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Nintendo Direct 9.4.2019
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  • zara
    zara 3 minutes ago


  • Jordan Tillman
    Jordan Tillman 3 minutes ago

    17:05 my man *_tired_*

  • Derek W
    Derek W 4 minutes ago

    If you haven't experienced this game before, I strongly recommend it! Kyle Katarn offers one of the best stories in Star Wars history!

  • I love food
    I love food 4 minutes ago

    IM SO FREAKIN' PUMPED FOR NOSTALOGIC AND HIBIKASE!! Hopefully Lost One's Weeping makes it in again!

  • Ryan Rentfro
    Ryan Rentfro 6 minutes ago

    This is what the world will look like if Uber and Lyft have their way.

  • 보행
    보행 6 minutes ago

    korean language plz

  • scarlett bury
    scarlett bury 10 minutes ago


  • Andrew Tormanen
    Andrew Tormanen 11 minutes ago

    More fighters are fine, but LET US PLAY MULTIPLAYER IN BATTLE ARENAS PLEASE!!!! I want to be able to play with one friend at LEAST in the same room and the others online. We know that you can do it, you did it for quick play.

  • AsianPizza Hitler
    AsianPizza Hitler 11 minutes ago

    Too bad Untitled Goose Game is gonna make this game flop

  • Ewrecked
    Ewrecked 11 minutes ago

    I guess the third one will be based on Killer Instinct.

  • Mark Jeleniewski
    Mark Jeleniewski 12 minutes ago

    Now all we need is a a link to the past remake

  • Green Feather
    Green Feather 13 minutes ago

    2:33 everyone : wow dynamaxing Me : is he gay? He looks gay! What if he’s the first gay pokemon trainer/character

  • Ninja 2512
    Ninja 2512 16 minutes ago

    This game is a masterpiece.

  • Emily arguetaaa
    Emily arguetaaa 18 minutes ago

    I wish I had that :(

  • Aaronatorr
    Aaronatorr 19 minutes ago

    To this day I still get chills from that roster reveal trailer

  • LoriEn
    LoriEn 23 minutes ago

    only for 60$ =))

  • Jordan Tillman
    Jordan Tillman 25 minutes ago

    the trademark of this direct is sans and he’s only a mii gunner costume this is why I love the Nintendo community

  • Auro R'G
    Auro R'G 32 minutes ago

    Oh god time to sell my soul

  • Lanre Akerele
    Lanre Akerele 34 minutes ago

    What type of clothing that everyone likes about Link wearing better?? The brand new blue one: likes🙂👍🏾💯 The original/classic green one: comment below👇🏾

  • Patrick n/a
    Patrick n/a 38 minutes ago

    60 is too much, nintendo.

  • Lilly Jervis
    Lilly Jervis 38 minutes ago

    I was just imagining if this would be a thing and it is, it looks amazing and I can’t wait to play it and it kinda reminds me of stranger things

  • Josh/ SonicYTvlogs
    Josh/ SonicYTvlogs 38 minutes ago

    This was in my recommend lol

  • スーツステハゲ愛好家

    so cool

  • Alexander Nin
    Alexander Nin 39 minutes ago


  • henkkazor
    henkkazor 40 minutes ago

    I just killed Ganon after 150 hours and I NEED THIS GAME NOW!!!!

  • Duck
    Duck 46 minutes ago

    Should’ve been called titled goose game

  • Sad Boi
    Sad Boi 47 minutes ago


  • Ahmed Foad
    Ahmed Foad 50 minutes ago

    Dear Masuda san dear Amori san here’s my soul you can have it but please do not ruin pokemon please bring back the national dex please don’t ruin my Pokemon it played an important role in my childhood.

  • Adrock 99
    Adrock 99 50 minutes ago

    Me:"Pokemon Sword and Shield is gonna be ok." *GameFreak announces your trainer can wear gloves* Also Me:"Your trainer can wear Freakin gloves! Take my money!"

  • Drea Clark
    Drea Clark 51 minute ago

    Whaaaaaat?!!!😱😳☺😃😀 Ohhhh Emmmm Geeeeeeeeee....Game Boy memories!!😍😍😍 My Sister still has her Game Boy & this game to this day. I loved playing it. I hope the Switch version stays true to the storyline. Can't wait to watch a good gameplay of it.

  • MC Penny Kitty
    MC Penny Kitty 51 minute ago

    *Internal crying*

  • BLAIRinTHEusa
    BLAIRinTHEusa 59 minutes ago

    They made this too cool by showing gameplay that is interesting

  • Toni Shinn
    Toni Shinn 59 minutes ago

    1. I don't know this guy 2. Proto man in smash! 3. Mega man X now huh? 4. Team rocket dosen't make any sense. 5. WHY IS SANS A GUNNER?!..Hey new megavolia remix

  • Vano Sanchez
    Vano Sanchez Hour ago

    Hello, thats exactly game about me) Goosev Ivan)

  • Logian
    Logian Hour ago

    It's reyn time! in hd

    XX360HATMASTXX Hour ago

    a normal day with squidward

  • Sempthawase
    Sempthawase Hour ago

    A smoother goat simulator.

  • Mohammad Bhatti
    Mohammad Bhatti Hour ago

    do sonic the werehog for Nintendo switch plz plz plz

  • khalid elbanna
    khalid elbanna Hour ago

    I opened kirby clash deluxe on my N3DSXL like 300 times Only then did I finish the game

  • Jon The Backpack Kid

    Dear Nintendo and Mr.Sakurai, I would like a feature to be added to the Inkling character. I would like other people to also choose between Inkling's and Octoling"s, Maybe make it so people can access the Octoling can by double tabbing/clicking the Inkling character? I hope you think it's a good idea! Sincerely, Jon the Backpack Kid(A.K.A me.)

  • Alan *
    Alan * Hour ago

    So, you play as an evil spawn of satan?

  • chad thomas
    chad thomas Hour ago


  • Berry :3
    Berry :3 Hour ago

    I love her hair :O

  • Samuel Levi da Silva

    Just missing Mario Odyssey's cap

  • Aaquin Prime
    Aaquin Prime Hour ago

    The 2020 mascots should be in the game

  • Red Bonnie Worlds

    1:51 Why is lakitu so mean? i mean he just stole marios save data.

  • Ubisoft Spelletjes

    I playing Rather at the PS4 😇😇😇

  • leom magla
    leom magla Hour ago


  • Turtle
    Turtle Hour ago

    0:47 ZA WARUDO!!!

  • Trey Bowen
    Trey Bowen Hour ago

    Banjo Kazooie Now Belongs To Microsoft. The Creators Of Windows 98.

  • Ultan McNulty
    Ultan McNulty Hour ago

    Nintendo:make breath of the wild Me:YES this game looks amazing( was amazing Nintendo:makes a sequel Me:.........OMAFREAKINGOSH!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carsonthe Meme lords new account

    Woah a crossover with beetle in it! (Sarcasm)

  • Lanre Akerele
    Lanre Akerele Hour ago

    True Nintendo fans consider Super Smash Bros.Ultimate is the best game to play on Swith, who is wit me??!!!✊🏾💯🔥🔥🔥

  • whatever official

    Team nintendo!

  • CurrieMobster
    CurrieMobster Hour ago

    Ring Fit Trainer for Smash

  • ZeR0's BuLLeT
    ZeR0's BuLLeT Hour ago

    My favorite zelda game...I find that it does multiple things better than breath of the wild

  • E-LIES
    E-LIES Hour ago

    We need jiren,naruto,goku,and vegeta PLZ 😥😥

  • Kwesi Hammah
    Kwesi Hammah Hour ago

    This GAME would be an even BIGGER hit if released on IOS and ANDROID!

  • ZeR0's BuLLeT
    ZeR0's BuLLeT Hour ago

    My first fire emblem...

  • Bowser Squad
    Bowser Squad Hour ago

    Why cant you detach the joy cons

  • MrGatito gil
    MrGatito gil Hour ago

    Esto me va a ayudar para la paja :v

  • Trash Fire
    Trash Fire Hour ago

    bUt ViDeO GaMeS cAuSe ViOlEnCe!!!!!!! rEeEeEeEeE!!!!!!!

  • The wolf Pack
    The wolf Pack Hour ago

    Nintendo you suck cus you copied the design for psp and used the design for the Nintendo switch

  • bythe pavilion
    bythe pavilion Hour ago

    The music! THE MUSIC!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • it's_Nia Witherspoon

    I'm so color blind the gray looked like purple

  • Josué Pineda
    Josué Pineda Hour ago

    Me Gustaria que pusieran a Conker.

  • Joshua Hutton
    Joshua Hutton Hour ago

    I'm just waiting for Dunkey to play this and make it game of the year

  • Phantom_Ghost 547

    You should re-create every Pokémon game

  • Isa Ultra
    Isa Ultra Hour ago

    Art style remembers me of A Boy and his Blob Wii. Nice gameplay. I'll buy it

  • Shakzor
    Shakzor Hour ago

    Missed opportunity to call it "Titled Goose Game"

  • P K
    P K Hour ago

    Monokuma for smash

  • MorganCooks
    MorganCooks Hour ago

    1: ever heard of a headstrap? 2: God I hope nobody walks in on this kid.

  • Toby was here
    Toby was here Hour ago

    im getting attack on titan 2 vibes and thats a good thing fast gameplay

  • Jacey Jacobs
    Jacey Jacobs Hour ago

    How dare they make this when my sister and I live in different cities

  • Andrew Zukovsky
    Andrew Zukovsky Hour ago

    Can you make the remaining 12 playable characters into the Dream Events please?

  • Just for Lawls and trolls.

    Now... how do you do the genocide route?

  • Pomerasian
    Pomerasian Hour ago

    Australian developers represent!

  • Slot Hit Wonder
    Slot Hit Wonder Hour ago

    Can’t believe it’s been 3 years since this trailer was uploaded!

  • based nerd
    based nerd Hour ago

    Give me twilight princess HD Nintendo!!!!!!!!!!!!! .. this is cute though.

  • A H
    A H 2 hours ago

    Been playing this game for about an hour. Can't stop laughing. Indie GOTY for sure.

  • redyoshi777
    redyoshi777 2 hours ago

    Reinhardt as King DDD, we _need_ it!

  • BatarianBob
    BatarianBob 2 hours ago

    I might be interested, but $60 is a pretty big ask for a remake of a 26 year old Gameboy game.

  • Alexfgamer plays
    Alexfgamer plays 2 hours ago


  • DGT ShoTz
    DGT ShoTz 2 hours ago

    My Nintendo Switch keeps overheating every 10 mins

  • CarlosBM
    CarlosBM 2 hours ago

    Why am I watching this after I got the game?

  • Isa Ultra
    Isa Ultra 2 hours ago

    Beautiful graphics, reminds me of Another World

  • Epsea Grey
    Epsea Grey 2 hours ago

    Ganon: defeated Hyrule: defended Girlfriend: dead Yeah, its sequel time 😎