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  • Jewel Moore
    Jewel Moore 2 minutes ago


  • relentless pig
    relentless pig 2 minutes ago

    They should have left him.

  • sindexter
    sindexter 3 minutes ago

    Nice to see her going back to mexico to help improve it, o wait its a 3rd world shit hole lol

  • *WHY NOT*
    *WHY NOT* 3 minutes ago

    Look at the mans face during this... it’s no sorrow or regret or sadness it’s sad

  • MasterGaming // MG
    MasterGaming // MG 5 minutes ago

    I felt sorry for the father. He just wanted revenge.

  • Shanu Kumar
    Shanu Kumar 6 minutes ago

    Things are going to be strange in season 4 also.

  • Josh Freeman
    Josh Freeman 6 minutes ago

    Please give this dad justice!!!! Give him what he deserves!!!! We wont miss that me!!!

  • Rodner Espinosa
    Rodner Espinosa 9 minutes ago

    Wow she's still looking stunning ever... Wow as in Wow 😍

    IN HARMONY WITH NATURE 14 minutes ago

    Where is Oprah!!

  • Bibi Georgewill
    Bibi Georgewill 14 minutes ago

    The audience applaud this? Wow

  • Van Lusiu
    Van Lusiu 17 minutes ago

    You may understand his feelings

  • Atul Shetty
    Atul Shetty 18 minutes ago

    That person will be punished by God

  • Elesmailli Flatron
    Elesmailli Flatron 22 minutes ago

    An Eternity of blazing fire is surely awaiting the killer no doubt about that for me

  • Stunning Rears
    Stunning Rears 27 minutes ago

    Preety Beautyful Little Angel😍😍😍😍 Love You Lots, God Bless YoU Little Baby and Your Family😍😍😍

  • Siestrzewit No Longer Slaves

    Lefties protect the murderer

  • Allan Tatenda Magaba
    Allan Tatenda Magaba 32 minutes ago

    Where is ruby

  • Eddie De Leon
    Eddie De Leon 32 minutes ago

    EMOTIONS AND UNSTOPBLE ... anger out of control for the father, the victim was his light that makes his world worth living for ... as President Nelson Mandela quotes man must learned to hate and love comes naturally, hard to control but when smokes comes to clear ...FORGIVENESS poceeds my point of view Sir

  • Smiley L
    Smiley L 32 minutes ago

    Aww, that is the sweetest. It really is the simple things that make life good.

  • scott souter
    scott souter 35 minutes ago

    That is one badass mom!

  • Tah Trah
    Tah Trah 36 minutes ago

    Doesn't anyone care about the fan that fell too? Damn shallow world.

  • 18t4motion
    18t4motion 37 minutes ago

    They look absolutely nothing alike... said no one ever LOL

  • Sean Austin
    Sean Austin 37 minutes ago

    She’s so media trained. Lol

  • Your Gacha Girl
    Your Gacha Girl 40 minutes ago

    The people who dislike this are jealous of her dance moves

  • Maria Nad
    Maria Nad 40 minutes ago


  • Grant Wessels
    Grant Wessels 41 minute ago

    I hope the killer burns forever in hell maybe the family's fine peace and happiness. I'll pray for you

  • Jennifer Hausman
    Jennifer Hausman 42 minutes ago

    That is sweet and kind of everyone to help this women plan the wedding of her dreams

  • MansterBear
    MansterBear 43 minutes ago

    I'ma let you finish, but that jump was the best jump of the year

  • Blame 4 nothing
    Blame 4 nothing 45 minutes ago

    This is a truly sad story but to be honest if that was my daughter I would of jumped that table too.

  • mohan T
    mohan T 46 minutes ago

    Felt the pain and love of his daughter....🌸🌸🌸

  • Stu Hall
    Stu Hall 48 minutes ago

    I just hate it when they say, well I was up before dawn and back after night fall like it makes you a special person or something. Hmm welcome to the real life of working. I'm 55 now and I've been doing that every week since starting work at 15. Still love Julie Andrews though :)

  • Ralph Hendriks
    Ralph Hendriks 48 minutes ago

    Great respect for Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, wishing them all the best! (Hillary btw looked fantastic, thumbs up for whoever decided for that outfit)

  • Ari
    Ari 50 minutes ago

    Respect. I expect my daddy to do the same if it were me

  • Julia Miss
    Julia Miss 56 minutes ago

    well you know...thinks happened// i like her anyway!

  • Stamatis Kamtsiklis
    Stamatis Kamtsiklis 57 minutes ago

    Let him kill this trash!!!

  • Megg Pimm
    Megg Pimm 59 minutes ago

    I honestly don’t get people who have kids just to leave them. My birth mum did the same. She chose her boyfriend over me. And then a lot of shit happened. But I was adopted as a baby. ❤️

  • mixdbeautea
    mixdbeautea Hour ago

    Damn he flew like Superman. I wish he would’ve got his ass, damn!

  • Hola Kitty
    Hola Kitty Hour ago

    How dare that bitch run after killing someone's child?

  • Hola Kitty
    Hola Kitty Hour ago

    So many people are commenting on the miserable dislikers. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Ignore them. They're likely motivated by jealousy.

  • My Iphone 5 Monument

    Too bloody right

  • gotham
    gotham Hour ago

    This is sad bro..

  • Jon M
    Jon M Hour ago

    And if anyone hurts these little children it would be better for them if a rock were tied around their neck and they were cast into the lake of fire....

  • Fabio
    Fabio Hour ago


  • Nola Marie
    Nola Marie Hour ago

    All of this could've been avoided if she wasn't having sex after she already committed to being a surrogate.

  • bIgCeNa
    bIgCeNa Hour ago

    God bless him

  • Ben Mader
    Ben Mader Hour ago

    And after this he went to compete in the high jump at the next Olympic games

  • ManWithNoName
    ManWithNoName Hour ago

    If he DIDN'T attempt this, then all his friends and family would have questioned whether he loved his daughter enough. He HAD no choice.

  • Yamato Genskie
    Yamato Genskie Hour ago

    This dad must also be jailed for he has no respect to the man.

  • Janae Clarice
    Janae Clarice Hour ago

    As a white blonde girl I must say, dark skinned people you are SO BEAUTIFUL! I am constantly stunned! Please embrace your beauty, it inspires us!

  • Emo Lisa
    Emo Lisa Hour ago

    That Lady Gaga x-ray post is so creatively clever & different 😂

  • Thejonez
    Thejonez Hour ago

    I love when she proudly announces she was obviously kissing stevo

  • JOKANI1977
    JOKANI1977 Hour ago

    The pain is REAN

  • malang mendy
    malang mendy Hour ago

    I respect the father

  • given kalimba
    given kalimba Hour ago


  • rising in the am of the morning

    Tan France is a blessing to Earth

  • W1ZA4D
    W1ZA4D Hour ago

    I am not a father (gosh I am only 16) but somehow I truly understand this man...

  • Mrfeelupz
    Mrfeelupz Hour ago

    He was sentenced to death. Why pops couldn’t get a fee punches in????

  • NBA Mixes
    NBA Mixes Hour ago

    3:24 R.I.P Oil R.I.P Pan

  • goldenagenut
    goldenagenut Hour ago

    Let him have 5 minutes with him, alone, with a baseball bat. That's justice.

  • Wisdom Goodness
    Wisdom Goodness Hour ago

    Heart broken....

  • Petty Princess
    Petty Princess Hour ago

    I thought that was rose mcgowan

  • Almudena Carnero

    Alo saludos. Grc porv esto esas bromas no ban me otra me. S my bien bravo grc uní añil y todo vestido. Bien grc se llega a la vida. Viva la vida. Renacer viva el amor. Ole got. Talen desde españa te ponemos. Musica baile desde Europa mundo. Te. Llege así gracias a la vida por. De volverte tanto.vida. grc. Así. Vienen leches.

  • Usman Ali
    Usman Ali 2 hours ago

    Give ak47 to father plz

  • Miki R
    Miki R 2 hours ago

    Bless this man 🙏

  • st greta thunberg
    st greta thunberg 2 hours ago

    This is why we need a fascist government

  • DDE
    DDE 2 hours ago


  • Almutanabi poet
    Almutanabi poet 2 hours ago

    Yes, it is hard moment for father.

  • annabell gallym
    annabell gallym 2 hours ago

    christina Aguilera is better😉

  • Rayane Bouzidi
    Rayane Bouzidi 2 hours ago

    This is how many times he said “season” 👇🏼

  • RozSpeaks
    RozSpeaks 2 hours ago

    And to think that so many people put blind dogs to sleep...smh. All blind dogs need are guide dogs to help them along❤

  • Stephen Siegel
    Stephen Siegel 2 hours ago

    Mr. Allen please have a seat for me. Did you find the house ok?

  • Elle
    Elle 2 hours ago

    My understanding is that she broke the contract. She wasn’t supposed to have sex while pregnant. Also, the IVF couple paid for twins, and she didn’t want to return part of the money when they asked for a “refund” for one baby.

  • Left In Bama
    Left In Bama 2 hours ago

    That's AWESOME! Hell...I don't need to get married again..I just want a good, decent, kind man even if it's just to *DATE* lol

  • Said Darlink
    Said Darlink 2 hours ago

    Melea anak yg di anugrahi tuhan bersuara mas.. salam kami dari lombok melea😘😘

  • taryn parkinson
    taryn parkinson 2 hours ago

    Good on the father the murderer deserved it and more least the father had guts sux this guy is protected after killing someone child

  • Reasoning wid Rema
    Reasoning wid Rema 2 hours ago

    Black people are divine.

  • no thing
    no thing 3 hours ago


  • Mantovani Sergio
    Mantovani Sergio 3 hours ago

    Oh man

  • Miss Bee
    Miss Bee 3 hours ago

    Awwwww 😊😊😊

  • kungu ann
    kungu ann 3 hours ago

    Much love lupita from Kenya.. representing the African child...

  • Sugstanze 4 Nachname


  • Melinda Mullins
    Melinda Mullins 3 hours ago

    Amazing god bless✌

  • Sis G Commentary
    Sis G Commentary 3 hours ago

    Lupita you have spoken the truth 😭😭😭

  • pyrostrike uk
    pyrostrike uk 3 hours ago

    Can't blame him

  • Omar H
    Omar H 3 hours ago

    Mental illness

  • Zahra Abdo
    Zahra Abdo 3 hours ago


  • Temps
    Temps 3 hours ago

    Lol what happened to the lady Gaga fan? Crushed to death or?

  • Kimberly Dobbs
    Kimberly Dobbs 3 hours ago

    They need their own show!

  • Will Powell
    Will Powell 3 hours ago

    I would have tried to grab a police weapon and try to get a shot off

  • Tomáš V
    Tomáš V 3 hours ago

    He was sentenced to death so why do they protect already dead man or rather dead monster?

  • You Tube
    You Tube 3 hours ago

    I wonder how many of Chelseas accents will change over time like her mothers

  • TO
    TO 4 hours ago

    Life can be very rough, and more so for some than others. I'm amazed at this young man and what he went through medically and emotionally to save another human. This is the kind of news I want to see and hear about. Great story, wonderful people!

  • Not Jesus
    Not Jesus 4 hours ago

    He forgot to season stevie wonder,Kim and Kanye west.

  • Max My Cat
    Max My Cat 4 hours ago

    I Saw This When I Was Just 4 Idiots

  • Max My Cat
    Max My Cat 4 hours ago

    They Call ABC The Biggest Nightmare

  • Lujuana Hastings
    Lujuana Hastings 4 hours ago

    Love. love this family!@@

  • Diamante Dea
    Diamante Dea 4 hours ago

    Too bad that son of a bitch isn’t dead

  • YoungBlunt &Mizguided

    That young man has every right to be upset 😂😂 the nerve . The audacity

  • scotercı brolar
    scotercı brolar 4 hours ago

    Why dont you let hım😔

  • B M-Y
    B M-Y 4 hours ago

    If that baby wasn't part black, I wonder if the surrogate parents would give it up. Crazy to think about that. Good thing it was obvious the little boy was darker than the other.

  • Stephanie Cole
    Stephanie Cole 4 hours ago

    I can only imagine! That's horrible to face n live with.