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  • Maven ?
    Maven ? 36 seconds ago

    I've observed this while flipping the TV remote, but never really asked myself, 'why?'

  • Francisco Fonseca
    Francisco Fonseca 6 minutes ago

    Amazing video

  • spokes
    spokes 6 minutes ago

    Now I need to know what would happen if the earth did flip over?

  • Santiago Itzcoatl
    Santiago Itzcoatl 6 minutes ago

    If this video was called "The goal of this video is to prove Feynman wrong", -bang! +Million views.

  • Sh Mj
    Sh Mj 7 minutes ago

    Will i be able to piss on planet 9 Great question

  • diego weiller
    diego weiller 9 minutes ago

    Its not stable, the liquid inside spins in different angle, thus making the object flip, stop, then, liquid flips, stops, object rotates, and on and on... Look at liquid filled bottle...Both axis are trying to dissipate energy until both stops. The universe wants to stop...

  • Valerie Pallaoro
    Valerie Pallaoro 11 minutes ago

    I think you might want to point out that electrum is a naturally occurring of gold and silver. So, surface finds would be usable with out materially changing the metal. Also ... though you 'think' the ramps wrapped around, it's old news.

  • Rayanna A. Jackson
    Rayanna A. Jackson 12 minutes ago

    That was hella cool to learn!!

  • Mank Black
    Mank Black 12 minutes ago

    cek HARP Conspiracy

  • Azlorn Magus
    Azlorn Magus 13 minutes ago

    My toes stink for you're tongue, "tough guy.."

  • Matt Lew
    Matt Lew 14 minutes ago

    Wtf how does it keep changing direction? What's the name of that 'top' that flips itself upside down?

  • bikerusl
    bikerusl 14 minutes ago

    But what about the stability of the rotating fluid inside? Is this the explanation for the magnetic pole reversal period we've been looking for? If we have an unstable equilibrium suddenly becoming a stable equilibrium there must be a trade off. I'm not sure if you would call it entropy.

  • Mirunan Sjcr
    Mirunan Sjcr 17 minutes ago

    Is the old guy the professor who taught u this ????

  • Sam Tahsan
    Sam Tahsan 23 minutes ago

    Liks can't open

  • Draegor X
    Draegor X 27 minutes ago

    I think your video was very good, but the explanation for this effect is hardly intuitive. My definition of intuitive is if you can explain a concept to a layman on the subject in one sentence. Is it not imperfections of symmetry that eventually resonate with centrifugal forces and cause the flip?

  • Naji Saed
    Naji Saed 27 minutes ago

    How great is Allah ( GOD )

  • NorthOCkook
    NorthOCkook 27 minutes ago

    This video was an all around brain exploder

  • Max San
    Max San 28 minutes ago

    When UrAnus was first discovered

  • emily schwellenbach
    emily schwellenbach 28 minutes ago

    The earth is evolving and there is nothing we can do about it, it will continue to change and all the light bulbs and windmills in the world will have no effect

  • Izzah Christzy
    Izzah Christzy 31 minute ago

    I really wanna crush it😂 sorry huu

  • lubiprestonYT
    lubiprestonYT 31 minute ago

    Somebody beat the record

  • andreasng
    andreasng 32 minutes ago

    Cool! You're awesome

  • Longshot
    Longshot 36 minutes ago

    will it remain stable with the smelting ice caps? Thats more like the instable rotating fluid right?

  • Chris Zc
    Chris Zc 37 minutes ago

    Anechoic is Greek. An- (un-) echo (sound - ήχος). Get your facts right

  • JadenImagines
    JadenImagines 41 minute ago

    Your basically holding a bag of potato chips.

  • psfree40b
    psfree40b 43 minutes ago

    Isn't there sometime being missed out here? Isn't the room/space/orbiter moving too? The room is moving with the Earth rotation. The orbiter is moving around the Earth. If this motion can affect pendulums, surly it can affect these spinning wing nut/ tennis racket things?

  • Test Rohith 8
    Test Rohith 8 49 minutes ago

    Not even 1% of Feynman's intuitive explanation.

  • Jamie Insley
    Jamie Insley 49 minutes ago

    A theory of mine Nothing is ever truly balanced, due to this it will induce a wobble, thus will cause the body to find its lowest state of inertia on that axis. Because the body will not just start to rotate on another with its true lowest state of inertia axis it will flip?? As for fluid in a cylinder; Ultra Laminar Reversible Flow could explain this phenomenon.

  • Giulio Buccini
    Giulio Buccini 54 minutes ago

    My wife move accordingly to the rotation of my credit card. I've tested it on all of the three axis. Attaching a credit card to a spinning tennis racket produce quite funny effetcs.

  • Mr.Skull: The King of creativity

    5:07 did you hear the background sounds???? 🤨🧐😊

  • johnnybikesalot
    johnnybikesalot 56 minutes ago

    I commented on the original video when it came out 2+ years ago and I'm just seeing this now. I was right that it depends which gear the bike is in. But I was wrong about the gear ratio, I thought 1:1 was going to be the dividing line but it's much lower than that.

  • nuyen vu dang khoa
    nuyen vu dang khoa 58 minutes ago

    Wait so could airgel be use in fire fighters suits?

  • onit996
    onit996 59 minutes ago

    That liquid nitrogen is probably not that pure. Oxygens boiling point is higher than that of nitrogen, wherefore only the nitrogen boiled, causing your meter to only measure nitrogen.

  • Oliver Knowles
    Oliver Knowles 59 minutes ago

    Its somehow satisfying to watch !

  • Mr.Skull: The King of creativity

    2:30 the laugh in UV...

  • Shaun468 486
    Shaun468 486 Hour ago

    So theoretically if we was to put a huge weight at the north pole we could flip the earth?

  • Adrian Febrian
    Adrian Febrian Hour ago

    Loved it! Great job!:)

  • Joseph Cope
    Joseph Cope Hour ago

    Even if a body the size of a planet like Earth had the necessary distribution of mass to "flip" ... how long would it take? I doubt it would do so as fast as a small object like a wingnut or a tennis racket. It might take years or even centuries, so it might not be as violent an event as people fear. Or it could be that the gravitational field of masses that large pull this distribution into a stable state which can't flip. Someone should design a computer model to determine which possibility is more likely.

  • Var Ve Yok
    Var Ve Yok Hour ago

    Best video I watched from veritasium.

  • Peter Kizer
    Peter Kizer Hour ago

    Very well done.

  • Test Rohith 8
    Test Rohith 8 Hour ago

    Proving Feynman wrong is kind of bit too much tbh

  • MrSaemichlaus
    MrSaemichlaus Hour ago

    Flat earthers: well of course it's stable, because it's a disc! Oh wait, it's not even rotating.

  • Im Karamjot
    Im Karamjot Hour ago


  • Richard Dalton
    Richard Dalton Hour ago

    R.I.P.💓...ground control to major Tom....

  • 90s kid 2001
    90s kid 2001 Hour ago

    What reason does a person have for disliking this video

  • Justin Gahley
    Justin Gahley Hour ago

    You some your points up to quickly

  • Elfos64
    Elfos64 Hour ago

    Even in environments with gravity, the nuts won't just spin proportionately to how hard you apply a twist inertia to it. One would assume it's just the friction of the bolt it's still on that's causing it to lose momentum and then we just notice it fall off at the end of the bolt from gravity, but it seems to spin a pretty consistent distance regardless of how hard you apply inertia (beyond a certain minimum level) and then just stops- which it now seems is because the bolt is just in the way preventing it from the 180 flip. Anyway, your model suggests that it's a slight imperfection in the application of force (without internal energy regulation) that just gets magnified. Would the Dzhanibekov effect not happen if that slight off-axis bump were avoided by precise force application? And you said that Earth doesn't flip because it has internal ways of dissipating energy. So... a planet without such means of dissipating energy would have the flip risk then? It'd have to be a planet without any surface volcanic activity and a consistent enough atmosphere that it doesn't really have changing weather. But then what about things like axis tilt and moons? And inhabiting organisms for that matter. There's a neat sci-fi-concept in this somewhere.

  • Yuri I
    Yuri I Hour ago

    Very interesting. And most fascinating for me: I actually understood explanations. Great job, Veritasium!

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  • Eagle
    Eagle Hour ago

    The smallest the thing, the bigger the effort.

  • Talanani Yiyaya
    Talanani Yiyaya Hour ago

    That dudes vocal fry is grating. He sounds like some indie scene girl.

  • Darth Pro
    Darth Pro Hour ago

    This was your best video lately, keep doing this type of videos!

  • Helen Huang
    Helen Huang Hour ago

    You know whats smaller?A SMALLER AEROGEL😈🤷‍♂️🥴

  • Shaun Williams
    Shaun Williams Hour ago

    One of the questions wasn't really answered. Is this effect responsible for the poles flipping? Like is the earths core flipping and causing the poles to change?

  • Mingyang Pan
    Mingyang Pan Hour ago


  • bscutajar
    bscutajar Hour ago

    The explanation wasn't really that good. You also have to show why it doesn't happen in other axis of rotations.

  • SisiThePrincess
    SisiThePrincess Hour ago

    nice movie , but you forgot to mention Einstein and Hapgood discussion in 1952 about geographic pole shift caused by ice acumulation on south and north pole that changes Erath's mass distribution

  • sleeptyper
    sleeptyper Hour ago

    If they can track the moment and location of the object being flipped by Planet 9, they find the planet?

  • Phat Spheal
    Phat Spheal Hour ago

    If not the physical poles of the earth what about the magnetic poles? Do we see this same phenomenon occurring on object with unstable magnetic fields with different magnetic moments?

  • animan095
    animan095 Hour ago

    How to bewilder, wisen up, scared the f out, and make someone relieved in less than 15 min 101

  • Cameron
    Cameron Hour ago

    why did you censor the logo on your phone??

  • Greg Brockway
    Greg Brockway Hour ago

    So glad to hear that the Eart6 isn’t going to flip, otherwise we’d have to change the north arrows on all of our maps. Edit: Earth (sorry, bad eyesight)

  • Curious Fiend
    Curious Fiend Hour ago

    Could it be a black hole instead?

  • forgedude
    forgedude Hour ago

    13:47 Oh Dam! i was hoping that if earth would flip and i jump at the same time i'll be in free vacation for this one.

  • schulmaster
    schulmaster Hour ago

    So if you had a mass that had three discrete moments of inertia, an impossibly perfect and symmetrical distribution of mass and volume, and was uniformly accelerated axially around its intermediate axis, and had no means of dissipating its KE, it would not exhibit this phenomenon? It seems it is a seed instability/mal-alignment that fuels the explanation for the periodic orientation inversions.

  • Alejandro Silva
    Alejandro Silva Hour ago

    Hello I'm Last Pass, I remember it so you don't have to and...... WHY DOES IT LOOK LIKE VEGAS?! Woman! Black Guy! Come here, explain the situation! *unfunny 7 min skit about how your password is mean-spirited and reminds me about my brother bullying me *

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    I really want to have a touch on that aerogels!

  • Airblader
    Airblader Hour ago

    Tao may have declined the interview, but he has now updated the MathOverflow answer.

  • Msriiko
    Msriiko Hour ago

    Where can we order a sample box. I'd love to have this with me so I could stare at it

  • MrTingles
    MrTingles Hour ago

    great animation style

  • limtbk
    limtbk Hour ago

    So, if we build space elevator - we can flip Earth's axis?

  • someguy
    someguy Hour ago

    Ah, that explains why I can't spiral a football. It's physically impossible.

  • hrishikesh pingle

    What if we concentrate some mass on any point... Will the earth flip over? Like the ball and nut? Or gravity won't allow it to happen? And when the meteor striked the dinosaurs... Did the earth actually flipped over before we existed? I think I must sleep now.

  • ItsSkylah_ItsKawaii_

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  • Reno Simpson
    Reno Simpson 2 hours ago

    The is the reason they are melting the polar icecaps under guise of "climate change" that is created by geoengineering schemes. When the icecaps get to a certain density the poles flip and its pretty much an ELE for most of earths inhabitants. They don't want the truth to get out because of the mass chaos it would create.

  • Hack Benjamin
    Hack Benjamin 2 hours ago

    Why didn't you take the cardboard marketing card off of the strings?

  • mono
    mono 2 hours ago

    ACTUALLY, There is a book called the Adam and Eve story that was banned, sanitized and re-released by the CIA a bunch of years later that talks about the Earth flipping, not exactly how the intermediate axis theorem would predict but I was thinking it has something to do with it. Also, the explanation of the theorem you gave with the 3d animation wasn't an explanation at all it was just a description.

  • Joshua Snider
    Joshua Snider 2 hours ago

    Thank you for being what Vsauce lost

  • GrayPsyche
    GrayPsyche 2 hours ago

    Won't the ice in the poles melting change the equation though?

  • Zero
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    judging by the bunch of centaurs out there its kinda likely

  • Franky Yodi
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    Derek, i got interesting topics here What about plant inside sealed bottle?? How did they get carbon mass inside a sealed bottle??

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    You missed a chance to title this video "WILL THE EARTH FLIP OVER!?" and use a "The Scream"-like thumbnail with high saturation and useless red circles.

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    It looks like it will be satisfying to crush

  • Shadman Shahriar
    Shadman Shahriar 2 hours ago

    I think we first needed to establish centrifugal force on a rotating frame. Can you do another video on centrifugal force? Because I only believed in centripetal force...

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  • Rick Cavallaro
    Rick Cavallaro 2 hours ago

    A spectacular video (and explanation) with one tragic error :( When the Earth flipped over in the simulation it ended up with the opposite angular momentum.

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    Why am I watching this?

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  • Chirag Singh
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    Well, why isn't this phenomenon observed with respect to the other 2 axes? By slightly tilting the body off axis while in any other orientation?

  • Will C
    Will C 2 hours ago

    If angular momentum is conserved, it is incorrect to say objects rotate about axes that maximize their angular momentum. More apt to say the system rotates about an axis that minimizes kinetic energy

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