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Chasing Love in Rom-Coms
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Mrs. Claus Is Coming to Town
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6 Movies With Hidden CGI
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  • Rage.ModelsInc
    Rage.ModelsInc 2 hours ago

    Omg I had no idea he was still alive !!! Amazing soul bravo sir !!! #Cabaret is a ginormous classic !!!

  • amaar naraen
    amaar naraen 3 hours ago

    O beautiful ass lady

  • Nick Shmoney
    Nick Shmoney 3 hours ago

    He's a weirdo

  • Sasquaatch68
    Sasquaatch68 3 hours ago

    She’s so beautiful 💕

  • Michael Keehn
    Michael Keehn 4 hours ago

    I would love to fuck Anne politically correct...

  • Dumpling King
    Dumpling King 4 hours ago

    He’s a comedian yall not funny

  • Olivia M
    Olivia M 5 hours ago

    This is like a freakin black mirror episode I’m out

  • Dan 101
    Dan 101 7 hours ago

    So wrae can I get them done at?

  • Zee Kmz
    Zee Kmz 7 hours ago

    Okay more Brit playing lesbian characters please can we make that happen

  • sadbox 11
    sadbox 11 7 hours ago

    New York magazine: What happens when a nuclear bomb hits? Hiroshima/Nagasaki: ARE WE A JOKE TO YOU???

  • Ailak Nella
    Ailak Nella 7 hours ago

    Beautiful ✨🖤

  • The Jackson Winfrey Project

    Where’s Sam?

  • yashira lopez
    yashira lopez 10 hours ago

    Oh my god

  • Толик Несиров


  • samantha breeze
    samantha breeze 11 hours ago

    Been watching this lady for years wow just Lu her Mother😊wife work Lu her humility humble with gratitude for her life Dictionary on fashion beauty travel💄🕶💋❤️

  • archisaurus
    archisaurus 11 hours ago

    Well, they were terrible.

  • mohamed yasiin
    mohamed yasiin 11 hours ago

    African girls are so beautifull. Actually Somali girls

  • Sean L
    Sean L 12 hours ago

    Rename the video as "Taking my novice sushi eating daughter to try Japanese Sushi places owned by Chinese"

  • dmactexas007
    dmactexas007 13 hours ago

    Is this the ugliest bitch on earth?..... jesus

  • Eliana Kareena
    Eliana Kareena 14 hours ago

    My new dream home

  • Jerdon's babbler
    Jerdon's babbler 14 hours ago

    She's actually not charming. I keep thinking I'm about to be fascinated, and then ...nothing.

  • Christina Fidance
    Christina Fidance 15 hours ago

    “Mononormative culture”???? Wtf is THAT??? Is that even a WORD???? And I consider myself a pretty intelligent person too, but that’s def a new one for me!!!

    • Christina Fidance
      Christina Fidance 15 hours ago

      Oh!!! It IS a word, technically.... but in my opinion, it’s one of those new-fangled words made up by someone trying to sound smart when they’re actually talking about something pretty dumb. But that’s just me! All I think she had to say was that dating just one person isn’t normal to her!!! She shouldn’t feel the need to go sending off college educated people to go google some strange f#@%ing UNNECESSARY new vocabulary word!!! I hate that. I’m ALL FOR expanding my vocabulary, but (like I said, IN MY OPINION) that is just simply a word that I will never use in normal conversation, EVER, and nor would I want to because it doesn’t make me feel any smarter to have to send someone else off to google a word that THEY will probably never ever use again and won’t enrich their life in any way either!!!! Anybody else have thoughts on this or am I just being weird??? Seriously- that shit bothers me for some reason. I dunno why.

    • Christina Fidance
      Christina Fidance 15 hours ago

      I think I’m going to google it right now.

  • Heath Kitchen
    Heath Kitchen 15 hours ago

    Yes and

  • val g
    val g 16 hours ago

    They would not have been so sweet about the feedback if it was real and also is there even anything on the papers?

    • val g
      val g 16 hours ago

      Also I don’t think they give u feedback.. at the auction and results take 3 weeks lol pretty sure it was staged and ur not even allowed to record without permission so plz stop attacking her she’s just doing her job

  • TheUnicornDiet
    TheUnicornDiet 16 hours ago

    Crafting and Korean dramas🥰

  • justin denley
    justin denley 16 hours ago


  • five10ish
    five10ish 16 hours ago

    Very disappointed "ennui" didn't make the list

  • Jennifer Knickerbocker

    What is that breakfast??!! Looks amazing.

  • Christina Mcilwaine
    Christina Mcilwaine 17 hours ago

    Legend Mr Rob Paulsen💗

  • kyu talks
    kyu talks 18 hours ago

    i would die for everyone from the bon appetit test kitchen

  • Candy Jones
    Candy Jones 20 hours ago

    She is so full of herself. This was almost unwatchable.

  • Roy Liu
    Roy Liu 21 hour ago

    Why does everyone hate her so much? Because she’s a pro trump pro American hard working responsible woman? Yea let’s hate this woman for doing what woman should be

  • Stewart Family
    Stewart Family 23 hours ago

    NICK lied he and others drank alcohol and 1 or more did drugs

  • Isa
    Isa 23 hours ago

    When someone chew and it’s especially loud of annoying i have to leave the room and sometimes its like the sound is stuck in my ear idk how to explain it but I can focus on anything else.

  • miss rachael
    miss rachael Day ago

    I love this show muchos. I have a habit of looking up the definition of words I don't know and I do it a lot watching Schitt's Creek which is awesome. Moira Rose is just one member of a great cast but her spectacular fashion sense & extraordinary diction elevate her to even dizzier heights. Up to Season 4 on a re watch...I don't want it to end.

  • Brian Fisher
    Brian Fisher Day ago

    good luck to the folks in seattle ..

  • PsyKey
    PsyKey Day ago

    What a freaking legendary show! The music, the animation, the voice acting, the style, the backgrounds, the clever adult humor, the relatable character, situations, memes, and plots. So crazy to think we will probably never ever get another show like this. They set a bar that is nearly impossible to top in the way they did it. Even gravity falls despite being a really great show just didn't have the same spark that spongebob did to everyone.

  • PsyKey
    PsyKey Day ago

    Steve Hillenburg single handedly is the guy who brought the most joy to all kids more than anyone else. And I owe my childhood to him for that!

  • david purina
    david purina Day ago

    35 years later and id still smash

  • Nick W
    Nick W Day ago

    Lame, the author is very interesting but this video sucks. Why no mention of Joker's 1930s origin? This video pretends evil clowns weren't a concept until the 60s?

  • miranda c
    miranda c Day ago

    I can't wait for the Trump era to be over. Look at this person: her haircut, her language, her hand gestures, her lingo, her depth -- take me awaaaay

  • M
    M Day ago

    Hilarious. And I also agree he doesn’t have the real ones. Probably his birthdate and he’s too dumb to notice!

  • Alex Meyer
    Alex Meyer Day ago

    I would have sold TINA to the local Chinese restaurant years ago....

  • miss blackiphon

    Y’all just emo

  • sue walker
    sue walker Day ago

    Never heard of this lady, but neither do I live in New York. Wish we could just meander thru and look at her collections; it all looks very eclectic with a story behind each piece!.

  • Horse237
    Horse237 Day ago

    Might I point out that the population of Mexico in 1950 was 28 million. Today there are 34 million Mexican Americans and 132 million people in Mexico. Solving the over population problems of Latin America, Africa, the Mideast and Asia is way beyond our ability. I wrote this: Senator, Why Do You Want to Cut Our Wages and Pensions 50%? Ann wrote Adios America. What has any of these fools done to protect us from otherwise certain collapse. What happens to you when 160 million Americans can't afford to feed their children?

  • Nitrobuz Ae
    Nitrobuz Ae Day ago

    I wish someone would use AI to keep sound consistent. I HATE when it suddenly gets loud for no reason. My intention is that you will hate it too and it will eventually get fixed.

  • Hannah Syed
    Hannah Syed Day ago

    Mine is chewing breathing whispering

  • Hannah Syed
    Hannah Syed Day ago

    Me tooo

  • Alex Pato
    Alex Pato Day ago


  • ID.Bhushan Kamble

    I like this

  • SeanTheOriginal

    "It's the cheapest drug there is" is _bullshit._ Prescriptions are free if you didn't get the incorrect insurance, and doctors will push as much as they legally can AND more.

  • AJ Lee
    AJ Lee Day ago

    I love her


    Mad people with hypersexual disorder

  • Barano
    Barano Day ago

    Inappropriate? More like predatory sexual behavior.

  • Ethan Tremblay

    What a timeless beauty!

  • Dick Gori
    Dick Gori Day ago

    I AM REALLY PISSED OFF WITH THE SOUNDS YOU USED IN THIS VIDEO!... except the dogs, they are cute... Seriously, this stuff feels like it's ruining my daily life, I'm just sitting around then someone decides to I dunno, walk heavy when they walk, they chew with their mouth open while smacking their lips, they wear winter jackets that make all sorts of annoying sounds if the sleeves touch eachother, I want to shout at them so bad, but they are like "What's your problem?" My problem is YOU dumbasses! Who taught you to eat in such an unappealing way! Be mindful of your own damn noise! it effects others!

  • Matt Dursse
    Matt Dursse Day ago

    "Finger Blaster Incorporated" Kristen Schaal is our greatest treasure

  • KH. Art
    KH. Art 2 days ago


  • Scotty 490
    Scotty 490 2 days ago


  • FAL G
    FAL G 2 days ago

    A perfect place for rich mega-assholes to inhabit. They really think they have taste. This place is just nauseating and repugnant.

  • Steve Romney
    Steve Romney 2 days ago


  • Rodney Tate
    Rodney Tate 2 days ago

    “ Be here Now “ - Ram Dass

  • Tuna Pruductionz
    Tuna Pruductionz 2 days ago

    YTPs don't have much to with memes

  • Michael B u f f Ord

    Had crush on her since I was 20, still as hot as she was 30 plus years ago.

  • Causeitsallthisgood

    Beautiful, her music speaks to my soul :)

  • Michael Kozlowski
    Michael Kozlowski 2 days ago

    You have💪💪💪

  • D.B Cooper
    D.B Cooper 2 days ago


  • Alex The man
    Alex The man 2 days ago

    The queen of hoarding

  • D-9341
    D-9341 2 days ago

    simple. no.

  • Itz_GachaStarlight / Shimmer - chan playyz

    More like 30+ years cuz the creator made it in the 1980s

  • Simon Rysavy
    Simon Rysavy 2 days ago

    *facepalm* More sides ≠ more fair

  • Hjordis Torfa
    Hjordis Torfa 2 days ago

    This is Breathtakingly beautiful artwork.. I'm speechless over his talent.. Beautiful 💕🍃🌹🍃💕

  • UndeadDave
    UndeadDave 2 days ago

    She was sooooooo fine!!!!! And still is.

  • Joseph Seay
    Joseph Seay 2 days ago

    This vid. is nothing but propaganda of the commie sort leave our history alone . If you dont like it move to the north.

  • gisele vasconcelos
    gisele vasconcelos 2 days ago


  • Ivan Montes
    Ivan Montes 2 days ago

    Notice how they still dont give a fuck about men being raped by women it must only happen to wahman i guess fucken hypocrites they just want attention wit they ugly ass they dont want equality they want superiority

  • Debbian Ramos
    Debbian Ramos 2 days ago

    My FAVORITE show

  • Michel Perez
    Michel Perez 2 days ago

    I miss the RZ project was so good

  • A
    A 2 days ago

    i love people who are bold in whatever they do & their love of life shows in their creativeness & going for it.

  • Harry ABB
    Harry ABB 2 days ago

    In fairness she is pretty shit.

  • Damien
    Damien 2 days ago

    Keep up the good work Ann, the free world needs you!

  • Tsetsi
    Tsetsi 2 days ago

    Broadway is a fun place!

  • Adonis Top of Men
    Adonis Top of Men 2 days ago

    great ……..

  • Petr Zly
    Petr Zly 2 days ago

    You mean I cannot Hegel !?

  • Be Pa
    Be Pa 2 days ago

    Alfred Hitchcock was like "Oscars, never heard of em"

  • Cellomewsic
    Cellomewsic 2 days ago

    Gotta give Lowe credit for the bombing joke. That one he had to have come up with on the spot.

  • Lance Librada
    Lance Librada 2 days ago

    this is a little bit weird

  • Lauren Dukes
    Lauren Dukes 3 days ago

    So excited to see her comedy special!!! Congrats, Dulcé

  • Joanne Tran
    Joanne Tran 3 days ago

    Thank you, what a hectic life she hae

  • Antonio Lopez
    Antonio Lopez 3 days ago

    Can you say sicko..dude got some serious issues. He shouldn't be running a country he should be locked away in a crazy hospital with the rest of the crazy fucks...only a billionaire can get away with it and not go to prison

  • Robert McMillan
    Robert McMillan 3 days ago

    Omg Claire is blowin up, good stuff. Hope to see her on a tv series or somewhere outside of RUclip.

  • Maya G
    Maya G 3 days ago

    yes she's great but can we talk about this guy 3:21 and why he's not laughing?

  • T. D
    T. D 3 days ago

    Wow she looks amazing 😍

  • Tamara Laird
    Tamara Laird 3 days ago

    Sharon, hun, you're not gay, stop forcing it,

  • Ruth Chelimo
    Ruth Chelimo 3 days ago

    Their friendship is the perfect juxtaposition. I adore the house and their friendship. The video could have been longer.

  • Julianna Gepes
    Julianna Gepes 3 days ago

    I'm about to go in for an interview to be an elf this season and... thank you for this 😂

  • Grima3773
    Grima3773 3 days ago

    That’s not fooling anyone, that’s Nancy in a bad disguise

  • Priz Amezcua
    Priz Amezcua 3 days ago

    Wait! Did she got up on that table with just one step and NO HANDS??? I can barely climb into my bead without tripping over my blankets

  • DubDanTV
    DubDanTV 3 days ago

    The libtard hate is overwhelming, they use the world racist so casually. Lol Trump2020