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How to Write a Resume
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  • Oladipupo Temitope
    Oladipupo Temitope 4 hours ago

    Hello ma'am can you pls name the recipe so I can be able to get it thanks in advance

  • Phil Ad
    Phil Ad 8 hours ago

    @24:40- I have an issue with your statement. Malik was accused. Accusation does not mean guilt. If the kids felt wrong, why not get the cops involved? Why go to the media? The accuser probably has no case, like the thieves, I mean accusers in "Leaving Neverland". I believe Malik did no crime to anyone until a court of law tells me otherwise. Mentioning it is slander on the brother. That is wrong.

  • Phil Ad
    Phil Ad 8 hours ago

    @20:08- Who is shaming men that love trans? Your straight buddies may crack jokes. But it's all in good humor akin to joking if you leave the house with mismatching shoes. If you do not like it, change friends. But in general, we straight blacks will not persecute or care who another man humps in bed. It cost us nothing and we are not involved. I love real women. Do I get a medal or shout out too? Seriously.

  • Phil Ad
    Phil Ad 9 hours ago

    @20:11- The story of a man committing suicide because of persecution for dating a trans, may be a lie. I am hearing the trans may have killed him based on the autopsy or suicide due to an unrelated mental issue. I am waiting for the facts to stabilize and things to get official, though. If the story Malik saying is a lie, with respect for gays and not saying all do this, I would put it off for them to twist stories to gain sympathy. SOME do it, just look as the French actor Juicy Smolley.

  • Phil Ad
    Phil Ad 9 hours ago

    I do not know the details, but to me, if you want to be in the business world, you got to present yourself in a business way. If customers/clients takes you less serious if you have dreadlocks, and you as a job-seeker want to keep your dreadlocks, well, you are seeking the wrong profession. Pleasing customer/clients and giving them a good look is very important. A business won't lose money because you want to keep your style that affects their money. This is not a race thing as it applies to all races I assume. I hate business casual, so I do not apply for jobs where that is needed. Simple. Please, correct me if wrong.

  • Phil Ad
    Phil Ad 9 hours ago

    If a black woman told the kid to cut his dreadlocks, would people respond the same?

  • Phil Ad
    Phil Ad 9 hours ago

    Maybe it is just me or maybe its a girl thing, but, you spend too much time talking about your personal business. You PMSing and your BF response and going to Paris, TMI and I do not care. I just came for the topics the title referred to.

  • Melony Pullen
    Melony Pullen 9 hours ago

    You tube "up next" by ebony : why I quit being a flight attendant

  • samantha tyson
    samantha tyson 10 hours ago

    I really enjoyed your video. I am also a beginner. thanks for sharing.

  • Rulx Alexis
    Rulx Alexis 11 hours ago

    LMFAO I’m already hip to Quizlet, that’s how I passed my two week GSA training for Spirit 😭❤️

  • KrisAshMommy
    KrisAshMommy Day ago

    What are the measurements!?! I couldn't find them.

    • Ebony Christina
      Ebony Christina 13 hours ago

      For 8 oz... 6 oz or 6 tbs brown sugar, 1 oz olive oil, & 1 squeeze of lemon. Adjust as needed for your desired consistency 🙂

  • marvin martin
    marvin martin Day ago

    Why do you care about his hair. ? The pictures might be cringey to you.

    • Phil Ad
      Phil Ad 9 hours ago

      We don't but customer/clients may I assume. I once wore jeans to work where the code was business casual. My boss got an ear full about it. Business is about pleasing others. If you as a job seeker cannot do that, maybe pick a new business. If this was about race, then I would complain.

    • marvin martin
      marvin martin 11 hours ago

      Ebony Christina Symbolic change. Cutting the hair for a new job is a pretty normal thing to do. He’s moving on. Dreads aren’t any different to a moehawk. I don’t get why you’re upset at it. There dreads. It’s just hair. He’s not Rasta. There not a good look anyway.

    • Ebony Christina
      Ebony Christina 20 hours ago

      That’s what I said. The pictures were cringy to me. I don’t care that he chose to cut his hair. But I hope that he doesn’t believe that he needs to cut his hair to have a better life. Locs or natural hair doesn’t equal unprofessional.

  • Titilaho Ayeni
    Titilaho Ayeni 2 days ago

    Elo,I luv ur handwork,can I hav ur contacts,so we can talk beta

    • Ebony Christina
      Ebony Christina Day ago

      Thank you! My contact and social media is in the description of this video 😊

  • Mz Nichole
    Mz Nichole 3 days ago

    Wew Chile, I didn’t think you were EVER going to actually START the the diy video 😂

    • Mz Nichole
      Mz Nichole 2 days ago

      @Ebony Christina lol ok will do

    • Ebony Christina
      Ebony Christina 3 days ago

      lol! I was trying to be thorough 🤦🏽‍♀️ My new DIY video that I just released I got straight to the point. Check it out 🙂

  • syl manyeki
    syl manyeki 3 days ago

    Hi. So this is totally unrelated to the podcast. I noticed a youtuber who is currently a FA and works for the company u did, and she was wearing a nose stud piercing while working. I wonder if the industry is becoming less strict. What are your thoughts?

  • indialove
    indialove 3 days ago

    You wrote a whole book about how was it just a phase ? You didn’t come off that way in previous blogs , but trust me I understand this life is hard . People can hate it, and still stay Just because the status of being a “flight attendant “.

  • cherrell_007
    cherrell_007 4 days ago

    Hey girlie, another great episode . Hope you have a fabulous time in Paris with your boo😊 I also commend Malik yoba for expressing his attraction for transwomen as well, one thing I considered though was that the person who came forward stated he solicited her , so to me that means nothing happened,and not for nothing but maybe he didn’t know she was underage , hopefully that’s the case bc otherwise he’s wrong and should absolutely be held accountable. And I hate the fact that we are defined by our hair , I have Locs and this just made my blood boil . I was going to mention that I couldn’t find you on apple podcast , so good to know you are aware. Safe travels and can’t wait to hear all about your trip !!

    • Ebony Christina
      Ebony Christina 4 days ago

      I might have to send some emails or something. I’m everywhere but Apple which is the most powerful platform. I gotta figure this out. 🤦🏽‍♀️

    • Ebony Christina
      Ebony Christina 4 days ago

      Thank you! I’m excited about Paris, I need the getaway 🤗 You make a good point about him possibly soliciting. I hope that’s just the case. He probably wouldn’t ask age when soliciting but that would be his problem if not. The hair issue is a damn shame because no one else if judged by their hair but us. That’s why I feel so empowered when I take back my power when I wear my big fro. Thanks for the support! Talk to you soon! 💕🙂

    • cherrell_007
      cherrell_007 4 days ago

      Oh and there’s also a podcast on apple called sh*t I’m 30 , so i don’t think it’s the name

  • Darrel Vega
    Darrel Vega 4 days ago

    After application do you let it set in without washing it off or do you let it set then rinse off? Want to make sure I do this correctly.

    • Ebony Christina
      Ebony Christina 4 days ago

      Sorry I had a typo in my previous comment. Just to clarify, there’s NO need to let it set. Thanks!

    • Ebony Christina
      Ebony Christina 4 days ago

      After I apply the scrub I immediately rinse it off with warm water (do not wash with soap). There’s no need to let it set. Once you rinse, just pat dry with a towel. 🙂

  • Ebony Christina
    Ebony Christina 4 days ago

    Thanks for watching! Feel free to talk to me in the comments!

  • *Michelle Yvonne*
    *Michelle Yvonne* 4 days ago

    Thank you for this video!

  • AshleeLoveit
    AshleeLoveit 5 days ago

    Love this!! I am an inspiring Flight attendant and entrepreneur, so I love how raw and honest you are. Thank you so much babygirl. I am a RUclipR as well check my page and give me feedback please. Stay Blessed!

  • eTeRnAl bLiSs
    eTeRnAl bLiSs 5 days ago

    Good idea...thanks.

    • Ebony Christina
      Ebony Christina 4 days ago

      You’re welcome! Enjoy! I just showered with it last night and my skin felt so soft and my skin was glowing 😊

  • Joella Anthony
    Joella Anthony 5 days ago

    Hi how well did this lather

  • Tiara Fullilove
    Tiara Fullilove 5 days ago

    Would you recommend adding glycerin to maintain longer shelf life?

    • Ebony Christina
      Ebony Christina 5 days ago

      Hmmm that’s a good question 🤔 I’m not as familiar with glycerin although I’ve heard of it. So I can’t recommend it. But I’ll look into this for my next video. Thank you!

  • MzNinja Scott
    MzNinja Scott 5 days ago

    Wow thanks will definitely be trying 👍🏼

  • Ebony Christina
    Ebony Christina 5 days ago

    Thanks for watching! Feel free to talk to me in the comments! 😘

  • Denitta Brown
    Denitta Brown 6 days ago

    I tried to DM you but I couldn't find you. But did you keep your lipstick dry looking or put gloss with it??

  • dex trebor
    dex trebor 7 days ago

    ebony, you are beautiful what state you in? would love to meet you in person call me 860 849 2990, dex

  • Sabrina Ihyana
    Sabrina Ihyana 8 days ago

    Ebony, thank you for this wonderful information I have my video interview Tuesday I am filled with joy !

  • Juliet Ogbomo
    Juliet Ogbomo 8 days ago

    can I use a white sugar

  • Christy Nichole
    Christy Nichole 8 days ago

    He better put a ring on it...has he? 🤔lol But even if not yet, I'm glad you've realized that that airline wasn't for you. I understand the sense of superiority with UA just from the in-person interview that I went on.

  • Rob Ridley
    Rob Ridley 8 days ago

    Are you still mentoring people during the process?

  • Pauline Ng'ang'a
    Pauline Ng'ang'a 10 days ago

    Thank you!! I needed this.💕💕

  • Yolanda R
    Yolanda R 10 days ago

    Too much babbling

  • yaimavol
    yaimavol 10 days ago

    Also listen to Dave Ramsey's radio show every day, if you are in debt and it feels hopeless. He's got a step by step program to get out, and you get a lot of support from listening to all the other people who are in the same boat and they are doing it. You can too.

  • Patricia B
    Patricia B 10 days ago

    Thank you for these tips I passed my VI and made it to the 3rd round which is the Skype/FaceTime interview with a team member. I’m guessing this is the step before the F2F ! I’m extremely excited and nervous ! Thank you for all your help!

  • Sabrina Ihyana
    Sabrina Ihyana 11 days ago


  • yaimavol
    yaimavol 11 days ago

    The job is not for everyone, and I don't know how married people are able to do it and take care of their family too.

  • quiana bell
    quiana bell 11 days ago

    Just got the invitation for my live interview!!! God is working!

    SCCLUF SQUAD 11 days ago

    Me and my friend started a new RUclip channel it would mean the world to us if we can hit 100 subs❤️❤️❤️

  • august ken
    august ken 11 days ago

    Im 24 this year and the last 4 years was a total mess

    • Ebony Christina
      Ebony Christina 11 days ago

      lol I totally get it. The 20’s are sooo messy in general. One day you’ll look back and none of this will matter. Best wishes 😘 Hang in there!

  • Ebony Christina
    Ebony Christina 11 days ago

    Feel free to talk to me in the comments! 💕

    • Solanch Rodriguez
      Solanch Rodriguez 10 days ago

      Heyy I dm you on Instagram.... can you please see the message? It’s about becoming a flight attendant Than you.

  • Freddie Slaughter
    Freddie Slaughter 11 days ago

    They charge you way too much for the wine and it is not that good.

  • Kesia Rollins
    Kesia Rollins 11 days ago

    So where u working

  • Gabrielle Lawrence
    Gabrielle Lawrence 13 days ago

    I literally cannot stress this enough, do not leave your career as a Flight Attendant for a relationship, and/or a man. Ever. If you want to leave to chill on the couch , or relax and do nothing, or go to holiday barbecues, or because hotels feel cold, or you don't like bunk beds, or the pay, then do it for those reasons. But please don't do it for a man. The right relationship, the right match will always manifests and meets your right where you are.

  • Eascencio
    Eascencio 13 days ago

    You are very pretty and charismatic, the soaps look amazing too!

  • Habiba Kassim
    Habiba Kassim 13 days ago

    With LOVE Thanks

  • Ebony Christina
    Ebony Christina 13 days ago

    Thanks for watching! Tell me what skin issues are you dealing with?? Let me know if you have any questions! 💕

  • evelyn okhuakhua
    evelyn okhuakhua 14 days ago

    Can white sugar be used if there isn’t a brown sugar?

  • carableu
    carableu 14 days ago

    I could really see you going back to a regional airline with a more sane schedule, ✈️

  • tola oni
    tola oni 14 days ago

    Do you have,an instagram page?

  • Kani Shwan
    Kani Shwan 14 days ago

    Hey am 12 and is it ok if i use it?

  • carableu
    carableu 14 days ago

    I like what you said about fixing what wasn’t broken! Sometimes the grass is not greener on the other side!

  • My channel
    My channel 14 days ago

    Nice video! How long might it take for that body scrub to perish even if it's kept in the fridge? Thanks :)

  • Antonitte
    Antonitte 16 days ago

    Have you used this soap? If so, how do you like it?

    • Ebony Christina
      Ebony Christina 16 days ago

      Yes and I love it! I’m on my last bar of this soap. It has made my skin feel so soft!

  • dominique007
    dominique007 17 days ago

    What lipstick are you wearing in this video?

  • Kay Williams
    Kay Williams 17 days ago

    How often do they hire?

  • syl manyeki
    syl manyeki 17 days ago

    I noticed you wear your hair natural. What made u go natural? Just curious. Anyways i enjoy watching your videos. Im also an aspiring flight attendant

    • Ebony Christina
      Ebony Christina 17 days ago

      Thank you so much! I love a woman that can rock really short hair 👍🏽

    • syl manyeki
      syl manyeki 17 days ago

      @Ebony Christina it suits you! I liked your afro in your why i quit being a flight attendant video. I have a low/buzzed cut. I like hair on other ppl, not on myself

    • Ebony Christina
      Ebony Christina 17 days ago

      Thank you! Yea I decided to go natural last year. I just got tired of being someone I’m not and I wanted to try being my authentic self. I love seeing women with big curly hair. I also didn’t want to have to deal with wearing weaves anymore. It’s freeing 🤗

  • Yourgirlmomo
    Yourgirlmomo 17 days ago

    My video interview is tomorrow thanks for all the tips!!! Running to the store now to buy a blazer and red lipstick

    • Courtney Maxie
      Courtney Maxie 14 days ago

      do you happen to remember the questions?!

    • Yourgirlmomo
      Yourgirlmomo 14 days ago

      Courtney Maxie yes the questions were a bit easier than expected ... I only have 4 questions & had 6 attempts to answer each question

    • Courtney Maxie
      Courtney Maxie 14 days ago

      i have my interview today

    • Courtney Maxie
      Courtney Maxie 14 days ago

      How did the interview process go question wise, were they fairly easy questions?

    • Yourgirlmomo
      Yourgirlmomo 14 days ago

      Courtney Maxie waiting to hear back since it’s Labor Day weekend and I did the video interview Saturday

  • whattheheck?
    whattheheck? 17 days ago

    You're adorable! Thank you

  • cherrell_007
    cherrell_007 17 days ago

    Great first episode ! I love podcast and listen to them more than music as well . What are some of your fav podcasts?! Where did you go or what did you do differently to meet your current spouse since you stated he’s different from your past mates ?! Any book recommendations? Of all the places you’ve lived what was your favorite and why ?!

    • cherrell_007
      cherrell_007 17 days ago

      Oh wow ! Definitely polar opposites but sometimes that’s what we need , as long as it works for you girl that’s all that matters 😊 and we listen to most of the same podcast too! Looking forward to the next episode 😊

    • Ebony Christina
      Ebony Christina 17 days ago

      Omg thank you so much!! I’m glad you enjoyed my talking ☺️ Some of my fav podcasts are The Friend Zone, The Read, Brilliant Idiots, The Thick, Cocktales, and Angela Yee Lip Service. To meet my boyfriend I tried Tinder and we connected there. He’s also a different race than me and he’s a self-proclaimed nerd so he’s basically the polar opposite of anything I’m used to. He’s like a breath of fresh air lol We work really well together. I’m so glad I stepped outside of my comfort zone! These are great questions. I’ll answer them all in my next episode and shout you out. Thanks! 😘

  • Nkem Okeke
    Nkem Okeke 17 days ago

    If you have a bachelors degree will it increase your chances of employment

  • Rob Ridley
    Rob Ridley 17 days ago

    My video is tomorrow...wish me luck. What if I don't have a black, blue, or grey suit?

    • Rob Ridley
      Rob Ridley 16 days ago

      @R Shipman thanks!!. I actually found some good stuff at Burlington!!

    • R Shipman
      R Shipman 16 days ago


  • LejlasWorld
    LejlasWorld 17 days ago

    I'm an aspiring flight attendant :)

    • LejlasWorld
      LejlasWorld 17 days ago

      @Ebony Christina Thank you !!! <3

    • Ebony Christina
      Ebony Christina 17 days ago

      Nice! Be sure to watch my other videos. There’s some good tips 🙂 Good luck


    Just don't fuck up lol

  • LejlasWorld
    LejlasWorld 17 days ago

    Awww this is awesome! Thank you for creating this video!!! <3

  • Ebony Christina
    Ebony Christina 17 days ago

    Feel free to talk to me in the comment! 😘

  • Kay Williams
    Kay Williams 18 days ago

    Is the exam a one shot? Or can you retake

  • Milan Newson
    Milan Newson 18 days ago

    she has such a genuine and kind spirit, i just subscribed to her channel and i am enjoying every aspect of it. I recently just received a email asking me to conduct a video interview for Delta airlines and I'm nervous and also indecisive. CAUTION: I need all flight attendants advice! So, I am a natural shy, introverted, single, 25 year old, family oriented woman and my parents think that this job would be a wonderful experience for me, especially because i love traveling. However, the main things that are scaring me about this profession is the long periods of time spent away from family, whom i adore and around 95% of my life, even as a adult now. Although i went to college out of state, which i enjoyed , i knew i could always return home when i desired to but in this profession i see you can't always return home or be around your loved ones for holidays, personal time or when you're sick and thats DEFINITELY going to be a challenge. However, the perks and benefits of this job is something i definitely am stongly interested in, so im currently in a dilemma. I need your help ladies and gentlemen.

  • Ashley Joe
    Ashley Joe 18 days ago

    How could I do it if I have no computer/laptop?

    • Ashley Joe
      Ashley Joe 6 days ago

      Cass Ramos and did you get the job or move forward?

    • Cass Ramos
      Cass Ramos 6 days ago

      Ashley Joe did mine in my iPhone

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    Satisfying Network 18 days ago

    You look like Teala Dunn😊

  • Sun Hig
    Sun Hig 18 days ago

    Delicious food 👍

  • Monique B
    Monique B 19 days ago

    Hey! Do you recommend recording the video interview on a smartphone?

    • Monique B
      Monique B 18 days ago

      Ashley Joe darn my laptop is giving my trouble

    • Ashley Joe
      Ashley Joe 18 days ago

      Monique B she said she wouldn’t recommend

  • Marck MakeUp
    Marck MakeUp 19 days ago

    É uma pena que eu não pude entender totalmente, porque não tem a opção de ativar a legenda.

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    B N J 20 days ago

    New sub here love your channel and also love the recipe I'm going to try this and really love your unicorn apron where you get it

  • Diane Volpe
    Diane Volpe 20 days ago

    Thanks for your helpful tips!

  • Brittany Carmen
    Brittany Carmen 20 days ago

    I’ve been a flight attendant for 2 years now and before I got the job I just remember watching all your videos! Found your channel again & just wanna say thank you for all the vids you make!

  • nona musni
    nona musni 20 days ago

    can I put some essential oil

  • Ebony Christina
    Ebony Christina 21 day ago

    Have you ever tried a meal kit service? How did you like it? I think I'm hooked now lol

  • august ken
    august ken 21 day ago

    was a flight attendant too got fired for cussing out at a pax.. This job really changes people

    PRINCESS FAME 21 day ago

    🚨🚨 ATTENTION to the small RUclipr i just want to say if u need a friend well u have a friend in me 🚨🚨

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    Olaseinde Biola 22 days ago

    Can I use white sugar

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    Suni Azi 22 days ago

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    Cherise 1676 22 days ago

    Andddd you lasted 2 years...this video compared to your newest is CRAZY

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    Brainsover Beauty 22 days ago

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    Tekeria Mcknight 23 days ago

    If You Have Family Why Not Fly Them Out Where You Are When Ever You Get Lonely.

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    Thank you

  • Princess Tiana
    Princess Tiana 23 days ago

    How long would you say it could be out before it molding and getting bacteria?

    • Ebony Christina
      Ebony Christina 21 day ago

      I would say you can leave it out no longer than 3 days. Refrigeration is best.

  • Mhiz eddy
    Mhiz eddy 24 days ago

    I don't get the name of the oil you mentioned. And please can this whitening up? And can any other oil be used?

    • Mhiz eddy
      Mhiz eddy 21 day ago

      @Ebony Christina oh!! Thanks. Like for how long before taking bath?

    • Ebony Christina
      Ebony Christina 21 day ago

      Olive oil. Pretty much any oil can be used. This scrub will definitely help make your skin brighter and even tone!

    • Madiha Fatima
      Madiha Fatima 23 days ago

      Mhiz eddy olive oil

  • Mya Re
    Mya Re 24 days ago

    I need a good scrub because my skin is going through something lol.

  • Tonia Castro
    Tonia Castro 24 days ago

    Using the salt isn’t that great for ur skin it will dry it out.

    • adeola quadri
      adeola quadri 14 days ago

      Tonia Castro The extra virgin oil will moisturize it

  • Michael Babay
    Michael Babay 24 days ago

    Hi Ebony! Been watching all your FA vids. Thank you for all the amazing tips!! Right now, I’m an accounting major with 1 more year left in college. I know that accounting isn’t really related to being a FA, but do you think it’ll at least give me an edge that I have a bachelor’s degree? Being a FA has always been a dream of mine and it’s only now that I actually am motivated to pursue it. Looking forward to your response! Thank you so so much!! 💕

  • Layladventures Here
    Layladventures Here 24 days ago

    how's the reserve life style, I only have 6 days a month with another mainline, but I recently applied for united, is commuting doable on reserve?

  • Rose Rosey
    Rose Rosey 24 days ago

    Y the fuck do yall talk so much.... ugh just get to the fuckinh point.

    • Ebony Christina
      Ebony Christina 24 days ago

      Sheesh can I give you a little background first? lol Plu you’re always free to fast forward too. Thanks for watching. My next body scrub video I’ll be quicker to the point 😉

  • RAD v
    RAD v 24 days ago

    I heard the pay starts at $29.00/h as fly attendant now in 2019 and top out in about 12 years around $65/h ??? Plus pay lay over and stay out of the base . So I thought fly attendants making a lot of money but now you saying like 18-25k a year for not getting sleep and living out of suitcase I rather bus tables at restaurant for $30-60/h than after 5h work go to sleep in my own bed... I live in Hawaii and I'd have to move others probably not as nice state as I living now. I also saw my family only 2x in 17 years !!! I thought I could be a fly attendant for that reason because I could go anywhere any-times. I've been traveling and living places by myself pass 24 years. Lived in 6 countries in Europe and visited 45 states in USA and lived in 3 states in USA also sailed Caribbean. But listening your video I'm thinking not even follow up with the fly attendant video interview and rater go back to Europe to be close to my parents and sister, I feel kinda selfish to live in Hawaii paradise all by myself while my family back in Europe visiting hospitals and if I would become a fly attendant I probably wouldn't even have time to fly to visit my parents, which I thought in first place I would be able to fly to Europe to see them also flight to Europe from Hawaii is about $1700 to fly to see my parents since my airline doesn't fly to my home city and that wouldn't be possible with $1500 pay a month as a beginner fly attendant ,also my rent is more than that 🙈👻💣 I just go back to Chippendales the schedule was the best worked 1-3 h and could pick up gigs I wonted take vacations I wanted, wake up when I wanted sleep how many hours without alarm clock, paid flights, hotels , food 👍 🕺💰

  • Layladventures Here
    Layladventures Here 25 days ago

    I'm sure you'll come back 😉

  • Cherise 1676
    Cherise 1676 25 days ago

    This video is so bizarre for me personally, I work 6 jobs and the thought of being home, being with my loved one for more than a day, actually seeing my family, spending time with friends to me feels sticky like having a heavy coating of honey all over my body, like I can’t get it off like I can’t breathe as though I’m drowning. I LOVE to be at work, to be busy, to be making money, to always be on the go, for me that’s when I can breathe where I feel the most free is being alone and busy. It’s so wild how vastly different I am than anyone I’ve ever met in my life. Sitting at home or in one place for too long is what I would consider torture. I’ve wanted to be a flight attendant for as long as I can remember however I’ve NEVER flown but I will be flying from the states to south east asia alone for two weeks so once I’ve flown I will then be able to have a feel for if having an office in the sky is for me.

  • Danielle Rayford
    Danielle Rayford 25 days ago

    Can someone get me in your airline

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    Jennifer Garcia 25 days ago

    You are beautiful, thanks for the recipe!

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