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  • Internet god
    Internet god 4 hours ago

    She is a stupid actor she is acting up there 😡 I'm guessing she walked to Copenhagen and while she's there she's staying in a tent was no carbon footprintnow I see why she had to go out and get a $300 haircut

  • InsidiousSwede
    InsidiousSwede 4 hours ago

    screw you, AOC is one of the best politicians out there!

  • spliffsperlunk
    spliffsperlunk 4 hours ago

    She was thinking about the Child she ate for lunch.

  • Asha Temperley
    Asha Temperley 5 hours ago

    The captions apparently hear laurel...

  • Jawad H
    Jawad H 5 hours ago

    Japan must decide now about gloabal warming. or soon there wont be much land left because of the rising sea level.

  • DeadCell
    DeadCell 5 hours ago

    It says right here in the meme book Yikes

  • Ben Y
    Ben Y 5 hours ago

    It's so boring to live in India. This country is not affected by natural disasters at all. I'm 30, and never experience an earthquake yet. I've never seen hailstorm and not even a lower category cyclone, nothing at all. Japanese and Indonesians are so lucky.

  • Cindy Lacar
    Cindy Lacar 5 hours ago

    Their flood i so clean,unlike philippines

  • Philip Sunday
    Philip Sunday 5 hours ago

    Climate change is BS!!!

  • Duke Togo
    Duke Togo 5 hours ago

    Right here... Right now.... This looks and sounds fuckin dumb.

  • David Council
    David Council 5 hours ago

    Ocrazio-Cortez is a tool And an ignorant tool at that

  • Alpha guy Stadt
    Alpha guy Stadt 5 hours ago

    I honestly didn’t even here her voice crack, like if the caption didn’t even mention this part, I wouldn’t have probably even try to notice it let alone try and find when it happened.

  • David Council
    David Council 5 hours ago

    Ocrazio-Cortez has a message for her haters. She is fine and there is no truth to the rumors that she tested positive. Her IQ test actually came back negative . So there , Nanabooboo

  • Alpha guy Stadt
    Alpha guy Stadt 5 hours ago

    AOC: Climate change is a serious threat, it will affect millions of people and give rise to authoritarians through this chaos if we don’t step up and do something about it! Guardian newspaper: ha ha! Her voice cracked let’s do a video about this!

  • DoggyDaddy
    DoggyDaddy 5 hours ago

    Shut up and get me my drink

  • Kuruma Uzamaki
    Kuruma Uzamaki 5 hours ago

    Pretty sure she hasn’t done anything to prevent climate change

  • Pappa Putin
    Pappa Putin 5 hours ago

    HACKING ? Who ?

  • big guy
    big guy 5 hours ago

    Apophis is an asteroid heading for earth in 2029 April..... NASA is more worried about that than the so-called climate change.... And by the way who cares what Cortez says she's dumb

  • Linda Stewart
    Linda Stewart 5 hours ago

    Oh my gosh!! She is a flaming nutter...

  • BillyFreeTX
    BillyFreeTX 5 hours ago

    Eat the babies

  • Danny Vegito
    Danny Vegito 5 hours ago

    Man o man she el stupido

  • Bloody Dior
    Bloody Dior 5 hours ago


  • Lisa LisaLisa
    Lisa LisaLisa 5 hours ago

    She needs to be institutionalized under heavy psych meds. She is obviously a danger to herself as well as others.

  • todd bordelon
    todd bordelon 5 hours ago

    never ,,,,not one time have I heard her mention fukashima Japan's nuke disaster

  • Sunny Wakefield
    Sunny Wakefield 5 hours ago


  • dash8024
    dash8024 5 hours ago

    Well I'd like to see you choke!

  • Acc Mngmt
    Acc Mngmt 5 hours ago

    She’s a true leader

  • Walter Taljaard
    Walter Taljaard 5 hours ago

    Turks are gonna turk.

  • Kt Carroll
    Kt Carroll 5 hours ago

    What a lying horse face hag

  • ARgmail
    ARgmail 5 hours ago

    Damn, I wish he was in my country.

  • Shane Canning
    Shane Canning 5 hours ago

    LoL we know how he feela

  • Steven DeLano
    Steven DeLano 5 hours ago

    Please...Nobel Committee...don't ever even THINK about about giving her a Peace Prize...please...

  • Dedalus69
    Dedalus69 5 hours ago

    What a scam these people are trying to pull. America is not buying it.

  • mary bartee
    mary bartee 5 hours ago

    Cause she's on crack, crack pots crack heads

  • Joseph Hurtado
    Joseph Hurtado 5 hours ago

    Our children’s future: this crazy woman who cries for attention!

  • GrottoLova
    GrottoLova 5 hours ago

    remember that Epstein guy?

  • BigAlnyc
    BigAlnyc 5 hours ago

    Stupid women

  • Acyclic Light
    Acyclic Light 5 hours ago

    F*CKN Klan ralley

  • Duke Togo
    Duke Togo 5 hours ago

    She's as dumb as the fuckin asshat who titled the video.

  • Lily Garden
    Lily Garden 5 hours ago

    I hear both

  • terry antony
    terry antony 5 hours ago

    Greta your voice was used/sampled in some music can we offer you a payment? ...How dare you.

    ROMAN MILES 5 hours ago

    Nile Crocodile Tears . . . So Funny !

  • Dirty Saint
    Dirty Saint 5 hours ago

    A 16 year old out-emotionaled her, so now she's trying to one up Greta. Lmao.

  • Betty Rubble
    Betty Rubble 5 hours ago

    AOC you really need read more, don’t just pull another book ...that fits your socialism theory. By the way. Look up socialism.

  • Matthew Lewis
    Matthew Lewis 5 hours ago

    They killed many trees for those worthless signs..... the irony

  • Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse 5 hours ago

    what a bag of trash.

  • Jason
    Jason 5 hours ago

    Go back to the kitchen and make me a sandwich bih.

  • pakistani pz
    pakistani pz 5 hours ago

    Down with UNO. It can not implement its resolutions on kashmir.. Shame on security council and UNO.

  • Tamie Cervantes
    Tamie Cervantes 5 hours ago

    spare me act.

  • Brandon Mitchell
    Brandon Mitchell 5 hours ago

    I disagree with her on almost every policy, but seriously, you’re going after her over her voice?

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max 5 hours ago

    Hypercritical wicked agenda base.

  • The One The Lord Loves

    Wow! Ignorance at its bliss😞

  • onemileprophet
    onemileprophet 5 hours ago

    Trash news source

  • Rooster Blues
    Rooster Blues 5 hours ago

    The Gaurdian keeping liberal socialism alive for you. Liberal hack journalists at its finest

  • Misti Janczy
    Misti Janczy 5 hours ago

    You speak to me as a liar you need to refresh on your acting

  • Naliet Miranda
    Naliet Miranda 5 hours ago

    So what? Her voice cracks that’s news.

  • jerad Liberty4560
    jerad Liberty4560 5 hours ago

    😭 we're almost dead!!!

  • Cemalettin Gülpınar

    Bakarak okumayaydin iyiydi 😂 ezik

  • August 13
    August 13 5 hours ago

    Actors.. they are everywhere

  • Tami Kovacs
    Tami Kovacs 5 hours ago

    Everyone who is making fun of her just doesn’t want to see the truth about how we are destroying our only place to live. Would you be brave enough to be on that stage and tell the politicians and all of us all these true things? She is right- just face it

  • buckhaa1502
    buckhaa1502 5 hours ago

    Climate has been changing since the existence of had been warm and hot....and it had been cool and cold...oceans had been frozen..and ice glaciers had melted.......and mother earth will continue this cycle regardless if humans are here or not....

  • zoran gotkovski
    zoran gotkovski 5 hours ago

    Dia fatboy

  • PrincipeeMC
    PrincipeeMC 5 hours ago

    Poooterrrraaaaa AMG of Swissraceperformance

  • Bauxite
    Bauxite 5 hours ago

    Where was this? Was it at the Greta Thunderdome?

  • Mike Oxlong
    Mike Oxlong 5 hours ago

    "Come dislike this video"

  • Paul Ordair.
    Paul Ordair. 5 hours ago

    We need all the Socialists in the UK to unite against Turkey by not spending your benefits on holidays to Turkey.

  • Jan Kuiper
    Jan Kuiper 5 hours ago

    0:40 Farewell cruel world.

  • Nuraldin Mamo
    Nuraldin Mamo 5 hours ago

    Huren sonn erdugang

  • Ruttigorn Logsdon
    Ruttigorn Logsdon 5 hours ago

    The answer for progressives "mass migration into modern nations" while our population growth is on the decrease and so is our carbon footprint lying polluting leftists hypocrits just making things worse!

  • Thex Left
    Thex Left 5 hours ago


  • Nick E
    Nick E 5 hours ago

    Damn I read "AOC Smokes Crack", how's this even a headline?? I'll stick to my first thought at least that would be headline worthy with AOC.

  • Nuraldin Mamo
    Nuraldin Mamo 5 hours ago

    Du huren sonn

  • Nuraldin Mamo
    Nuraldin Mamo 5 hours ago

    Schaiss auf deine Familie 👪

  • Taz Zhera
    Taz Zhera 5 hours ago

    So this is news nowadays ... makes me sick.

  • Bad Cattitude
    Bad Cattitude 5 hours ago

    Our little girl is becoming a man

  • Nuraldin Mamo
    Nuraldin Mamo 5 hours ago

    Schaiss erdugan

  • Nuraldin Mamo
    Nuraldin Mamo 5 hours ago

    Vik dich erdugan

  • Lorric Logging
    Lorric Logging 5 hours ago

    Global warming causes voices to crack! In twelve years we’ll all be sopranos because of the climate change!

    • Tessa Rossa
      Tessa Rossa 5 hours ago

      it definitely causes old assholes to post on YT

  • Uncle Mark
    Uncle Mark 5 hours ago

    Well she can’t have kids now or she’ll be a hypocrite

    • Gus Chiggins
      Gus Chiggins 5 hours ago

      That would be the 1000th reason she's a hypocrite.

  • Mikhail Morozov
    Mikhail Morozov 5 hours ago


  • Anthony Perkins
    Anthony Perkins 6 hours ago

    Keep your sexual orientation to yourself.

  • Harlen Dugger2
    Harlen Dugger2 6 hours ago

    Women should not be leaders of men

    • Krampus
      Krampus 5 hours ago

      Go to Saudi Arabia then.

  • LATINO OG 13
    LATINO OG 13 6 hours ago


  • Nam shiyoon
    Nam shiyoon 6 hours ago

    Keep safe... I'm praying for you guys..

  • Daniel Hayes
    Daniel Hayes 6 hours ago

    Was the fire planned

  • Milos Poetsch
    Milos Poetsch 6 hours ago

    what a waste of sperm....

  • Dean Boyle
    Dean Boyle 6 hours ago

    I think she might need more acting classes.

  • Chip Diamond
    Chip Diamond 6 hours ago

    You are about to be unelected

  • dennis bryan
    dennis bryan 6 hours ago

    However the USA has lead carbon reduction for years vs other big country's

  • Devlet-i Aliyye-i Türkiye

    he meant the Syrian refugees in Turkey, the title is misleading

  • Josiah Bartlett
    Josiah Bartlett 6 hours ago

    worst 4 minutes and 28 seconds of my life

  • free forever
    free forever 6 hours ago

    The hurricane didn’t kill 3000 people you liar.

  • Mhmd Alhaj
    Mhmd Alhaj 6 hours ago

    Trump is the best president of the USA!

  • free forever
    free forever 6 hours ago

    What a joke.

  • Adam Sharp
    Adam Sharp 6 hours ago

    Just before it dropped he should’ve put a “how dare you” in and let the beat do the rest

  • _
    _ 6 hours ago


  • Aedrux
    Aedrux 6 hours ago

    Noooo we must save the weeb motherland

    TESO DJUKIC 6 hours ago

    its sad

  • The Pink Mermaid Princess


  • Brian Rigby
    Brian Rigby 6 hours ago

    Neither did the Turks Donald and they fought us in WW1