Binging with Babish
Binging with Babish
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Pies | Basics with Babish
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Poutine | Basics with Babish
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Brownies | Basics with Babish
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Coffee | Basics with Babish
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Pot Roast | Basics with Babish
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  • Will Franco
    Will Franco 4 hours ago

    “Once your done pounding your meat..”

  • Connor Stiles
    Connor Stiles 4 hours ago

    I have the chef aid cd that has the song from this episode definitely one of my favorite episodes and CDs

  • TVPS archive
    TVPS archive 4 hours ago

    When you gon' make Khlav Kalash from the Simpsons??

  • cicci0salsicci0
    cicci0salsicci0 4 hours ago

    It's not BRA-JOL... it's BRA-CHO-LAE.. At least say it right.....

  • Jose Rodrigues
    Jose Rodrigues 4 hours ago

    I was today years old when i realised that the egg tart is just a pastel de nata

  • Alta
    Alta 4 hours ago

    Pound my beef bro

  • Hi I'm Weird
    Hi I'm Weird 4 hours ago

    Make Frank's milk of the goods from shameless - gives you a reason to make Homebrew

  • Blob Buckowski
    Blob Buckowski 4 hours ago

    GRRR. Infuriating. calling it shepherds pie but hes using beef. _americans_

  • woestaantrekkel
    woestaantrekkel 4 hours ago

    How do you not burn the bottom with fond after searing the meat, cooking the unions, adding the garlic, and then adding the liquid at least 5 min later?

  • Trevor K
    Trevor K 4 hours ago

    Please do the oyster Po boy and crawfish etouffee from archer. The episodes called pipeline fever. Huge fan!!!

  • Jose Tarin
    Jose Tarin 4 hours ago

    Could you make uncle Irohs tea?? (avatar the last Airbender)

  • David Wilkins
    David Wilkins 4 hours ago


  • Kairu Hakubi
    Kairu Hakubi 4 hours ago

    having learned Alton Brown's technique for reclaiming potato starch after wringing out your grated potatoes, to make crispier latkes, I wonder if there's any way to do something similar for the lost starch in pasta water.. thus not having to add unwanted water to something, just the starch goo. Does semolina starch settle out after a few minutes? Is there a way to EVICT it? why can't you just buy wheat starch, the way you can most any other starch, especially when so many people pretend to have a gluten problem? separating out the protein would make for some cheap, sticky protein supplement afterwards..

  • Mark Philpott
    Mark Philpott 4 hours ago

    My nonna is calabrese and she would make them with chopped bacon ( in lieu of pancetta tho) garlic, parsley and breadcrumbs. Fry them, then simmer on the stove for 4 to 6 hours... they are to this day some of the best food I have ever eaten and the resulting sauce on fresh pappardelle could bring a tear to your eye. Man I miss that lady

  • Theo Dudley
    Theo Dudley 5 hours ago

    Back to some classic babish , nice x

  • Hayden Norris
    Hayden Norris 5 hours ago

    How many tries do you usually need to get a dish right when making your own recipie? Ive been trying new things in the kitchen and im feeling a bit discouraged that they never seem to work out.

  • Luis Santiago
    Luis Santiago 5 hours ago

    You should make Sojiro's curry from Persona5, anyone else think so too?

  • NochSoEinKaddiFan
    NochSoEinKaddiFan 5 hours ago

    I am always down to beat my meat in the kitchen... What? I like the pain, don't judge me. >.>

  • Alexandria Quinn Hevox

    He's just a more intense, country babish

  • Josten Jones
    Josten Jones 5 hours ago

    Did you call a dinner knife a butter knife?

  • allygator 20
    allygator 20 5 hours ago

    His girlfriend must be so lucky. Like she gets to eat and enjoy his meals while the rest of us are left to drool.

  • elliott loverin
    elliott loverin 5 hours ago

    gee kermit...

  • Patrick Lewis
    Patrick Lewis 5 hours ago

    The delivery on "pounding your meat" is so perfect that I can't tell if you're deliberately or accidentally making an innuendo.

  • 2022 Hugo Lin
    2022 Hugo Lin 5 hours ago

    The best way to fold a dumping is actually not to wet the whole outside, but only half of it. Trust me. I have asian parents.

  • Jo Rae
    Jo Rae 5 hours ago

    U N m oL eStE d? ??

  • Diamond Jub
    Diamond Jub 5 hours ago

    you should start a construction company called building with babish

  • Danielle Wolfe34
    Danielle Wolfe34 5 hours ago

    Awwww...cute! Don't believe Howard. Love your show!

  • Connor Huckle
    Connor Huckle 5 hours ago

    okay, for Babish to actually GET HIS APRON DIRTY and while eating the dish no less, it's GOTTA be something special.

  • Cody asmr
    Cody asmr 5 hours ago

    Honestly the film is sad

  • T1M0
    T1M0 5 hours ago

    King of queens episode pls

  • seashell baby
    seashell baby 5 hours ago

    .... what do you mean it’s not pronounced brah-key-o-lee???

  • not you
    not you 5 hours ago

    You should make sour crout and dumplings in your own way

  • Bry K
    Bry K 5 hours ago

    I never in my life expected to laugh as hard as I did at a coffee ad, but here we are. This was one of the funniest episodes, possibly the funniest, I've seen so far.

  • Isotonic Cheese
    Isotonic Cheese 5 hours ago

    1:08 I don’t know if that’s a tail Babish

  • Anders
    Anders 5 hours ago

    “Do the chickens have large talons?”

  • diff deng
    diff deng 5 hours ago

    hahahahaha I'm dead

  • mia walker
    mia walker 5 hours ago

    The Meatsiah....

  • Sarah Love
    Sarah Love 5 hours ago

    Not sure if it’s because he started off saying meat so much but this has great potential to be one of those videos like the sexy nigella lawson edits/songs 😂~ someone do it imagine the song

  • Aidan D.
    Aidan D. 5 hours ago

    Nobody: Babish: Pound your meat

  • Jason Douglas
    Jason Douglas 5 hours ago

    My mom said my dad Dutch Ovened her with onion vapors once and that's why I grew up without a dad

  • Tylor Godshall
    Tylor Godshall 5 hours ago

    Do you remember where you got the bowl you served in?

  • Christiaan Vrey
    Christiaan Vrey 5 hours ago

    Litteraly couldnt sleep and watching it at midnight on a tuesday

  • delascroix
    delascroix 5 hours ago


  • Josh Shields
    Josh Shields 5 hours ago

    You could use a giant skewer to make it instead of the aluminum foil

  • ChaiTea
    ChaiTea 5 hours ago

    I figured it out. I finally fucking figured it out. You sound like CGP Grey. Are you CGP Grey? His animated stick figure is bald. You're bald. That's proof enough, right?

  • metalfaust19
    metalfaust19 5 hours ago

    Babish: brashole Me: bracky oly

  • Jason Douglas
    Jason Douglas 5 hours ago

    I've always wondered if White Castle doesn't have free refills when you dine in ?? Ive never eaten there but to order 5 drinks when you get free refills is just as dumb as hang gliding off a cliff after riding a tiger

  • sweetme t
    sweetme t 5 hours ago

    Is anyone curious how many kitchen utensils/appliances/ equipment he has, cuz it’s something new every episode and i dred to think of his washin up

  • Teleisha
    Teleisha 5 hours ago

    you gotta do the xmas fish now

  • Your average piece of Bread

    This shits weird

  • Maospock
    Maospock 5 hours ago

    That last tongue frame rivals with all the cats of the Internet. A-DO-RA-BLE !

  • Stopper 99
    Stopper 99 5 hours ago

    I won't ever forget to beat my meat again! Thanks Babish!

  • Tom X2
    Tom X2 5 hours ago

    “Once your done finished pounding your meat” -babish 2020

  • Sxlency
    Sxlency 5 hours ago

    Ma come cazzo ha pronunciato bracciole???! XD

  • Emerald Pro Gaming
    Emerald Pro Gaming 5 hours ago

    Next Basics with Babish you should make Bigos

  • Sara Bakir
    Sara Bakir 5 hours ago

    You should make the donuts from the Simpsons episode the day the earth stood cool

  • Nathan Thornton
    Nathan Thornton 5 hours ago

    Make the Tripper Snipper from Big Lez Show

  • Morris Hakeem Schlüter

    This video is 3 years old soon. Watched for the first time today on a Tuesday during midnight

  • Oni Bank
    Oni Bank 5 hours ago

    Babish you are slowly turning me bi and im okay with that. Keep it up you handsome stallion

  • The sinner Jim Whitney

    Ketchup? On a hot dog?! Heresy!

  • CodeDonut
    CodeDonut 5 hours ago

    his dishwasher is trying to send a message! similar to that of the Shazam! movie. xD

  • Chris Nowosadko
    Chris Nowosadko 5 hours ago

    Dude they did this in the 80's......

  • Jake Varley
    Jake Varley 5 hours ago

    You should do a Good Burger with Ed’s Secret Sauce!

  • nomad18074
    nomad18074 5 hours ago


  • Isaiah Perez
    Isaiah Perez 5 hours ago

    How bout we get the meatloaf from phineas and ferb?

  • Quickman may win
    Quickman may win 5 hours ago


  • Jakor
    Jakor 5 hours ago

    In my country the inflation turns 5 pesos into 600

  • Victoria Smith
    Victoria Smith 5 hours ago

    I wish you could of shown when Marie tastes the braciole then proceeds to toss the fork in anger.

  • Pepocop
    Pepocop 5 hours ago

    Yo Andrew, what's the Brajol? It's Braciòle! Say as you write it! With the open E!

  • Blake Waller
    Blake Waller 5 hours ago

    Am I the only one that noticed he's licking his own head when the channel icon appears in the outro?

  • Dark Rays Of Sunshine

    May 24, 2021 eat a bowl of rigatoni

    RE FLEX 5 hours ago

    4:57 bars

  • nezquick
    nezquick 5 hours ago

    In high school, every day after school I’d come home and make myself an 8 egg omelet and I just realized how ridiculously hard core that was

  • sulali premaratna
    sulali premaratna 5 hours ago

    Pork cutlet bowl from yuri on ice

  • Kyran Feeley
    Kyran Feeley 5 hours ago

    5:00 me when November ends

  • Zach
    Zach 5 hours ago


  • Dolphinboi
    Dolphinboi 5 hours ago

    I like how the screenshotted Babish in the ending is licking the new icon Babish's head

  • Lil_Patrick2046
    Lil_Patrick2046 5 hours ago

    Imagine this guy on Hell’s Kitchen

  • xTheGamingSlendermanEZ x

    I'm going to cook this for Mother's Day and I'm not gonna put blood and sweat

  • Oni Bank
    Oni Bank 5 hours ago

    in the bowl of a STAND mixer. hmmmst

  • IcingOnThe Cake
    IcingOnThe Cake 5 hours ago

    Something in the background reminds me of the alarm clock in ZhaZam!!!!!

  • Danielle Magerowski
    Danielle Magerowski 5 hours ago

    What a beautiful video

  • Ben Stiller
    Ben Stiller 5 hours ago

    This is so relaxing to see them stretch

  • The Quiet Kris
    The Quiet Kris 5 hours ago

    Babish could you please recreate Silver's Bonza Beast Stew from Treasure Planet please?

  • dodgers doon1130
    dodgers doon1130 5 hours ago

    Make Bullock's sandwich from American dad

  • hegyimutymuty
    hegyimutymuty 5 hours ago

    I pounded my meat, but it didn't get flat, it just spewed some white stuff out of itself...what did I do wrong?

  • AZ17
    AZ17 5 hours ago

    the polish version of this is better, you fill it with a pickle spear, onion, and bacon. absolutely delicious. currants are great though, i wish they were more available in the states. especially currant juice

  • Tuffsmoygles
    Tuffsmoygles 5 hours ago

    Phillips should pay you so much more for the personalized commercials...

  • [[Insert Name]]
    [[Insert Name]] 5 hours ago

    Just a quick correction: it's usually pronounced or "bracchole" , bra (possibly with the typical Italian "r"), ccho like anchovees but with a really hard c and le which would usually be pronounced à la Français but the e has to be pronounced like "eh". Love you mate

  • The Chunky Badger
    The Chunky Badger 5 hours ago

    Am I totally stupid? I've watched this twice now and I still don't know what happened to the breadcrumbs. Was that part just to show how you can make your own Italian breadcrumb?

  • MB Guttersnipe
    MB Guttersnipe 5 hours ago

    I always remember Marie's line "What could be healthier than the food you love?" and that episode where everyone couldn't get enough of her chicken soup. Great show.

    • MB Guttersnipe
      MB Guttersnipe 5 hours ago

      You should've made Marie's chicken soup! This is flu season.

  • John Avila
    John Avila 6 hours ago

    Pound your beef hahahahahah

  • JarJarJacobs
    JarJarJacobs 6 hours ago

    You could not imagine how shocked I was when I figured it it’s not pronounced “brack-e-oli”

  • Drake and Jah
    Drake and Jah 6 hours ago

    You should do a mini-series called “Broke with Babish” where you cook meals with a cheap budget

    • Nicole Weinstein
      Nicole Weinstein 5 hours ago

      Drake and Jah check out “You suck at Cooking”. It’s basically what you’re describing.

  • guguigugu
    guguigugu 6 hours ago

    god that show was stupid

  • a freindly arsonist
    a freindly arsonist 6 hours ago

    Do Big Smokes order

  • Gilberto Tabares
    Gilberto Tabares 6 hours ago

    Lovely. Now do Deborah's lemon chicken.