing and crying, what an inspirational leader!!

  • Energy
    Energy 2 hours ago

    20 more years!!!! 💪🇺🇸Trump 2020🇺🇸💪

  • A
    A 2 hours ago

    What happened with guns Trump.

  • kruz trump
    kruz trump 2 hours ago

    MI5 and MI6 were established in 1909, and at the outbreak of World War I in 1914, both services had scant resources: MI5’s staff totaled 17, which included its office caretaker. The situation had scarcely improved by the start of World War II in 1939.

  • kruz trump
    kruz trump 2 hours ago

    Hillary Clinton in her review of Kissinger’s book, “World Order,” indicated that she had worked closely with Kissinger when she was secretary of state and that he often sent her reports of his activities. She also said, “I was proud to help the president (Obama) begin reimagining and reinforcing the global order.”

  • Joseph Wright
    Joseph Wright 2 hours ago

    Try not to let the anti Trump trolls get you down. I just looked at their channels and they have no content. They could be from anywhere in the world. Probably not from the U.S.A. Good try though. I call foreign election meddling.

  • george wood
    george wood 2 hours ago

    go on remove trump and start the war

  • Book of Katherine
    Book of Katherine 2 hours ago

    So a list of Republican accomplishments has Democrats in title? In caps? Whens the last time Fox News had Republican in a title at all???

  • kruz trump
    kruz trump 2 hours ago

    MAGA2020 DON JR 2024

  • muskie 52
    muskie 52 2 hours ago

    what a fake

  • Joe Shmoe
    Joe Shmoe 2 hours ago

    dems love to say they care about child poverty and environment while they support genocide of our most vulnerable and innocent. children in the womb. hypocrisy. god bless Trump

  • Book of Katherine
    Book of Katherine 2 hours ago

    Wow, Fox. This is the House GOP retreat, with a review of the legislation passed- kind of an important description for voters. That info isn't anywhere. Also, this happened the night of the DNC debates!!!!

  • Sven Eriksson
    Sven Eriksson 3 hours ago

    Thank you Donald Trump for your great speech in Baltimore, MD. You need to be patient and win next election 2020 for USA. I know you can win if you are tough enough and patient. You need borders and build the wall and also Law and Order in your country USA. Finish the wall. Myself I live in Sweden and look at RUclip videos and your great country and President. Trump who deserve to win again 2020. I wish Sweden could have such a great leader and Prime minister as you are President Trump. Make Sweden great again. Keep America Great. God Bless America. Remain Blessed.

  • Phyllis Clark
    Phyllis Clark 3 hours ago

    If the Republicans don't help Trump to drain the swamp, not much will change because the DEEP STATE is in charge. People NOT elected are in charge.

  • ML Fitz
    ML Fitz 3 hours ago

    There will be no impeachment initiated. They would look even more foolish/desperate than they do now. Pelosi knows that. Trump/Pence 2020!

  • J Starr2
    J Starr2 3 hours ago

    I'd pay $500

  • Beth Leslie
    Beth Leslie 3 hours ago

    I love this! Finally, a person running for office who’s not afraid to be intelligent. Andrew Yang is a great teacher & I say this as an English major who finds his teaching math/economy concepts making perfect sense. And it stands to reason he will also be a great president. I joined the YangGang yesterday and I’ve been watching every video about him ever since. I’m catching up. Yay!

  • kruz trump
    kruz trump 3 hours ago


  • kruz trump
    kruz trump 3 hours ago

    Sir Henry Kissinger, Honorary Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George, and a professed agent of the Queen. and secretary of state. (Today, Kissinger is Honorary Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George, a rank normally given to top British diplomats.) In his speech, Kissinger stated that he had pursued British policy in these positions irrespective of the sovereign concerns of the United States, which he ostensibly was serving. Excerpts from that speech, entitled "Reflections on a Partnership: British and American Attitudes to Postwar Foreign Policy," include the following statements: "The British were so matter-of-factly helpful that they became a participant in internal American deliberations, to a degree probably never practiced between sovereign nations. In my period in office, the British played a seminal part in certain American bilateral negotiations with the Soviet Union-indeed, they helped draft the key document. In my White House incarnation then, I kept the British Foreign Of- fice better informed and more closely engaged than I did the American State Department .... It was symptomatic [empha- sis added]. ... "In my negotiations over Rhodesia I worked from a Brit- ish draft with British spelling even when I did not fully grasp the distinction between a working paper and a Cabinet-ap- proved document. The practice of collaboration thrives to our day, with occasional ups and downs but even in the recent Falkland crisis, an inevitable return to the main theme of the relationship." Much of Kissinger's speech, apart from these admissions of British agentry, was an attack on President Franklin Delano Roosevelt for challenging British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill's adherence to empire. 28 Feature 5. George Bush's empire: drugs and raw materials George Bush is currently engulfed in three serious scandals, any one of which could send the former President to jail. Since Aug. 18-20, 1996, when the San lose Mercury News in California published a three-part series on the role of the Nicaraguan Contras in flooding the streets of Los Angeles with cocaine during the mid-1980s, new evidence has sur- faced of then-Vice President Bush's pivotal role in the cocaine pipeline that was used to bankroll the. secret Contra war in Nicaragua. Under Executive Order 12333 and National Secu- rity Decision Directive Number 3, President Ronald Reagan authorized the use of "private assets" by U.S. intelligence agencies, in running covert operations, and placed Vice Presi- dent Bush in charge of a White House planning and operations structure that ran the Central America program, and other "secret wars" in lieu of the National Security Council. Bush was in charge of the Special Situation Group, and its working arm, the Crisis Pre-Planning Group, which employed Lt. Col. Oliver North as its secretary. This Bush-led White House apparatus-not the CIA- ran the Contra operations, including the Ilopango air base in EI Salvador, which served as a hub of guns-for-drugs traffick- ing for the Contras. Former CIA officials, including Donald Gregg and Felix Rodriguez, along with North, reported di- rectly to Bush, and were the principal figures involved in smuggling tons of cocaine into the United States, occasionally even landing on U.S. military bases, according to eyewitness and other accounts. One former Drug Enforcement Adminis- tration agent, Celerino Castillo, has provided details from his own mid-1980s probe of cocaine trafficking at Ilopango air base, when he was the DEA agent in charge of El Salvador, confirming the role of Rodriguez and North in the dope smug- gling, and confirming that Bush was personally informed about the illegal operations. Castillo was eventually cashiered out of the DEA as the result of his refusal to "back off' from the Ilopango probe, even after he was informed by the U.S. ambassador in El Salvador that Ilopango was a "White House covert operation, run by Oliver North." The evidence of Bush's pivotal role in the Contras' co- caine pipeline was assembled by EIR in a September 1996 Special Report, "Would a President Bob Dole Prosecute Drug Super-Kingpin George Bush?" The report, and additional documentation of the Bush involvement in the cocaine-for- weapons business, has been provided to the Inspectors Gen- eral of the CIA and the Department of Justice, and to Congres- sional investigators now conducting at least three separate probes of the Contra-cocaine connection. Since the San lose Mercury News revelations, the Senate Select Committee on EIR January 10, 1997

  • kruz trump
    kruz trump 3 hours ago

    The Rockefeller crown prince at that time was named Nelson. His pollsters told him that NOBODY in their right mind would vote for him so he decided to steal the Presidency without an election. Even in his home state of New York he had to spend at least 25 million dollars to be "elected" Governor. The deeply laid plot was to give Kennedy the election and then have him assassinated. After his assassination, the Vice Presidency would be vacant and Rockefeller planned to introduce an Amendment to give the President the power to APPOINT a Vice President. The 5 main conspirators were Nelson Rockefeller, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, Henry Kissinger, General Alexander Haig, Donald Rumsfeld. There were many, many more involved in the cover up but these were the 6 core conspirators: The men behind the assassination of President J. F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy

  • kruz trump
    kruz trump 3 hours ago

    DiMaggio shed no tears when the Kennedys were assassinated. According to the book, which contains a foreword by Henry Kissinger, DiMaggio believed "they got what they deserved

  • Rory Mackey
    Rory Mackey 3 hours ago

    The Jewish media. Why so hostile? 🤔 makes you wonder what they’re up to.

  • kruz trump
    kruz trump 3 hours ago

    Hillary Clinton in her review of Kissinger’s book, “World Order,” indicated that she had worked closely with Kissinger when she was secretary of state and that he often sent her reports of his activities. She also said, “I was proud to help the president (Obama) begin reimagining and reinforcing the global order.”

  • kruz trump
    kruz trump 3 hours ago

    the plan that aimed, as Winston Churchill, First Lord of the Admiralty in 1914 and one of the framers of the scheme, admitted, to "starve the whole population - men, women, and children, old and young, wounded and sound - into submission."

  • Kevin Irish
    Kevin Irish 3 hours ago

    TRUMP 2020

  • joey ellington
    joey ellington 3 hours ago

    I love the President!

  • Oscar Robinson
    Oscar Robinson 3 hours ago

    4 more years ..4 more years ..4 more years .. THANK YOU NORTH CAROLINA from the Robinson Family .. THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT .. THE GREATEST PRESIDENT EVEN ... THANK YOU GOD .. 4 more years ..4 more years ..4 more years ..

  • Executive Travel of Nashville

    these 3 guys are awesome. S people would listen to these 3 guys they would know what the heck is going home but the mainstream media will never show you what these 3 guys have to say because they do not want you to know the truth

  • BackInTheGarden
    BackInTheGarden 3 hours ago

    Yeah Right, Unless you can get KILLED in the performance of your work... Women are OH SO under-represented in ones chosen occupation... Yeah Left... The 3rd wave of feminism... getting old and MISS LEAD to begin with.

  • Space Exposed
    Space Exposed 3 hours ago

    Now the wheels are coming off of the clown-car. Trump 2020 and we take back the house.

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    She said two lives,how about the dog isnt a dog a living being????,

  • Danny Martinez
    Danny Martinez 3 hours ago

    You poor sheep's, you can't see the wolf in sheepskin, he promises great things to happen and we will take back this country, Well, I've been listening, and this sheep in wolf skin will tell you what he really means and what he said, he said great things will happen, but not for you the sheeps, but for his wolf buddy's he delivered all the sheep's to, and he said we will take back this country, Wait let's back up, this GREAT COUNTRY IS ALREADY OURS AND WE NEVER LOST IT, THIS IS U.S.A. NOT A COUNTRY THAT HAS TO BE TAKEN BACK, But he meant and really want to take back this country away from us, what he sees us as sheep and make it wolf country well they feed on us to make them fat,, For God's sake people sheep's don't have sharp teeth, and sheep don't hang out with wolf's and howl at the moon!

  • Chris Hobson
    Chris Hobson 3 hours ago

    great guy

  • Krystle V
    Krystle V 3 hours ago

    impeach the democrats!

  • Lost Planet need be free

    Better sh£t up Pompey& mind your business.u want 2 start a war more that Bolton,by Putin's ORDER..u & zarif r Putin's poodles..better clean up your 2 stupid presidents mess, dumpobama, that destroyed our loves in Iran,stalkinh 4 yrs& inviting all politicians,wealthy& powerful,including Arabs & even Mugabe!!Lord Voldemort (rasputin)wants 2 rule the world with blackmail.. Made those 2 morons invite hundreds ,celebs,world leaders,billionares,..royals, famouscompanies,etc2 stalk us 4 yrs24/7.,watch us being attacked abused, by father &Russin major drug dealers,traffickers,terrorists,etc.. Harassing us online, offline, utube, etc.Iran offcls & UN knows 4 king time too! ..LONG STORY..Zarif is Peter Pettigrew.. Pompy is? Twitter account @needbefree suspended 4 spreading truth.. Hey your FBI, intelg ,etc..let my terrorist father in a month ago.. Just wasting people's time in airports.. They protect & support terrorists.. Even Israel watching. All those fake fights between Iran, USA, Israel!

  • dennis lynn
    dennis lynn 3 hours ago

    Why can't they just accept that President Trump won the election fair and square, and just get back to the jobs that they were elected for. They are just wasting all this time on this impeachment crap. It's ridiculous!

  • RONIN 777
    RONIN 777 3 hours ago

    BRAVO!! Great Patriots 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👏👏👏😎👍

  • Syed Shah
    Syed Shah 4 hours ago

    Trump is the best thing that's happened to THE U. S. A... RESPECT TRUMP 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Carolee Gross
    Carolee Gross 4 hours ago

    I fill sorry for you american to have a uneducated stupid President.

  • Jerry Dalrymple
    Jerry Dalrymple 4 hours ago

    Fire department would have been there in :30 seconds.

  • Jenny
    Jenny 4 hours ago

    I love the way Trump does these press briefs. Has to be the most accessible President ever! A real diamond in the rough!! Go MAGA 2020!!

  • Szymon Klucznik
    Szymon Klucznik 4 hours ago

    Mr. Netanyahu! I will never leave Israel in this situation! God bless Israel!

  • Sal Paradise
    Sal Paradise 4 hours ago

    I wish trump would invite a crowd of normal folks and allow them to ask anything.

  • Sal Paradise
    Sal Paradise 4 hours ago

    Love how he always speaks with the choppers running. So its impossible to edit his remarks.

  • BackInTheGarden
    BackInTheGarden 4 hours ago

    @FOX 10 Phoenix, Really? FOX 10?... NAAHHH, Anyone can make up a name for their crap on youtube I suppose... but the editing on this vid 'starts' very CRAPILLY... and shut off as quick as I could type... with one finger... and didn't have to listen to the "Chicken Coop" of chicks yelling "California girl" sounding jabber at the Prezz. Wait a minute! I heard a MAN speak!... Oh... It's President Trump... Thank God.

  • Non Neutered Southern Christian Man

    I have absolutely ZERO SYMPATHY for this wicked woman or her family. She had better find and BELIEVE UPON JESUS CHRIST or shes CERTAINLY on her way to a DEVILS HELL.

  • PlanB
    PlanB 4 hours ago

    Theres more to it than keeping them out, it might be to keep you in

  • Lajo Cymbalski
    Lajo Cymbalski 4 hours ago

    Ed McMahon - heresssssssssss TRUMP

  • vertex2100
    vertex2100 4 hours ago

    He is great when he goes off script

  • lawless clan
    lawless clan 5 hours ago

    Iran is getting rude. they bomb Saudi Arabia and U.S do nothing trump is getting soft on Iran . i say it people dont like war but if trump hit hammer hard on Iran and end Iran dictator , the world will be safe , afghan Taliban will disband . yaman will disband all terrorist group will disband and destroy automatic , but U.S hesitate and there is an other September 11 is coming soon . even asad isis will forget to even exist , dont lose all this hard work on iran in 2 years and do it already its late you wanna U.S people get killed so be it

  • Nicholas Cotoia M
    Nicholas Cotoia M 5 hours ago

    Do you all have property they want recognition for doing nothing they want to run America they are kidding themselves if those goes too far we will push back

  • jonny jonnyboy1981
    jonny jonnyboy1981 5 hours ago

    The Fat cow ,POMPEO, should go next .

  • Lisa Nimmo
    Lisa Nimmo 5 hours ago


  • Western V
    Western V 5 hours ago

    Demorats ruined their party it’s awesome

  • Monster Mousse
    Monster Mousse 5 hours ago

    "I make all the decisions, they don't have to work." What? America is owed some money from unnecessary spending on people's salaries that don't have to work then.

  • GillisPOW
    GillisPOW 5 hours ago

    Brian is the most “cop’y” looking cop I’ve ever seen

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 5 hours ago

    GOD BLESS this land as I LOVE this LAnD and it's PEOPLE as the SPIRIT of AN AMERICAN IS PROTESTant not CAT=HOLIC! no ZIONist! WE are QUAKERS through and through!

  • Tyler King
    Tyler King 5 hours ago

    YANG 2020

  • Truth Rainer
    Truth Rainer 5 hours ago

    Where is oversight committee to overlook and watch House authority or disauthority???

  • Truth Rainer
    Truth Rainer 5 hours ago

    Nadler hates Trump. Bias

  • Love_Crypto_Freedom
    Love_Crypto_Freedom 5 hours ago

    This champion for the people of this world is an absolute godsend. ❤️

  • Truth Rainer
    Truth Rainer 5 hours ago

    No theirwas e idwnce of whay Bill Clinton did..president had already answered question with Mueller

  • Truth Rainer
    Truth Rainer 5 hours ago

    Nope president dont need to respond the investigation is over. Get to WORK

  • Mary Hildreth
    Mary Hildreth 5 hours ago

    Someone comes to the podium at 9:08

  • Savage Sooner
    Savage Sooner 5 hours ago

    Guns and Roses needed a pilot like this, in their docu the pilot nearly killed them on several occasions, landing on the side of the runway and stuff, yeah turns out he was high on drugs just like they were! It’s a miracle they survived the 80’s...😂

  • Roger     J. Hernandez
    Roger J. Hernandez 5 hours ago

    TRUMP 2020

  • Maluhia808
    Maluhia808 5 hours ago

    Trump: "The only thing I'm scared of is if some unknown comes along to challenge me." ANDREW YANG: CHALLENGE F@CKING ACCEPTED

  • Maluhia808
    Maluhia808 5 hours ago

    Trump: "The only thing I'm scared of is if some unknown comes along to challenge me." ANDREW YANG: CHALLENGE F@CKING ACCEPTED

  • Ms12345678ab
    Ms12345678ab 5 hours ago

    Greatest President in the history of this country Donald John trump. We are going to win,win,win. We have made America great again.

  • Chuck Richard
    Chuck Richard 5 hours ago

    It feels good to have a president for the American people the rest of them just wanted power and money they didn't care about the American people and Trump donates his paychecks to charity he's not even getting paid now that's a real president

  • Craig Roberts
    Craig Roberts 5 hours ago

    The republican message is always so positive and uplifting....unlike the democraps.

  • Truth Rainer
    Truth Rainer 5 hours ago

    The entire house is corrupt!!!! Ny everyone that leads it

  • Truth Rainer
    Truth Rainer 5 hours ago

    So much mosconnoct of the House representatives!!!!

  • Chuck Richard
    Chuck Richard 5 hours ago

    Trump 20/20 people get out and vote more now than ever keep the Democrats from ever taking office again did Democrats want to kill America make it a socialist country and we know what happens when that happens America will become a shithole like the rest of the socialist countries

  • Truth Rainer
    Truth Rainer 5 hours ago

    What a joke

  • Truth Rainer
    Truth Rainer 5 hours ago


  • Truth Rainer
    Truth Rainer 5 hours ago


  • Jaime Olivera
    Jaime Olivera 5 hours ago

    Trump 4 more years😃

  • Truth Rainer
    Truth Rainer 5 hours ago


  • RayGunz
    RayGunz 5 hours ago

    Support the GOA!!!! They are for your gun rights, they stand for the Second Amendment and every other Amendment they are truly Patriots.

  • RayGunz
    RayGunz 5 hours ago

    You know what I'm looking at for this election I'm looking at the people that are for gun control I want to know why these cowards are willing to lay down the protection of their own citizens, and outright lie to the people! They said they didn't want our guns several times, and then Beto O'Rourke comes out and admits they want to take your AR-15 and they want to take your AK-47 so they admitted they were lying the whole time! We are dealing with liars and cowards there is to be no conversation about this anymore, in the name of God, because they are not willing to do anything the right way they just are not happy with their own life choices, so they want to take away from someone else's right to bear arms, they are suicidal in a sense, because they want to disarm the very country they live in when we are the most powerful country in the world anybody who was willing to lay down at the hand of a mass shooter and give up their firearms because of them is nothing more than a coward if you are standing on this soil. Stand up help your fellow man if he is having struggles! There are always going to be things like this that happened but the key to avoiding the problems is by loving your neighbor by loving your family and by loving yourself! Don't let anyone change your mind Donald Trump and all of the citizens of this country you have earned your right to the Second Amendment to day you were born and anybody who infringes on that is committing treason.

  • Zillon Pretorius
    Zillon Pretorius 6 hours ago

    Thats one fast pruis tho

  • RayGunz
    RayGunz 6 hours ago

    That's right that entrance song says it all don't forget those men and women who died so you can have your second amendment Donald Trump do not step back do not give an inch be a president and call the shots make sure these sick gun control thirsty liars don't corrupt our country with their communist views

  • Jerry Miller
    Jerry Miller 6 hours ago

    perhaps a concealed Carry Person in Dayton could have taken this Person down before he killed 2 Children. Taking Guns Away from Law abiding citizens? Not in the OH.

  • Stephen Vender
    Stephen Vender 6 hours ago


  • Akshay Sapra
    Akshay Sapra 6 hours ago

    thanks for this upload

  • kerry hart
    kerry hart 6 hours ago

    I hope the Democratic party is destroyed and the criminal Democrats be held responsible for their many crimes

  • Anabella Zayat
    Anabella Zayat 6 hours ago

    Presidente TRUMP es el mejor presidente que existe. ES DE ADMIRAR, RESPETAR Y QUERER. Ningun otro presidente de los Estados Unidos ni del mundo han tenido un presidente tan leal, patriota, que quiere y respeta su patria, su Bandera, su acta de la Constitucion, sus conciudadanos, su himno y que es sumamente orgulloso de ser ciudadano americano. Ojala el mundo entero lo tomara como ejemplo de eleccion para sus lideres. Que DIOS LO BENDIGA, A SU FAMILIA Y A LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS DE AMERICA. LO VEREMOS GANAR CON LA AYUDA DE DIOS LAS ELECCIONES DE 2020

  • Graeme Williams
    Graeme Williams 6 hours ago

    If it was not for the U.S.A. Australia would be speaking Japanese now as Winston Churchill would not allow the Aussie troops to come home to defend our own country. Thank you America Australia thanks you, and to all the service men and women that gave their lives to keep Australia free I thank you and respect your country so much, we are so indebted to you for what you did. I salute all of you

  • Miss Cassie
    Miss Cassie 6 hours ago


  • Jonathan Waller
    Jonathan Waller 6 hours ago

    What happens when the water runs out on the moon.

  • VenaZ
    VenaZ 6 hours ago

    I'm so glad that our President has a few good men that understand him n believe in his decisions. His advisor are doing a great job. I thank U all. MAGA 2020