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Big Data Goes Real
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Opening Remarks
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A New Era
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Equal Opportunities
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The State of India
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Half the Sky
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Gender and Justice
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The Global View
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An Inclusive India
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A Different Beat
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New Voices
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  • gary proffitt
    gary proffitt 8 minutes ago

    FaceBook is a Fantasy Land with peppermint grenades, Kiddies with House wreckage's and street party with Tyre Barricades ( Ukraine 2014 ) 👀

  • Ignatius
    Ignatius 9 minutes ago


  • X GNU Bio
    X GNU Bio 12 minutes ago

    I think Bloomberg got it right in the first.. lets say 20 seconds. THEN, too much blunder and complicated stuff. Sophisticated stuff do not match Reason. Thats' a critic for all bloomberg programme.

  • Ivan IOANNES-Saturnine
    Ivan IOANNES-Saturnine 13 minutes ago

    Things, have changed

  • The Race Analyst, PHD
    The Race Analyst, PHD 16 minutes ago

    It is healthy for a young child in America to understand a "melanin effect" and context early in life, and parent taught...especially over some strange who is ignorant and insensitive. American society makes our differences "ugly' is a social experience. Be free. (Proving Hate and Degradation) 🌍

  • Jaywade H
    Jaywade H 19 minutes ago

  • jmuld1
    jmuld1 19 minutes ago

    Why does David fail to ask the basic question "why do you believe in global warming" ?

  • Rodrigo Gonzalez
    Rodrigo Gonzalez 31 minute ago

    I'm really not thinking that the people of Hong Kong that are in the streets getting shot by rubber bullets and tear gas are worried about a " technical down turn... Or investor confidence..." I'm thinking they're more worried along the lines of if our people are accused of a crime they will immediately be imported to Mainland China 4 communist Justice... Sitting behind an anchor desk, it is something to be debated safely where you know you will be back in your hotel or apartment that night. On the streets of Hong Kong if you are protester, you are risking a lifetime of torture until it ends... God bless freedom! We are with you! I am not LeBron James and so I won't back down from that statement because I won't lose Millions if the NBA loses the Chinese market... We in America realize what you're fighting for and how you're doing it. We did it too! And we admire your balls! Got to love American freedom of speech! This is what it's all about!

  • Decon
    Decon 47 minutes ago

    Fight the future.

  • robert hoppermeyer
    robert hoppermeyer 54 minutes ago

    for those bad at math this is 0.00000125 of the population!!!!

  • Kris Kath
    Kris Kath 59 minutes ago

    I heard this on the radio like .. this guy is a tool...Half his facts were inaccurate about the percentage of carbon and their origins and if it wasn't obvious enough .. he even admits he has more then 250 million of his own money invested in green and why wouldn't he be pushing global warming BS! .just stick to windows buddy .. your hardly a climatologist!

  • Tre Day
    Tre Day Hour ago

    Mad Dog mothafucker

  • Dick Ritchie
    Dick Ritchie Hour ago

    Stupid mestizo Mexicans and South Americans are ruining civilization.

  • Donovan
    Donovan Hour ago

    *The Official Excuse:* "If I was really robbing this bank, with this gun, this demand note and this money bag, filled with stolen cash, would I be stupid enough to do it in broad day light, on camera and in-front of dozens of witnesses? I do this all the time". OK. You're free to go....

  • {X}
    {X} Hour ago

    But Trump hurt Pelosi’s and Schumer’s feelings. We must worry about feelings and meltdowns. Lollipop anyone?

  • Jim R
    Jim R Hour ago

    The clowns at Bloomberg give this stuff away for free and still no one wants it.

  • Nickson Sic nawab

    Run U. S run' chinese money is coming, investment in Latin America has double by china.

  • Liam Daley
    Liam Daley Hour ago

    Junk lol stubid yanks

  • Thomas Edison
    Thomas Edison Hour ago

    I bet they would like a Trump.

  • Right-Wing Populist

    Keep sport and politics separate

  • MEME O’clock
    MEME O’clock Hour ago

    Like no one gives a fuck

  • Union commodity mining & energy Co., ltd.

    LETs stop and vote !!! Vote for changing common law in HKG. BY forming up a,special group of MP. Consists if all ages, all Career,s, all sexs, all religion members = 70% and from REPUTABLE HKG lawyers, law makers, reputable bAnkers, movie stars, reputable retired teachers, land Lord representative, condominium representatives, hotel &-bAnkers representative, travel agents rep. Metro owner or staff owner, airline rep. Air port rep. And some others I can.Not think of now = 30% Draw up a new constitution for HKG. STOP STREET VIOLENCE. And do public ELECTION after the new RULE AND LAW t in 1 year.

  • 1%betterthanyesterday

    Wise man

  • Most Hated
    Most Hated Hour ago

    Asian women are beautiful.

  • Van Hellslinger
    Van Hellslinger Hour ago

    Climate Change Again! 'Climate change will not be on the agenda' of next G-7, White House says-- Since Al Gore announced Global Warming almost 20 years ago if you consider it took time to compile the facts, not one inch of Florida beaches has succumbed to a higher tide line.The Leftists are claiming in another 80 years we will see 11 to 13 feet higher sea levels, but the last 20 years has produced zero new high tide lines in Florida. You'd think the last 20 years would have produced some evidence, but the Leftists only like to show some ice melts in the Arctic. Laws of water displacement means 20 years of melts would have caused seas to rise globally not just in the arctic. 1/5th of the alleged climate change has already transpired yet 1/5th of a global rising seas has not been produced. We should be seeing at least a 2 foot higher high tide line in Florida for the last 20 years of climate change! Where is it? Lets give the Leftists a break and say less than one half or a one foot rise, and even that isn't there! If Florida had even a one foot rise in sea level it would have been found by now!

  • Z Mark
    Z Mark Hour ago

    he might be a president in future

  • Jeff Green
    Jeff Green Hour ago

    First iron ore, then aluminum. Industrial growth has come to a standstill. I think that silver's next. Short silver and gold mining stocks.

  • [i]
    [i] Hour ago

    I stockpile toilet paper

  • Eric
    Eric Hour ago

    I still don't want to risk it

  • PA A
    PA A Hour ago

    She is furious, with stabbing finger. She’s just a deep state darling ...witch.

  • Kris Kris
    Kris Kris Hour ago

    USA out !!!! Now CHINA turn to be the next SUPERPOWER

  • Davinxi P
    Davinxi P 2 hours ago

    Switch to Tesla! Everytime something happens In Th Middle East, the price of gas rises so much in California

  • Liu WD
    Liu WD 2 hours ago

    At $22 trillion national debt, the US will NEVER be able to pay off its debt. There are only 2 choices, start a war and default on all loan payments. Or, declare insolvency and plunge into the financial abyss dragging the whole world long. Don't worry about China's debts which are all internal. Just worry about how you can cope witha $22 trillion debt increasing at $1 trillion a year!!! You are borrowing from the international market to pay off your debt interest. This is a Ponzi Scam of universal proportion!! Wait until the bubble pops.

  • sur prized
    sur prized 2 hours ago

    They're probably trying to push for solar and renewable energy. Communism clearly

  • David Schmidt Jr
    David Schmidt Jr 2 hours ago

    He’s trying to get away from the 737 MAX Mess.

  • Raya
    Raya 2 hours ago

    Should Trudeau voters win, they'll usher in bankruptcy and jihadists.

  • Its Me Booch
    Its Me Booch 2 hours ago

    Obviously never heard of a nuclear sub. It's electric.

  • Liu WD
    Liu WD 2 hours ago

    What the video does not tell you is that the loans are internal to China. China does NOT borrow money from other countries. It does not owe any country any money. It is the US that has borrowed Trillions of $$s from other countries. Eg: China owns $1.3 trillion of the US's debt. The high debt in China are just loans from one pocket to the other. You don't worry if your right pocket has more money than your left pocket, do you?

  • Joelzinho
    Joelzinho 2 hours ago

    This was surprisly good. It is becoming apparent due to the Conservative Canadian culture, deep, developed, highly regulated banking sector, and foreign capital has created a RE Empires, from Canada!

  • paul jr carty
    paul jr carty 2 hours ago

    Alright, pickle fork cracks. The engine upgrades, those are some powerful engines. The plane auto pilots down, when the engines are at full throttle. That means in flight, its literally forcing the plane to fly at an that isn't flat. Unless under the skin there's a major qc issue that's similar to Lockheed Martin's helicopter division

    • paul jr carty
      paul jr carty 2 hours ago

      There are schematics to dictate what's acceptable revised over time

  • DarkSchneider
    DarkSchneider 2 hours ago

    As much as I'd like to support Mo's sentiments, ousting Lam might bring mental victory but solve no additional issues in reality. As Claudia herself recognized, any successors will still be a puppet leader. As long as the PRC master refuses to compromise, HK could switch 10 different leaders and not make any further progress. 😰

  • Jim R
    Jim R 2 hours ago

    Bill who? We want to hear what Greta has to say about all of this!

  • Mr Potato
    Mr Potato 2 hours ago

    still won't beat the jesko in a quarter mile

  • Todd Schultz
    Todd Schultz 2 hours ago

    Do You Think Alex Swallows...... I Think She Likes It On Her Face

  • 李东
    李东 2 hours ago

    Pro-Democracy?? pro-independence and anti-government would be more precise, Bloomberg only shows the video footage of police officers doing their job, it will never show what did the protesters(rioters to be exactly) do. Shame on this Lawbreaker and Hongkongers waving the US flags.

  • SFB
    SFB 2 hours ago

    People that have no clue how to trade can always tell you what a chart means. Hey geniuses try trading the right side of the chart the left side has already happened.

  • blableka
    blableka 2 hours ago

    bill gates is BS us with a lot of eco BS

  • Pim Pollo
    Pim Pollo 2 hours ago

    Free Catalonia.

  • Herb Palmer Jr
    Herb Palmer Jr 2 hours ago

  • Ilia Kemp
    Ilia Kemp 2 hours ago

    Exactly! He should be wired at the least!

  • JeepZJ 101
    JeepZJ 101 2 hours ago

    You can't stop the youth from getting their freedoms/needs meet

      WAN CHENG OOI 21 minute ago

      YOUTHS should be spending their lives in EDUCATION TO ENRICH themselves...NOT in protests and have VACUOUS minds. As the saying goes, "EMPTY VESSELS MAKE THE MOST NOISE" They are WASTING THEIR PRECIOUS TIME on a LOST CAUSE.

  • Cisco4kid1990
    Cisco4kid1990 3 hours ago

    It will be an end of Hong Kong protesting if they allowed that bill to past cuz when you are arrested by the police you will be sent to main land China cuz the police force doesn't belong to Hong Kong anymore they belong to China

  • Cisco4kid1990
    Cisco4kid1990 3 hours ago

    she is such a liar if China says that a Hong Kong citizen breaks the Chinese law they 100% will be sent to China unlock the way and forgotten about

  • george plimpton
    george plimpton 3 hours ago

    I agree, lets get over this president by removing him from office. Trump is an illegitimate, criminal president.

  • silk Alter
    silk Alter 3 hours ago

    Well you know they're in for some recession cuz they surely are being oppression and I guess you think you can put the China red star for dressing

  • grimm reaper
    grimm reaper 3 hours ago

    the rioters should hold these pro democracy law makers responsible for all the good they brought them. they're as useless and as incompetent as US lawmakers here in the US. what have they done for US, HK the past two decades? name a piece of legislation that is done for the people of US/HK?

      WAN CHENG OOI 4 minutes ago

      Do you know why HK has failed and NOT China ? Because HK wants to try and adopt FAILED democracy. Pls listen to CHRIS HEDGES and JOHN PILGER. Learn from INTELLECTS WITH JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY, to gain insight. Tq.

  • Danielle Russell
    Danielle Russell 3 hours ago

    JD Rockefeller lived to 98. He was healthy💙

  • Sandra Long
    Sandra Long 3 hours ago

    China OUT.

      WAN CHENG OOI 12 minutes ago


  • Alex J
    Alex J 3 hours ago

    There is no good solution to this mass protest. Beijing won't give universal suffrage to HK and HKers won't give up to pursue it. I hope people in HK can stay strong and safe.

  • Stacking Assets
    Stacking Assets 3 hours ago

    Had to unsubscribe, bloomberg stop spamming videos

  • Mark
    Mark 3 hours ago

    fuck the Red Chinese government

  • Ryan Shuck
    Ryan Shuck 3 hours ago

    This message approved by: the billionaire class who would like to continue robbing you (the world) blind.

  • Aaron 1970s
    Aaron 1970s 3 hours ago

    If you spend some time to know Hongkong more, you will realize that Mo is a ridiculous lady in Hongkong. Bloomberg should interview Lam as well to give both fair opportunity.

  • E-Rock 1776
    E-Rock 1776 3 hours ago

    What a leftist Hypocrite 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  • Ginger Wong
    Ginger Wong 3 hours ago

    Doubtful of your double standards comments-claudia mo???

  • harrison wintergreen

    "If you look here there's a big red oval, below that is a green horizontal line"

  • harrison wintergreen

    The sky COULD fall tomorrow

  • Jo Do
    Jo Do 4 hours ago

    No matter how hard you work, how rich you get, how much fame you get, how good you feel, you will die some day. Happiness is relative, poor or rich. Live your life with stability and do your thing... You will die and other people will take over. Don't take life seriously and don't compare yourself to others. Think about that.... with 9 billion people on Earth, do you really need to care how cool or how famous you are? who gives a hell? just have fun.

  • forgotaboutbre
    forgotaboutbre 4 hours ago

    This is gold

  • BillyGunn
    BillyGunn 4 hours ago

    Ya. I listen to Bloomberg radio for entertainment purposes. Its illigal for anyone to give negative feedback on the shows without a positive twist to it. The key is for listeners to buy, and or hold all their investments until the market crashes. Some of the commentators say the dumbest, and goodiest things.😳.

    GIRLRAZR 4 hours ago

    I put my faith in their greed. they will do what best for their bottom line. america? LMFAO!!!!!!!!

  • Du o Du o wang
    Du o Du o wang 4 hours ago

    Have you being hongkong’s leader!

  • Claire Heazlewood
    Claire Heazlewood 4 hours ago

    She would be at school if the MP and other adults of the world did something about climate change.

  • Jenna MOSLEY
    Jenna MOSLEY 4 hours ago

    It is so true and l have to say thx u Greta

  • Giuseppina Botticelli

    Dictators in the 21st century are mostly economical dictators. Corporate CEOs that earn multi-digit millions year after year are economical dictators. They are all killing democracy, and are essentially killing people. Greedy pro athletes need to know they too are unknowingly becoming exploiters. Isn't it crazy that the cheapest World Series game ticket costs more than $1,000? We are all frogs in a boiling water.

    SAV AGE 4 hours ago

    he is lying when he talks about decentralisiation because he controls what you see. He is the modern Dictator

  • Ken Locke,@
    Ken Locke,@ 4 hours ago

    Hahahahahaha you have to wonder, are these women idiots, or completely clueless? Banks make money no matter the yield curve? Hello they make money because the federal reserve is printing at an alarming pace and give it to banks!!! And in the reality it's called profits?? We stole it, thus it's ours!!

  • Vaninap Ouan
    Vaninap Ouan 4 hours ago

    it's political bulls*#t.

  • Tim Gold
    Tim Gold 4 hours ago

    Climate change is a trojan horse for the popes Sunday law

  • Nicholas Hylton
    Nicholas Hylton 4 hours ago

    'Yes, I was banging other women while we were married, but everybody does it, so get over it!' I wonder if Trump actually ever said something similar to his ex-wives?

  • Jonathan Tang
    Jonathan Tang 4 hours ago

    Rubenstein, what an excellent interviewer

  • ksander
    ksander 4 hours ago

    Every IMF chef use to be sexpsycho.she......

  • South Efrikan
    South Efrikan 5 hours ago

    Hey ZeDong James, I stand with Hong Kong. China is @sshole.

    • JeepZJ 101
      JeepZJ 101 2 hours ago

      @陈克 is that your solution for the problem? You're as retarded as who you're speaking about 🇭🇰👎

    • 陈克
      陈克 4 hours ago


  • George Micheni
    George Micheni 5 hours ago

    So he has invested in Artificial meat!! Which might lead to higher cancer cases. Then he will invest in cancer drugs and cancer screening machines=> Its a win for him. Ladies and gentlemen, thats how the rich stay rich.

    • Max Baker
      Max Baker 3 hours ago

      If you think he is doing it for more money then you are a fucking idiot. He doesn't need more lmao.

  • Man Of Your Dreams
    Man Of Your Dreams 5 hours ago

    Free Hong Kong - Albert Einstein, during the area 51 raid when he wrote the bible along side his friend Tyrone. 😢

  • eric mepho
    eric mepho 5 hours ago

    Bye bye thailand tourism hello Phillipines 😬💪

  • MultiMarou
    MultiMarou 5 hours ago

    That was an inspiring interview, thank you

  • E-Rock 1776
    E-Rock 1776 5 hours ago

    Jewbook Sucks!!!

  • Darryl Hamlin
    Darryl Hamlin 5 hours ago

    Carrie Lam is the most lifelike puppet I’ve ever seen.

  • Amy Mendez
    Amy Mendez 5 hours ago

    I’m proud to say that I am the hundredth dislike :)

  • Marek Kolenda
    Marek Kolenda 5 hours ago

    4 $ gallon of fuel in CA 5$ coming soon.

  • Tibor Z
    Tibor Z 5 hours ago

    Somebody will have to negotiate all the government bailouts in Europe as the countries and corporations will go bankrupt. That's why she has been elected.

  • Marek Kolenda
    Marek Kolenda 5 hours ago

    US wants confiscate Chinese oil tankers carrying Iranian oil shipment.

  • Elliot C
    Elliot C 5 hours ago

    Wow. Claudia Mo comes across like one of those rich bitching aunties. Very bitter but never having a solution herself.

  • Music Please
    Music Please 5 hours ago

    Don't use Fb ANYMORE, it's ugly

  • Suresh Ganapathy
    Suresh Ganapathy 6 hours ago

    Yes...CLOUD 9!

  • Sal Vastola
    Sal Vastola 6 hours ago

    Spoiler alert: Because this would be a bad time to get maximum value.

  • Niko Gambino
    Niko Gambino 6 hours ago

    I have a solution. China should free Hong Kong 🇭🇰

  • ciaran delaney
    ciaran delaney 6 hours ago

    Holding back ireland since 1690

  • oneofthemdeals
    oneofthemdeals 6 hours ago

    Lets not forget the Dreamliner has these light settings that suppose to put the customer in a comfortable mood.