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2019 & Your Mental Health
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  • Slayer Zack
    Slayer Zack 3 hours ago

    Me and my friends are starting a podcast and this video helped alot if your interested our podcast is called Jibbletz Podcast

  • shahzad ali
    shahzad ali 16 hours ago

    How to target facebook group's

  • Mario Pellegrino
    Mario Pellegrino 16 hours ago

    It was all good till the end. Never shut your phone off. Never!

  • installtekz Online

    "Exit pop-up forms" are just plain wrong in my opinion. 9 times out of 10 I go to change tabs in the browser, not planning on exiting. But as soon as a pop-up appears, it makes me WANT to exit out of there

  • Anne. B
    Anne. B Day ago

    Hi may I ask how did you include your road map on your power point? is there a video available on your channel where i can view from? Thanks in advance.

  • Felicia Demos
    Felicia Demos Day ago

    Wow, that was very easy to understand. Thank you!

  • Microsoft Office Tutor Online

    You are an amazing person...I can feel your honesty and truthfulness. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us....#the heater sucks!

  • Sifat Rahman
    Sifat Rahman Day ago


  • Garrett Hoyos
    Garrett Hoyos Day ago

    Starting my first mastermind after being a part of two this year. Thank you for this (4 years later)

  • CoachSteve4u
    CoachSteve4u 2 days ago

    Keywords everywhere is not free anymore...

  • Mirna Pena
    Mirna Pena 2 days ago

    Best blogging video I’ve seen!!

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  • Marshal Dunnik
    Marshal Dunnik 3 days ago

    Thanks, useful tips

  • BuRGHsBOi
    BuRGHsBOi 3 days ago

    Do you have a video showing how and what I would need to record multiple ppl? Like how do I connect 4 mics to a PC?

  • BuRGHsBOi
    BuRGHsBOi 3 days ago

    Definitely a helpful video. Saved me from spending a lot of money.

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  • Larry Kushner
    Larry Kushner 3 days ago

    I am watching this on a iPad Pro and this video has really great useful information. Unfortunately when I try to get the cheat sheet it sends me to a LeadPages sheet to enter my email address which I did. It then takes me to another page with a button for the cheat sheet, however when I click on the button nothing happens . Any other way to get sent the cheat sheet ?

  • Fight Back To Health

    Pat... thank you so much...

  • sallyann ryder
    sallyann ryder 3 days ago

    Thank you so much I have picked up so much even though my podcast does not launch until Sunday!!!

  • Gili Marshall
    Gili Marshall 3 days ago

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  • Jeremiah Link
    Jeremiah Link 3 days ago

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  • Ome Cool
    Ome Cool 3 days ago

    Great tips on ppt presentation :) thx

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    T Stamps 4 days ago

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  • The Bearded Fen
    The Bearded Fen 4 days ago

    Yeah, the first 25 episodes of my podcast were recorded using a Samsung Galaxy S9+ and two iRig lav mics. Sound quality was great. However the mics are super sensitive, so had to choose the recording location carefully to ensure low ambient noise. 👌🏻

  • Henry Jose
    Henry Jose 4 days ago

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  • D Viner
    D Viner 4 days ago

    How many mic's can you plug into the macbook?

  • Aaron Caulfield
    Aaron Caulfield 4 days ago

    Thanks Pat. Super helpful.

  • Karandeep Kaler
    Karandeep Kaler 4 days ago

    Audicity isn't available for Catalina Mac

  • Cristiana Nicolae
    Cristiana Nicolae 4 days ago

    Thank you! The last tip should be framed. I've put my blog "on hold" for 4 years out of fear. Off-topic: your voice sounds very similar to that of the guy from "Charisma on command" RUclip channel. (I was too sleepy, so, instead of watching this video I just listened to it. This is how I noticed.)

  • Jon Farace
    Jon Farace 4 days ago

    Thanks for the info! Much appreciated!

  • XV X
    XV X 5 days ago

    Hey man why did your voice sound so thin and condensed and too bright when you switched to the Poscaster pro , your boom mic sound was really warm where as the podcaster sounded literally like you’re on a radio via FM Dial. If prefer your boom sound should I avoid buying the Podcaster pro?

    • Matthew Henderson
      Matthew Henderson 2 days ago

      A lot of this has to do with settings on the Rodecaster I imagine. I have heard there are some settings you might want on and others switched off depending on your voice, how loud you speak, etc... I disagree with turning everything on and going, there's a good chance it'll sound fine by doing that, but there's a greater chance you'll get a better sound by tweaking things and finding exactly what you want. I've heard plenty of other people use this and they sound great and don't have that thin/bright sound that you're talking about.

  • PureUnwindASMR
    PureUnwindASMR 5 days ago

    The Content here is useful as usual and is appreciated-thank you. But seriously painful to watch. please never do this format again. No one cares what the live audience is saying don't read out the comments. groan. also the video starts at minute 11

    • Pat Flynn
      Pat Flynn 4 days ago

      Yeah you’ll Have noticed I haven’t done this live format in over a year 😉 Thanks for the feedback!

  • Sally Carlson
    Sally Carlson 5 days ago

    I get it !!!!

  • Roberto Becerra
    Roberto Becerra 5 days ago

    I think you are using that mic at the start wrong

  • christopher O'neill

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  • Amy Soleimany
    Amy Soleimany 5 days ago

    All three models needed be have more examples to make more clear for beginners, but overall great video.

  • Harvey
    Harvey 6 days ago

    Loving the content! Keep the videos coming. You should search for smzeus. It’s the fastest way to grow your RUclip channel!!!

  • James2758433
    James2758433 6 days ago

    Pat: Awesome job on the instruction. I'm looking to start a podcast and I'm willing to pay someone to help me get started while I'm learning about it myself. Would you be game or can you recommend anyone? I'm in the Orlando, Florida area. Thanks!!

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  • Luca Wills
    Luca Wills 6 days ago

    Mental how 1 video can help so much, cheers

  • Tenzin Peljor
    Tenzin Peljor 6 days ago

    Wow, this is so helpful. I am planning to start a podcast because many people listened to the recording of my courses anyway while driving in cars, while ironing or moving by subway … I rather run accidentally into it because an expert didn’t want to write a guest post for my blog but rather offered a skype conversation - I had no choice. Thank you so much Pat!

  • Germán Moreno
    Germán Moreno 6 days ago

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  • Didier Raynal
    Didier Raynal 6 days ago

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  • WHR Marketing LTD
    WHR Marketing LTD 6 days ago

    😍 Awesome Work Pat! You have inspired me to start my own RUclip Channel on making money online and it's been great to see my audience (albeit small) profit from my knowledge. Would love it if you could check it out and give me some tips on how to grow the channel though - if I could even get to 1/10 of the amount of your following, it would mean the world to me and my son - quitting my full-time job to pursue the financial freedom lifestyle is great but a tough journey, guess I have to trust the process and believe that the followers will come with hard work 🙏

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  • The Casual Prince
    The Casual Prince 7 days ago

    And thus, Pat became a time traveller.

  • Janai Abercrombie
    Janai Abercrombie 7 days ago

    You're awesome i'm following you.. i wanted to hear someone tell me how to start & you have, thank you you're a blessing!

  • Harrison G
    Harrison G 7 days ago

    U sir r an absolute legend

  • Heidi O'Donoghue
    Heidi O'Donoghue 7 days ago

    FP and EP

  • Crazy Ayesha
    Crazy Ayesha 7 days ago

    Sir how can find all posts of a month in facebook groups?

  • Ludus
    Ludus 7 days ago

    I get it! Thank you for an amazing video!!!

  • KALTOUM Youbi
    KALTOUM Youbi 7 days ago

    While think about giving a presentation I only want to stop thinking about everything and focus on it, uuuuffff

  • Keith Kalfas
    Keith Kalfas 7 days ago

    Awesome thanks man

  • Bertha Angela Smith

    This is my second video of yours I've watched. THANK YOU :'(

  • Revolution Radio
    Revolution Radio 8 days ago

    Amazing advice, and a great episode. Thanks Pat!!

  • Gene Radzik
    Gene Radzik 8 days ago

    Hi Pat. You're adding tons of value - keeping it real, actionable, transparent and humorous. :D . Happy holidays and congrats on all the well earned success.

  • Brian Hill
    Brian Hill 8 days ago

    Great video Pat! I listen to SPI and Side Hustle with Nick Loper!

  • m b
    m b 8 days ago

    Like the palette wall

  • Karin Patterson
    Karin Patterson 9 days ago

    Hi I'm starting a podcast with my students. I got a podcast kit from Amazon, Presonus. Can I use Garageband instead?

  • gogou khongsai
    gogou khongsai 9 days ago

    Is it okay to end a presentation with "Have a good day" instead of "Thank you"

    • Abigab
      Abigab 2 days ago

      That should be fine, although you might want to also say thank you.

  • Lutes Vegas
    Lutes Vegas 9 days ago

    7 mins in and i didnt get any information ... i couldnt finish this

    • Pat Flynn
      Pat Flynn 9 days ago

      Good luck on starting your podcast or RUclip channel 🙏🏼

  • Manav Jain
    Manav Jain 9 days ago

    What if i want to use an external audio file for the intro, how do i insert that?

  • Diane Coughlan
    Diane Coughlan 9 days ago

    Thank you great guidance, I mind map but the post it note idea is really motivating. I’m writing about work place bullying - shining a light into the dark techniques of, and how to fight for your career in that environment, thanks for the app pointer, I’ve been looking for just the thing!

  • Ms CEO
    Ms CEO 10 days ago

    ThNk you soooo much for this information!!!!!

  • Richard Patrick
    Richard Patrick 10 days ago

    I’ve tried many of these and found Restyaboard to be the overwhelming favorite.

  • Gabrielle Angel Lilly

    My details under music folder look nothing like yours...still stuck trying to add art and other details or tags...the Audacity logo is all that shows.

  • Gabrielle Angel Lilly

    Come on Pat, it's not THAT bad. You are making me feel SUPER bad about my first podcast, which I assure you is MANY factors worse than your first, and I am still proudly pushing forward. I appreciate your tutorials and lessons, and am here looking for a review of tagging and uploading, after a frustrating day of not getting Audacity to do wtf I want, for reasons I still do not understand. So, subpar it is. It will get better. I just have to start, after more than two years of not being ready, and still not being ready, Angel's Authentic Action Podcast is going live for the new year.

  • ScaRy'z AuDioAsYLuM
    ScaRy'z AuDioAsYLuM 11 days ago

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  • AJaytheCEO
    AJaytheCEO 11 days ago

    I Get It

  • Hello Happy
    Hello Happy 11 days ago

    Hey Pat! Do you NEED a mic? could I use my apple headphones?

  • Blaine Sword
    Blaine Sword 11 days ago

    Hello, Thanks for the video. Great help. I have a Audacity question you might be able to answer. I have an HP laptop and would like to record a podcast using 2 different headsets. Like gaming headphones with mic's. 1 I can plug in with the 1/8 in jack and 1 I can plug in with a USB converter. How can I get the program to see both headsets and record at the same time? 1 track, 2 tracks, does not matter. Thanks very much

  • Nonofo Dibotelo
    Nonofo Dibotelo 11 days ago

    Thank you so much,you made using audacity fun and simple

  • Ilya Sazonov
    Ilya Sazonov 11 days ago

    Hey Pat! greate tips! I will defiantly use them in my presentation! I want to save this presentation but it's not possible anymore, can you please send a new link for download? Many thanks in advance!

  • Carrie Martin
    Carrie Martin 11 days ago

    Thank you for the help for my college course.

  • Chronic Opolis
    Chronic Opolis 11 days ago

    Thanks for some great content, I feel like Ive learned some great strategies here! Cheers

  • Nicholas Young
    Nicholas Young 11 days ago

    I'm using a Behringer UMC204HD digital interface for 2 dynamic mics and some regular headphones. I'm having problems with recording and playback levels. Both meters only show activity on the left side. I can't hear anything, through the headphones, while recording. But on playback, I'm hearing only out of the left headphone and it's very low, no matter how I adjust the volume. Also, somehow, the waveform meters shrunk to little more than a line and adjusting zoom does nothing. Please help. I'm so new at this and it's been driving me crazy for two weeks now. Thanks for your time.

  • Rainbow Chanewaroski

    I like your voice and the way you talk. Greetings from an IB student in Japan. I am going to use these tips in my ToK presentations, thank you!

  • J.LeVar Bryan, Sr.
    J.LeVar Bryan, Sr. 11 days ago

    I Get It!

  • Haydee doverte
    Haydee doverte 12 days ago

    to pike place to grade 4 to 5 later point

  • "My Take On It" with Dr. Victor Obasuyi

    RUclip for me

  • Stitching in Colour
    Stitching in Colour 12 days ago

    Hi, Pat. Thanks for this video and your generosity. I was so guilty of #3, but I have made it my business the last six months to stomp it into oblivion. I hope it is good and dead. Because it is not only unproductive, but exhausting. I also found that by the time I got back to the information I had stored away, it was outdated! Plus, if I choose, I keep an ongoing list of search terms that I Google when I actually need the latest information on the subject.

  • Mikołaj Maśliński

    Thanks for that video! For me it's a great example of process that all creators have to pass :) All the best to you Patt - your work is amazing and very inspiring!

  • HeyArcher
    HeyArcher 13 days ago

    Should I do Buzzsprout or Libsyn? I see you have an affliate to Buzz.

    • HeyArcher
      HeyArcher 12 days ago

      Pat Flynn thanks for the response!! I’ll try that first.

    • Pat Flynn
      Pat Flynn 12 days ago

      I like both, and am an affiliate for both. Buzzsprout is definitely far and away much easier to use and design friendly, which is why I like to recommend it.

  • Em Noullet
    Em Noullet 13 days ago

    Thank you so much for the CK tutorials! You're helping me get it set up right from the start, which will save a ton of unnecessary clean-up time down the road. I wonder if you might sometime do a tutorial on embedding a form on a Shopify store? I've reached out to CK support, and even they seem stymied by the process. It's not as tidy as the WP integration, unfortunately. Might not be possible with all the themes, I don't know. Never hurts to ask!

  • Stop morgz Mum
    Stop morgz Mum 13 days ago

    Are you a mc

  • Caroline Chenier
    Caroline Chenier 13 days ago

    Hi Pat, My problem is making money from groups. How to link a payment to the group. Thank you

  • tom kent
    tom kent 13 days ago

    One is audio/visual, the other audio only. Don't really see how you can compare the two.

  • Caroline Chenier
    Caroline Chenier 13 days ago

    Hi Pat, thank you so much for this video. Can you please tell me, should you thank your top contributors personally within the group or privately? Thank you :)

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  • aaron ren
    aaron ren 13 days ago

    too much words

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob 14 days ago

    This whole idea is bullshit. All these RUclip GURUS sell courses how to make money online. They brag about having money but only made money by selling you courses how to make money. WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE

  • Jeff Jarecki
    Jeff Jarecki 14 days ago

    Great job man, thanks for taking the time to make/share this. Very helpful for a beginner.

  • tobii894
    tobii894 14 days ago

    Dude I was so lost before finding this video. You really helped me out for work tomorrow :)