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  • Pods
    Pods 15 minutes ago

    10:08 is that an iPhone 11?

  • Athena Tordil
    Athena Tordil 15 minutes ago

    This is how many eric's in the comment | \/

  • Shyamali dey
    Shyamali dey 15 minutes ago


  • Elle Jay
    Elle Jay 17 minutes ago

    Its cute and wait woah hahahahha its up to your parents reaction but its love....?😍😂

    KETCHUP TATO 18 minutes ago

    _sees the title_ *_yup it’s her dad_* **watches video** _okay so it isn’t her dad_

  • KnifesSpidey
    KnifesSpidey 18 minutes ago

    3:46 p3Ter gRiFfIn"?

  • 10,000 subs without content DO IT FOR THE PIZZA

    What's with guys named Josh?

  • Eva Lynn Tang Ying Yuen
    Eva Lynn Tang Ying Yuen 19 minutes ago

    you know when they say you have only one love well it is the same for life so dont waste it on cutting yourself like i used to do

  • Verdis Lol
    Verdis Lol 19 minutes ago

    Has nobody even noticed the Easter eggs in the video

  • Kirill Starilov
    Kirill Starilov 21 minute ago

    0:29 Не ври ради этого ты зашёл:3

  • Jiya Sahu
    Jiya Sahu 21 minute ago

    She at 3:04 -"Older Sister " She at 7:37-"Younger Sister" Me -🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Manuel III Curameng
    Manuel III Curameng 22 minutes ago

    1:09 I like his freestyle swim P.s. I’m a swimmer too

    CEREZA ARI 22 minutes ago

    Cringe and creepy

  • Animal Lover
    Animal Lover 22 minutes ago

    Tell your parents

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu 22 minutes ago

    This low-key sounds like that show "My Mad Fat Diary"

  • Anders Hansen
    Anders Hansen 22 minutes ago

    R.P.S Mom

  • Le Monke
    Le Monke 23 minutes ago

    I thought she was in love with her dad

  • Amandha Airani
    Amandha Airani 24 minutes ago

    “if the world is being unkind to me, why would i be kind to the world?” Girl u have to be kind to the world first then u then the world will be kind to u. if u are a bad person, u’ll get what u deserve. if u are a good person, u’ll get what u deserve. it all will happen sooner or later.

  • Glorife Balitbit
    Glorife Balitbit 25 minutes ago

    Is there gonna be part 2 like more info about ur life just asking

  • Tai Tai
    Tai Tai 25 minutes ago

    My best friend name is called Bethany short for Beth

  • X_l0Rd gaming
    X_l0Rd gaming 26 minutes ago

    Y did I see Peter Griffin at 5:50

  • NadaA
    NadaA 27 minutes ago

    Nope I don't play any prank because I don't like any prank played on me even for fun... ✌️

  • Moty GaMe
    Moty GaMe 27 minutes ago


  • Kensuke Yuno
    Kensuke Yuno 29 minutes ago

    3:47 my boyfriend family hate me because I am not pregnant! And my dad get drunke and married!

  • Néara W
    Néara W 29 minutes ago


  • Jason Todd
    Jason Todd 30 minutes ago

    Yeah right

  • Sweat IOS
    Sweat IOS 30 minutes ago

    2:39 EDITING MISTAKE. LOOK AT HER DADS HAND Like if u saw it as well 👇

  • anne tara lee lee
    anne tara lee lee 30 minutes ago

    Social anxiety disorder s.a.d wow you have sad

  • Qurrota Ayuni
    Qurrota Ayuni 31 minute ago

    you have 4 man in your life....girl you still young you have a right to take adventure in your life at least when you already married you never think to cheat cuz you already know how it feel

  • Rahi's Creations
    Rahi's Creations 32 minutes ago

    I hate superstitions like gods, evils, ghosts, etc..who else?

  • dizzyvaughn l.pineda
    dizzyvaughn l.pineda 33 minutes ago

    Part 2?

  • Spooder Man
    Spooder Man 35 minutes ago

    This isn’t Jackie Chan’s real story idiots

  • Ray Lam
    Ray Lam 35 minutes ago

    Your friends are amazing 😉 and kind

  • iT woOddY!!
    iT woOddY!! 36 minutes ago

    Your channel name ACTUALLY HAPPENS That make me laugh

  • Chong Winkong
    Chong Winkong 37 minutes ago

    I thought the man was beth’s father

  • Ryan Tomz
    Ryan Tomz 38 minutes ago


  • Saman TAHERI
    Saman TAHERI 39 minutes ago

    I thought she ment her dad

  • Recardo Dular
    Recardo Dular 39 minutes ago

    Norma is kind of hot

  • Anugya Sharma
    Anugya Sharma 40 minutes ago

    She: “ Dimpled cheeks, big green eyes, the most beautiful smile ever “ Me: Wtf! Is he shah rukh khan

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu 21 minute ago


  • Its_ Ginger
    Its_ Ginger 41 minute ago

    ice cream when its cold !!!!!! really.....

  • dead
    dead 43 minutes ago

    You spelt the title wrong by the way.

  • _linnele_
    _linnele_ 45 minutes ago

    Я не знаю английский, но мне интересно причём здесь Юлик

  • Nova Nyglöd
    Nova Nyglöd 46 minutes ago

    Hi i’m I Have never see my Rulle Dad

  • проста чел
    проста чел 47 minutes ago

    Юлик бляяя

  • Cherrylin Nalda
    Cherrylin Nalda 47 minutes ago

    In 2:43 loook questions at her dad's hand just look at is hand is this glic or something?

  • Elizabeth Winston
    Elizabeth Winston 48 minutes ago

    Юлик на 0:25

  • Shila Bala
    Shila Bala 48 minutes ago

    Happened to me also..😢bit did not got him

  • Teo Ribin vlog
    Teo Ribin vlog 49 minutes ago

    My borthday is in 14th july

  • Mikey boi
    Mikey boi 49 minutes ago

    Oh hell naw

  • gameterex
    gameterex 49 minutes ago

    This how many tmes she said uncle 👇

  • Emma Wargnier
    Emma Wargnier 49 minutes ago

    I think you're in big trouble 😂

  • Asees_27 // Gacha
    Asees_27 // Gacha 51 minute ago


  • Dawn Tainatongo
    Dawn Tainatongo 51 minute ago


  • Daniel Dermawan
    Daniel Dermawan 52 minutes ago

    Yes ur mom is kind but the drunk part wasn’t that good

  • Andromeda ShunYT
    Andromeda ShunYT 52 minutes ago

    I’m an ambidextrous sooo

  • stay weird
    stay weird 53 minutes ago

    Next I fell in love with myself

  • CassieZslayer :3
    CassieZslayer :3 54 minutes ago

    I would just leave the party if that was me

  • Ned Swanborough
    Ned Swanborough 55 minutes ago


  • pepper mint
    pepper mint 55 minutes ago

    Юлик,как ты попал туда??

  • Jimm Jack 'n
    Jimm Jack 'n 55 minutes ago

    This video is giving me some alabama vibes

  • Rndct
    Rndct 56 minutes ago

    Hide it

  • Mich EB
    Mich EB 57 minutes ago

    It's ok if u date him. But is he divorce already?

  • miss wada
    miss wada 57 minutes ago

    Men always lying.. so dont trust them

  • Ciindyz
    Ciindyz 58 minutes ago

    Oh oh oh I saw the blue hair girl!!!! I’m sure I have seen her before in one of the stories from ACTUALLY HAPPENED !! Glad to see her again lol 👌🏻

  • Nightmare
    Nightmare Hour ago

    This is legit a story about my life except I am not over weight and the bullyes weren't my brother and sister (cause I have a sister who isn't even attending school) And at the end we didn't get back thogader........ he hates me because what I did... And that happened only because those jealous jerks from my class... I broke up with him to stop them teasing me...... But now its even worse..😞😖


    Girl u lucky to date him

  • K.0.theeOfficial Ary

    It looks like uncle Owen is going to become a white R. Kelly

    TEOMINATOR Z Hour ago

    My uncles cousin friends dad best friend is gay *ACTUALLY HAPPENED*

  • Ruthime Lee
    Ruthime Lee Hour ago


  • le7tfeet
    le7tfeet Hour ago

    Why are these stories all "I'm a crybaby teenager" can we have something interesting

  • I don't care
    I don't care Hour ago

    Надоели уже Юлика вставлять 😒🙄😡

    TEOMINATOR Z Hour ago

    I saw an apple on the table and became gay *ACTUALLY HAPPENED*

  • Karpu Kamchi
    Karpu Kamchi Hour ago

    So sad

  • Larry 08
    Larry 08 Hour ago

    I think you should try telling your parents about it.

  • It's Unicorn Frappuccino Starbucks

    Your birthday is July me tooo

  • Art Echo
    Art Echo Hour ago


  • penewold gamming

    What can i say exept you welcome

  • shaquila Noor
    shaquila Noor Hour ago

    Her : I dont wanna go to that stupid island! Me: wOoHoooo, BEACHHH Me again ; nEvErmInd

  • Broke Youtuber
    Broke Youtuber Hour ago

    Er Mer Gersh Dererk's bernerners

  • The Dorsett Girls

    That’s it! I knew u had to do what’s wrong to do what’s right! U did something illegal to make ur Dad give u more attention.

  • Jan Aisa
    Jan Aisa Hour ago


  • Настя Иванова


  • Dicte Larsen
    Dicte Larsen Hour ago

    sorry...but thats just ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww🤢 I know it makes her happy but...🤢

  • Flora _zenny
    Flora _zenny Hour ago


  • Real Story Animated

    I think you should be brave enough and tell your parents about your love. Age does not matter. If the person is right for you and you think you will be happy with him. You should try. And don't give up easily

  • Dung Nguyen
    Dung Nguyen Hour ago

    i am a boy

  • FireBeastGirl
    FireBeastGirl Hour ago

    NEXT- I fell in love with my self😱

  • BloodyMary
    BloodyMary Hour ago

    This just seems kinda sick to me..

  • mark celis
    mark celis Hour ago

    Its easy to escape school Step 1: just pretend to have a terrible headache

  • Mak Pranto
    Mak Pranto Hour ago

    True love doesn't need any age restrictions

  • shameem bano
    shameem bano Hour ago

    Her nose looks 😕

  • Keren Suat
    Keren Suat Hour ago

    Me: 'she's 10 years younger'

  • meme review
    meme review Hour ago


  • Denmark Llorente

    Jakie chan

  • 0rang biasa
    0rang biasa Hour ago


  • hi I’m non-binary and pan

    mate you have your own house and your companoing your a frickin spoiled little crap

  • Gacha Galaxy
    Gacha Galaxy Hour ago

    On my opinion I would tell them, because age doesn't matter

  • Kanita Tanjo
    Kanita Tanjo Hour ago

    Uncle OWEN Greys Anatomy owen hunt that was in millitary😂😂😂

  • filipa peixoto
    filipa peixoto Hour ago

    I Love this story

  • theuglykwan
    theuglykwan Hour ago

    After you graduate your parents can't stop you both. They are the least of your worries. They will freak out and get over it. The bigger issue is that he complains about his wife having and affair, yet he immediately starts one with you. There is no excuse for them to not divorce. You should stop dating him until he does or at least separates. If he can't do that or you then you know he is just having fun and stringing you along. It's a nice thrill for him since you are so young and probably submissive. It gives him reprieve from the tensions at home.