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  • n krish
    n krish 19 seconds ago

    Socialist are back

  • MiiaBournewold
    MiiaBournewold 3 minutes ago

    I strongly agree with Ellen and want to say if you only hung out with people who had the same beliefs or mindset as you .you wouldn't see outside your bubble or experience new ideas or topics you may not have thought about . Break out of your cube

  • SUPERGIRL The Second Last Kryptonian

    Trump and Obama are Like Naruto and sasuke in one way.

  • timewise timewise
    timewise timewise 8 minutes ago

    Kokokok Bernie will sell out all the flakes for the highest bidder. Less than what he sold his mandate and soul to crooked Hillary. His campaign is robbing Peter to pay Paul. The company of Pauls here you're. Old Bernie, hikhikhoihoi

  • Jak Stedman
    Jak Stedman 21 minute ago

    This’ll probably be the only time I say this... Fucken oath Ellen. Fucken oath.

  • marlon abuyo
    marlon abuyo 21 minute ago

    bakit space walk ang tawag eh d naman sila naglalakad? lumulutang sila!

  • Good news
    Good news 25 minutes ago

    Let all boarders of nations be removed. Entire globe be one nation, one village. This globe has given by God. Let all mankind move freely from North to south,East to west Let there will be one administration globally. Let all armies be dismantled. Let peace prevail.

  • Michael Beasley
    Michael Beasley 25 minutes ago

    The Walking Dead. Or maybe weekend at Bernie's?

  • David mallya
    David mallya 27 minutes ago

    I agree with Mr president we need boarder security

  • BLAM
    BLAM 30 minutes ago

    This would be a pathetic diatribe even for the incoherent, delusional, drunk uncle who failed out of elementary school...

  • 盲武士
    盲武士 31 minute ago

    Long live Communist China and Emperor Xi. The most freest nation the world has ever seen. Cultural Revolution was the greatest thing to happen in mankind!

  • 盲武士
    盲武士 35 minutes ago

    Why are people complaining about the title. You Chinese love the CCP. Just accept, China has been under Communist rule for 70 years.

  • Armen V
    Armen V 43 minutes ago

    It’s amazing sitting back and watching these idiots think they have a chance

  • Justin Marcus
    Justin Marcus 43 minutes ago

    Why the hell are her taste buds so damn superior

  • Kim Brown
    Kim Brown 49 minutes ago

    Men hate that transgender stuff but them transgenders are tricking man especially on dating websites if you want to see a straight man snap trick him with that transgender Mess

  • enkii82
    enkii82 51 minute ago

    I initially supported the protesters, now I despise them after they turned violent rioters!! I vouch that all people in the world despise them too.... please just google or youtube search, it's not that hard to watch the assault, vandalism, violence, battering carried out by the violent rioters!! CNN and BBC filters news.....

  • Trae Thibodeaux
    Trae Thibodeaux 51 minute ago

    There’s gonna be a civil war in future. An it’s not gonna be about race. It’s gonna be about freedom. The only thing I see is Democrat’s taking away freedom from the American people. Free health care will be like every other country..........50 percent tax rate on up. People will work just to be food on the table. We will a economy crash. There are predicting it will be worse than the Great Depression in the 30’s.........

  • MAGA and Elect Bernie Sanders

    AOC for Vice President

  • J. Arias
    J. Arias 53 minutes ago

    You never left Bernie, welcome.

  • anis jerbi
    anis jerbi Hour ago

    One day she will be a great president.

  • Anthony Casillas

    22 top comments in a row are for yang, "I love this community"

  • Серж Шуляченко

    ЦРУ обратите внимание демократы соревнуются за кремлевские деньги, которые шли в их партию через договоренности Волкера и Лаврова, это нужно проверить. Допросить Волкера в Сенате какие задания ему ставил Обама или кто другой из демократической партии ? Эти должен заняться Мюллер. Клинтон назвала кандидата в президента от Демократической партии Габбард фавориткой россиян

  • I love California

    What a mean headline. "Sanders holds massive rally with AOC" would have sufficed.

  • Karl Knight
    Karl Knight Hour ago

    We heard this in 1938, Sanders is the second coming of Hitler. " the poor have nothing because of the rich".....the poor suffer because of the Jews".....Adolf Hitler 1938 ***

    • Karl Knight
      Karl Knight Hour ago


  • Strawbarian
    Strawbarian Hour ago

    Move to Australia it’s a lot safer here

  • aoy1967
    aoy1967 Hour ago

    I really don't know why the SNP so horrible party .but the people of the Scottish are so nice !!!!!!

  • jabberwolf
    jabberwolf Hour ago

    Yaye!!!! Gimme Free stuff .... YAYE !!!!!

  • Fur Queue
    Fur Queue Hour ago

    Monica Lewinsky's top 5 targets: Face, Dress, Chest, Belly, Hair

  • savage af
    savage af Hour ago

    Presidents are getting weirder and weirder

  • dpactootle
    dpactootle Hour ago

    Mike Pence is thinking, I am a robot, what am I doing among these humanoids things?

  • MadakiNomaroishi

    Mexicans aren't wanted ffs is like he can't understand basic English 👌

  • Michele Mustafa
    Michele Mustafa Hour ago

    The problem with Schumer saying " let me finish... is that he never finishes! He is a walking filibuster, taking a lot of words to say absolutely nothing!!!

  • ivy kkb
    ivy kkb Hour ago

    Thank you Sir speaker.

  • ivy kkb
    ivy kkb Hour ago

    Exactly...once bitten twice shy....don't assume see the PAPER...read and u understand and is the people voice to EU BREXIT DEALS. Than make sure is send to EU office.

  • K. S.
    K. S. Hour ago

    Even the dumbest dumbasses can have followers as long they are even dumber... all I see in their crazy wide open eyes is nothing but naive foolishness...childlike eyes inside childlike people.

  • ivy kkb
    ivy kkb Hour ago

    If his excuse is that he is busy and blah blah blah...than don't task this matter....

  • ivy kkb
    ivy kkb Hour ago

    Exactly...this is not how you behave...💩💩💩this arrogant idiotic bastard.

  • japango1
    japango1 Hour ago

    Cavuto is pissed about Shep!

  • ivy kkb
    ivy kkb Hour ago

    That man just drop the 😲💩 and leave without giving these representatives to respond to his statements...such an arrogant idiotic bastard...

  • Patricia ann Jones
    Patricia ann Jones 2 hours ago

    Trump would get a prize if there was one for a prick.

  • Meanwhile In Science

    God forbid these two get closer to rule America, it would be the end of USA!

  • ObscuredBy Clouds
    ObscuredBy Clouds 2 hours ago

    The overlap between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren's demographic is too high for either of them to be nominated. I see Biden winning by a huge margin if they both contest.

  • d
    d 2 hours ago

    both are the greatest

  • Alfred Sevillo
    Alfred Sevillo 2 hours ago

    Many legal immigrant and u.s.cituzen will lost their job from illegal .

  • Political Rice
    Political Rice 2 hours ago

    Yang/ Tulsi > any other democrat They’re real democrats. Ones that oppose the Republicans logically with facts and evidence. Not these other nutjobs. As much as I like Trump, I hope Yang has a good chance of winning and has a fair fight with Donald.

  • ivy kkb
    ivy kkb 2 hours ago

    If the people return on Monday 21/10 - and if the gentleman is repetitive and same subject until he get the answer that they want - than speaker Sir- in fairness ....will there be an penalty imposed to the man who ask the same question until they get the answer that they want !!!?

  • Alfred Sevillo
    Alfred Sevillo 2 hours ago

    Border wall is needed it very important if we don't have the wall .many citizen will their jobs from illegal who will accept $10.00 for a $20.00 pay legal immigrant and u.s Citizen. Taxpayer.

  • Mijemu mijemu
    Mijemu mijemu 2 hours ago

    OH HELL YES !!!!!!! WOO HOOOO !!!!!!!

  • Dixie Regenold
    Dixie Regenold 2 hours ago

    Washington Post! YOUR NOSE IS GROWING!!!!! I would not put WAPO in a category of truthful news..In fact whenever I see that WAPO has reported on an event, I discount it and look for other sources. There could be some misguided people that actually believe your "fact checker." Poor souls!

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 2 hours ago

    Bernie is back in black !!! Fierce as hell !!!

  • MrTensai100
    MrTensai100 2 hours ago

    David Himmelstein, the author of the study that Bernie cited, has confirmed that Sanders' statement was accurate. Washington Post even used the same study in an article they released early this year.

  • Robin Lee
    Robin Lee 2 hours ago

    I am glad there are more thumbs down than thumbs up. Washington Post, if you believed in the ONE GOD in THREE , the ONLY GOD there is ( 1 of the 10 commandments -- "There shall be no other GODS before me. " ) and had a shred of compassion toward U.S. , then you should be ashamed of yourselves for printing the garbage you use to brainwash and pollute their minds JUST for YOUR monetary gains !!!

  • Carlos Leonel Sanchez

    Question is: how did they get that huge boat there

  • Soonya Naidu
    Soonya Naidu 2 hours ago

    For all the nay sayers, he brought people's issues to the center. Irrespective of whether he wins or loses he got the agenda of people win. Progress some times.moves at snail's pace. Some times it shifts radically.

  • Oxford Trenter
    Oxford Trenter 2 hours ago

    Bernie sanders will never become president...

  • Manj Anonymous
    Manj Anonymous 2 hours ago

    Hillary is pissed. He would have won against trump if it weren’t for the super delegates.

  • Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming!

    Leave a light on for Scotland! Bravo! I would love to see Scotland and Northern Ireland separate from England & Northern Ireland and Rep of Ireland reunited! Brexit is Putin's dream come true - he wants to destroy all of the western countries and alliances.

  • Jean Gustavo
    Jean Gustavo 2 hours ago

    You guys are crazy if you think Americans should elect a socialist to be their president, socialism has no place in the world anymore, it’s brought enough damage now

    • Jean Gustavo
      Jean Gustavo 44 minutes ago

      And well, if you did some research you would find out that the least corrupt countries in the world are all capitalists and have been capitalist for a long time, in contrast the most corrupt countries are the ones that lean towards socialism or have been socialist in the past..

    • Jean Gustavo
      Jean Gustavo 49 minutes ago

      Eh, just cuz people are comparing capitalism with socialism it doesn’t turn it into an ideology. Again, capitalism is basically consistent on the voluntary trade of goods and services between individuals and corporations, it’s not an idea of the perfect society like socialism in theory is. Corruption has little to do with it, it has more to do with human behavior.

    • Jean Gustavo
      Jean Gustavo 58 minutes ago

      Trae Thibodeaux to me he’s pretty much just a dumb leftist clown, he doesn’t stand a chance of winning the presidency, the American people will never elect a socialist, having a progressive leader for 8 years was bad enough..

    • plwpahi
      plwpahi Hour ago

      @Jean Gustavo are you kidding? Capitalism is an ideology now, otherwise, why do people get all emotional and refuse to look at the objective facts when comparing it with Socialism? Capitalism is the most easily corrupted system there is, because it pretends it's one thing while in fact it's anything you want as long as you're rich enough.

    • Jean Gustavo
      Jean Gustavo Hour ago

      plwpahi That’s right but aside from being an economic system socialism is also an ideology, unlike capitalism which is merely based on the voluntary exchange of goods and services between individuals/companies.

  • extra solar
    extra solar 2 hours ago

    the post has been no friend of or done any favors for democracy as you know, but their dnc candidate coverage/manipulation narratives have been particularly disgraceful and collectively ineffective, producing only questions about the papers professionalism not the corrupt and polluted progressive politics. seems their contrast of sanders and warren, trying their best to box out biden based on traditional clinton scam liability, could get more domestically challenged if hillary herself were to demand more respect and recognition. i know the post likes to talk tough, but i dont think they would be able to stand up to something like that, if she wanted another shot.

  • Amber Smith
    Amber Smith 2 hours ago

    Bernie Sanders holds massive NY campaign rally - there WP, I fixed your headline.

  • Rod Deming
    Rod Deming 3 hours ago


  • Joseph Bentivegna
    Joseph Bentivegna 3 hours ago

    People of North Dakota and Indiana...you just heard what chuck shumer thinks of you and your state

  • Nathan Sokolowski
    Nathan Sokolowski 3 hours ago

    After 30 years in public service his most powerful moments equal up to less than 4 minutes?? Think about that?? What does that say about him??

  • Rod Deming
    Rod Deming 3 hours ago

    good hope Sanders loose GO TRUMP 2020

  • Gray Golurk
    Gray Golurk 3 hours ago

    Them Don’t mention Minecraft Me: Thomas the tank engine has never seen such bullshit

  • Ashley Ramirez
    Ashley Ramirez 3 hours ago

    Once again Andrew yang is being truthful and using to strengthen his claim

  • JeannaHU2
    JeannaHU2 3 hours ago

    Weekend at Bernies ...that's all just a day or 2

  • TheMegaelectronic
    TheMegaelectronic 3 hours ago

    A couple of clowns coming together. This woman's speech was incoherent as per usual.

  • A m a r Singg
    A m a r Singg 3 hours ago

    Lunatic socialist. MAGA

  • Thomas Heath
    Thomas Heath 3 hours ago

    He didn’t say go back to there country. He said if you don’t like it here you can leave

  • Papa Jose
    Papa Jose 3 hours ago

    These same war mongers wanted the wall until Trump wanted the wall. Corruption in the face of the we the people

  • Bobo Momo
    Bobo Momo 3 hours ago

    We are praying for his heart

  • Papa Jose
    Papa Jose 3 hours ago

    Thank you president Trump, we love you

  • The Fractal Curve
    The Fractal Curve 3 hours ago

    How does Schumer suppose ISIS will attack our homeland? With no prior attack made or attempted. Such misleading bullshit and ppl will believe it.

  • Papa Jose
    Papa Jose 3 hours ago

    The wall is being built!!!!!

  • ShadowⓋ
    ShadowⓋ 3 hours ago

    Looks like more of a space float than a spacewalk.

  • Papa Jose
    Papa Jose 3 hours ago

    CIA Washington Post has no credibility

  • Henry Fidel
    Henry Fidel 3 hours ago

    ​ @Hyperpandas I never said anything in your reply.... You are either a troll or have trouble reading.. You people communicate thoughts like a 5 years old. Nice try on you numb nuts...

  • Oliver Revillo
    Oliver Revillo 3 hours ago

    Does my speaker have water damage or is does the sound quality suck?

  • Lawrence Smith
    Lawrence Smith 3 hours ago

    Cut the crap, stop obstructing what was a major promise to those who voted Trump in. Without that interference it would likely be done by now. Making it sounds like Trumps fault is moronic at best

  • Drewboi
    Drewboi 3 hours ago

    They really had to smear bernie in the title - how crazy

  • John Dockert
    John Dockert 3 hours ago

    Socialist idiots

  • P J
    P J 3 hours ago

    I feel that I'm back in the 60's again.

  • hasbeen thatneverwas

    1:40 "a co-equal branch of the governnent." Excuse me. Is Nancy co-president? No. And by the way, do you three democrats actually think you have been treating the president with respect? I've never seen three more oblivious people. What goes around comes around, morons.

  • T DC
    T DC 3 hours ago

    people that say Bernie has money and therefore don't listen to him,:) :) hahahaha

  • Jourell NOVA
    Jourell NOVA 3 hours ago

    I wonder why he started running away like that, I mean if this guy raised the look up you would think there would be some trust/relationship built after all that time. I wonder what could have set the lion off?

  • Luciano luciano
    Luciano luciano 3 hours ago

    Another old white man. Boring

  • Daniel Palacios
    Daniel Palacios 3 hours ago

    20k in person 50k online!!

  • rnuggs
    rnuggs 3 hours ago

    Bernie already had my vote

  • Daniel Milani
    Daniel Milani 3 hours ago

    When they try to scare me with the Yang fact check, only to say he was right. Lol thanks WP

  • T DC
    T DC 3 hours ago


  • Jumpman056
    Jumpman056 3 hours ago

    Woody Harrison’s is even more funny watching it side by side😂

  • Donna Iguana
    Donna Iguana 3 hours ago

    He has to accept his salary and then donate it... and ur full of crap

  • pedro Hernandez jr
    pedro Hernandez jr 3 hours ago

    He didn't win 2016 election and he ain't going to win the 2020 election.

  • Shanna Sweger
    Shanna Sweger 3 hours ago

    That's a yuge crowd Bernie 👌

  • world peace
    world peace 4 hours ago

    I’m telling you my president is the smartest and the best ever! Yang 2020!

  • aileenpi73
    aileenpi73 4 hours ago

    The study that Bernie cited does point at that many bankruptcies due to Medical Bills. The author of the study backed Bernie’s claim and demanded an apology from this very paper. Asking the WP to fact check is naive, the bias is obvious.

  • mike 15
    mike 15 4 hours ago

    She gave him the KISS OF DEATH. HE'S DONE

  • Adlan Baharum
    Adlan Baharum 4 hours ago

    Trump's mouth smells the same as his ... 🤢

  • Chase Venus
    Chase Venus 4 hours ago

    Fredo cumhoe. The sell out coward fake tough guy We cant wait to see ya get ya head busted