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  • Margaret Riley
    Margaret Riley 29 seconds ago

    peep the Liza Koshy theme song 2:14

  • Girlybunches
    Girlybunches 3 minutes ago

    Just wondering if I’m the only one who’s having problems with their HoloTaco order? I keep emailing the support email with my order details and they eventually reply a few days later asking me for my order details 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Tiffany Hickman
    Tiffany Hickman 4 minutes ago

    My cats destroyed every collar ever put on them I need little chain collars I swear

  • fibonacci227
    fibonacci227 6 minutes ago

    I like how she actually used the exact same royalty free music that Ben started referencing when he was singing lmao

    JACK? COME BACK! 7 minutes ago

    "comment down below and tell me how to fix dry nose problems." me: MOVE TO FUCKING AMERICA. i did and now my Canadian dry skin is gross and fucking oILY.

  • kcassil1
    kcassil1 10 minutes ago

    LOVE your Christmas song 😘 Snowflake comment he he he

  • Sandra Raituma
    Sandra Raituma 10 minutes ago

    When I brush my cat she howls like if I tried to skin her alive. I'm now trying to get her used to it :D It's getting better.

  • love cat
    love cat 11 minutes ago

    I watch you so guess

  • Mushroom Sheep
    Mushroom Sheep 12 minutes ago

    U should put a treat in front of each polish and whichever they eat is the cHoSeN oNe

  • Mona Albunni
    Mona Albunni 16 minutes ago

    The word 'home' existing. .. Simply, reading 'ho' 'me' : "hoe me" ...? "Ho mie" ??? HoME !!!!! The word home : Am i a joke to you ?

  • Deniese Santana
    Deniese Santana 20 minutes ago

    stop making me hungry CRISTINE T-T

  • Hoop Jeanne
    Hoop Jeanne 22 minutes ago

    Holy shit, Menchie rides on Ben’s shoulders!? lol

  • Yoana Gyurina
    Yoana Gyurina 29 minutes ago

    Yaaa it does

  • Katterina Qualls
    Katterina Qualls 29 minutes ago

    Safiya really did her best and I'm v proud of her for that

  • Sharlize Blanks
    Sharlize Blanks 31 minute ago

    When are menchie and zyler getting channels??🤣❤️

  • Paige John
    Paige John 32 minutes ago


  • orange_min
    orange_min 34 minutes ago

    im having an allergic reaction just watching this 😭😭

  • KayAnKi 1o1
    KayAnKi 1o1 35 minutes ago

    WE WANT NAIL CONTENT. I love the content now, but I miss nail art. Cris is the main reason why I started painting my nails

  • Katie Diaz
    Katie Diaz 35 minutes ago

    It's like cat peely bags.

  • Lori Shelton
    Lori Shelton 35 minutes ago

    I absolutely LOVE your humor! Also think it’s awesome the way you SHOWED how the “beautiful people” of RUclip edit to make it look perfect. No human is without a line on their face come on now... not all the makeup in the world can do that. But trick photography and editing can 😉

  • Ms Obeyy
    Ms Obeyy 37 minutes ago

    Cristines low key weird but I support her lmao

  • Supxrstar
    Supxrstar 38 minutes ago

    At the start of the video was anyone else looking at Menchie in the backround probably on catnip-

  • Deniese Santana
    Deniese Santana 39 minutes ago

    may the cat gods bless your soul Cristine and you might just might be able to find that help u need

  • Inke Moens
    Inke Moens 40 minutes ago

    Why is this in recommended 5 years after she did this?

  • Kayleigh Rose
    Kayleigh Rose 41 minute ago

    The beginning of a legacy

  • Abby Starr
    Abby Starr 42 minutes ago

    Cat moms unite 🐈🧡

  • Trista Myers
    Trista Myers 42 minutes ago

    I absolutely am in loooovvveee with that tortoise shell calico kitten!!! Shes so adorable!! Ps, your kittie's eyes are beautiful!!!

  • anushka singh
    anushka singh 47 minutes ago

    simply likes BTS

  • Kathleen Gonzales
    Kathleen Gonzales 48 minutes ago

    It's just white nail polish, it shouldn't matter...BUT IT DOES!!! 😵

  • Reanna
    Reanna 50 minutes ago

    I love how I got an ad for the Cats movie.

  • Евчолинка Ненова

    I am from Bulgaria but our people don't go out in the streets like this we are pretty normal people 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🇧🇬🇧🇬

  • Zaraa hoffman
    Zaraa hoffman 51 minute ago

    Christine you need to watch this video of trying to make fake nails with toilet paper super glue and cornflour

  • Royal -Chan
    Royal -Chan 51 minute ago

    Is it bad that I wanna puke looking at these???

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss 52 minutes ago

    No one: The tutorial: wrap your cat in plastic wraps

  • girl Squad
    girl Squad 52 minutes ago

    Did anyone else see that she didn't even finish painting the nails

  • Kpop Is a beautiful mess
    Kpop Is a beautiful mess 55 minutes ago

    1:10 lol

  • Gorica Zdjelar
    Gorica Zdjelar 55 minutes ago

    Veri veri bad

  • Kpop Is a beautiful mess
    Kpop Is a beautiful mess 58 minutes ago

    Hun you already lost your mind

  • Zen June
    Zen June 58 minutes ago

    I think this eye look was inspired by Bianca Del Rio..... Please don’t kill me

  • Katherine Look
    Katherine Look Hour ago

    Oh yeah you are way beyond me! Way Gone. I could send you any extra cat hair you need! I never run out!🐾🐈

  • Star Rae
    Star Rae Hour ago

    I’m watching this on 12/09/19!!! (The vid was posted on 12/08/18)

  • moonlight gacha
    moonlight gacha Hour ago

    Omg I am a Gemini my 27 my birth day

  • Aiden._.clish
    Aiden._.clish Hour ago

    omg my dad went on youtube seen this video and him and my mom started talking about you and my mom was like shes crazy😂😂😂😂

  • ii xisharix ii
    ii xisharix ii Hour ago

    How about a holo mountain

  • Scythe Shon
    Scythe Shon Hour ago

    "Do people craft with human hair?" Sweetie, that's called voodoo.

  • cat sneeze
    cat sneeze Hour ago

    glossy necks

  • N A
    N A Hour ago

    1:45 I don't have a cat and I am shook at all that fur you brushed out. Holy crap.

  • JJ Art
    JJ Art Hour ago

    WRaP Me IN PLasTic AnD MAke me ShINE!

  • Lizeth Fierro
    Lizeth Fierro Hour ago

    I think your nails would look better if you put a matt topcoat but other than that it looks great:)

  • Sara Potato plays

    Like a banana XD🍌

  • Kyasarin Kazuto
    Kyasarin Kazuto Hour ago

    7:38 “ho ho me,,

  • Austeja Vertelkaite

    Ben: “Do it again! Do it again!”😂

  • Keily S
    Keily S Hour ago

    Hahahaha, worst voice over ever! Love it!!!

  • i carlei
    i carlei Hour ago

    People in the comments If your nails are already flexible on its own do u need the oil

  • Gacha Dumbo
    Gacha Dumbo Hour ago

    Love u


    The joke: Your Life

  • Tony Bony
    Tony Bony Hour ago


  • Samantha Rose
    Samantha Rose Hour ago

    100% thought Christine was gonna leave the feline cafe with a new cat to name Holo

  • Purple Water Lily

    I think in order to live up to the Halloween pumpkin bed you may need to find a Christmas igloo. Just a thought.

  • Jessica Hardy
    Jessica Hardy Hour ago

    Because of you I went out and adopted a kitten. Her name is sassy. She is a rage doll. She love to be around people and be loved on

  • Kawaiiness
    Kawaiiness Hour ago

    This was the first video I ever watched by you Decided to revisit it Great first impression

  • Hemmy
    Hemmy Hour ago

    All the things christine is collecting in ziploc bags...

  • Sehun Nose
    Sehun Nose Hour ago

    Right there is the perfect amount of cat hair to get me killed

  • Zoe Letton
    Zoe Letton Hour ago

    Haaaaayyyyyy!! I'm a libra too!!

  • Stuart Roy
    Stuart Roy Hour ago

    I added u as a friend on Snapchat

  • Hemmy
    Hemmy Hour ago

    My cat allergy is twitching.

  • Unicron
    Unicron Hour ago

    Ben said she could start a business doing this like it was a joke but, for real y'all can't tell me there aren't a bunch of people that watch her that would buy things made out of Menchie and Zyler's fur XD

  • Swan !
    Swan ! Hour ago

    Can you make more mail video’s

  • Ananda Bricker
    Ananda Bricker Hour ago

    You said do do. Hehe

  • Beverley Blair
    Beverley Blair Hour ago

    Love it and Ben's reaction

  • Beverley Blair
    Beverley Blair Hour ago


  • Grace _Playz
    Grace _Playz Hour ago

    15:57 christine shat herself 😂😂😂

  • Planet Pluto
    Planet Pluto Hour ago

    Every time you do the "wHaT dO yOu ThInK" you slowly add to it And uh 2019?

  • Wiktoria Melnik
    Wiktoria Melnik Hour ago

    Thanks so much FUR watchin ❤️

  • Anastasia C.
    Anastasia C. Hour ago

    This video is so pure

  • kCherry
    kCherry Hour ago


  • Ali Awan
    Ali Awan Hour ago

    She goes to the gym?

  • Piper Ashley
    Piper Ashley 2 hours ago

    Thanks Simply, now I know clumps of hair make me wanna barf.

  • Tamrissa Tealady
    Tamrissa Tealady 2 hours ago

    help... ive fallen down a nailogical youttube hole and i cant get out! no regrets /sips tea

  • Kai Woods
    Kai Woods 2 hours ago

    I think you lost your mind a long time ago

  • Super Suppen
    Super Suppen 2 hours ago

    They’re so cute!! ( >ω< )

  • Chim’rm
    Chim’rm 2 hours ago

    I feel scared for her since she's been with these strong scented chemical (nail polish) since like the first time I've watched her. But now I know that she is definitely losing her mind.

  • cizzy _
    cizzy _ 2 hours ago

    as someone with a cat allergy, my sinuses cried just watching this-

  • Super Suppen
    Super Suppen 2 hours ago

    You should’ve made a bigger hat for yourself XD

  • Loïs Poel
    Loïs Poel 2 hours ago

    Okay, crafting with cat hair, real question: Why are her nails white??

  • Otaku Boi
    Otaku Boi 2 hours ago

    14:43 if someone heard you outside, cops would be surrounding you now. 😂

  • Summer Jones
    Summer Jones 2 hours ago

    Why does her final look, look like all the popular kids of second grade?

  • Kawaiiness
    Kawaiiness 2 hours ago

    *Cristine making bad decisions for 15 minutes*

  • Abel Viera
    Abel Viera 2 hours ago

    Is that one coat white i see? 🤔🤔🤭🤭

  • Monday
    Monday 2 hours ago


  • Liesa Bunny
    Liesa Bunny 2 hours ago

    Cristine💕Cat's💕and holo💕I'm a happy girl right now😸😸😸

  • Jenny Brock
    Jenny Brock 2 hours ago

    "Nail polish, tea, BEYYYN and cats" That made me laugh so much :D

  • Mr Guy Bro Dude
    Mr Guy Bro Dude 2 hours ago

    Got here from Ben's clip in the VidCon video when Facetune asked to do a colab lmao

  • Echo Phantom
    Echo Phantom 2 hours ago

    Sorry to say that, but bells are bad for cats (I know that from pets specialists, no need to come screaming at me). They have really sensible ears and it's slowly making them frustrated. This amount of anxiety is not good for cats :/

  • Skittle Z
    Skittle Z 2 hours ago

    😏 This is actually really common for pet lovers in other country

  • Sophia DiamondGirl
    Sophia DiamondGirl 2 hours ago

    I wish my animals whould shed too but they dont i have a beautyful black cat, a white small dog, and a little parrot. (My cat is a street cat we have adoped her when she was a baby and she even had lil kittens at our hourse but unfortunately they all died bc the mom had a parasite that affected kittens (her kittens was 2 black 2 scottish fold looking kittens even with the ears and one tabby kitten but we all cryed when they died) now my kitty is 6 years old and she allways visits us but my dog allways barks at hrand chases her away and i get really mad