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Brownies | Basics with Babish
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Coffee | Basics with Babish
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Donuts | Basics with Babish
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  • Joe Gialluca
    Joe Gialluca 3 hours ago


  • Vendetta
    Vendetta 3 hours ago

    Actually it's confirmed they are crab burgers made with a meat loaf recipe you know ground crab onion egg, and bread crumbs seasonings of your choice

  • Meep the memer
    Meep the memer 3 hours ago

    Can you please make a minecraft cake

  • Zachary Filion
    Zachary Filion 3 hours ago

    "Bagel Paradise of New York, New York" *Laughs in Montréal*

  • Stegotyranno 420
    Stegotyranno 420 3 hours ago

    Everyone else: Burns, cries, dies Indians: *sweats*

  • Joe Seward
    Joe Seward 3 hours ago

    Just make a super cute bento box with some rolled up eggs and octopus looking hot dogs

  • Jordan Syrop
    Jordan Syrop 3 hours ago

    can't stop staring at the chinbeard

  • Brayden Wormer
    Brayden Wormer 3 hours ago

    I found out my cousin lived near a McDonalds, and when they brought them back for a limited time they asked for like 20, and they got it! They got a ton, I keep forgetting to take one back with me. Would be my most prized possession.

  • Jacob Kern
    Jacob Kern 3 hours ago

    So, are you going to attempt to make either of the meals from Monster Hunter: World one day (the kebab plate from Astera or the grandmother of all stews from Seliana)?

  • Anna Eskola
    Anna Eskola 3 hours ago

    Who always eats the food..? There must be so many people volunteering as tribute for the tasting

  • Preetham Reddy
    Preetham Reddy 3 hours ago

    Babish please recreate dishes from the 'Food Wars' anime

  • william christensen
    william christensen 3 hours ago

    Use yeast and soda water instead of beer to cut cost and get similar flavor

  • girlcrazyrockstar
    girlcrazyrockstar 4 hours ago

    The lack of shinebox comments saddens me

  • Peter
    Peter 4 hours ago

    What’s this “gravy” you keep adding?

  • PE TE
    PE TE 4 hours ago

    that was beautiful. never thought id cry watching babish

  • Crispywafflz
    Crispywafflz 4 hours ago

    Blue cheese is nasty tho

  • Meow Master
    Meow Master 4 hours ago

    can you half this recipe?

  • Alliah Kee
    Alliah Kee 4 hours ago

    Oh Vinny, we miss you with brad :<

  • Jorge Jardim
    Jorge Jardim 4 hours ago

    I do even worse sandwich then that and for me its really good so.

  • SheyD78
    SheyD78 4 hours ago

    Hand rolling pasta and grinding meat seems just so much effort for what is essentially meatballs, eggs, cheese and pasta. I'm sure they're great (and I'll be directing an italian friend of mine to this, just in case he's willing to make it) but the difference between bought mince and pasta and this gourmet version doesn't seem like it could be enough to justify that much work. Maybe I'm just too lazy for really good food.

  • Faizaan Naseem
    Faizaan Naseem 4 hours ago

    It’s good to see Babish bring his son onto the show.

  • Mike Ramsay
    Mike Ramsay 4 hours ago

    Love your monotone voice. 👍🏻

  • jaeyeonnn
    jaeyeonnn 4 hours ago

    "Onigiri = Donut" *say sike rn*

  • Solrun Debes Heinesen

    How is Oil virgin?

  • Goddess 18
    Goddess 18 4 hours ago

    So for bone broths you just take the extra meat bits and freeze em till you need them?

  • Christian Mathes
    Christian Mathes 4 hours ago

    Do "Better Than Sex Cake!"

  • Dave Corriveau
    Dave Corriveau 4 hours ago

    Hello there! I have tried your bavkha recipe today. Not easy to do, but the result is delicious! :)

  • Josh Hixson
    Josh Hixson 4 hours ago

    My problem is I usually just stop once I crack the beer open.

  • Spooncer
    Spooncer 4 hours ago

    Fuck you talkin’ abouuut?

  • WolfClaw
    WolfClaw 4 hours ago

    The Larry David sandwich from curb your enthusiasm

  • drkinferno72
    drkinferno72 4 hours ago

    Now feed the chili to your enemies

  • white sedan
    white sedan 4 hours ago

    LOL Hank

  • Mac Duck
    Mac Duck 4 hours ago

    Hmm i am a Filipino so i love it

  • Bethany Marie
    Bethany Marie 4 hours ago

    "With all the hubris of a king in ancient Greece" lol

    MESCALINE MDMA 4 hours ago

    Dude I need to stop watching your videos, this is a pure torture..

  • Mega Turtle
    Mega Turtle 5 hours ago

    *Its a lie*

  • Sauce Saw
    Sauce Saw 5 hours ago

    5:12 because I love cooking and you're personality From one content creator and chef to another Sincerely Sauce Saw

  • Matt Martens
    Matt Martens 5 hours ago

    This was an awesome video. Be cool to see a venison version!

  • Goddess 18
    Goddess 18 5 hours ago

    So is fond like seasoning a pan? Dont clean it off, use it?

  • Hailey Misegadis
    Hailey Misegadis 5 hours ago

    What’s... *Obee* ?

  • Wise Loaf
    Wise Loaf 5 hours ago

    *Niceu! Nicue! VERY NICE CAESAR-CHAN!*

  • thesleepvampire
    thesleepvampire 5 hours ago

    My mom calls it egg in a window and the little piece of fried bread is absolutely necessary!

  • Chantal Campbell
    Chantal Campbell 5 hours ago

    *Stares in Jamaican. I thought this was really what we called Johnny cakes🤨

  • Dt Kraft
    Dt Kraft 5 hours ago

    "It's not the amount of meat, it's how you treat the meat. Huh, I think ima have that put on a t-shirt." Oh no

  • gchsbus
    gchsbus 5 hours ago

    I remember that SNL skit when it debuted live. I was cracking up. I am a huge foodie and I was loving it. The only thing I would not due in this recipe is the corn husk and the pico de gallo. I don't like pico de gallo and i mean, the corn husk is an obvious no. Besides that, I would love it !

  • uroppafollowsme
    uroppafollowsme 5 hours ago

    "Whole unmelted chocolate is essential for a fudgy brownie" *WRONG* Sir that is a lava cake.

  • FishousDinazor2
    FishousDinazor2 5 hours ago

    Aheres the salmon

  • Num lock
    Num lock 5 hours ago

    Ubes are often faked most of the time. They ground sweet potatoes and dye it with food color, they do that because sweet potatoes are cheaper. Unlike the real ube, sweet potatoes are rooty and rougher texture while authentic ube is soft and smooth.

  • The Coffee Cook
    The Coffee Cook 5 hours ago

    Maybe have a video about gnocchi

  • Shef
    Shef 5 hours ago

    Babish and big brother Babish make Cajun food.

  • Emily S
    Emily S 5 hours ago

    What? You didn’t put butter inside with the sugar and cinnamon??? Blasphemy

  • xSolarisx
    xSolarisx 5 hours ago

    Wrong channel oops Anyway, im new :P

  • B O N E S
    B O N E S 5 hours ago

    Make cookie cat

  • Dutch Blades
    Dutch Blades 5 hours ago

    5:50 That physically hurt.

  • Kye Thompson
    Kye Thompson 5 hours ago

    I have 500 packs

  • jakie tags
    jakie tags 5 hours ago

    a qt teaspoon of like

  • Amanda Lapp
    Amanda Lapp 5 hours ago

    what kind of devil puts COTTAGE CHEESE into baked ziti?!?! ricotta can go to hell tho so i’m conflicted

  • Tiramisuuu
    Tiramisuuu 5 hours ago

    Davie504 accepts the challenge of who makes the best carbonara

  • Snubby Pig
    Snubby Pig 6 hours ago

    Say thanks to the Philippines

  • dereinzigwahreRichi
    dereinzigwahreRichi 6 hours ago

    This was a bit like watching my first episode oh Sherlock: loads of stuff happening at an insane speed and it's really hard to follow.

  • Sophie Bruch
    Sophie Bruch 6 hours ago

    That’s called German buttercream

  • Sarah Adina Altman
    Sarah Adina Altman 6 hours ago

    Whats the difference between kosher salt and regular salt

  • Ticky Terry
    Ticky Terry 6 hours ago

    I've been craving Tempura lately and I think you should do a Basics video of that.

  • RichardDemoBox
    RichardDemoBox 6 hours ago

    Next you're gonna say "I will make this Pasta right now." Right?

  • Braedon Dowell
    Braedon Dowell 6 hours ago

    Those are actually all fruits 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Victoria Paterson
    Victoria Paterson 6 hours ago

    You forgot to almost burn them only to save them at the last second!

  • casobs2
    casobs2 6 hours ago

    I am sorry... I am sure these bagels are the pinnacle of New York style bagel and I will definitely try them out... But i will choose a Montreal style bagel anyday 😎

  • The dead meme guy
    The dead meme guy 6 hours ago

    "they told me Satan would be attractive"

  • Aiden Journey
    Aiden Journey 6 hours ago

    Humble beginnings

  • Swedishmafia101 Shitposting Inc.

    *just one more stew, Arthur*

  • Travis Something
    Travis Something 6 hours ago

    Where is this mans channel? He’s made us Louisiana and East-Texas cajuns happy. One of the few times Babish got it totally, totally right when it comes to stuff south a ways

  • Atypique
    Atypique 6 hours ago

    You had me at eggs & goat cheese 🥰

  • ReignXVI
    ReignXVI 6 hours ago

    Nobody: Banish: Erb

  • Edwin Colon
    Edwin Colon 6 hours ago

    Chop the basil, problem solved

  • Edwin Colon
    Edwin Colon 6 hours ago

    Thanks so much for doing a worthy Sopranoa episode. Cant wait to see your take on Vesuvio!!

  • PartiallyHungrySocks

    had a plantaine pizza on holiday once but it was served the same way pineappple on pizza was....not the worst tasting thing tbh...

  • Blazing Reaper X
    Blazing Reaper X 6 hours ago

    So I got an ad for a Caesar salad before the video... SHIZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr. Yee haw
    Mr. Yee haw 6 hours ago

    I love how he maintains a fancy voice while saying this PLUS some memes

  • yumekai1
    yumekai1 7 hours ago

    don't watch this if your nonna is in the room

  • artsy fartsy
    artsy fartsy 7 hours ago

    Can you please do burrito bites from gravity falls

  • Darian Vargas
    Darian Vargas 7 hours ago

    Why did no one mentioned that he had an aneurysm at 3:33 😂

  • yumekai1
    yumekai1 7 hours ago

    babby I oppose the ricotta swap but it's ok I respect you for your boldness, just be careful if anyone invites you for a boat ride...

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni 6 hours ago

      Any food inspired by The Goonies!!! Best movie ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emily R
    Emily R 7 hours ago

    How did I not know about this and I literally live in Nashville

  • Falulu Bokerdole
    Falulu Bokerdole 7 hours ago

    You never turn down abuela's tamales or else you're a malcriada. That question wasn't a question, it was a statement.

  • Goldie Paint
    Goldie Paint 7 hours ago

    Sorry .... i'm a vegetarian !

  • Nick Nitro
    Nick Nitro 7 hours ago

    Quail a la Bucco

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni 6 hours ago

      How about Shrimp Puffs from the Fairly Odd Parents special "Abra-catastrophe"

  • MajorLad Nick
    MajorLad Nick 7 hours ago

    Do Tonio Trussardi's dishes from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure : Diamond is Unbreakable. He makes a mozzarella and tomato salad, pasta puttanesca which you have already done so... and Lamb with applesauce. He also has very good water

  • Roblox lover 0654
    Roblox lover 0654 7 hours ago

    *I mean its smaller... but eh*

  • Keith Patrick
    Keith Patrick 7 hours ago

    Can someone start a Kickstarter to get this guy some better kitchen equipment? Just today, I want to buy this guy a meat slicer and a burr grinder (maybe throw in a French press for good measure)

  • John Swartz
    John Swartz 7 hours ago

    Babish - I have been watching yourself for ages now, I have gotten loads of your recipes and enjoyed them. But I must say, how can we call ourselves foodies if you have not dedicated an episode solely to the man who eats enough food that makes my chest hurt - Ron Swanson. Turf and turf, bacon wrap shrimp, all day breakfast, all the Bacon and Eggs and so much more. Its our right as a true American to enjoy these foods. This comes from an American in England but damn it if Ron Swanson loves it so do I!

  • Jeff Forbess
    Jeff Forbess 7 hours ago

    Salt is for pasta. Use chachere’s

  • lachi molala
    lachi molala 7 hours ago

    Steven:what is ube? Flipinos:what is ube chase him😡

  • Dr.Dow
    Dr.Dow 7 hours ago

    Just because I watch a video where Adam makes this *DOES NOT* mean i want to see this. But I’ll watch anyway

  • Aruminati 01
    Aruminati 01 7 hours ago

    Getting hungry now Imma go to the fridge to check if there's something to eat

  • Joshua Aaron Philip Ballena

    When you cook ube it's like cooking potatoes/ sweet potato

  • lachi molala
    lachi molala 7 hours ago

    Ube is in filiphines

  • Colter Tolman
    Colter Tolman 8 hours ago

    Damnit you're making me hungry. grilled cheese for breakfast I guess....

  • tony montana
    tony montana 8 hours ago

    why does babish look like a bald gordon freeman

  • Jacob Meyer
    Jacob Meyer 8 hours ago

    I like the steve1989mre, reference.

  • TheBlue_ Serpent
    TheBlue_ Serpent 8 hours ago

    4:13 *Soup lasagna!* *Soup lasagna!* T series is nothing but a *Soup lasagna!*