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  • Greg Banks
    Greg Banks 2 minutes ago

    Lamar J

  • Straight Facts Hawk blog

    These guys are straight stupid!!! For one, seahawks were without dissly, Britt and and lockett in 4th and OT. Seahawks were down 10-0 and went up 21-10 and if it wasn't for a fumble taken in for a TD and 2 point conversation. Seahawks would of Marched down and put the game away. Niners will be exposed when they play the tough stretch of their schedule

  • uknow who
    uknow who 9 minutes ago

    Colin Kaepernick is very smart to not trust the NFL who have allegedly conspired to keep him out of the game.

  • boss 94ways
    boss 94ways 12 minutes ago

    It's all BS.... it's a pr stunt....to say the NFL...GAVE HIM A CHANCE.....NOT INDIVIDUAL TEAMS GAVE HIM A CHANCE....

  • Shaquan Jones
    Shaquan Jones 15 minutes ago

    James harden is not the best player right now

  • GI joseph
    GI joseph 18 minutes ago

    the great jim brown gave him advise 3 years ago....choose football OR activism .....????

  • GI joseph
    GI joseph 19 minutes ago

    his talent does NOT out weight his activist work...period!

  • GI joseph
    GI joseph 19 minutes ago

    this workout is law suit based....waste of time!

  • Thulsa Doom
    Thulsa Doom 21 minute ago

    Ahhhhh...who is 'Holly' Berry? 🤔

  • Juan Castro
    Juan Castro 22 minutes ago

    I gotta take Deshaun Jackson

  • matt S
    matt S 23 minutes ago

    Reggie was right. There was a lot of racism in baseball in the 80's as far as hiring coaches and managers. Al campanis is all the proof you need. And he was the tip of the iceberg.

  • Fishslap 33
    Fishslap 33 30 minutes ago

    I honestly don't think this "smart enough" stuff has been an issue for the last 30 years or so. It's a pretty lazy narrative. Teams just want to win.

  • Kamau Bentley
    Kamau Bentley 33 minutes ago

    Myles Garrett was only trying to put Rudolph helmet back on him.......

  • Khalid Cummings
    Khalid Cummings 36 minutes ago

    The hardest part of this whole thing to me is the simple fact that Kaep is an okay QB not a HOF type of QB. Is he good enough to be on a team...maybe. Is he bad enough to not take a chance on at all...maybe. Will he come with drama...indeed. If he were a top 10 QB or Brady it would be a no brainer to bring him back but because he is so so it really is no necessary need for him on a team. He is a back up or third string at best.

  • Dareon B
    Dareon B 47 minutes ago

    Lol keep Over looking LAMAR! 😈

  • rbgrider
    rbgrider 51 minute ago

    You gotta be a straight handkerchief head to say motive doesn't matter. The YT dude analysis was the most clear. Give Jason some biscuits and send him on his way.

    BVIDZ 53 minutes ago

    Deshaun Jackson, lavar Jackson😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Jack Feig
    Jack Feig 55 minutes ago

    For everyone saying it's a late hit, you are not watching the full play. I also thought it was a late hit because they are only showing the play from the time of the hit. If you watch the whole thing you will see it was clearly a clean hit. In terms of Myles Garret's "history" of illegal hits on a QB, that's BS, every single time he got flagged for one the announcers all said last year that never would have been called, or things like how do you expect a defensive linemen to stop himself, ECT ECT . Now it becomes ," he has a history". Hitting a guy in the head with helmet is wrong, but Rudolph started it , then when it was finished stared it up again.

  • Angela Taylor
    Angela Taylor 56 minutes ago

    Thank you LaVar and Ric for seeing clearly.

  • Angela Taylor
    Angela Taylor 57 minutes ago

    You're an idiot, Whitlock. You wouldn't agree to those conditions, and neither should he. The NFL wants an out, to wipe the sludge from the shield caused by the misrepresentation of Kaepernick's actions. If they(NFL) feels the need to control everything, instead of finding some common ground, then I believe that their motives are disingenuous. Yes, a normal player attempting to join the league should/would have to comply. Given the history of this situation - the process shouldn't follow the usual format. Additionally, the NFL has a history of not protecting players' interest, so why should we believe that they will do right by Kaepernick in this instance? Exactly! We shouldn't!

  • Tgon Mwort
    Tgon Mwort Hour ago

    I like the Halle Berry analogy.

  • Kensington Quarters

    Rocky vs. Clubber Lang, who’s the white guy?

  • Don Schultz
    Don Schultz Hour ago

    30 % of NFL fans black balled Him. 50% have bad taste for his Radical BS. $ talk Just ask ESPN.

  • om yongsuwankul
    om yongsuwankul Hour ago

    This black dude how big is he

  • Wesley Tallman
    Wesley Tallman Hour ago

    Oh that's right I forgot about the whole kneel anthem thing dose anyone care ???? 🥰😍

  • Mario Vaughn
    Mario Vaughn Hour ago

    These guys remind me of those daytime women talk shows

  • Tom Meyers
    Tom Meyers Hour ago

    If Kaepernick wants to mow in the NFL he needs to show more hustle... get that bag off...sharpen that blade...now MOW!

  • Tequesha Harris
    Tequesha Harris Hour ago

    And why shouldn't he control his own narrative! He doesn't need the money, I wouldn't allow myself to fall for bait. I'm not mad at him at all.

  • diamondrmp
    diamondrmp Hour ago

    First off they would not allow media to film the workout. This was a workout to put Kap out of the league for good. Without video's the NFL can say he is not at the NFL level anymore. If the NFL will black ball a man for protesting police brutality and racism then they will lie about a PRIVATE workout!

  • Uche Okeke
    Uche Okeke Hour ago

    guys halle berry is so yesterday.

    FLORIDA-BOY Hour ago

    What nobody mentions about him is when he played he had a top 10 defense. He never been accurate. If u know football u know with a great defense your qb could be just average. His legs were the key to his success

  • Adam Ilioff
    Adam Ilioff Hour ago

    These are the same idiots that after the ravens beat the patriots quite easily said the real winners were the patriots so what do you expect.

  • Christopher fontenelle

    A panel of sellouts for the exception of the white guy.

  • Eric Ross
    Eric Ross Hour ago

    Ric Bucher is a tool. Kaepernick got to The Super Bowl running a gimmicky, Tim Tebow offense and the very next season The NFL figured it out. After that, Kaepernick could barely win a game. Facts

  • Czar Rico
    Czar Rico Hour ago

    Even If Eric Had “Deshaun Jackson” He Would Take A Hand Off Toss Or A Pitch And Get Positive Yardage Then Squander Or Funble The Ball Right Away To Opposing Defenses. My Father Said Eric Suffered From A Disease Called Fumble-I-Tas!!! Nice Try ESPN!!!

  • Linda Jackson
    Linda Jackson Hour ago

    Gm edagdwg thanks for sharing this history of using people the way they always do so changing your mind is what he wants this is Linda j ☮️ being yourself is a real happening

  • Tori Walker
    Tori Walker Hour ago

    Thank you TJ!!

  • Anthony  Hall
    Anthony Hall Hour ago

    Their were no General managers or owners present they weren’t serious. American a People will react if he isn’t TREATED PROPERLY.

  • Anthony  Hall
    Anthony Hall Hour ago

    JZ doesn’t make decisions about Kapernicks legacy.

  • Anthony  Hall
    Anthony Hall Hour ago

    Why are the wanting to watch him now? He’s a man not a product. He has to be in charge of his content, tape, images and the receivers. That’s why he brought in his OWN PEOPLE RECEIVERS AND ALL!!! He knew they had alteria motives.

  • Anthony  Hall
    Anthony Hall Hour ago

    No one wants to be used

  • Blade Runner
    Blade Runner Hour ago

    Kap turned down the workout 4hrs before it was supposed to start because he wants it his way, it's over he ruined his opportunity he's done, time to move on, this was his chance no matter what the situation was, how untimely it was and how he wasn't familiar with the receivers, he had his opportunity, this was it and he threw it away, DONE, time to forget and start talking about something else.

  • Spencer Schoor
    Spencer Schoor Hour ago

    Trippin saying Texans line isn’t good 😴😴😴

  • Tori Walker
    Tori Walker Hour ago

    The first speaker has the common sense on this!!!

  • JT Thomas
    JT Thomas 2 hours ago

    Fat boy is a hater

  • Kenneth Pleasant
    Kenneth Pleasant 2 hours ago

    Here's a question for Jason Whitlock. Was Dak Prescott the 135th best football player in the 2018 NFL draft? Was Patrick Mahomes II the 10th best or Deshaun Watson the 12th best player in the 2017 draft? Was Lamar Jackson the 32nd best player in the 2018 draft? Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

  • A Vargas
    A Vargas 2 hours ago

    could you imagine if Kap got signed, turns out he's still cant read defense and get benched by said team. He'd burn that team to the ground.

  • Bruno Magri Corretor

    ppl seem to forget Kaepernick was already a backup when he started kneeling... Kneeling wasn't the reason he got demoted. Once defensive coaches around NFL were able to figure him out he couldn't adapt his game to overcome that. He was a backup for Blaine Gabbert... he couldn't beat Blaine Gabbert for starting QB

  • Geoff Thompson
    Geoff Thompson 2 hours ago

    Can folks guess what Colin Kaepernick is going to do with the footage in the years to come?

  • Jeffrey Hamilton
    Jeffrey Hamilton 2 hours ago

    Deshaun Watson > Lamar Jackson

  • ashuhn cummings
    ashuhn cummings 2 hours ago

    They are individuals and a lot of quarterbacks are doing well why are we talking about just these 2 stop it

  • SummerTyme Fly
    SummerTyme Fly 2 hours ago

    I agree with the white guy

  • starwarsnaomi
    starwarsnaomi 2 hours ago

    Whitlock will always turn on his people to defend a white person he is a GROSS JABBA THE HUT

  • Bruno
    Bruno 2 hours ago

    Kawhi being the best player is a subjective assertion, but the fact Harden's numbers are deceptive is indisputable. Yes, he scores a huge amount of points, unlike anyone else, but at what price? He also misses more than anyone else, by far. That's why he's not a player who can make a difference in the playoffs. He'll never help his team win a title, on the contrary, he'll make it harder by playing the way he does. Kawhi is quite the opposite, always putting his team first, putting a lot of effort in defense, even if that hurts his offensive numbers. That's who you want in your team in the playoffs. I just don't know if Kawhi is the best because there's a guy called KD, perhaps more talented but who hasn't yet taken an underdog to the title.

  • Roosevelt Green
    Roosevelt Green 2 hours ago

    KINGS,if you think its great now,,stay tuned to your FUTURE BLACK QUARTERBACKS coming through,.,PROMISE;;;;;;;;;JACKSON',,,,,laMARVELOUS

  • JJ Black
    JJ Black 2 hours ago

    Whitlock a smith leading the lynch mob

  • Ez Skreet
    Ez Skreet 2 hours ago

    To the white analysts narrative um nfl owners dont care about winning as much as keeping their ideology which is, "u cant let prisoners run the prison " even if an individual prisoner is talented

  • james brock
    james brock 2 hours ago

    he's been out of the game so maybe in his mind, he can still play. all the players who support him should be willing to give up some of their income to compensate him. kapernacky is not worth the effort

  • Richard Trinidad
    Richard Trinidad 2 hours ago

    Wow you guys are funny for some washed up has beens. The Media the NFL refs No one will give The Raiders any credit. You take away Mahomes weapons and see how he does Carr is doing it with a few players we traded for , no one wanted and oh ya half the team is rookies Mahomes 👌

  • Marcus Darby
    Marcus Darby 2 hours ago

    Yeah life is really hard for the lightskin mixed dude...

  • Wilson Blick
    Wilson Blick 2 hours ago

    Lavar Jackson will beat deshaun Jackson

  • Marcus Darby
    Marcus Darby 2 hours ago

    I don't care why Halle Berry is fucxn me...I'll will gladly take those sloppy seconds every evening 😍

  • Alexander Doumanis
    Alexander Doumanis 2 hours ago

    I think whitlock is 100 right

  • Brad Orem
    Brad Orem 2 hours ago

    You guys stay hating on lamar

  • a mac
    a mac 2 hours ago

    Jay z is what changed..

  • Makanaky love
    Makanaky love 2 hours ago

    Marcellus is taking a huge L on this topic

  • Makanaky love
    Makanaky love 3 hours ago

    pleaseeeeeee! you can't be the best player in the world if you're load managing missing already 4 of the 13 game's so far, c'mon man stop saying kawhi is the best player in the world. talk about Giannis, lebron, KD when healthy

  • Salahuddin Muhammad
    Salahuddin Muhammad 3 hours ago

    The tryout is a sham set up by a corrupt league.

  • Souldrum86
    Souldrum86 3 hours ago

    Well Whitlock sounds like an idiot again

  • Isaac 123
    Isaac 123 3 hours ago

    Ozzie smith 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jason Allen
    Jason Allen 3 hours ago

    All these guys are wrong Especially Lavar Pulling the helmet off is nothing Swinging the helmet at someone is criminal

  • Larry Stevens
    Larry Stevens 3 hours ago

    Someone needs to notify our Blessed President Donald "J is for Jenius" Trump so that he can begin a TWEET STORM to counteract this unforgivable TREASONOUS act against the United States of Amaralago and our allies in Russia Ukraine and North Korea. Alert Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and "Fox and Friends" as well so that they can get their mouths in motion ASAP decrying this ANTI MURKIN COMMUNISTIC plot by the DEEP STATE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE and teh LIBTARD LOOSERS in the snowflake mainstream media. The SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING!! Thank you for your attention to this message, brought to you by the CroMAGAtard Nation - the genetic cul de sac of Western Civilization, and proud sponsors and supporters of the Russo-Repugnikkkan Party.

  • Gabriel Drayton
    Gabriel Drayton 3 hours ago

    Whitlock and ric are absolutely terrible ppl just the Lebron slander

  • Joshua Dickens
    Joshua Dickens 3 hours ago

    White man are always lieing.

  • John Holmes
    John Holmes 3 hours ago


  • D.j. Hylanda
    D.j. Hylanda 3 hours ago

    Ric wants to be dripp so bad... Him and hamhock should do a show!!!!

  • Darren Dill
    Darren Dill 3 hours ago

    " I gotta take Deshaun Jackson " 8:31. Says it with so much confidence 😁 Ozzie Smith lol Oldheads be like

  • Doubie
    Doubie 3 hours ago

    What a shock he burned the nfl and didn’t show up he wants to be a black separatist activist with a nfl sized media following how is this a conversation

    TEL BARBA 3 hours ago

    Deshaun aint better then lamar bruh.... these dudes trippin


    Lmao listening to this'll bs.... Now was ravens pick bad now

  • Jon Juko
    Jon Juko 3 hours ago

    He got lucky Mason didn’t press charges

  • Frank Justice
    Frank Justice 3 hours ago

    Urban Meyer was right. Hermann has his players and Texas is even worse

  • Mo Brown
    Mo Brown 3 hours ago

    Very good take. I don't have any beef with any of the panels takes. I am a Ravens fan, and Lamar supporter, and I do have a bias for the Ravens and their fans. I am a fan of the game also and think Deshaun Watson is a brilliant, ultra talented, tremendous leader of a quarterback. As exciting and good as Lamar has been, I think Watson is better. (Not a knock on Lamar at all) • As a fan I'm expecting a shootout and the Ravens opportunistic defense makes a play or two to secure a tight Ravens victory. #RavensFlock

  • Hector Segovia
    Hector Segovia 4 hours ago

    Haters going to hate. Lol. A win is a win. Don’t fall asleep FALLEN KINGDOM!!! Tha AUTUMN WIND AS A RAIDER are Alive and well.

  • Micheal Johnson
    Micheal Johnson 4 hours ago

    Only Question is are you a FOOTBALL player or a Social media STAR!!!!!

  • Jonathan Baker
    Jonathan Baker 4 hours ago

    Houston sucks though Ravens gonna expose

  • Dennis Janda
    Dennis Janda 4 hours ago

    There was 8 seconds left, how stupid was it ??

  • Dennis Janda
    Dennis Janda 4 hours ago

    Kerperdick needs the NFL but the NFL doesn't need him..Take a Hint, Colin !!

  • lamonte gwynn
    lamonte gwynn 4 hours ago

    Lamar has beat Brady and Wilson head to head

  • LS Killer
    LS Killer 4 hours ago

    Kap wanted to be a martyr and we all know, martyrs don't come back. He willingly sacrificed his career for his precived injustices. It's over for him he needs to take his Nike money and forget about football and continue his fight for what he believes to be injustices. Oh wait he's give up on that now, now he wants to play NFL football again. He a clown but even Ringling Brothers won't even hire him.

  • Dave Brown
    Dave Brown 4 hours ago

    I TOTALLY agree with lavar👌🏾

  • Hephaestus
    Hephaestus 4 hours ago

    I do agree Rudolph should be fined. However, I think everything was fine until Garrett swung that helmet. It was just a normal "fight" up until he did that.

  • James Dawny
    James Dawny 4 hours ago

    Kwahi sure controlled that game huh ric? James harden has been disrepxedyed the last 5 years he’s been in the top 3 players in the league. Arguably last year should’ve been mvp. I’d still say Durant but that’s me.

  • David Kolb
    David Kolb 4 hours ago

    He doesn’t have the numbers to make it in. The only memorable thing he’s really known for is having the 2nd most postseason receiving yards...

  • Nick Heinz
    Nick Heinz 4 hours ago

    Best Sports talk show on Internet.

  • ckmr
    ckmr 4 hours ago

    8:28 Who's that?

  • Ron Harris
    Ron Harris 4 hours ago

    How it starts, with Myles Garrett? White privilege, even by fat boy!!!

  • Sicnarf Yhael
    Sicnarf Yhael 5 hours ago

    45-42 Texans in a shootout

  • MunnStarTube
    MunnStarTube 5 hours ago

    Blame the blk guy whn the white guy clearly started this. He kicked him in the nuts after he pulled at the helmet

  • Mr. Wood
    Mr. Wood 5 hours ago

    Fusion dance = Deshaun Jackson Patara Rings = Lamar Watson