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How Tequila Is Made
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How 'I Spy' Books Are Made
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  • Joseph Arden
    Joseph Arden 2 hours ago

    Y'all pussies meanwhile i'd run across the bridge even if i fall

  • lyssa
    lyssa 2 hours ago

    I personally watch them so that i dont stop studying a language

  • Dee_Backflowz
    Dee_Backflowz 2 hours ago

    Hey what is the program he is using ??

  • eRaZe _Ongi
    eRaZe _Ongi 2 hours ago

    This girl I hate her a lot she’s cringe and I just don’t like her

  • Xeyr Delos Santos
    Xeyr Delos Santos 2 hours ago

    He is genius

  • Farhat Haniff
    Farhat Haniff 2 hours ago

    Was eating hokkaido whilst watching this. Theyre so good but so rich. The real guilty pleasures.

  • Vicky Vic
    Vicky Vic 2 hours ago

    If someone broke into your house, this would be a great way for the kids to hide!!!

  • Idk Boi
    Idk Boi 2 hours ago

    "We have deep fried Oreos *cough* diabetes

  • Jadah Wise
    Jadah Wise 2 hours ago

    Any Floridians???

  • AratrikD
    AratrikD 2 hours ago

    First time I ever heard the term "Space Infinity Stone"

  • Marulam Tobing
    Marulam Tobing 3 hours ago

    Really stupid idea to install those propeller in flying saucer. Learn from the German boys... Use 3 magnetic balls. 2 to move, 1 to drive. All balls have Invisible magnetic field gears. Problems are Heat and noise.

  • dee swaveyy
    dee swaveyy 3 hours ago

    She thick

  • Timothy Blount
    Timothy Blount 3 hours ago

    Just saw her on the Michael, KeKe, & Sarah show. God is blessing her to deal with the pain of loosing her son through serving others who are going through their own pain.

  • Jsoerenne Udani
    Jsoerenne Udani 3 hours ago

    0:38 team bella? like ferryn and bella? lol

  • Deborah S
    Deborah S 3 hours ago

    ok but can he suck his own dick

  • Michael Zegarski
    Michael Zegarski 3 hours ago

    That cool

  • Jeramiah Rivera Flores

    6:44 look on the left side it says pennywise

  • Vicky Stars
    Vicky Stars 3 hours ago

    I live in Arizona anddd it’s funnn

  • anna love
    anna love 3 hours ago

    We need that water fountain for ballou smudge and ayu 🐶🐶🐕

  • Ben W
    Ben W 3 hours ago

    Biggest splurge: a 6 grand countertop... I think it’s the 7 MILLION DOLLAR APARTMENT

  • Laura Salles
    Laura Salles 3 hours ago

    As a Ballerina myself (not professional tho), I was doing that same exercise on the leg press a few days ago. But the trainers are mostly so used to people who dont dance ballet and are on the gym mostly to gain muscles or lose weight that he just couldn’t understand what I was doing and kept trying to “correct” me by keeping my feet apart and stopping me from jumping

  • Echo Hatashiromo
    Echo Hatashiromo 4 hours ago

    My mom: what do you want to be when you grow up? Me:

  • chitra jothimani
    chitra jothimani 4 hours ago

    What is the name of the shop

  • Thesweetkiller21
    Thesweetkiller21 4 hours ago

    I Love durian for me it's smells so good

  • Imdad Jeshin
    Imdad Jeshin 4 hours ago

    yeah but is it BONELESS?

  • Jack Carol
    Jack Carol 4 hours ago

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  • HollyKate News and Reviews

    Go to the Florida state fair

  • Jack Carol
    Jack Carol 4 hours ago

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  • Lexi Kelly
    Lexi Kelly 4 hours ago

    Right now I'm 0 lets see how old I will get

  • Freyja Richardson
    Freyja Richardson 4 hours ago

    RUclip: wanna watch how rubbers are made? Me: no I really don't care RUclip: it's this or leg amputation Me: please no anything but that I'll watch all the rubber videos in the world but not that again🤮🤮 I'm British btw that's why I call it a rubber👍

  • colors of nature
    colors of nature 4 hours ago

    Does anyone know which brand of that shoe is

  • Smpai Sama
    Smpai Sama 4 hours ago

    They should have made the video 4:20 long

  • Chris Boyle
    Chris Boyle 4 hours ago

    this feels like an inside joke that i’m just not getting

  • Blakkheim
    Blakkheim 4 hours ago

    Islam don't belong in America or Europe! Send the trash home!

  • Kelin Lavoie
    Kelin Lavoie 4 hours ago

    lets climb a rock wall with high heels on

  • Jūratė Čechavičiūtė

    1:45 Me when I wake up at Saturday 1:53 when I wake up at Monday.

  • Stunna
    Stunna 4 hours ago

    Lmfao this is like that episode of Barbie life in the dream house when they go into her closet

  • Legomasteralex
    Legomasteralex 5 hours ago

    2:53 anyone, rakaraka

  • Deep Fried Bites DFB


  • Sage Becker
    Sage Becker 5 hours ago

    Cole is the BOMB

  • XxPinkGoldXx
    XxPinkGoldXx 5 hours ago

    is none going talk about...THAT HER DOG IS PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Syed Shaheeruddin
    Syed Shaheeruddin 5 hours ago

    Sorry I meant is IT real

  • Syed Shaheeruddin
    Syed Shaheeruddin 5 hours ago

    I know this sounds weird because probably everyone knows it but is it real??????????!!

    KASIH ADIKA ANAS 5 hours ago

    I am from Malaysia. The durian is one of our national fruit. Its nickname in Malaysia is called the Raja Buah. Raja Buah means the King Of Fruits Hope you guys understand why we malaysian's LOVE it :) have a good day! :) and i don't know why, but I really hate the blonde hair girl

  • Matthias W
    Matthias W 5 hours ago

    Who else thought it was wagyu beef

  • the grand master flex

    All that work, for the biggest piece of absolute trash my generation has fucked children with

  • Stephanie Gates
    Stephanie Gates 5 hours ago

    Pink room??? Jin's gonna love it

  • TF4D 150
    TF4D 150 5 hours ago

    Taylor is setting an example, very proud of her

  • Eva The diva
    Eva The diva 5 hours ago

    The place were they went glass making I was there too

  • Hippo Critical
    Hippo Critical 5 hours ago

    Who cares? As long as it’s nice

  • Joe Bolton
    Joe Bolton 6 hours ago

    Michal C Hall is the goat

  • Lunar Potato
    Lunar Potato 6 hours ago

    I would drown in the ball pit 😵

  • Alvin Jackson
    Alvin Jackson 6 hours ago

    How about the lion roar? Cause as far as I know, the roar in 1994 was actually a tiger roar, it is significantly different from a lion. Sorry, I haven't watched the 2019 movie...

  • Gacha Chloe
    Gacha Chloe 6 hours ago

    Did you kill a turtle just because you want to show its throat?

  • Bella Katherman
    Bella Katherman 6 hours ago

    I can actually feel a sugar rush just looking at them! 🍪

  • jessie hui
    jessie hui 6 hours ago

    Wow,this video is published on my birthday

  • Hello Lol
    Hello Lol 6 hours ago

    *Look at all those chickens*

    BRAWL NINJA 6 hours ago

    O! they make suit to change their phone

  • Marie Streeting
    Marie Streeting 6 hours ago

    Glad you're not banging those shoes on MY walls, you're leaving marks.

    WOOT I'M A POTATO 6 hours ago


    WOOT I'M A POTATO 6 hours ago

    *gamer* _gamer_

    WOOT I'M A POTATO 6 hours ago


    WOOT I'M A POTATO 6 hours ago


  • Aurora Brasi
    Aurora Brasi 6 hours ago

    I bought 15, and tomorrow I'm buying 10 more. I'm happy with this new initiative! Let us save the world that needs us🌍

  • taleen sunnoqrot
    taleen sunnoqrot 6 hours ago

    2:32 <3333

  • hoopa unbound
    hoopa unbound 6 hours ago

    This is 2019 now so he's like 115 now or he's dead hmmmmmm?

  • Megan Dunklin
    Megan Dunklin 6 hours ago

    People getting killed in about more like those getting killed in our own country by unregulated gun laws What this president is doing to our about more like how divided we are since the inauguration of 45 These people are not only idiots, but make me flat out sick.

  • Cotton Candy Sharieza Gacha

    Poor Doggies😔😔😔🐶🐕🐩

  • The best person on fortnite and other things

    Millennium force sucks

  • Radhika S
    Radhika S 7 hours ago

    Fullface helmet or nothing

  • Amber Dignadice
    Amber Dignadice 7 hours ago

    playing with your food is a bad manner

  • Slim Laras
    Slim Laras 7 hours ago

    I don't understand, does it really matter if the snot is going into the parents mouth as long as the baby is feeling better? People are committing like the baby asked to be sick or born, if you're not ready for being a parent get pills or a vasectomy

  • Lucester 2.0
    Lucester 2.0 7 hours ago

    4:58 just amazing

  • Mannequin X
    Mannequin X 7 hours ago

    0:50 we have this in a cheap dollar store

  • Arif Fahmi
    Arif Fahmi 7 hours ago

    Lying lying lying..thats only he can do to blame the muslims

  • John Conner
    John Conner 7 hours ago

    How many of you came after watching pencil being made?

  • Heshoo Karim
    Heshoo Karim 8 hours ago

    What if this quick sand went wrong

  • Luke Amisola
    Luke Amisola 8 hours ago

    The bottom of my recommendation list 👏🏻👏🏻

  • onacsut
    onacsut 8 hours ago

    “This a cello - that’s a tool” is a reference to cops shooting black men who they think are holding guns but it was a phone.

  • Parker's NBA Videos
    Parker's NBA Videos 8 hours ago

    A thousand dollar robot to pour sugar. Pay me $10 and I'll do that for you. =)

  • DudeWithAShortName
    DudeWithAShortName 8 hours ago

    Who would win? A 90 kg wrestler Or.. One long legged boi

  • List Sign
    List Sign 8 hours ago

    Invent whatever you want but it will be a fail if not available to common people at common prices.

  • Dung Trung Nguyen (Bean)

    some of these things are in vat19

  • Tom Pajo
    Tom Pajo 8 hours ago

    Why would thy pay HUNDREDTHS OF THOUSANDS if they could just lower their prices