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  • Sad Kid dead
    Sad Kid dead 3 hours ago

    Ahhhhh “My country I kill u”

  • AYe Alo
    AYe Alo 3 hours ago

    This was so cringy to watch others impersonate sponge bob😂 non of them sounded like him... but they were somewhat close. But the OG can never be replaced

  • landon ramos
    landon ramos 3 hours ago

    They call me joe cuz I can’t stand these niggas

  • RollingxBigshot
    RollingxBigshot 3 hours ago

    90% of these people are terrible and can’t actually think that they sound like him

  • Wolf Pierre
    Wolf Pierre 3 hours ago

    Disappointed they didn't put Vincent Marcus in here

  • Dandikos Samatikos
    Dandikos Samatikos 3 hours ago

    Stranger Things tune ❤️ is my ringtone on my phone

  • PsychoSniper479
    PsychoSniper479 3 hours ago

    The only problem with being this wide of a voice actor, eventually he'll stick to a certain character in your head, and when you hear him in something else, you cant get the other character out of your head, for me its Joe lol

  • SuperSilver759
    SuperSilver759 3 hours ago


  • Piles
    Piles 3 hours ago

    joe mama

  • RRight Braeden
    RRight Braeden 3 hours ago

    Hey Beter, I need your help to commit tax evasion Joe Mama

  • WarLord
    WarLord 3 hours ago

    This is so fake

  • Just Dann
    Just Dann 3 hours ago

    Now get Rob Paulsen

  • sucker for pain
    sucker for pain 3 hours ago

    I hope Billie does this inrerview again this year. 💕

  • Caleb Kuti
    Caleb Kuti 3 hours ago

    We live in a world where Family Guy gets so much hate but seeing these people make voice impressions of Joe makes me happy that at least some people respect other’s opinions

  • All Videos
    All Videos 3 hours ago

    That’s his normal voice

  • All Videos
    All Videos 3 hours ago

    The joe face

  • Liam Edgley
    Liam Edgley 3 hours ago

    She’s wrong about a fare few of these

  • SOVC Leviathan
    SOVC Leviathan 3 hours ago

    I don’t hate you Jennifer :)

  • Katherine Vilaire
    Katherine Vilaire 3 hours ago

    Tak and the Power of Ju Ju!! Yeah...that's right...I remember.

  • Karin J
    Karin J 3 hours ago

    I love how his swedish pronunciation is slightly distorted because he probably uses English way more

  • forever young
    forever young 4 hours ago

    че за нахер?

  • A MGMT
    A MGMT 4 hours ago

    Love me some Chelsea!

  • Therunner1122
    Therunner1122 4 hours ago


  • Avantika Sankhe
    Avantika Sankhe 4 hours ago

    The spelling and the pronunciation is so different, swedish is an interesting language ( ╹▽╹ )

  • quirky mermaid28
    quirky mermaid28 4 hours ago

    Kronk! also, mikey bolts!

  • Denver 96
    Denver 96 4 hours ago

    Me:- Voice actors have such a wide range. It's incredible. *sees video* Me:- I sit corrected.

  • Roni Lorenzo
    Roni Lorenzo 4 hours ago

    this is me when I'm describing my film in front of my prof and classmates

  • Tahoo
    Tahoo 4 hours ago

    No one: answers exam normally My two brain cells:

  • LostTime12
    LostTime12 4 hours ago

    Did anybody expect anything less? Keke is always real and honest and sometimes gives tmi.

  • Mohamed Hassan
    Mohamed Hassan 4 hours ago

    I’ll be back, we’ll make out

  • Аида Керимова

    I'd like to see Zac Efron here... Who else?

  • AshleighSFX
    AshleighSFX 4 hours ago

    “I don’t need therapy, I have spongebob”

  • Phoebe TonQueen
    Phoebe TonQueen 4 hours ago

    I wanna learn Bulgarian now

  • 코어잼스톤
    코어잼스톤 4 hours ago

    The hobbits the hobbits the hobbits the hobbits the hobbits

  • Tyler Chaffin
    Tyler Chaffin 4 hours ago

    Others include: wolfin’,cattin’, burnt,outta pocket, function, and hella others

  • TheHentaiGod
    TheHentaiGod 4 hours ago

    Hey 🅱️eter

  • Loco Busters
    Loco Busters 4 hours ago

    A Series of Unfortunate Events Anyone?

  • Vincent Florio
    Vincent Florio 4 hours ago

    So humble and professional. All class.

  • Jordan Harrison
    Jordan Harrison 4 hours ago

    It was so sad when stanley Killed himself

  • Tuna Soluna
    Tuna Soluna 4 hours ago


  • cursedyeet
    cursedyeet 4 hours ago

    don't ask who joe is

  • Ally Pelayo
    Ally Pelayo 4 hours ago

    im gonna be honest and say that i hate Nancy. but i recently binge-watched the stranger things interviews and i've fallen in love with Natalia. how can i hate Nancy now? 😭

  • Ronda Romero
    Ronda Romero 4 hours ago

    I respect haddish and all shes in. But to me every 7th joke is kinda funny. I love you girl but you dont need to try so hard.

  • Jared Kartinyeri
    Jared Kartinyeri 4 hours ago

    He was that big deer in that movie

  • tobias birkhofer
    tobias birkhofer 4 hours ago

    I never knew that he gives hes voice to joe. I thaugt hes just an actor

  • NickTheToxic -_-
    NickTheToxic -_- 4 hours ago

    hey old spice😂

  • devin mccurry
    devin mccurry 4 hours ago

    Is it just me or the voice actor of Joe could also play a live action version of joe, Patrick kinda also looks like Joe in real life 😂

  • TheLA Plan
    TheLA Plan 4 hours ago

    Why was Jaedens last name changed?

  • Jonas Larsson
    Jonas Larsson 4 hours ago

    Something about this man Ticks me off.

  • Caranthir The Golden Child

    All I see is Kronk

  • Mayonnaise
    Mayonnaise 4 hours ago

    Y’all know joe ?

  • llVIU
    llVIU 5 hours ago

    can anyone please tell me... is he serious or joking?

  • Neil Kopicki
    Neil Kopicki 5 hours ago

    yeah, that's right..

  • user 123456789
    user 123456789 5 hours ago

    I think in the German version there is not the bar mitzwa speech

  • btje vtje
    btje vtje 5 hours ago

    2:12 starwars reference

  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson 5 hours ago

    This guy's voice is ALL bass

  • kornilios js
    kornilios js 5 hours ago

    *that's right*

  • hannah lemmings
    hannah lemmings 5 hours ago

    that spit at 0:12

  • Ronda Romero
    Ronda Romero 5 hours ago

    I like how jenn a supposed musician, had to think about the musical definition of "phrase"

  • Mr. Meeseeks
    Mr. Meeseeks 5 hours ago

    OMG! He looks like Patrick Warburton!

  • Nick Foster
    Nick Foster 5 hours ago

    Wallet. Head.

  • Wvinzz beliebiger nachname

    Couldnt you find an expert or what?

  • Charles Wilbur
    Charles Wilbur 5 hours ago

    Let’s go Devils

  • Nathan Dust
    Nathan Dust 5 hours ago

    I’m A Cop

  • Kainoa Fonseca
    Kainoa Fonseca 5 hours ago

    “Hello and welcome to soarin over California! My name is Patrick and I’ll be your chief flight attendant today, we’ll begin boarding in a few minutes but first i’d like to acquaint you with some important safety information....”

  • Esa Edvik
    Esa Edvik 5 hours ago

    Never thought I needed more friends like Bautista...what a gem.

  • reinata ratu ratu
    reinata ratu ratu 5 hours ago

    Take it easy sid vicious

  • VictheBrick Gaming
    VictheBrick Gaming 5 hours ago

    The problem is that he’ll always be putty though but Joe is a close 2nd

  • Jas La
    Jas La 5 hours ago

    "The morning after fuckin your sis dude when she swore nobody could get em"

  • Kate Andrews
    Kate Andrews 5 hours ago

    What lovely chaps!

  • Da Good Vybe
    Da Good Vybe 5 hours ago

    Oh so this is what the TheShadeRoom meant by the new meme 😂😂😂‼️

  • LoneSpartan35
    LoneSpartan35 5 hours ago

    Man that fat guy on tik tok was cringy af

  • In the Parks
    In the Parks 5 hours ago

    "Soarin' to tower..."

  • my ass is fat
    my ass is fat 5 hours ago

    ben&ben really don’t look alike

  • wheelmanstan
    wheelmanstan 5 hours ago

    there's two tornadoes in that twister scene, "sisters", twister is by far the best disaster movie, RIP Bill and Philip

  • Lorein Morales
    Lorein Morales 5 hours ago

    Alguien aquí que hable español?

  • Baron Day
    Baron Day 5 hours ago

    In just a YEAR? This industry will drain the life out of you. Her eyes are void

  • Lizbeth
    Lizbeth 5 hours ago

    Why am I watching this

  • Elisa
    Elisa 5 hours ago

    and now she has 38 M on insta

  • Eliott Toyota Tot
    Eliott Toyota Tot 5 hours ago


  • Samuel James
    Samuel James 5 hours ago

    Wait!! Is he the second Joe?

  • Noah Cels
    Noah Cels 5 hours ago

    His hair barely staying on

  • Nihal Basumatari
    Nihal Basumatari 5 hours ago

    U are a legend sir!

  • Doris Dady
    Doris Dady 5 hours ago

    very good at scare tactics also known as gaslighting

  • Titaniumtomato
    Titaniumtomato 5 hours ago

    I’m really shocked at the lack of kaiju movies, they’re natural are they not

  • Aaron Thompson
    Aaron Thompson 5 hours ago

    This video is definitely for squares! 😂

  • Oscar Pine
    Oscar Pine 5 hours ago

    Pull the lever kronk

  • Pickle Bean
    Pickle Bean 5 hours ago

    anybody else a big James McAvot fan

  • Puro Veneno
    Puro Veneno 5 hours ago

    The casting was so well done I’m still aghast at how much they look like each other

  • Evelyn Lopez
    Evelyn Lopez 5 hours ago

    How can y'all forgot one of his best roles: Underdog.

  • Kaliman_1335
    Kaliman_1335 6 hours ago


  • Fee Mac
    Fee Mac 6 hours ago periodt.

  • RebelBelle
    RebelBelle 6 hours ago

    It’s Puddy!

  • coco cookie
    coco cookie 6 hours ago

    Eddie is so much taaaalller

  • HBK Jinx
    HBK Jinx 6 hours ago

    Can I get a buddy action comedy movie with him & Morgan Freeman?

  • Unknown Burger1
    Unknown Burger1 6 hours ago

    Oh hey buzz lightyear

  • Don’t sub to me
    Don’t sub to me 6 hours ago

    swedes where you at? kan vi bara säga att han har typ den konstigaste dialekten ja nånsin hört

  • Benny Dretti
    Benny Dretti 6 hours ago

    Where is your apology butch oh sure i get butchered

  • Jess M
    Jess M 6 hours ago

    I love Keke so much 😂