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My Time at "Camp Operetta"
Views 6M2 months ago
Locked out of my House
Views 12M8 months ago
Being the Best/Worst Ever
Views 8M10 months ago
Injuries & Being Sick
Views 20MYear ago
Living with Ari
Views 21M2 years ago
Things I Feel Guilty About
Views 19M2 years ago
My Childhood Stories
Views 18M2 years ago
My Opinion on Traveling
Views 13M2 years ago
My Random Thoughts
Views 15M2 years ago
Parent Stories
Views 19M2 years ago
Happy Birthday Ari!
Views 16M2 years ago
My Strange Trip to Europe
Views 14M2 years ago
Why I Love/Hate Reality TV
Views 11M2 years ago
My Instrument Experiences
Views 13M2 years ago
Things that Freak Me Out
Views 19M2 years ago
My Dog Stories
Views 20M2 years ago
Flirting & My Stories
Views 19M2 years ago
My Opinion on Halloween
Views 11M3 years ago
My School Stories
Views 18M3 years ago
New Member of the Family!
Views 10M3 years ago
Crazy Substitute Teachers
Views 21M3 years ago
The College Struggle
Views 11M3 years ago
Frozen Yogurt Freak Out
Views 10M4 years ago
To the Moon (Piano)
Views 669K4 years ago
Q&A #2: What animal am I?
Views 624K4 years ago
How to be Stupid
Views 13M4 years ago
Speedart: Mudkip Evolutions
Views 424K4 years ago
Dough D-D-Dear
Views 7M5 years ago
I Hate High Heels
Views 6M5 years ago
Hide and Pee
Views 8M5 years ago
Sneaky Advertisements
Views 7M5 years ago
JaidenAnimations Intro!
Views 3.3M5 years ago


  • ToniandLeigh
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  • Riptide 2021
    Riptide 2021 34 seconds ago

    You know they remade battle for bikini bottom on PlayStation 2 and it turned out amazing the animations for the time were excellent and I love to fighting mechanics and boss battles. Pactrics fight is actually him eating ice cream and it’s reallly lethal ice cream.

  • ToniandLeigh
    ToniandLeigh 4 minutes ago

    i have just been born and i do not understand anything

  • hugh janus
    hugh janus 6 minutes ago

    I use to think the bruises on bananas were mold

  • The Cod Mafia
    The Cod Mafia 9 minutes ago

    The heat is terrible I live in Arizona to

  • Nemesis Geometry Dash
    Nemesis Geometry Dash 12 minutes ago


  • Priscilla Torres
    Priscilla Torres 13 minutes ago

    i have warm hands so..............

  • Ashley Adams
    Ashley Adams 15 minutes ago

    There was a candle named concrete once

  • Tiny Caitlin
    Tiny Caitlin 18 minutes ago

    WOW YOUR face is so lovely and congrats on 6.mill [hopefully i dont affend you sorry]

  • Bryan Sutjipto
    Bryan Sutjipto 21 minute ago

    I'm a boy and I wanted a pet flamingo(PLS DON'T JUDGE MEH) I heard u can keep them as pets but heck no the have the second smelliest poop I think?

  • Rizzo Barlow
    Rizzo Barlow 25 minutes ago

    Jaiden vs Ari who’s better comment this comment

  • goonstoff gaming
    goonstoff gaming 25 minutes ago

    Your the best😁😁

  • Pola K.
    Pola K. 26 minutes ago

    Not to be dramatic or anything but i'd die for scruffy

    TJIMI 31 minute ago

    So true

  • Zack The Savage
    Zack The Savage 32 minutes ago

    1:58 Jaiden: *CaLl mE aPPlE raCiSt*

  • Arohi Anni
    Arohi Anni 34 minutes ago

    Honestly this is so exhausting .. It happened with me ...

  • Tristan Reynolds
    Tristan Reynolds 34 minutes ago

    I’ve slammed my thumb in the car door once it bled and I had to wear thumb cast for bit and took my whole entire nail off and now I have a scar under my nail

  • Meowstin.C :3
    Meowstin.C :3 34 minutes ago

    I can relate.

  • Jimmy Jizzu
    Jimmy Jizzu 36 minutes ago

    7:20 is this an Easter egg because I see toga from Boku no her academia

  • dinosaur eye
    dinosaur eye 37 minutes ago

    James 4 Jaiden 2

  • Sophia Lagarda
    Sophia Lagarda 43 minutes ago

    I’m so tireb rihgt now

  • Plushie 12
    Plushie 12 47 minutes ago

    Hey jaiden! Thanks for posting your video on my birthday!

  • CRAZYCUKOOKID the robloxian

    Vegan: the name for the village idiot who doesn't know how to hunt or fish

  • Yolo Storms
    Yolo Storms 48 minutes ago

    Lol this video is a exact definition of me

  • King Haku
    King Haku 49 minutes ago

    You can recover, you're all so much stronger than you realize.

  • Andy Hernandez
    Andy Hernandez 50 minutes ago

    This video gave one of my friend that final boost he needed to get through some tough times

  • Unlimitedvortex 2.0
    Unlimitedvortex 2.0 52 minutes ago

    I’m sorry what app are you using again?

  • Lost&Br0ken Brii
    Lost&Br0ken Brii 55 minutes ago

    OOOh- So this is how i know this song My friend showed me it last year...

  • Isaac Atkinson
    Isaac Atkinson 56 minutes ago

    Pathta with no thauce

  • 犬Trisinu
    犬Trisinu 56 minutes ago

    2:33 wH4t d4 Fr3Ak d03S B0ws3R l0oK L1k3 ????

  • Mei Mei
    Mei Mei Hour ago

    I’m Going to Arizona………*Why did i Decided to Come*

  • Jayden Pacheco 2

    My name is jayden

  • Aylin Smoqy
    Aylin Smoqy Hour ago

    I love animals too but today my hippy died 😢

  • Scary gamy Maker

    Would you like to pet my wolf or bear

  • Goomba Troopa 51

    I love Halloween. 1 word: CANDY!

  • d&t
    d&t Hour ago

    I wonder if you still have Ringo

  • Deniz Can Temel
    Deniz Can Temel Hour ago

    Hol'up! Raoole is the toy mouse from the Minneapolis video!

  • Ur actually bad It’s not even funny anymore

    Jaiden I think you’re going to say no but me and my friend would love to be your friends we promise we will look up to you as an equal and not a deity

  • It’s panda Cute T

    Ok guys ama tell u to make u laugh 😂 Press settings And then u see normal speed make it slow Pause Here 7:19 And wait Now in pause The mouse toy : AHHhHhH R.i.p 2019 - 1111

  • singe electrik
    singe electrik Hour ago

    beautiful 😙

  • Galaxia/Reajemu Films

    I got a pokedoll for £5...

  • Transport News Finland

    Seasons in Finland: Spring: Rain Summer: Warm rain Autumn: Windy rain, pretty leaves Winter: Snow, loska(basically watery, gray snow), dark So yep, a lot of rain and cold. And dark.

  • Ava Davis
    Ava Davis Hour ago

    You live in the Arizona oven guess what. I live in the Alaska freezer

  • Void Spirit
    Void Spirit Hour ago

    your such a good pianist I'm terrible I can barely play with one hand

  • SavSaver [GD]
    SavSaver [GD] Hour ago

    why do i love 3:53

  • lishush。 ゚milktee 。 ゚。

    1 question did u guys bring ari or did u just leave ari with someone to take care of ari -

  • CRAZYCUKOOKID the robloxian

    Wut if a candle store caut on fire

  • Jānis Šmits
    Jānis Šmits Hour ago

    but james is okey 2

  • Jānis Šmits
    Jānis Šmits Hour ago

    i like you more then james

  • Kewin Lagerström

    where's you dad?

  • Emma Calvan
    Emma Calvan Hour ago

    “Some kids liked dolls, some liked cars..some liked pushing kids of the swing” Lol 😂

  • Kewin Lagerström

    bird's can fly you silly billy

  • livi robinson
    livi robinson Hour ago

    have you ever played Minecraft and do a video on what you think of Minecraft

  • Kewin Lagerström

    ari the bird

  • Rick Sanchez C137

    Love you jaiden

  • Just Amelia here

    This is like me

  • ImpactDis
    ImpactDis Hour ago

    Stellar vid.

  • TeamBroomsticks Yep. That’s the name.

    Yes, I eat those tiny yellow things (Copyright Jaiden Animations)

  • Jeslyn C. A. Maria Immaculata

    i laughed at the time when jaiden said Jaiden:this is what happens,mom did u put my books somewhere? mom:HUUUUUUH?

  • Drako_Foxy Lovely

    *Listening to the great music that Jaiden is playing *Fills you with DETERMINATION *Your file has been save!

  • Urban Bean
    Urban Bean 2 hours ago

    Honestly I put myself in this situation, like terms PROCRASTINATING. I do it so often I hate it and I overwhelm myself. School and parents tell me this is my fault and they are not wrong this gets me down knowing I'm not giving enough I go to my happy place like reading and drawing, when I could be WORKING. Also staying up late like right now at 1:09AM isn't good, right after this I'm going to do my homework. Again this is my FAULT.

  • Emily Pamintuan
    Emily Pamintuan 2 hours ago

    1 like 1 pokedolls for Jaiden

  • Jenson Draws
    Jenson Draws 2 hours ago

    Did you use James’ idea again?

  • Sara Hyde
    Sara Hyde 2 hours ago

    Random person: I have a girlfriend Jayden: me too Me:OOF

  • vickie gritz
    vickie gritz 2 hours ago

    U in rewind 2018

  • Ninja Riw
    Ninja Riw 2 hours ago

    Spooy i just say it cause it’s from Mario where he says spooy

  • happy palooloozs
    happy palooloozs 2 hours ago

    Oh I’m hopeless.......NOM NOM NOM

  • Jutta Julkunen
    Jutta Julkunen 2 hours ago

    im 8

  • bryan floyd
    bryan floyd 2 hours ago

    To me gala apples taste a little to sweet to me

  • Winter Pomeroy
    Winter Pomeroy 2 hours ago

    7:21 ITS TOGAAAA!!! mha squad where you at

  • Mile High Drums
    Mile High Drums 2 hours ago


  • Andrew Lopez
    Andrew Lopez 2 hours ago

    R.I.P ari 0:35 LOL XD

  • Jack Hutchinson
    Jack Hutchinson 2 hours ago

    Skiing is great, i have been doing it for 6 years.

  • Chris Morales Sanchez

    Do you kinda like like James ? Tell us

  • Trendyfox00 ART
    Trendyfox00 ART 2 hours ago


  • andrei b23
    andrei b23 2 hours ago

    If i have 2 dogs and 3 cats you will play 15 hours with them

  • Stormtroper999 boooii

    who actually listened to her story.

  • Gio Jaliashvili
    Gio Jaliashvili 2 hours ago

    Are u bf gf

  • Gamer Kitty_123
    Gamer Kitty_123 2 hours ago

    While you people in all these super hot places might be like "HAHA We can deal with the hot really well!!" I am sitting here like "try going outside in a tee-shirt at 30°F I BET YOU CAN'T!!!!"

  • DTronic Games
    DTronic Games 2 hours ago

    If you play anything on piano, you can consider yourself if you think your good at it.

  • Zachary Vasquez
    Zachary Vasquez 2 hours ago

    Who saw Papyrus. NYEEEH!!!!

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    Jang Kendal 2 hours ago

    I have a re2 but he's not named Ari and he's quite quiet so any

  • rhian rose
    rhian rose 2 hours ago

    this is literally me

  • Nathan Version 2.0
    Nathan Version 2.0 2 hours ago

    When I first watched this I cried

  • Just Aiden159
    Just Aiden159 2 hours ago

    Stellar video Jaiden

  • Chad Temperton
    Chad Temperton 2 hours ago

    At thought this was about depression and feeling like any step you take brings you back to the start.

  • DanTheMemeMann
    DanTheMemeMann 2 hours ago

    Living in a box on the side of a road is fun. Try it sometime. Especially when you're near a cafe with WIFI so you can dull the pain of your endless Procrastination with youtube videos.

    • DanTheMemeMann
      DanTheMemeMann 2 hours ago

      Also throwing rocks at small children and causing brain damage is a fun and perfectly acceptable way to spend your time.

  • Zachary Vasquez
    Zachary Vasquez 2 hours ago

    The letter thing also happened to me one time but the teacher needed a signature and I forged my parents signature. They caught me too. LOL. Anyways, I got into a bunch of trouble. Oh well. It was resolved in the end because I had the best teacher. It is funny now but yeah. A little kids mind is like, I DON'T WANT TO DISAPPOINT MY PARENTS!!! WHAT SHOULD I DO???!?!??! My choice was made. LA DEE DAAA

  • Sharron OwO Help the lil Bean

    6:45 look onto the phone its funnh XD

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    adam alhamrawi 2 hours ago

    I don't have friends the number of likes is how much friends I have

  • AR MY
    AR MY 2 hours ago

    This is so wholesome and cute ohmigod

  • Radd0
    Radd0 2 hours ago

    I played battle for bikini bottom on my Xbox, the robots are a lot more lethal in 3D form

  • Art De Vera
    Art De Vera 2 hours ago

    My cat died just today.

  • David Ewing
    David Ewing 2 hours ago

    I mean I got your back heh... /:

  • Little GachaTuber
    Little GachaTuber 2 hours ago

    I love adam's drawings he has showed me how to draw UvU

  • David Ewing
    David Ewing 2 hours ago

    you are the queen of animations Jaiden im always on your back Jaiden.

  • CRAZYCUKOOKID the robloxian

    My sister put ranch in a brownie and fed it to me. I thought something was wrong and ate nibbled then she told me take a big bite and I fell for it

  • Aldy Alie Darmawan
    Aldy Alie Darmawan 2 hours ago

    7:41 Is that Pumpkin Seed? From James's "Our Hamsters" video?

  • Underfell Sans
    Underfell Sans 2 hours ago

    2:42 i see papyrus in the pile of spaghetti boxes! nyeh he he he!

  • Digital Dip
    Digital Dip 2 hours ago

    Coincidence. I ALSO have a friend named Peyton, and in 6th grade, we have this thing called The House Project, where you find a house and all expenses and stuff, and it's really fun. You can also get pets. My friend Peyton, is trying to get A FERRET as well!