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  • Minecraft Wolf
    Minecraft Wolf 4 hours ago

    Well, he was undefeated with 2 back to back teams.

  • Wally Guzman
    Wally Guzman 4 hours ago

    Last chance U EMCC Go lions

  • Charles Davis
    Charles Davis 4 hours ago

    When things went wrong for AB with the Raiders everyone was saying it the Raiders fault. So by the standard that SFY set. This is all New England fault.

  • scootdog mcginty
    scootdog mcginty 4 hours ago

    But he walks away with a guaranteed 10 million!

  • Ordinary Pete
    Ordinary Pete 4 hours ago

    Is that TJ Who’s Yo Momma?

  • Terry Ritter
    Terry Ritter 4 hours ago

    He’s a cancer no matter where he goes no one is above the team.!!!!!

  • Mr. Spade
    Mr. Spade 4 hours ago

    Somebody tell his grandma hes free again..

  • X - Primitive - X
    X - Primitive - X 4 hours ago

    We’ll he has the XFL Now 😂

  • The Watcher
    The Watcher 4 hours ago

    Jason's 3rd chin is proof he not serious about not buying up all the popeyes chicken sandwiches

  • Carl Vereen
    Carl Vereen 4 hours ago

    People who try to start a sentence with “I Think” don’t make is a valid statement.

  • Rip Tide
    Rip Tide 4 hours ago

    He's just a punchline now:-)

  • TheReal6God
    TheReal6God 4 hours ago

    TJ the only one up here speaking with some sense

  • Omar S. Deberry
    Omar S. Deberry 4 hours ago

    We really are coming at a person for what he wears 😂 whats wrong with yall

  • Jake Plummer
    Jake Plummer 4 hours ago

    TJ Housyodaddy

    ETHER HOUSE 4 hours ago

    Funny how Cam’s dress is such a problem but nobody talks about Joe Namath and his fur coats and pantyhose.... feel free to comment.... I’ll be waiting

  • Ezperanza Luis
    Ezperanza Luis 4 hours ago

    Patriots hold to hold to a higher level?Didnt there owner get caught up in a brothel raid?

  • Andrew
    Andrew 4 hours ago

    Marcellus is a bad take machine

  • SedaW LoL
    SedaW LoL 4 hours ago

    AB is on the pace for playing on 16 different teams in a single season

  • The Hoy Family
    The Hoy Family 4 hours ago

    The word cramps was never mentioned 🤔

  • Carl Vereen
    Carl Vereen 4 hours ago

    What does it mean if you are great and don’t get in. Fat clown

  • Mia Bella Li
    Mia Bella Li 4 hours ago

    He lost money, prestige and a guaranteed ring all because of his mouth. They would have worked with him through the allegations. What a wasted talent.

  • Carl Vereen
    Carl Vereen 4 hours ago

    Jason fatlock

  • SubGrappling 805
    SubGrappling 805 4 hours ago

    Lavar is dead-on here.

  • Roland orantez
    Roland orantez 4 hours ago

    Funny they paid him 9 million dollars for 2 weeks atleast the Raiders didn't pay him anything

  • Jamison Munn
    Jamison Munn 4 hours ago

    If I were a coach there is a simple rule. After a loss everyone has wear suits after a win you can wear whatever you want.

  • The Monopoly Guy
    The Monopoly Guy 4 hours ago


  • Ruben Peters
    Ruben Peters 4 hours ago

    People need to grow up and mind there business. Its 2019. People dont dress the same. Who cares. Cam isnt playing well cuz injuries not the way he dresses.

  • Dimitri O.G
    Dimitri O.G 4 hours ago

    Is Whitlock getting fatter

  • Arthur King
    Arthur King 4 hours ago

    Fashion is different for everyone, the way he dress in interviews, before games, and after games has nothing to do with him being a franchise quarterback... remember he wears a Panthers uniform on the field. This what happens when you from Atlanta pure hate. It’s the NFL you not going to win every game or perform as the best player in the league

  • White Walker
    White Walker 5 hours ago

    They buggin son that’s the price QBs should pay for rollin out the pocket and Jamal Adams been playin like this since he entered the league so it got nothin to do with his coach fam

  • Thao Zombie
    Thao Zombie 5 hours ago

    The next Terrell Owens if he keeps this up

  • tony cooney
    tony cooney 5 hours ago

    Brown knew about this. Does A.B still get any of the money no matter what?

  • Mike's World
    Mike's World 5 hours ago

    Antonio Brown should not ever play football again. And I mean.........

  • Marcus Jackson
    Marcus Jackson 5 hours ago

    What about the owner.suckers!!! Privilege

  • htown27bbc
    htown27bbc 5 hours ago

    If you don't know Brown personally then how can you say you don't like someone. You don't know this man

  • dakotuhh _
    dakotuhh _ 5 hours ago

    Can't wait for urinating tree's lolcow vid on AB: Antonio Brown: The NFL's passing joint

  • Timothy Chang
    Timothy Chang 5 hours ago

    Good point at the end. Rough upbringing, though that definitely doesn't excuse behavior. Let's see how he deals with discipline, let's see if he learns to apologize and act like an adult.

  • Von-Shon faison
    Von-Shon faison 5 hours ago

    Y'all wack for this one , the only one who made any point was Marcellus.

  • judgebarney
    judgebarney 5 hours ago

    The criminal 49ers will take him!

  • Miles woods
    Miles woods 5 hours ago

    Ab is going to cowboys

  • In reel Life
    In reel Life 5 hours ago

    He hasn’t been the same since they forced him to underperform in the Super Bowl, #rigged!!!

  • Jesse Grajeda
    Jesse Grajeda 5 hours ago

    Watching this on an iPhone 11 pro max

  • charles taylor
    charles taylor 5 hours ago

    When keeping it real goes wrong🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️

  • Thomas Coursey
    Thomas Coursey 5 hours ago

    Are y'all blind what is this flag football you can't hit em legs shoulders arms what u want defense to do just chase The QB now giving penalties and fines for a good play no wonder QBs can play till 40 and Whitlock too fat to see what really happened

  • TheTruth Hurts
    TheTruth Hurts 5 hours ago

    It was all Big Ben right?

  • Andrae X
    Andrae X 5 hours ago

    How much money had AB lost in short amount of time ?

  • roylynn wall
    roylynn wall 5 hours ago

    If there are 100 guys per year coming out of college, that can run these offenses, the value of each player decreases. QB will become like HB.

  • Lamarcus Brown
    Lamarcus Brown 5 hours ago

    AB come to Tampa!!!!

  • AB
    AB 5 hours ago

    How about fining running backs for lowering their head and trying to run people over. What a joke of a league

  • Lennorris Murray
    Lennorris Murray 5 hours ago

    He will play again,who are you too judge

  • roylynn wall
    roylynn wall 5 hours ago

    If the league wants to go there, ok. The fall out will come. The game is devolving, and QB will become far less important. The money being paid will decrease, and careers will be shortened to reflect the NFL average. The days of franchise QB’s will disappear completely.

  • cebeeasy skeemask records

    Look at this fat mf.he .happy..

  • Lamarcus Brown
    Lamarcus Brown 5 hours ago

    Robert Kraft got caught running a prostitution ring. The patriots not a clean organization 😂😂

  • Jean Anderson
    Jean Anderson 5 hours ago

    Say what you will but it looks very strange period.

  • B C
    B C 5 hours ago

    Gamma ( because that's how speaks) i free gamma , i free... One dumb ,big mouthed , FOOL. Sound like your children.

  • L Hernandez
    L Hernandez 5 hours ago

    Who pay this idiots, they don’t know anything about football, Lamar is better suited as a receiver lol

  • DopeDon Juan
    DopeDon Juan 5 hours ago

    cut that horrendous ponytail

  • #1 lover
    #1 lover 5 hours ago

    Killa bee's not on the swarm lol

  • Ardell Portee
    Ardell Portee 5 hours ago

    Clothes don't make the man the man make itself....

  • David Martinez
    David Martinez 5 hours ago

    Deuteronomy 22:5) The scripture plainly says here it is an abomination to wear what that pertains to a woman as well fore a woman wearing what that pertains to a man, this go s to you in the movie business as well.🙏

  • Red Spades
    Red Spades 5 hours ago

    He’s playing zone defense and not man he is a man cb but Wiley doesn’t wanna say that

  • Shawn Baker
    Shawn Baker 5 hours ago

    Whitlock destroying everything Lavar saying. LOL

  • Harboni P
    Harboni P 5 hours ago

    Coach B , runs a straight and narrow , like the marines , it's do or die ! Hope he has his money right ?

  • Jerry Washington
    Jerry Washington 5 hours ago

    Antonio Brown needs a moment to reflect on his life.

  • Moco Fatal
    Moco Fatal 6 hours ago

    Every black person on this show, should be ashamed of yaselves. This man cnt wrk because of allegations 🤦🏿‍♂️. Wat do we have a legal system for

  • John Dana
    John Dana 6 hours ago

    The Patriots are not some noble franchise. They are cheaters and liars and collided with Brown to sign him. But Brown didn’t tell them about his civil case. Robert Kraft is banging little girls.

  • Hurd1199 Gold
    Hurd1199 Gold 6 hours ago

    "He's from Liberty Ciberty"

  • Carl Vereen
    Carl Vereen 6 hours ago

    Jason fatlockbis not sticking to his point and he looks stupid

  • Tmckain 55
    Tmckain 55 6 hours ago

    Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

  • YED
    YED 6 hours ago

    Wth man. All cuz of accusations

  • Car Los
    Car Los 6 hours ago

    Really, they are talking about Antonio Brown learning responsibility. He is a grown man who chose to be that way.

  • Kdog Nation
    Kdog Nation 6 hours ago

    my thoughts.... Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson look better then you, they taking your job. and I don't care if your a plumber or a football player you better show up if you want that pay raise. they offered you 10 million. take a business lesson gordon, invest your money and make hundreds of millions. he probably losing millions off of losing potential endorsement deals by not playing. get back to work. you got one year left on your contract honor it.

  • John Hartobey
    John Hartobey 6 hours ago

    Patriots are a bunch of cheaters there owner got caught with hookers that went away quick and a bunch of other funny stuff they get away with. But yeah there premier 👌

  • Joey Fletcher
    Joey Fletcher 6 hours ago

    It's crazy how me went out tho. I would have thought he would start talkin trash on the pats but he went out praising Tom and the Pats 🧐

  • Aaron Lester
    Aaron Lester 6 hours ago

    Praying for AB.

  • Kyle Hawk
    Kyle Hawk 6 hours ago

    NE have a higher standards? Owner Robert Kraft caught with"happy ending" massage is considered high standard?

  • Dre San
    Dre San 6 hours ago

    AB post that “I’m free!” Video. Keep that same energy

  • Neena Bond
    Neena Bond 6 hours ago

    ‘This is an old mans conversation’ perfectly stated

  • B G
    B G 6 hours ago

    Justice is best served on espn to brown the clown, tnx to all those past and present legends hall of famers for give this clown a lesson and not letting step on the real players who love the sport.

  • Lonnie Edwards
    Lonnie Edwards 6 hours ago

    If he's found not guilty on all accusations he'll be back with the Patriots

  • Darth Fader
    Darth Fader 6 hours ago

    This is the most idiotic cherry picking attempt to establish an unquestionably stupid argument. Context is absolutely key here. Week 1 he played against the best quarterback in the league by a long shot. Patrick Mahomes is lighting everyone up and making his receivers look like they are all world with his perfect ball placement. Week 2 he tracked arguably the best wide receiver (in terms of catching ability) in the league and allowed a bunch of receptions but only 50 yards. True evaluators who watch the game arent going off these misleading stats. Everyone and their mama know that he can ball, they sound dumb even arguing this.

  • omackTV
    omackTV 6 hours ago

    I wouldnt be surprised if his snapchat became premium.

  • onenine73
    onenine73 6 hours ago

    If that is a dirty hit then the defense may as well pack up and go home and not bother coming back to play at all, pretty soon they are going to start calling fouls if they sneeze on a QB. Far too overprotected to the extent now where you worry they will break something if they simply fall on the floor without any tackle actually being made at all. In this case Wiley & Whitlock = dumb and dumber

  • ramos1258
    ramos1258 6 hours ago

    Pats fans on suicide watch

  • Larry GRIMES
    Larry GRIMES 6 hours ago

    NFL or WWE...the game has become very boring. Refs divas and hype are killing the game.

  • Luis Araiza
    Luis Araiza 6 hours ago

    Westbrook needs to stop giving Cam advice about his fashion.

  • Casey Quesada
    Casey Quesada 6 hours ago

    When professionals start acting like they are not professional career is over

  • ES ES
    ES ES 6 hours ago

    Jo AB, enjoy your freedom 👌😂

  • Sam Pak
    Sam Pak 6 hours ago

    Sue Patriors and rAIDERS SUCKS

  • Landy H
    Landy H 6 hours ago

    Really Bruh you Compare Cam Dressing like an Idiot to Jordan Shoes you can't Wtf

  • Chip Tucker
    Chip Tucker 6 hours ago

    Patriots cut Antonio brown.... OHHH oh OH 🤣🤣

  • Mokeer Israel
    Mokeer Israel 6 hours ago

    He deserve what he asked for, but tell me where was all the negative comments when the owner Robert Kraft was hanging out at the spa ? Kraft was as guilty as A. B. Double standard

  • WL Rouse
    WL Rouse 6 hours ago

    This dude will help his cause by just coming out of the closet. If he case out people would stop talking about his fashion

  • Garrick Brown
    Garrick Brown 6 hours ago

    Antonio CLOWN! 🤦🏽‍♂️ You live by social media....you die by social media...

  • C Long
    C Long 6 hours ago

    The raiders would have had AB back 100% Now look at him. About to be on his 4th team in 2019

  • clemsontigz1
    clemsontigz1 6 hours ago

    Can anyone please speak about his basic fundamentals at QB? His technique is awful

  • jeremy lar
    jeremy lar 6 hours ago

    This show needs more diversity

  • Conner Layne
    Conner Layne 6 hours ago

    I personally believe football is a slowly dying sport, especially considering all of the CTE developments. Which is so sad, it's my favorite sport and has some of the most passionate fanbases.

    • James Jackson
      James Jackson 5 hours ago

      Football isn’t dying lol people will always be willing to take the risk of playing ball, it is what it is.....

  • Mickey Hartsell
    Mickey Hartsell 6 hours ago

    I love the New England Patriots....

  • Manny Phresh Jr.
    Manny Phresh Jr. 6 hours ago

    Stupid tax? This dude has issues. He should not have the PRIVILEGE to play in the league. Anybody else working a regular job; their lives would be done. Eff that..,,,he should be done. There has to be a line for the sake of our youth and send the right message to them