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  • Dunk
    Dunk Hour ago

    You forgot lynx players have a deadly screech

  • Alex Dagos
    Alex Dagos Hour ago

    4:54 Mr. Crab

  • khu fra
    khu fra Hour ago

    Just use mythical titan cat

  • AnAveragePerson
    AnAveragePerson Hour ago

    can't wait for the space colonisation DLC that the devs have been teasing for the past 3 updates, this is gonna be good!

  • ThePotatoKing
    ThePotatoKing Hour ago


  • Ana M
    Ana M Hour ago

    Who is at 2:18

  • T2and3
    T2and3 Hour ago

    Dafuq did I just watch?

    • bofooit gojo
      bofooit gojo Hour ago

      Awesome cross over I love legal eagles content too, will need to check out Nebula.

  • Jacob Woodyatt
    Jacob Woodyatt Hour ago

    Squidward: an octopus build ????

  • SoopaSmasher
    SoopaSmasher Hour ago

    To play as nessie, you have to stick a fake duck on a flotable device, then just throw it into the water.

  • Nigel Adams
    Nigel Adams Hour ago

    Every build seems to think every other bills is overpowered

  • Laflechette ?
    Laflechette ? Hour ago

    Strange but nice vid ! and congrat on pasing the 1.5M didn't saw this channel grow that much !

  • Puppy ton
    Puppy ton Hour ago

    What about the whale build like pearl

  • The Chimera System

    3:32 so a constant hunger debuff in other words seems like a huge drawback, if you ask me

  • TOM
    TOM 2 hours ago

    What is this and why’s it in my recommend

  • Insert_Channel
    Insert_Channel 2 hours ago

    Foxes need a nerf so they can't team up.

  • Gilberto Tabares
    Gilberto Tabares 2 hours ago

    What about the Tsuchinoko? It's a serpentine build from the Japan server.

  • wertay Bjenburg
    wertay Bjenburg 2 hours ago

    Here in the Philippine server a virus epidemic is spreading called "African Swine Fever" this virus has a 100% mortality rate to us Pig players and are giving us a hard time trying to adapt to the very quick changing meta we have today.

  • Mr Moth
    Mr Moth 2 hours ago

    The size of the brain does not equal intelligence. We were still a tiny bit more intelligent.

  • alvin Ip
    alvin Ip 2 hours ago

    I love this video. However, I believe that owls should be placed higher

  • Lisa Allison
    Lisa Allison 2 hours ago

    Humans discovered this server and destroyed everything humans are truly OP.

  • T Ant
    T Ant 2 hours ago

    Hey you put mrs Puff in S tier by accident

  • Sir Lucian
    Sir Lucian 2 hours ago

    3:19 It’s BIG BRAIN TIME

  • Lisa Allison
    Lisa Allison 2 hours ago

    Well then we created crusader armour and became unstoppable.

  • he cold
    he cold 2 hours ago

    Goose: **tries to attack human** Human: **grabs the neck of the goose**

  • IT's ME
    IT's ME 2 hours ago

    I really want to see a tier list on viruses. Idk I just find them interesting

  • W.D Gaming
    W.D Gaming 2 hours ago

    I thought squidward was a... squid?

  • A friendly spazmoid
    A friendly spazmoid 2 hours ago

    Do toy story tier list

  • Lifeless web user
    Lifeless web user 2 hours ago


  • Ian Farris
    Ian Farris 2 hours ago

    Sandy is NOT F tier she is god tier especially when in hibernation mode

  • Wildaunt
    Wildaunt 3 hours ago

    What about African Bullfrog?

  • Mars King
    Mars King 3 hours ago

    You ruin all your own vids by showing the lists

  • joshy rob
    joshy rob 3 hours ago

    So we not gonna talk about this crossover

  • Derby Face
    Derby Face 3 hours ago

    So,the planet earth is just a game for animals, and evolutions are just dlc for earth. I support this channel

  • Isaiah Belter
    Isaiah Belter 3 hours ago

    Wouldn't Pearl be S tier?

  • Obama Pranks
    Obama Pranks 3 hours ago

    Humans being social just decide that other players will be their companion, almost always putting that companion in s teir

  • Conalog
    Conalog 3 hours ago

    Awesome cross over I love legal eagles content too, will need to check out Nebula.

  • Ben Thompson
    Ben Thompson 3 hours ago

    I thought squidward was a squid

  • Manavony
    Manavony 3 hours ago

    This but with jimmie neutron doe

  • 1uckas
    1uckas 3 hours ago

    Everyone: You can't make a meme out of a time stamp Me: 3:33

  • The MK
    The MK 3 hours ago

    HHomberGuy shouldn’t be on Nebula, he’s a political character, not educational.

  • Azure the DJ fox
    Azure the DJ fox 3 hours ago

    Wait just a moment is no one going to mention he's playing runescape music in the background

  • Sane Guy
    Sane Guy 3 hours ago

    The unfair thing is only human mains have access to these guides.

  • R Entertainment
    R Entertainment 3 hours ago

    But what about the pig builds from the Angry Birds? How it has a round shape and can be easily popped/damaged? 😂

  • Titanium
    Titanium 3 hours ago

    It could be Bacteria or Virus Tier List? This is a request.

  • Eduard Dumitru
    Eduard Dumitru 4 hours ago

    @Tierzoo, what do you think of humans spending evolution points to understand music? For what i am aware of, they are the only species with this unique ability. How does this ability help them in the current meta? Or or they so OP they re just spending points for entertainment purposes right now, but i would doubt that.

  • Nils Rath
    Nils Rath 4 hours ago

    Mike i swear to god 😂😂😂

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 4 hours ago

    That life light song in the back tho. XD

  • DarkFall727
    DarkFall727 4 hours ago

    Trex strongest bite in the game? Megalodon: Am I a joke to you!?!

  • Marvin the mosquitoe

    But waht about the moskito build will it get nervend buffed or bannend?

  • TARINunit9
    TARINunit9 4 hours ago

    Sorry to break the 4th wall, but wouldn't sponges be better written as NPCs or something rather than player classes? Since they literally have no cognitive function Bonus comment: "Without a nervous system, the only thing it can feel is ANGER." --Dwarf Fortress fandom on sponges

  • Young Timmy
    Young Timmy 4 hours ago

    Squidward doesn’t change colours because he is a squid 🦑 lol 😂

  • Marvin the mosquitoe

    Well i think there are two human Tank builds in the time we live in these builds are a German And Russian Booth also hab the Drink buffs of beer and vodka

  • Lias
    Lias 4 hours ago

    Dear mr. Zoo, i have Sound that your videos are the yes of entertainment, your videos are fun to watch. Now i was wondering if you could maybe make a minecraft tier list, a cool idea i hope. Good video

  • The Gamegineers
    The Gamegineers 4 hours ago

    Where is pearl?

  • The Pizza Dragon
    The Pizza Dragon 4 hours ago

    If this man actually makes an aaa online multiplayer cross platform game based off of this idea I would immediately buy it. Like think about it, a game where there are seasons but the seasons are periods through time. Each season all species compete for apex predator and once it reaches the modern area and ends it restartes. And there are evolution points that you have to grind for to evolve and there are hundreds of classes to choose from. With hundreds of detailed species within them. Oh god I just realized this will never happen

  • angel tesfaye
    angel tesfaye 4 hours ago

    Bikini Bottom is a real place tho.

  • Epic GAMERZ
    Epic GAMERZ 5 hours ago

    what game is he mentioning

  • Sp1Te
    Sp1Te 5 hours ago

    9:03 there goes any chance of me willingly going near an Octopus.

  • TheSkruds
    TheSkruds 5 hours ago

    You said squidward was an octopus but he’s really a squid just like it suggests in his name... I suppose they would have similar stats nevertheless.

  • Jump on Yaya
    Jump on Yaya 5 hours ago

    Plankton is seaweed as we can see in the episode where computer analyzes him

    • Jump on Yaya
      Jump on Yaya 5 hours ago

      1% seaweed 99% hot air or something like that xd

  • Brandon Miller
    Brandon Miller 5 hours ago

    The amount of subtle Runescape inserts keep me coming back for more. Keep it up!

  • Jered Sizemore
    Jered Sizemore 5 hours ago


  • Matthew McWane
    Matthew McWane 5 hours ago

    I fucking knew squidward was gonna be high on the list

  • CrEepEr aWw mAn
    CrEepEr aWw mAn 5 hours ago

    I think they should buff the stealth and intelligence abilities.

  • john die
    john die 5 hours ago

    aye yo, tier zoo great stuff here! been watchin your videos for awhile now. But buddy most megafauna were wiped out cause of a meteor that hit about 12500 years ago. hit the ice shelf over north america killing all megafauna here; the american lion, american cheetah and also atleast 3 species of horses. the skeletons of scores of mammoth remains were found twisted and with broken legs. All megafauna went extinct over night. hunter gatherers didnt wipe out all their food sources. that would just be silly.

  • Daniel Villasenor
    Daniel Villasenor 5 hours ago

    What about the Humans' Mimicry ability?

  • Jazz
    Jazz 5 hours ago

    SQUIDward is not an octopus, just for the record lol.

  • Lucas Kane
    Lucas Kane 5 hours ago

    If humans are so OP, how do you explain flat earthers?

  • Hou Yi
    Hou Yi 5 hours ago

    What Tier are Pearl and Man Ray in?

  • Bo_jelin
    Bo_jelin 5 hours ago

    Damn, cave bears got banned...

  • Sami The emperor
    Sami The emperor 5 hours ago

    What about the squirrel

  • Cheesle2
    Cheesle2 5 hours ago

    i thought squidward was a squid? he has 6 legs not 8 and his name is literally squidward

  • Jared Danley
    Jared Danley 6 hours ago

    Part of the reason I watch these videos is for the music gf <3

  • kunkashi
    kunkashi 6 hours ago

    Excellent video and all but wtf is that thing at 3:07

  • TARINunit9
    TARINunit9 6 hours ago

    Turns out Colony Collapse Disorder was a side effect of humans minmaxing their farmland biome strats. Most of the blame is being put on that asshole Monsanto guild and their insect-resistant corn. Big human guilds will spam the living shit out of pesticide-treated corn, which bees can't farm on very effectively (and just about everything Monsanto does is bad for honeybees). Honeybees may be down 90%, but the smaller human guilds are doing everything they can to keep their honeybee partners alive

  • MegaSoul
    MegaSoul 6 hours ago


  • TonkarzOfSolSystem
    TonkarzOfSolSystem 6 hours ago

    Just because some hits can kill someone in one hit, doesn't mean they effectively have 1hp. For every creature that exists there are hits that can one shot them. Does that mean that every creature has effectively 1hp?

  • TARINunit9
    TARINunit9 6 hours ago

    I am so damn glad that the writers saw Gary Larson's "thagomizer" fancomic and just rolled with it

  • whiteknight of fedoras

    How dare u put squidward at A, hes clearly ssss tier. U uncultured swine

  • Jan M
    Jan M 6 hours ago

    @08:11 Every Hammerhead gangsta until Sea Turtle starts flying

  • Feather
    Feather 6 hours ago

    is that the eye witness music in the background??

  • Raddie Cat
    Raddie Cat 6 hours ago

    Wow I think I understand the outside now! I've always been curios about except how do I get this strange infinite game?

  • Matt Lorah
    Matt Lorah 6 hours ago

    You telling me that squidward is an octopus and not a squid?

  • Dacco
    Dacco 6 hours ago

    Australia is a 10x crit server. That's why it's so OP.

  • Mustafi Mustafi
    Mustafi Mustafi 6 hours ago

    me at 3am what am i doing with my life

  • MegaDeathspank
    MegaDeathspank 6 hours ago

    Squidward is a squid! Not an octopus!

  • Unkindness
    Unkindness 6 hours ago

    he used a wilson's voice in dont starve ..im so happy

  • Anver Dyzel
    Anver Dyzel 6 hours ago

    20 000 skills o.O, Jesus, Runescape and 10 years with like /thinks Attack, Defense, Crafting, Herblore, Runecrafting, Smithing, Fletching, Magic, Mining, (fuck i hated quests, did it for 'dem dragon gloves until I just couldn't handle the god damn determinism shit again, after many many years rolled through to barrows though, can't remember what I did though hmm, oh, i actually became interested in the story associsted with the quest itself, Recipe for Disaster is soooooooo good start to finish, like a movie for the game (catching a person up to speed on the last like 5 years or whatever (typical powers at be shift changing whatever...), umm, Housing was that a skill, can't recall never got into it outside of teleporting about for optimising new Runecrafting max shit, /thinks, there was atleast 24 I think, strength 99, attack 99, defense cbf after like 75, RC 99, fletching too boring, mining cbf after like 85, crafting was beginning to become interesting, idk, theb finalky WoW became. possible, arena master dualist raids were sick too, alarming. how well multiplayer worked in wow, not sure wtf the problem with irl is, Herblore was interesting, dungeoning i didnt realky. understand, was starting to get a feel for it, Slayer was kinda cool, started getting into it as the why. unimaginably slowly registered, /thinks, Summoning wsd fuckn sixk straight off the bat, agility awesome as fuck, like a revisit to prince of Persia in the fuckn Brimhaven agility arena course thing, umm, what else yeah nfi 😂, 20, 000 skills, seems like kife is still long rich and deeply. immersive :)

  • Catman
    Catman 6 hours ago

    my iq is e ^ iπ + 1

  • Bon Ricard
    Bon Ricard 7 hours ago


  • Ikey Ilex
    Ikey Ilex 7 hours ago

    You know why I hate this crossover? I can't decide if I want to use YOUR promo code or LegalEagles. I love both your channels and want to show my support. Does it make a difference which link and code I use?

  • gotmilk ?
    gotmilk ? 7 hours ago

    Dont worry hippos are getting nerfed in the next update

  • Keyshell
    Keyshell 7 hours ago

    I think Pearl should probably be pretty high on the list. Man Ray seemed quite powerful, being a supervillain and all.

  • Robin Tong Bacay
    Robin Tong Bacay 7 hours ago

    Are shellfish OP?

  • Mista Guido
    Mista Guido 7 hours ago

    0:19 Hora Hora Hora!

  • Squidy 12321
    Squidy 12321 7 hours ago

    Are we just going to ignore planet dinosaur the best film ever

  • Gay Vids 1998
    Gay Vids 1998 7 hours ago

    Sksksk! SAVE THE TURTLES 👯

  • Austin
    Austin 7 hours ago

    Glad to see you on trending man congrats!

  • boosted Drimmsu
    boosted Drimmsu 7 hours ago

    But what about Perla?! :O

  • Michael Musial
    Michael Musial 7 hours ago

    i won’t watch that one guys video just cause of that switch thing