Zach Choi ASMR
Zach Choi ASMR
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  • Yummi Chan
    Yummi Chan 22 seconds ago

    Eles são namorados? ;^;

  • melissa marshall
    melissa marshall 2 minutes ago

    YO IM ACTUALLY TIRED OF THE: Like if this is you or if you love mukbangs👇

  • Люда Анастасова

    Wow omg

  • Bake a Cookie
    Bake a Cookie 3 minutes ago

    I can’t belive he’s actually 33, (look on famous birthday)

  • Chippy
    Chippy 3 minutes ago


  • lulu
    lulu 3 minutes ago

    His makeup melted

  • Minecraft 99
    Minecraft 99 4 minutes ago

    fall 9

  • Ömer Faruk Satılmış


  • Baskın Odası
    Baskın Odası 6 minutes ago

    H7hfsc xtdfg N n j Mkjjnnnn Koikikijhcf cb v vfvvbvv

  • Ava Khajeh
    Ava Khajeh 8 minutes ago

    I made this and it came out the same way nice recipe 👌

  • Giselle Lemus
    Giselle Lemus 9 minutes ago

    I thought he did not like pickles and he is eating them

  • Haley Faragalli
    Haley Faragalli 9 minutes ago

    Crap i'm hungry again

  • BillyPost
    BillyPost 9 minutes ago

    casual zack choi using spicy sauce

  • Drifa Houdak
    Drifa Houdak 9 minutes ago

    Nul a chier

  • Niemamnicku 123
    Niemamnicku 123 9 minutes ago


  • Jennifer.gonc4059 Je8545
    Jennifer.gonc4059 Je8545 10 minutes ago

    Nossa tudo em xjnez😟😟

  • Mr. Gamer
    Mr. Gamer 10 minutes ago

    Кто русский лайк !

  • brechelle pierce
    brechelle pierce 10 minutes ago

    That looks good

  • eggz 0
    eggz 0 10 minutes ago

    This is rich the egg he needs asmr eating sounds help him 🥚🧨

  • Viridian Leal
    Viridian Leal 11 minutes ago

    Damn, these shrimp look BOMB 😭

  • EXO إكسوالية
    EXO إكسوالية 11 minutes ago

    انت احلى بالقبعة الشمسية 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • Jay C
    Jay C 12 minutes ago

    This is how much people are laying on there bed starving 👇

  • Merryn Bell
    Merryn Bell 12 minutes ago

    I’m i the only one that feels weird when he looks at his food and then at the camera and then at his food again over and over

  • prIncEss rOAch
    prIncEss rOAch 14 minutes ago

    Dude 😂 I can’t stand pickles either! 😂 😂

  • Hungry Native ASMR
    Hungry Native ASMR 14 minutes ago

    I need that kind of shrimp in my life 😩😩

  • Legend
    Legend 14 minutes ago

    Everyone says that he eats and never gets fat, what if he works out

  • Blu Cid
    Blu Cid 15 minutes ago

    1:06 14 year old boys when they're home alone

  • Sjaja Snsnam
    Sjaja Snsnam 16 minutes ago

    I wanna see him try king crab legs and octopus 😋

  • Luisa Azon
    Luisa Azon 16 minutes ago

    Why did i watch this, I'm allergic to shrimps and now i want some😡

  • Татьяна Грудницкая

    Руссккие покинули чат...

  • Cindy Stewart
    Cindy Stewart 19 minutes ago

    Mmmm, that looks and sounds good!!

  • Seko Chitadze
    Seko Chitadze 21 minute ago

    why eat

  • Fama Koundio
    Fama Koundio 22 minutes ago

    Kitchen on me please😥😥

  • Leo Sun Moon&Venus
    Leo Sun Moon&Venus 22 minutes ago

    Ok this looks amazing!!!!

  • the pubg gamer
    the pubg gamer 22 minutes ago

    Rip earphones

  • S.h.s.88 Shoodi
    S.h.s.88 Shoodi 23 minutes ago

    كأن احد غاصبها تاكله

  • i Meera
    i Meera 25 minutes ago

    You should do a video of how many Big Mac's you can eat 😀🤗

  • Chise Hatori
    Chise Hatori 26 minutes ago

    I am torturing myself... Now I am hungry

  • Регина Наумова

    Есть русские?

  • Jen Anderson
    Jen Anderson 27 minutes ago

    Normal people 70% water Zach 70% sprite

  • dizi evi
    dizi evi 28 minutes ago

    Hello my from turkey 😍😍😍😍

  • Estoyyyyy
    Estoyyyyy 30 minutes ago

    This is the 4th day zach wears the same shirt

  • skycraft36
    skycraft36 32 minutes ago

    would gordon ramsay approve?

  • anna brem would Pierre Louis

    Your asmr make me 🍝🍝🍝

  • Arundhati Bose
    Arundhati Bose 34 minutes ago

    Watching this at night, living in a hostel after having instant noodles for dinner. And I'm also broke.

  • Haitham Usane
    Haitham Usane 35 minutes ago

    Zach you should name your restaurant : "Zach Choi cookin'" (Too lazy to think about an another name)

  • Hayley Trodglen
    Hayley Trodglen 37 minutes ago

    smizing king, without even speaking I can tell when hes really enjoying his food.

  • Katie
    Katie 37 minutes ago

    This looks 🔥 gonna have a go at making it tomorrow night 😋

  • Rodrigo sousa
    Rodrigo sousa 37 minutes ago

    Algum vídeo desse cara que ele esteja bebendo outro refri sem ser o Sprit?

  • jin jean enciso
    jin jean enciso 38 minutes ago

    Q asco, lo comio crude pa carne

  • charvi miryala
    charvi miryala 38 minutes ago

    I only want to eat this so bad that my mouth is drooling is because I never had fire noodles and don’t know the pain 🤣🤤

  • Rin Zhafiraa
    Rin Zhafiraa 39 minutes ago

    i don't know, maybe he looks sexy when he's cooking more than when he eat

  • Muhammad Sacha
    Muhammad Sacha 40 minutes ago

    benget na Siga Nu hayang Modol ajg!!

    ARCANIDE OFFICIAL 41 minute ago

    me watching this at 12am made me hungry who else 😂👇🏼

  • YolandaLovesComfortFood
    YolandaLovesComfortFood 42 minutes ago

    So handsome!!!

  • chaiwk kskw
    chaiwk kskw 43 minutes ago

    This is not asmr... This is asmr + try to don't get hungryyy challange

  • Vanessa Lin
    Vanessa Lin 43 minutes ago

    99% of the comments: wow he drank almond milk not sprite 1% of the comments: answering the question

  • _-*Mega} {Seuta*-_
    _-*Mega} {Seuta*-_ 43 minutes ago

    он сьедает каждый раз еду тоннами и он такой худенький как карандаш просто если я 2дня буду подряд буду есть бургеры я такой пухлой стала бы

  • TheDancer KK
    TheDancer KK 44 minutes ago

    Who else noticed his nose was running cs of the spice

  • Sara Checketts
    Sara Checketts 44 minutes ago

    I swear to god your the only good asmr/mukbanger I know you eat it well the food is made and cooked well 😊

  • Love mewnich
    Love mewnich 44 minutes ago


  • Glokky
    Glokky 44 minutes ago

    Can we have a story time asmr

  • Ая Гу
    Ая Гу 45 minutes ago

    Блииинн, представляю как это вкусно

  • Vanessa Lin
    Vanessa Lin 45 minutes ago

    You should make a cooking channel omg-

  • Se1xna Ca1a
    Se1xna Ca1a 49 minutes ago

    Can we just admit that we all love how he cooks and eats? Like I never saw someone cooking as good as him and it always looks so damn delicious 😋

  • Omar Dominguez
    Omar Dominguez 50 minutes ago

    Zach should open a restaurant

  • Zua Kurka
    Zua Kurka 51 minute ago

    Dude... what about the wassabi!!!😧😬😬😤

  • Vlad Kronos
    Vlad Kronos 51 minute ago

    challenge? its just eating food you don't like lmao

  • Adaluz Gonzalez
    Adaluz Gonzalez 53 minutes ago

    Alguien en español like si hablas español y comenta si sos corea o de china o de Japón

    SUNNSHIINNE 69 53 minutes ago


  • Legion07
    Legion07 54 minutes ago

    African Childs: We are so hungry Zach Choi:Mhhhhh

  • Amr Ayman
    Amr Ayman 54 minutes ago

    I wanna live your life

  • amber watson
    amber watson 55 minutes ago

    Are you doing okay sorry

  • Anis Omerović
    Anis Omerović 55 minutes ago

    The most beutiful video I have ever seen

  • aadhil sai
    aadhil sai 55 minutes ago

    Bro supper

  • Giselle Nunez
    Giselle Nunez 57 minutes ago

    He must have a lot of those shirt because every time he make a video he always wear that shirt so I think he has like 88888999999887766 million shirt

  • Vianca Funk-Ordaz
    Vianca Funk-Ordaz 57 minutes ago

    Favorite video yet

  • Jaeden lieberher
    Jaeden lieberher 58 minutes ago

    Don't Eat That

    J.D.B PRO GAMING 59 minutes ago

    Mad fat boy

  • Tryhard banana
    Tryhard banana 59 minutes ago

    I now your voive hihihi

  • mm taros
    mm taros Hour ago

    食べっぷりがよくて好きです! でもお皿に麺が少し残ってますよ‼️ 全部綺麗に食べて欲しい‼️

  • bryan lim
    bryan lim Hour ago

    everytime zach makes food they look good and kinda make me hungry :/


    Fat boy and girl

  • M I N G Kヅ
    M I N G Kヅ Hour ago

    น้ำจิ้มซีฟู้ดส์คนไทยยอ๋ออ??? 🤣

  • Kiya and Asia Show

    Look’s good but I don’t eat sea food

  • EXO إكسوالية

    احبك و ترجمها بالعربية 😘😘😘😍😍💋😍😍😘😘😘😍😍😍😘😘😘😍😍

  • Marilove & Bella

    Por qué el siempre come y no engorda En cambio una come pizza y engorda bastante

  • Krystian Kowalski

    Kto z Polski daje like 👇

  • JK Ovy
    JK Ovy Hour ago

    Wait what?? I missed the lemon what happened to it?? Should I write them or not? 😅😅

  • Mikaela Perry
    Mikaela Perry Hour ago

    There was a hair on the burger at the beginning and idk now I noticed that😂love ur videos btw

  • Jannik S.
    Jannik S. Hour ago

    Sied geil aus

  • TheDancer KK
    TheDancer KK Hour ago

    I wanna make this 😍

  • Sofia Borges
    Sofia Borges Hour ago

    Can I have a dinner in your house?😂

  • Thư
    Thư Hour ago

    Oh, he has an industrial piercing, i have it too. That's cool dude. Btw why are you so brave? .-.

  • Cxskycx Vlogz
    Cxskycx Vlogz Hour ago

    Zach choi vs sas asmr

    El_GØD BØYS Hour ago

    Zach vc come come e e magro nossa like no seu video

  • Yvonne Cash
    Yvonne Cash Hour ago


  • Damon Brett
    Damon Brett Hour ago

    am i the only one that ask's themself does zach know what a garlic mincer is?