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  • James Mathew
    James Mathew 21 minute ago

    At 12:35 he missed a crystal

  • James Mathew
    James Mathew 25 minutes ago

    I love finding amethyst crystals

  • No Malarkey
    No Malarkey 25 minutes ago

    This dude probably sleeps in his gear

  • Shannon Borg
    Shannon Borg 39 minutes ago

    Damn he talks fast

  • Angela Labro
    Angela Labro Hour ago

    I think the first gun you found looked liked a sniper like a M24?

  • Easton Miller
    Easton Miller Hour ago

    That sniper bullet is for a 350 BMG

  • Jana Grier
    Jana Grier Hour ago

    Its my I pad

  • Jana Grier
    Jana Grier Hour ago

    Its my iPad Jana

  • Luke Wenban
    Luke Wenban Hour ago

    I subscribe to our channel and liked the vid

  • PhisitPhong thararom

    ผมเป็นคนไทย ผมชอบคุณ❤❤❤

  • MooMoo's
    MooMoo's 2 hours ago

    Great find love your vids

  • Andrew Watts
    Andrew Watts 2 hours ago

    I really want on of those aymethests

  • Andrew Watts
    Andrew Watts 2 hours ago

    I’m the “holy crap that is so big”button

  • Joanna Bare
    Joanna Bare 2 hours ago

    I feel like he just like do clips n Puts them together

  • Иван Кондрашов

    Wow! It's EPIC

  • Kelvin Collins
    Kelvin Collins 3 hours ago

    You really should learn more about guns

  • nate dogg
    nate dogg 3 hours ago

    I'm very jealous you get to go crystal hunting

  • awangremie awangremie


  • Scum McFurry
    Scum McFurry 3 hours ago

    I like how it took a week for people to comment on this video.

  • Devarsh Singh
    Devarsh Singh 3 hours ago


  • Scott Daniel
    Scott Daniel 4 hours ago


  • Hazi
    Hazi 4 hours ago

    so cool!! :O

  • Austin Keown
    Austin Keown 4 hours ago

    Yo that's a big crystal

  • Riley Irvin
    Riley Irvin 4 hours ago


  • I need le Name
    I need le Name 4 hours ago

    Person passing by: Honey- there are people in the canal looking for guns again!

  • Jacob Lindgren
    Jacob Lindgren 4 hours ago

    hi im jacob can i please have a crystal.

  • Alice King
    Alice King 4 hours ago

    They are an beautiful

  • Samuel Van Dorsten
    Samuel Van Dorsten 4 hours ago

    That saw looks like the saw of a prehistoric saw shark named onchopristis

  • Alice King
    Alice King 4 hours ago

    9please can I have a cristal I love tou

  • Faye Teel
    Faye Teel 4 hours ago

    As always I love your videos

  • 無欲
    無欲 4 hours ago

    So cool

  • sk games
    sk games 4 hours ago

    Nice crystal's


    hi I love your vids so much

  • cameran howard
    cameran howard 5 hours ago

    those spoons are maybe murder weapon

  • Brianna Landeros
    Brianna Landeros 5 hours ago

    yo big boyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Pinkhavanabay Pup
    Pinkhavanabay Pup 5 hours ago

    Was it a human bone??

  • Pinkhavanabay Pup
    Pinkhavanabay Pup 5 hours ago

    I want to do this dive now. I want to find cool things down there...... but I’m in Australia 😫 this is so cool. I love ‘treasure hunting’

  • Emily M
    Emily M 5 hours ago

    Amethyst are my favorite crystals ever 😍😍 so cool!

  • PilarCimera785 Mr P
    PilarCimera785 Mr P 5 hours ago

    They are big crystals

  • Made Sudarmi
    Made Sudarmi 6 hours ago

    Iphone me

  • Shillina Skyler
    Shillina Skyler 6 hours ago

    Share your blessings all the way here from the Philippines

  • Violet Sharkey
    Violet Sharkey 6 hours ago

    Take me with you next time

  • Dylan Cook
    Dylan Cook 6 hours ago

    When i was in primary school probably year 4. I uset to to walk to school and there was a creek so one day i decided to walk u the creek and i was walking and found a cardboard box i opend it and it was full of bullets (real bullets) i took a handfull of them and when i got home after school i broke one open to see if there real and they were because i lit the gun powder on fire lol

  • Dan Ethelred Velasco

    This is a VERY bad idea because collecting lost murder weapons will lead the police, SWAT, and/or forensic scientists to you and convict you of murder

  • gaurana family
    gaurana family 6 hours ago


  • Jerry Anthony
    Jerry Anthony 6 hours ago

    i saw the thumbnail and thought it was call of duty

  • Bryce Mclaren
    Bryce Mclaren 6 hours ago

    Love your videos

  • Hamood Do
    Hamood Do 6 hours ago

    ماشالله ماتغرق

  • KING OF AWM 122
    KING OF AWM 122 6 hours ago

    How to murder someone with phone????

  • Devamps
    Devamps 6 hours ago

    *finds fork* Jake:wow another murder weapon!

  • Sol Ou
    Sol Ou 6 hours ago

    I found a gun out off my school gun

  • Mohammad Abdulrahman

    Big Boy the best youtuber

  • Rock YT
    Rock YT 6 hours ago

    That’s a BB gun I used to have the same one (the rifle)

  • Nelson Reynaldo
    Nelson Reynaldo 6 hours ago

    V this is how many times jake says 100%

  • Nolan Lukasik
    Nolan Lukasik 7 hours ago


  • Majin Vegeta
    Majin Vegeta 7 hours ago


  • Mathew Arnold
    Mathew Arnold 7 hours ago

    This is how many times he said "comment section"

  • Sean Matthew
    Sean Matthew 7 hours ago

    Fun fact: the swastika (nazi symbol) can actually mean good luck

  • Chadwick chan
    Chadwick chan 7 hours ago

    Great Find !

  • Maria Acevedo
    Maria Acevedo 7 hours ago

    In 7:23 the gun he found is call the peacekeeper i think or a colt navy

  • Brandi Black
    Brandi Black 7 hours ago

    There was another big amethyst under the one that was all purple

  • Alfie Cain - purcell

    You are very good at your gob

  • Logan Lastinger
    Logan Lastinger 7 hours ago

    What does dallmyd stand for ?

  • I'm not called a man of culture for nothing

    Imagine getting a giant dildo when you go diving or snorkeling

  • Sabrina Gillentine
    Sabrina Gillentine 7 hours ago

    It is form skilinbrb

  • heefner gamer
    heefner gamer 8 hours ago


  • Daniel Holt
    Daniel Holt 8 hours ago

    I really enjoy watching your videos

  • Colton Reeves
    Colton Reeves 8 hours ago


  • Mr. Invisable
    Mr. Invisable 8 hours ago

    You takin chances messing with large cal ammo imo. l

  • Peony Gaming
    Peony Gaming 8 hours ago

    Jake your amazing!

  • Marianna Rosales
    Marianna Rosales 8 hours ago

    I want one

  • Emily Baldwin
    Emily Baldwin 8 hours ago

    I have never seen amethyst this big before lol

  • Nickson Ang
    Nickson Ang 8 hours ago

    I love the vr

  • caius scobie
    caius scobie 9 hours ago

    samsung s7 the first phone

  • Ramon Felix
    Ramon Felix 9 hours ago

    Where Chris and Kyle with the bllshehhshs

  • Nicholas Bong
    Nicholas Bong 9 hours ago

    jake is scuba diving 🥽💦💧🌊

  • Nicholas Bong
    Nicholas Bong 9 hours ago

    I saw a turtle

  • TheKodiak
    TheKodiak 9 hours ago

    I found one of those rocks with writing on it in Vernon. Except the one in Vernon was instagram

  • Rheymart Rochina
    Rheymart Rochina 9 hours ago

    can i get one plzzz😊

  • aileen639
    aileen639 9 hours ago

    I like ur vids so much and ur so funny

  • sᴏᴜʟ - ᴄᴀʟʟ ᴏғ ᴅᴜᴛʏ ᴍᴏʙɪʟᴇ

    Well i found diamonds near lava :)))

  • Carlos Horta
    Carlos Horta 9 hours ago

    I’m am poor so I need the amytine

  • Princess JP
    Princess JP 9 hours ago

    Can I get one I like and ring the boll

  • Jason Gurung
    Jason Gurung 9 hours ago

    hongkong in yuen long

  • Goku Ultra instinct
    Goku Ultra instinct 9 hours ago

    " If I was gonna go around stabbing people I would definitely use this knife", what future plans do u have 🤔🤔???

  • Princess JP
    Princess JP 10 hours ago

    Can I get one i like and I hate the boll

  • Carrissa Holmes
    Carrissa Holmes 10 hours ago

    Hey Jake just wandering what was the creepiest thing you found or saw while scuba diving

  • Deane Riddick
    Deane Riddick 10 hours ago

    go to 12.5

  • Princess JP
    Princess JP 10 hours ago

    Please can I got one

  • Kalyn Harris
    Kalyn Harris 10 hours ago

    Im subscribed to you and liked this video

  • raccoon
    raccoon 10 hours ago

    Thats a pellet gun i have one dude

  • Hudson Mosher
    Hudson Mosher 10 hours ago

    8:25 who's that red guy in the background