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  • Loopy Dudeee
    Loopy Dudeee 33 minutes ago

    Her red and black attire kinda resembles Harley quinn's red and black jester attire back at the batman animated series.

  • Jordan Boyd
    Jordan Boyd 33 minutes ago

    Carmella is back

  • Leron Morris
    Leron Morris 33 minutes ago

    Charlotte still fights like the heel,

  • MArvin Mullens
    MArvin Mullens 33 minutes ago

    Alexa look so good

  • Omniken9999 Infinity
    Omniken9999 Infinity 34 minutes ago

    Be honest: who wanted to see Alexa Bliss as WWE 24/7 Champion?

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike 34 minutes ago

    U ran into the wall.. Ha, that's funny. LOL.

  • A ZOX
    A ZOX 34 minutes ago

    I want to see A Sami vs Shinsuke Match for the Intercontinental titile

  • Triple A
    Triple A 34 minutes ago

    Why does everyone complain on Styles being on the Kick-off show ? There’s nothing bad about it. It’s mostly so people can get hooked on the show 🤷🏽‍♂️The arena wasn’t empty or anything 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Marc Ortega
    Marc Ortega 35 minutes ago

    The OC is funny...Sarah is beautiful...Two sweet...🤘🤘🤣🤣🤣

  • Erika Valdez
    Erika Valdez 35 minutes ago

    Alexa 24/7 champion😍😍😍😍 PLEASE WWE😍🤣🙏👌

  • Tamzid Mohsin Khan
    Tamzid Mohsin Khan 35 minutes ago

    R Truth for Hall of Fame with 24/7 title very soon

  • MR Beast
    MR Beast 35 minutes ago

    When I show my 9 year old grandchild WWE Wow PAPA

  • Erick Gonzalez
    Erick Gonzalez 35 minutes ago

    It would be a good choice for Alexa to win the 24/7 championship

  • Wyndell Lee
    Wyndell Lee 35 minutes ago

    If it wasn't for Samiz Zayn, Miz would've had it in the bag.

  • Alberto Bernal
    Alberto Bernal 35 minutes ago

    Vince lied to us back in 2002. He said we would never hear the NWO theme again in WWE. Fast forward to WM 30 we heared it.

  • Wallace Spellman
    Wallace Spellman 35 minutes ago

    Now that’s awesome 👏

  • Javier
    Javier 35 minutes ago

    It's nice to see Razor Ramon looking good I was looking I thought his debut in 92 or 93 I wanted to see the Macho Man but man he was one of the greats wrestling ain't like that anymore as good to see him healthy no drugs no drinking. DDP Yoga deal

  • Catries Johnson
    Catries Johnson 35 minutes ago

    Damn Charlotte came out the gate giving it to Bayley

  • A Revenant In The Nine Circles of Elysium

    Lol Graves got jokes "another woman that will get me in trouble" and "Cole: horde of superstars... Graves: What did you call her?"

  • Nick Prehna
    Nick Prehna 36 minutes ago

    Alexa nearly had the 24/7 championship won then.

  • Tamzid Mohsin Khan
    Tamzid Mohsin Khan 36 minutes ago

    Alexa should've won 24/7 title then she will became double Champ

  • TY William
    TY William 36 minutes ago

    I love Bayley as a heel! She’s too funny as a heel! I’m loving it. Bayley is a villain cartoon character.

  • Jalen Payton
    Jalen Payton 36 minutes ago

    I'd rather The WWE 24/7 Championship than those terrible Women's Tag Team Championships. My God they need to go.

  • Leave me alone
    Leave me alone 36 minutes ago

    Why couldn’t Vince book The IIconics how he’s booking Alexa and Nikki? Vince doesn’t care for women’s wrestling in less you’re white American and blonde.

    KING GlASS REVIEW 36 minutes ago

    Great match man the mix grew on me through out the years he has to be the most improved wrestler in a long time

  • Familia Aysa
    Familia Aysa 36 minutes ago


  • Jennifer Dana
    Jennifer Dana 36 minutes ago

    That's a lie. Kofi Kingston is not quicker or more athletic than Randy Orton. Announcers saying he is are liars.

  • Smok Biggarton
    Smok Biggarton 36 minutes ago

    After giving him that stupid StarDust or whatever Gimmick they fired him that’s cool..but all in all it worked out for Cody tho anyways sooo...

  • fabulous Maria davis
    fabulous Maria davis 36 minutes ago

    congratulations 🎉🎉👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 SmackDown live women's championship bayley

  • Tamzid Mohsin Khan
    Tamzid Mohsin Khan 36 minutes ago

    Lol R Truth 😂😂😂😂

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike 36 minutes ago

    Bayley you need to go back to being Babyface, cuz you suck as Heel.

  • Angel Tekate
    Angel Tekate 37 minutes ago

    Weak as .. Guy for aj styles

  • Kabir Uddin
    Kabir Uddin 37 minutes ago

    Kinda wanted the miz to win the intercontinental title as he made the title relevant back in 2016.

  • A ZOX
    A ZOX 37 minutes ago

    Revival are one of the best tag team in wwe. Congrats Revival on becoming 5 time tag champs ( Including NXT tag titles)

    RJTHEBOM 00 37 minutes ago

    2nd one here

  • xxXjr gamerXxx
    xxXjr gamerXxx 37 minutes ago


  • Nicole Ramos
    Nicole Ramos 37 minutes ago


    • A ZOX
      A ZOX 35 minutes ago

      The great one is so happy.

    • Vladimyr Simon
      Vladimyr Simon 35 minutes ago

      Nicole Ramos ya but by disqualification 😡

  • Laura quiroz
    Laura quiroz 37 minutes ago


  • Alan souza
    Alan souza 37 minutes ago

    R-truth speaking portuguese is weosome

    GG BOIZ WE LOSE 37 minutes ago


  • The Fiend Bray Wyatt
    The Fiend Bray Wyatt 37 minutes ago

    I like that Miz has developed the John Cena philosophy and took his work rate more seriously. He's doing more in the ring than he's usually done and his matches are much better to watch.

  • fabulous Maria davis
    fabulous Maria davis 37 minutes ago

    congratulations 🎉🎉 🎉🎉 🎉🎉👏👏 wwe SmackDown live women's championship awesome 💋🙌

  • 41 TV
    41 TV 37 minutes ago


  • Marc Ortega
    Marc Ortega 37 minutes ago

    Why he be worried?Drew is the best cruiserweight champion...I knew he retain that title tonight.💜💜💜

  • Lalo Her
    Lalo Her 37 minutes ago

    Que viva mexico🇲🇽

  • Marquez Williams
    Marquez Williams 37 minutes ago

    Alexa and braun finally have something in common. They both buried the tag divisions because of booking.

  • Yamael Gomez
    Yamael Gomez 38 minutes ago


  • Ronnie Gamer Duffy
    Ronnie Gamer Duffy 38 minutes ago

    Bayley sucks

  • AlanFTW
    AlanFTW 38 minutes ago

    Lexi is looking good!!

  • Aaliyah Wisdom
    Aaliyah Wisdom 38 minutes ago

    Fire and Desire is super underated maybe next and I like Alexa's Harley Quinn outfit and the hair

  • Monkey Madness World
    Monkey Madness World 38 minutes ago

    That match was so good plus the entertainment from R-Truth was awesome.

    YT SP BROTHER 38 minutes ago

    GUYS can any one help to complete my sub's goal 200💖💖💖💖💖💖💖👁👁👁👁👁👁👁💖👁💖💖💖💖💖

  • Nicole Ramos
    Nicole Ramos 38 minutes ago


  • Hawks 101
    Hawks 101 38 minutes ago

    Pls sub to me

  • Nicole Ramos
    Nicole Ramos 39 minutes ago

    SASHA WON!!!!

  • DeadManWalking
    DeadManWalking 39 minutes ago

    Remember this is Dana Brooke’s man we talkin bout 😂

  • Quake: Destroyer of worlds

    I appreciate the good heel work here, but with this AND the no finish in the Sasha v Becky match, OMG how badly did wwe flop the show tonight? What an absolute waste of two potentially great matches. Feel like cancelling my subscription right now this was such a cop out. Its a ppv and you're setting up matches for the next ppv??? Really? So what is the point of hyping people up and getting people to watch this one? Absolutely a waste of my time watching this trash tonight. Don't worry tho at least you can edit out all the boos the crowd are giving you. Awful...

  • Nicole Ramos
    Nicole Ramos 39 minutes ago


  • Jay-Tee
    Jay-Tee 39 minutes ago

    I do this with the video games

  • تالا الجنوبيه


  • Uchiha Madara
    Uchiha Madara 40 minutes ago

    I see charlotte i dislike

  • jennifer gallardo
    jennifer gallardo 40 minutes ago


  • Adam AlBoghdadi
    Adam AlBoghdadi 40 minutes ago

    Man if Alexa bliss had won the 24/7 championship she would have tag Nikki cross and cross does all the work while she would run away and then Nikki cross would her best to protect Alexa from everyone who comes after her and the 24/7 title This would have been hilarious 😂😂😂😂 and would have been more hilarious if nikki pins her to win the title

  • Charan Kashyap
    Charan Kashyap 40 minutes ago

    Looked like statham's cousin

  • Antoine Lawson
    Antoine Lawson 40 minutes ago

    Why even upload this when it's not the complete match.

  • Marc Ortega
    Marc Ortega 41 minute ago

    Don't worry Cedric go after the IC title next.The Miz help you.Because he awesome...

  • The Ghost
    The Ghost 41 minute ago


  • Alvi Kaisar Utsho
    Alvi Kaisar Utsho 41 minute ago

    Did anybody notice Maverick fall over the rope 🤣🤣

  • Freddie Murphy
    Freddie Murphy 41 minute ago

    0:01 Mandy vs Alexa 😍😍😍😍

  • Choongie Studio ONE
    Choongie Studio ONE 41 minute ago

    Almost make Alexa the double champ right there lmao.

  • Anno Tamba
    Anno Tamba 41 minute ago

    Everyone say bayley ia the worst but i say bayley is the winner, just receive it ...lol

  • Darth Nater
    Darth Nater 41 minute ago


  • James Harture
    James Harture 41 minute ago


  • Igor180
    Igor180 41 minute ago

    LOL!!!, since when there is 24/7 title segments on PPV?😂😂😂

  • jj hunt
    jj hunt 41 minute ago

    Congratulations dz and Robert raw tag team champion just like know u would😎😎😎

  • Satya Dash
    Satya Dash 41 minute ago

    Nice ❤💪🙏🏻

  • Rocco Z
    Rocco Z 41 minute ago

    Man Shawn looks ROUGH. How is it that the two best-looking stars of the 90s -- HBK and Sunny -- aged the worst?

  • Itzvenom44
    Itzvenom44 41 minute ago

    Alexa 1st ever 24/7 Champion close!!!

    • Matthew Gudino
      Matthew Gudino 38 minutes ago

      Kelly Kelly became the 1st woman to capture the 24/7 Championship

  • Christian Gil
    Christian Gil 42 minutes ago

    I really like her role model earth attire but I don't get the shapes on her left side of the pants.

  • Evil Nerd2
    Evil Nerd2 42 minutes ago

    During these women tag matches I'm on my phone or pooping

  • jj hunt
    jj hunt 42 minutes ago

    Congratulations bayle on sillt sdl woman championship just like I know u would

  • Itzvenom44
    Itzvenom44 42 minutes ago

    Close truth close

  • Kabir Uddin
    Kabir Uddin 42 minutes ago

    Alexa Bliss trying to win the 24/7 championship. 😂😂

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person 43 minutes ago

    Nikki is so Hot!!

  • Itzvenom44
    Itzvenom44 43 minutes ago

    Close truth close!!!

  • ani hari
    ani hari 43 minutes ago


  • Hafiz
    Hafiz 43 minutes ago

    I wanna shag Alexa bliss

  • Bryan Swift
    Bryan Swift 43 minutes ago

    This how they are going to right Charlotte off to get more plastic surgery.

  • Prabhu Aj
    Prabhu Aj 43 minutes ago

    I'm Telugu Big Fan Of The Phenomenal Aj Styles, what are you doing Vince McMahon a.... a I'm fired up to you 😠😠😠😠

  • Satya Dash
    Satya Dash 43 minutes ago

    Nice ❤💪🙏🏻

  • Swatantra Dwivedi
    Swatantra Dwivedi 43 minutes ago

    Looks interesting this time i love the old time champion tho they where awesome

  • Joshua Munn
    Joshua Munn 43 minutes ago

    Why have the clowns beat New Day? Orton better not win.

  • Itzvenom44
    Itzvenom44 43 minutes ago

    Venom'z Back!!!

  • Starhunter
    Starhunter 43 minutes ago


  • ShadowDrift
    ShadowDrift 43 minutes ago

    Which reminds me, I hope that Joaquin Phoenix movie is good. Can't wait for October.

  • jj hunt
    jj hunt 43 minutes ago

    AJ styles sillt us championship. Oc for life too sweet