Crush on Lai Guanlin
Crush on Lai Guanlin
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  • gacha My life lifee
    gacha My life lifee 20 hours ago

    what the name off this song on the end?

  • Ella Becerra
    Ella Becerra Day ago

    For the last time Lisa is a sub vocalist and a lead rapper, however they don’t rap in this song so Lisa does the vocals because the others sing. That’s why she’s sings that part. Jennie is a Vocalist so she sings part of the chorus, but Rose and Jisoo are Main and lead vocalist so they are going to sing the main part of the chorus. Since Lisa is only a sub-Vocalist, she’s not going to sing the chorus, only the little other parts, in this case the “kiss and make up part” which is said a lot.

  • Ella Becerra
    Ella Becerra Day ago

    Yes, the reason Lisa has the most lines out of blackpink is because they don’t rap in this song and Lisa is a sub-Vocalist. So she’s going to sing the sub vocals.

  • Suffering ಥ_ಥ

    1:06 1:10 rõ ràng là giọng của KTY mà hề.

  • naomi
    naomi 2 days ago

    thank you vivi for breathing

  • Art in its Many Forms

    VEM posted this FMV

  • Riane Jewelry
    Riane Jewelry 2 days ago


  • Pili - Kun ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

    *Yuqi's ' FUFUFUFUFUFUU' in Señorita is iconic , I love that line*

  • Ana Aaror
    Ana Aaror 2 days ago

    Why the girls are crying ?

  • Frankie Cinque
    Frankie Cinque 3 days ago

    My bias yeojin is singing my bias Hyewons parts

  • Akira
    Akira 3 days ago

    Taeyong and Mark: *sing* All the other members: *breathe* SM: Okay this is REGULAR BY NCT127

  • Step on me Chaeyoung

    Ok but why is this fair asf 😭

  • Nash Singh Official Channel

    you forgot chaeyoung

  • kimwooseok. ina
    kimwooseok. ina 4 days ago

    what happened to seungwoo, he is main vokal on x1 😭😭😭😭

  • Sarah
    Sarah 4 days ago

    How many "rude man" did he say in Just one day?

  • Miguel Desenhos e Kpop

    YG cadê os debuts Solo

  • Star Bella
    Star Bella 5 days ago

    Who's here after Lovelyz cover?! 😒🤣

  • S S
    S S 5 days ago

    jisoo~shi 😭❤️

  • I like chez
    I like chez 5 days ago

    Just noticed jungwoo said "Bless me Achoo" and one other thing with Jaehyun :I

  • killerJune June
    killerJune June 5 days ago

    I was confused at just one day

  • Are you Bob the kid

    RIP Paul walker

  • Umi Kalsom
    Umi Kalsom 6 days ago

    New rapper 1 : Im nayeon New dancer 1 : chaeyoung New vocalist : dahyun New main vocalist : jeongyeon New rapper 2 : momo New dancer 2 : Sana New visual : mina New lesbian member ( I think ) : tzuyu

  • Frijolito KOREA
    Frijolito KOREA 6 days ago

    She have more lines in Wee Woo

  • Marisa Mannat
    Marisa Mannat 6 days ago

    Hobi-the hidden vocalist.

  • jiyeonie
    jiyeonie 6 days ago

    my opinion: [Yeonjung] Baby can’t stop na deutgo sipeo jakku deutgo sipeo meorissogi neoro gadeukhae [Dawon] Oh baby can’t stop jeomjeom deo gakkawojigo itneun geol Oh meomchul suga eoptjanha [Luda] Hoksi ani neon algo itni Neoui juwil maemdoneun na neol bogo isseo [Xuan Yi] Najocha moreuge sijakdwae beorin isarangi da jeonhaejigireul [Mei Qi] Boiji anhneun kkeuneuro yeongyeoldwae itna bwa han bal han bal neoege ganeun giri [Seola] Jogeumssik jogeumssik deo dallyeogago isseo [Dayoung] Baby can’t stop na deutgo sipeo jakku deutgo sipeo meorissogi neoro gadeukhae [Soobin] Oh baby can’t stop jeomjeom deo gakkawojigo itneun geol Oh meomchul suga eoptjanha [Cheng Xiao] Can’t stop neoegero Can’t stop nae mami Can’t stop neoegero [Dawon] Neo moreun cheok hajima [Eunseo] Eonjebuteonga jogeumssik nal boneun siseoni neukkyeojyeo [Bona] Jakku banbokdoeneun uyeoni neoege nal ikkeuneun geot gata [Yeoreum] Boiji anhneun kkeuneuro yeongyeoldwae itna bwa han bal han bal neoege ganeun giri [Seola] Jogeumssik jogeumssik deo dallyeogago isseo [Yeonjung] Baby can’t stop na deutgo sipeo jakku deutgo sipeo meorissogi neoro gadeukhae [Dawon] Oh baby can’t stop jeomjeom deo gakkawojigo itneun geol Oh meomchul suga eoptjanha [Seola] Gakkeum na buranhaejil ttaemyeon sangsanghajyo geudae moksori [Bona] Gakkai gakkaie songiri dahneun gose [Yeonjung] Neul gyeote isseojullae yeah [EXY] Byeori doeneun geoya urin Seoro winwin haneun geoya duri Gobaekdaun neoui gobaek neukkimjeogin uri neukkim Beulling beulling bitnaneun taeyang Geu arae nal himkkeot anajul neoya Wolhwasumokgeumtoil maeilmaeil Ne juwil baengbaeng maemdoneun naya [Dayoung] Baby can’t stop na deutgo sipeo jakku deutgo sipeo meorissogi neoro gadeukhae [Soobin] Oh baby can’t stop jeomjeom deo gakkawojigo itneun geol Oh meomchul suga eoptjanha [Cheng Xiao] Can’t stop neoegero Can’t stop nae mami Can’t stop neoegero [Yeonjung] Neo moreun cheok hajima

  • Someone likes kpop
    Someone likes kpop 6 days ago

    Poor my Baby yeri

  • naomi
    naomi 6 days ago

    what is the song that plays in the end of the video?

  • ILuvU_ Blinkk
    ILuvU_ Blinkk 7 days ago

    I just wanna say this is not a hate comment lol 1. You shouln't count the part that redvelvet all five member sing all together 2. In this vid. aiiyl part it jennie and rosè voice sing mix together Just that but you already did a grat job thanks for this vid.

  • tae vvlo
    tae vvlo 7 days ago

    They really using Jungwoo for “bless me achoo.” 😔

  • viky 97
    viky 97 7 days ago

    Como siempre yeri tiene que ser la de las pocas líneas >:(

  • 강니
    강니 8 days ago

    3:03 gain 3:05 narsha

  • JaSLDF Dillera
    JaSLDF Dillera 8 days ago


  • Mochi Puff
    Mochi Puff 8 days ago

    Sowon eunha

  • Emma L
    Emma L 8 days ago

    The fact that there is only 2 chinese members in the top 9.... hmm And after chenle's 64.8s (which is funny cause he is main vocal in dream yet renjun gets more lines than him and he's lead) the highest is 30s below (Jeno)

  • OPPA ololol
    OPPA ololol 9 days ago

    Your timing is a bit wrong , it doesn't stop when they don't sing

  • Lân Tịch
    Lân Tịch 9 days ago


  • Bacon Gurl
    Bacon Gurl 9 days ago

    Where's Jessica :(

  • _DissolvingxKid_
    _DissolvingxKid_ 9 days ago

    Idk why but I really wanna know how this will be with Kris, Luhan and Tao 😂

  • Marcy Arts
    Marcy Arts 10 days ago

    Muita ruim! A momo nao canta só isso! Vc n foi feito PR criar lines,confia em mim cara

  • Rulla Hasna
    Rulla Hasna 10 days ago

    yeah this is taeyong and mark ft. his friends in nct

  • 김유경
    김유경 10 days ago

    다시 만나 왕이런 센터 박해윤 리터 강혜원 미야자키 나쿠나 미야자키 미유 프로듀스48 프로듀스48 김민주 센터 이채연 리터 고토 모에 시타오 미우 미야자키미호 프로듀스48 루머 김시현 센터 권은비 리터 한초원 이시안 사메 프로듀스48 김채원 센터 장규리 리터 나고은 조유리 야부키 나코 너에게 닿기를 프로듀스48 장원영 센터 김나영 리터 김도아 롤린 롤린 혼다 히토미 시무 프로듀스48 안유진 센터 이가은 리터 새벽한시 허윤진 최예나 규리

    • 김유경
      김유경 10 days ago

      강다민 박민지 유민영 허윤진 최예나 이가은 안유진 김채원 강혜원 김민주 장원정 한초원 박해윤 김나영 김도아 이시안 나고은 장규리 김시현 이시안 이채연 윤은빈 황소연 조영인 이승현 박친주 원서연 김소희 윤해솔 김다연 고유진 박지은 김현아 최소은 조사랑 신수현 안예원 김민서 이유정 이하은 조가현 김초연 박서영 왕이런 조유리 김유빈 최연수

  • Lilac - Tea
    Lilac - Tea 10 days ago

    Hyungjun my babyyyyy T-T whyyyyyyyy

  • Adellia Adellia
    Adellia Adellia 11 days ago

    Listening to jungkook become the best 18:14 in my life💕

  • chuchu _04
    chuchu _04 11 days ago

    i like that absent thing :)

  • Choi Yunhee
    Choi Yunhee 11 days ago


  • Amelia Toekan
    Amelia Toekan 11 days ago

    I like Exo Baekhyun

  • Star Bella
    Star Bella 11 days ago

    Where The Love and Woo Woo?!

  • Jiann
    Jiann 11 days ago

    Yujin voice is so soothing! Also just realized how strong and good Eunbi’s voice. ALSO MY YENA 🥰🥰

  • L E A L I C E
    L E A L I C E 11 days ago

    In As if it's your last chorus, Jennie and Rosé are singing togheter :(

  • 난다
    난다 11 days ago

    Jungwoo: Bless me Achoo SM: okay that's it thank you you've done amazing sweetie

  • Grace Nelson
    Grace Nelson 11 days ago

    Yay jisso,this was fair

  • kilouwu
    kilouwu 12 days ago

    Eunbi and Kim Lip's voices are somehow similar though, I could imagine Eunbi when Kim Lip is singing💕

  • Simon Vaeta
    Simon Vaeta 12 days ago

    Jungkook is soo happy because he is singing with his IDOL I PURPLE U JK

  • aneak Tammam
    aneak Tammam 12 days ago


  • fairy cow
    fairy cow 12 days ago

    Well we know who their favourite is

  • Noorah Khaled
    Noorah Khaled 12 days ago

    Jimin sing with tae 2:53

  • I stan twice Fir good life

    Poor jimin 💔😭

  • Josué López
    Josué López 13 days ago


  • chuuves;
    chuuves; 13 days ago

    to be honest that’s how actually (g)i-dle would sing because shuhua only sings that wiparam part

  • Kpop Song Covers
    Kpop Song Covers 13 days ago

    0:30 isn’t this instrumental similar to feel special😳😳😱

  • yyg AR
    yyg AR 13 days ago

    OMG this really exist???!!! I cant die now.

  • Fenixzc
    Fenixzc 13 days ago

    What song of final video? (sorry por mi mala redaccion en ingles)

  • Grażyna Grocholewska

    Jihyo ♥️♥️

  • Mr. X
    Mr. X 14 days ago

    Chaeyeons and Eunbis shoes are killing me 😍

  • Mr. X
    Mr. X 14 days ago

    OMG YURIIIII is killing the background ❤️💕😍😍😍😍♥️💓💗🌹👌

  • Sousuke Y
    Sousuke Y 14 days ago

    Miryo supports a lower tone when Jea sings "Pop" during the choruses

  • Linh Chi Hoàng
    Linh Chi Hoàng 14 days ago

    2:36 It's Rose

  • TWICEZ*ONE Entertainment

    This is unfair i guess?

  • luisa
    luisa 14 days ago

    we love a versatile queen

  • Kpop21
    Kpop21 15 days ago

    I miss wanna one 😢

  • Jwen7836
    Jwen7836 15 days ago

    Am I the only one that thinks that sometimes she looks and sounds like Joy from RV?

  • Karina pratiwi
    Karina pratiwi 15 days ago

    I'm miss them so bad :(

  • dᥲᥒᥴᥱ thᥱ ᥒight ᥲᥕᥲᥡ

    _more lines to Grimes!!1!1!1_

  • armybuddy family
    armybuddy family 16 days ago

    4:25 ong ong ong

  • S.B. Sapphire
    S.B. Sapphire 16 days ago

    Jimin is a God's gift! No, he is the God himself! 💛

  • الفتاة الأسطورية

    I'm exol 🌺🌺🌺

  • quack renjun
    quack renjun 17 days ago

    when xuxi literally was in 2 songs and had more lines than sicheng who was in every 127 song + a u lineup

  • quack renjun
    quack renjun 17 days ago

    in defense of mark he’s literally been in every 127 and dream track and almost every u lineup. my man is so tired

    • quack renjun
      quack renjun 17 days ago

      not saying sm doesn’t give him all the lines then but he’s just so overworked :(

  • Karen Smith
    Karen Smith 18 days ago

    I think it is fair that Wheein and Solar got less lines, because it is a rap song

  • Gimaamidar Biidaabazar

    i love jennie and lisaa

  • Reagan Butrum
    Reagan Butrum 18 days ago

    Why do they change it for the love versions?

  • Lim Jieun
    Lim Jieun 19 days ago

    "Tìm kiếm"

  • Lim Jieun
    Lim Jieun 19 days ago

    Are you vietnamese????

  • April Lady Faith
    April Lady Faith 19 days ago

    I miss wanna one 💔😭

  • Geoj Baturiano
    Geoj Baturiano 19 days ago

    Lollipop 47.8s Fire 92.4s I Don’t Care 65.3s Follow Me 33.7s Clap Your Hands 34.5s Go Away 53.9s Can’t Nobody 66.4s It Hurts 68.7s Don’t Stop The Music 98.3s Lonely 66.6s I Am The Best 104.4s Hate You 125.2s Ugly 106.1s Scream 46.1s I Love You 85.1s Falling In Love 58.4s Do You Love Me 75.8s Missing You 49.2s Come Back Home 88.9s Happy 58.9s Gotta Be You 70.4s Crush 80.7s Goodbye 81.3s

  • Geoj Baturiano
    Geoj Baturiano 19 days ago

    Lollipop 17.8s Fire 38.6s I Don’t Care 29.9s Follow Me 11.5s Clap Your Hands 55.8s Go Away 21.8s Can’t Nobody 29.7s It Hurts 40.6s Don’t Stop The Music 17.6s Lonely 25.6s I Am The Best 26s Hate You 17.2s Ugly 33.4s Scream 27.4s I Love You 46.7s Falling In Love 30.6s Do You Love Me 25.9s Missing You 25.1s Come Back Home 46.2s Happy 39.8s Gotta Be You 20.7s Crush 25.3s Goodbye 23.3s Total: 697.2s (Pls correct me if im wrong)

    OKALIN ZOCHA 19 days ago

    Wonyong ♡♡♡♡

  • Catalina Pulgar
    Catalina Pulgar 20 days ago

    Dara in Crush: They love CAUSE I'M C O L D

  • Alex Ribeiro
    Alex Ribeiro 20 days ago


  • Fatmanur Demir
    Fatmanur Demir 21 day ago

    Solar main vocal but 2. Wtf rbw

  • Jinhit Ent
    Jinhit Ent 21 day ago

    Omg all of Mamamoo’s songs are addictive 😍😍😍

  • rober gem
    rober gem 22 days ago


  • Hans Lester Prado
    Hans Lester Prado 22 days ago

    My poor hyungjun

  • Seonho’s twin sister

    I think Soojin fits the “Love is blind~” part

  • Phailin Wantha
    Phailin Wantha 23 days ago

    1.26 is yoojung 1.30 is sohye

  • Britato
    Britato 23 days ago

    yall kidding me winwin got less than2 seconds for all 3 versions

  • Jham's_ YT
    Jham's_ YT 23 days ago

    Do you know why in K.A.R.D. she has long line distribution???.... Well... She's the main vocalist and also the visual ✌✌✌

  • Takano Yuuekira
    Takano Yuuekira 23 days ago

    Hyungjun got 4th rank but got less than minhee and eunsang 😭

  • Alexandre Oliveira
    Alexandre Oliveira 23 days ago

    Latata 24 segundos hann 26 segundos senorita 46 segundos uh oh 30 segundos