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Key Lime Rum Cake • Tasty
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  • Madina universal oshxona

    Спасибо за рецепт 👍👍😋😋

  • Ponda Fit
    Ponda Fit 4 hours ago

  • j.mary rathna puppy
    j.mary rathna puppy 4 hours ago

    Very serious background music

  • Desmond Tbomas
    Desmond Tbomas 4 hours ago

    5:20 *if you dont have friends...thats kinda sad* _why you gotta expose me like that_

  • Joverly '
    Joverly ' 4 hours ago

    My sister has been wanting you to make BIG ICE CREAM. idk if thats possible, but who knows

  • win_ 7559
    win_ 7559 4 hours ago

    that beanie guy sucks people like him is just ungrateful.

  • 3113victoria
    3113victoria 4 hours ago

    petition to have more videos with Alvin and Rie 👇🏼 sign!!

  • TheBlueZYX
    TheBlueZYX 4 hours ago

    what’s with the fat gay guys problem

  • Romina Duenas
    Romina Duenas 4 hours ago

    3:59 *this man gets it*

  • Trickshots Ph
    Trickshots Ph 4 hours ago

    So this is Chinese didn’t notice til I listened to what he said cuz I was just reading subtitles lol Edit: the first one is the one I’m talking about

  • James8221
    James8221 4 hours ago

    Beanie guy: " *sigh* oh god... " that's my reaction when you're being introduced to Tasty a second time

  • CraZy HunTerS
    CraZy HunTerS 4 hours ago

    I count the eggs and found its actually 120

  • hahaigtit
    hahaigtit 4 hours ago

    It’s candy 😂😂

  • Pokemon eLEOctric
    Pokemon eLEOctric 4 hours ago

    8:41 Andrew throwing Adams hand and saying 'Gimme a second'. After watching it I feel sad for Adam and Lmao XD

  • Ron Paul #Andrew Yang 2020

    Was Borscht created in Russia or Ukraine?

  • I say say i
    I say say i 4 hours ago

    Damn I need to take my PB & J sandwiches more seriously! I've been a monster to them all these years they deserve to be treated like these PB & J sandwiches I just saw

  • erby 27
    erby 27 4 hours ago

    Grated ube with condensed milk is already a tasty dessert

  • Paulina Jiménez
    Paulina Jiménez 4 hours ago

    this video makes me want to make a gingerbread house

  • Kopi Bean
    Kopi Bean 4 hours ago

    im a Scorpio. but im lactose intolerant...

  • 김안드레야
    김안드레야 4 hours ago

    And here I am wondering why adobo is mentioned (adobo is a Filipino dish) 😂

  • Kimberly Taylor
    Kimberly Taylor 4 hours ago

    These comments have me dyin!😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aryan Naidu
    Aryan Naidu 4 hours ago

    You should make a giant taco

  • Darren Elliot
    Darren Elliot 4 hours ago

    Yeeees for season 2!

  • SukaBeda
    SukaBeda 4 hours ago


  • Jennifer Rainey
    Jennifer Rainey 4 hours ago

    The breast meat looked kinda dry to me

  • Alvin Govender
    Alvin Govender 4 hours ago

    Carrots with brie? Where is the flavour. The foot was better

  • Cory Upshall
    Cory Upshall 4 hours ago

    Judging by the mashed up grind up mix up food obesity is popular there greasy

  • Cory Upshall
    Cory Upshall 5 hours ago

    Gross looks like all the food is mashed up cut up if you puke in a strainer after a 3 course meal and rinsed it out looks very similar

  • Yasmin Aden
    Yasmin Aden 5 hours ago

    They fried almost ever Indian dish this why people need to stop westernizing food😭😭😅

  • annie
    annie 5 hours ago

    i literally got an tasty ad before watching this video wtf

  • Elle Ward
    Elle Ward 5 hours ago

    If I wanted my chicken crispy I would fry it... smh nothing like a JUICY CHICKEN

    Mr. SMASHIOR 5 hours ago

    How do you even fit the cookie in the cup without braking it?

  • Sagor Ahmed
    Sagor Ahmed 5 hours ago

    Your voice 💘 🥰

  • Eason Elias Schechter

    good sire Alvin check your fire alarm :)

  • Blake Mckinnis
    Blake Mckinnis 5 hours ago

    This is the 5th time watching this

  • Gabe Jersey
    Gabe Jersey 5 hours ago

    It sucks that there’s no Krispy Kreme in Massachusetts.

  • Christina Morris
    Christina Morris 5 hours ago

    3:39 Me pretending I know what I’m doing when the teacher calls on me to do the problem on the board

  • Random Account
    Random Account 5 hours ago

    Their book came out on my birthday. XD

  • aly simone
    aly simone 5 hours ago

    “Now if I tell you it’s a plate...it’s a plate.” _You sure about that?_

  • FawnHorizon
    FawnHorizon 5 hours ago

    FBI dis not like this

  • Okan 67
    Okan 67 5 hours ago

    "... oR soMeThIng elSe"

  • Rico Paid
    Rico Paid 5 hours ago

    Conclusion: Whats the point of this?

  • So Tasty
    So Tasty 5 hours ago

    You are so talented and I enjoy watching your videos to unwind after a long day!

  • xXGachaKaylaXx
    xXGachaKaylaXx 5 hours ago

    Perfect my crush is lactose

  • SJ Creative
    SJ Creative 5 hours ago

    Giant big mac do that

  • Sathish Yadav
    Sathish Yadav 5 hours ago

    She's hot . ...

  • Mercedes HG
    Mercedes HG 5 hours ago

    potato chips on a fucking brownie?!

  • Look at me I know what I'm doing

    Heart attack recipes!! Enjoy the afterlife.

  • So Tasty
    So Tasty 5 hours ago

    All sound, light and workaround are perfect 😘

  • So Tasty
    So Tasty 5 hours ago

    Your music so amazing. It's very fit your videos

  • So Tasty
    So Tasty 5 hours ago

    Your channel is the motivation for me to make cakes. Thanks very much 😙 😙 🍦

  • iifrenchi
    iifrenchi 5 hours ago

    “Our expert and other best friend and third Asian women with short hair RIE!!” The Asian power puff girls

  • Calamity on Cassette

    Everybody in the studio looks so pure and happy I love it

  • Bench is Random
    Bench is Random 5 hours ago

    Skip to 14:03 and you’ll see a woman and a man smacking their faces on a huge soft plate.

  • Rose Megill
    Rose Megill 5 hours ago

    Rie as a doctor: Is this medicine? or SoMeThInG eLsE? *patient dies*

  • Poif
    Poif 5 hours ago

    All I heard was free gym membership.

  • Monsieur MagZ
    Monsieur MagZ 5 hours ago

    Rie is waifu

  • UwU ClianiMax!
    UwU ClianiMax! 5 hours ago

    What happen?

  • Goku Sebastián
    Goku Sebastián 5 hours ago

    Let’s all spam the beanie guys social media

  • VSG
    VSG 5 hours ago

    Tasty, people are looking for easy food not cancer 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Sharon Hato
    Sharon Hato 5 hours ago

    Can’t make straight lines If you aren’t straight *ba-dum tsss*

  • Kiika Stylinson
    Kiika Stylinson 5 hours ago

    Reading the comments... People are really bad omg... I'm feeling sorry for Alexis lol

  • Siren Thomas
    Siren Thomas 5 hours ago

    BTW southerners sweet potato puree works in these too(dont come for me northerners)

  • Chuck Shen
    Chuck Shen 5 hours ago

    Late night snacks *freeze up to 1 month*

  • Doctor NO
    Doctor NO 5 hours ago

    This literally looks terrible. A five year old could do this job.

  • elementdude195
    elementdude195 5 hours ago

    Where's the Zojirushi or Kukoo?

  • ツhatahe
    ツhatahe 5 hours ago

    Nine year old still likes unicorns.... okay

  • Christina Morris
    Christina Morris 5 hours ago

    With some chunks from Jupiter because Jupiter is totally make of rocks and not gas... yup

  • UrijahHonu Enos
    UrijahHonu Enos 5 hours ago

    16:53 in her mine I WANT EAT ALL I DON'T NEED HELP

  • Azriel Jale
    Azriel Jale 5 hours ago

    Jesus Christ. No wonder these people are healthy.

  • food collection Paradise

    Tasty and really enjoying

  • Cruz Samaniego
    Cruz Samaniego 5 hours ago

    yooo rie had some guns like wahhh

  • Manuel Paredes
    Manuel Paredes 5 hours ago

    Make a video for Matt stonie

    SANAT ARAGODDI 5 hours ago

    3 rd guy who is he!!!?

  • Mage
    Mage 5 hours ago

    World hunger hasn’t ended friend !

  • The Crissy show
    The Crissy show 5 hours ago

    Should’ve covered their noses

  • Imaleena B
    Imaleena B 5 hours ago

    Sexy music

  • el komander
    el komander 5 hours ago

    Can you make a giant Mexican Torta, it would be amazing if you can pull it off

  • Bakalulu
    Bakalulu 5 hours ago

    I made the same exact mistake they made on their first try tonight and I was so upset

  • Ellesse Kou
    Ellesse Kou 5 hours ago


  • Star Kez
    Star Kez 5 hours ago

    What that paper bag taste like?

  • Sharon Hato
    Sharon Hato 5 hours ago

    I want to see Alexis Rie and Alvin make a giant fancy food in an unconventional way xD

  • Angelly Aquise
    Angelly Aquise 5 hours ago

    There’s more truffles than the one you used for lava cake, just eat the damn bag and call it a day.

  • AB Kim
    AB Kim 5 hours ago

    i missed andrew. i feel like it's been a while since i last saw him in a tasty video.

  • Emily Crowley
    Emily Crowley 5 hours ago

    “A man cooking for me. I don’t care what you make.” *is there a bigger mood?*

  • Sharon Hato
    Sharon Hato 5 hours ago

    I want to see Alexis Rie and Alvin make a giant fancy food in an unconventional way xD

  • Jules
    Jules 5 hours ago

    How is the second one a healthy smoothie? It's literally a dessert shake.

  • Charlotte Rose
    Charlotte Rose 5 hours ago

    This is very very usefull..thanks

  • XxGacha_Potato PlaysxX

    Uhmm why does Alvin keeps on naming his stuff and food?? 😂😂

  • Maria Corona
    Maria Corona 5 hours ago


  • Cameron Sherman
    Cameron Sherman 5 hours ago

    Bet Cassnadra would say there's not enough cinnamon

  • Red Strange
    Red Strange 5 hours ago

    Marry me!

  • Boblesnort Boop
    Boblesnort Boop 5 hours ago

    3:14 2 shots of vodka

  • •strxw bearie•
    •strxw bearie• 5 hours ago

    *"So first I'm gonna beat the egg whites."* *me who literally just thought of punching the egg whites*

  • Baylee Winkler
    Baylee Winkler 5 hours ago

    Wouldn't a bamboo place mat work for this too?

  • Claude Speed
    Claude Speed 5 hours ago

    That girl is a perfect waifu😍

  • H. Ar.
    H. Ar. 5 hours ago

    How fucking lazy of you guys honestly. You've reused the same recipes, actually wait not even the same recipe the same videos that you captured a long time ago and just added a new song. How about you make a similar recipe instead and add a twist to it? How hard is it to come up with new content? Super lazy! Edit: And you're so fucking lazy you keep misspelling "Sandwich" all the time

  • Byron Tapia
    Byron Tapia 5 hours ago

    Going to be honest Turkey is lowkey overrated

  • Morgana Pendragon
    Morgana Pendragon 5 hours ago

    Who else would take the traditional burger over the trendy one?

  • Maddy K
    Maddy K 5 hours ago

    plz do big boba