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  • Mzz Authoress
    Mzz Authoress 24 minutes ago

    So if she was supposed to be 3 months pregnant in july and it's now october and she is still small as hell.. houston there is a problem...don't believe everything you hear

  • Love Smith
    Love Smith 45 minutes ago

    She's young enuf to be his daughter.. Little girls should stay in their lane...

  • Jeremey Binion
    Jeremey Binion 50 minutes ago

    If she blocked Diddy..... Just means she's block is no hurt.

  • msmeanjeans77
    msmeanjeans77 53 minutes ago

    Shes young and probably thought her youth, beauty andfamily made her different. Men like him will not change, unlike Steve, Diddy's reputation with women doesn't affect his money.

  • Princess Di
    Princess Di Hour ago

    Ti, shut up you have pimped a whole generation of children with your filth and help take their moral compass... Pot calling kettle black. You vipers in and outside the church.. How dare you judge anybody that's Gods job...I dont get it so self righteous.. your scams worked and so did theirs....ALL OF YOU ARE PERVERTED!!!!

  • Tha Giff
    Tha Giff Hour ago

    1 billion.... Thot trapping🤔🤔🤔🤔 I think Diddy will be okay...

  • Tresses Hair Extensions

    This is why Kanye should have married a black woman because she would not have co-signed this foolery because the wrath of the God ain’t worth no money!!! And yes, I meant to use the word “ain’t”! 😂😂😂

  • Sophia Smith
    Sophia Smith Hour ago

    Wtf is a ig model?

  • Teara Matthews
    Teara Matthews 2 hours ago

    Just seems like a paid arraignment, to me...🤷🏾‍♀️

  • destined 4xcelince
    destined 4xcelince 2 hours ago

    And to the guy who made this vid: stop click baiting people.. There are ALREADY hundreds of videos of TI, keep it real and talk about the Title of your video...

  • destined 4xcelince
    destined 4xcelince 2 hours ago

    Mockers in the land. Blacks as a people are stupid. They will mock the Christian faith but embrace the Muslim faith. Dummies, don't you know that REAL Muslims hate you and enslaved our ancestors and REAL Christians sought to end slavery and up to this day 2019, REAL Christians frown deeply upon all forms of racial injustices. But people are stupid. They assume that a person is something because the person said they were. That's called being dumb on purpose. Will the REAL Christians please stand out!!!!

  • M L
    M L 2 hours ago

    Diddy is disgusting I never liked him that girl smiled up in Kim face now sleeping with him she deserves everything she gets she is definitely a pass around her mother taught her very well how could she not see this as being wrong momma selling her to the highest bidder

  • Juliette f.g
    Juliette f.g 2 hours ago

    Michael Strahan is boring & those family feud producers are just taking advantage.

  • Naturally Dope
    Naturally Dope 4 hours ago

    Kanye West remind me of a person who is developing a cult. He is not a charismatic leader and he really worries me.

  • love Dennis
    love Dennis 4 hours ago

    Come on Jay it's not like he married her cheated and had a baby with his side chick. Chill out

  • Pamela Walker
    Pamela Walker 4 hours ago

    Lori Harvey it's a gorgeous young lady but I think her mom wants her to be another Paris Hilton a celebrity socialite but her background isn't like Paris no shade

  • Mario Badillo
    Mario Badillo 5 hours ago

    she probably Cheating on Steve:

  • EatingWithSylvia
    EatingWithSylvia 5 hours ago

    Always have your own bag when going anywhere she should have been able to BOOK a flight and get a uber to get away if she needed she didn't plan very well

  • EatingWithSylvia
    EatingWithSylvia 5 hours ago


  • EatingWithSylvia
    EatingWithSylvia 5 hours ago

    SHE was nothing to him

  • EatingWithSylvia
    EatingWithSylvia 5 hours ago

    Nope u should have left and she should have never let him smash

  • Myother Kids
    Myother Kids 5 hours ago

    Nobody disrespect jay z Nas: hold up right quick

  • Christian Lives Matter // Crews

    when you can charm women into your corner, soon or later that will be like cornering a beast, they'll turn and rip you. Happens everyday.

  • Solomon Herrera
    Solomon Herrera 7 hours ago

    Its not a scam. God does honor peoples offerings. Its all through the bible, give and you shall receive...

  • Dominique Parker
    Dominique Parker 7 hours ago

    Why you out that random Girl as the thumbnail you wrong 😂 people prolly think that happened to her got her lookin bad

  • Kevin Porter
    Kevin Porter 7 hours ago

    3:20 Wasn't white privilege. Don Johnson had a better agent.

  • Ris li
    Ris li 7 hours ago

    The fans petty af 🤣atleast they were nice enough to compliment her. But she's been acting funny since she got with Safaree, dont nobody care about that man lol. She needs to worry about the other chick who Safaree was inboxing .

  • Trent Kayne
    Trent Kayne 8 hours ago


  • Isaiah Paschal
    Isaiah Paschal 8 hours ago

    Love me some Lisa raye

  • tara bellmon
    tara bellmon 8 hours ago

    Now these people should have known way before they even put a foot on the property and walk they asses in the church what they was going to expect if Kanye West is on stage🙄

  • Victor Franco
    Victor Franco 8 hours ago

    I see another I need a girl part 3 song coming out soon😂😂

  • Freedom Essence
    Freedom Essence 8 hours ago

    Lol. This world is coming to an end .If Kayne west doing Sunday service with his white prostitutes family and black people &don't see nothing wrong..hilarious

  • Mcgyver B
    Mcgyver B 8 hours ago

    Diddy goin through midlife crisis.

  • R MURR
    R MURR 8 hours ago

    Interesting story 🧐..... so you’re saying . She asked if they could take a shower together but there was no running water . There was a party ... but no electricity? Did they party in the dark !? 😂. And no electricity means there is no A/C ... 🤔. So a whole bunch of people came to have a party with no lights and no A/c . Yea no lol

  • Shay Barcellyia
    Shay Barcellyia 9 hours ago

    How he cheat and produce a love child, but his wife in your words, "Not done thottin"? OMG you black men are something else

  • martina evans
    martina evans 9 hours ago

    Are you sure? I thought his name was Broderick Steven Harvey. That says Steven R. Harvey. Hmmm...

  • Michelle Green
    Michelle Green 9 hours ago

    Demons ALL the way around

  • Curlykidd Heave
    Curlykidd Heave 9 hours ago

    It's not even that serious 😐🤣

  • Ferdina Buie
    Ferdina Buie 9 hours ago

    Gold digger home wrecker💲💲💲💯💯

  • SimplyMsJay
    SimplyMsJay 9 hours ago

    You’re a boss right? Buy the jewelry again and leave your son’s mother alone.. you’ve been quiet all this time UNTIL she goes Public with a new guy that isn’t a career criminal?

  • One awesome Gymmast
    One awesome Gymmast 9 hours ago

    Nothing but love and respect for kanye

  • Truthofsatan 666
    Truthofsatan 666 9 hours ago

    Do you mean to tell me that people are falling for this? As a Satanist for over 15 years now, I can clearly see what is REALLY happening. Just wait and see and you will know what this really is.

  • Lupe Moreno
    Lupe Moreno 9 hours ago

    Don,t Play With God, If You Believe Or You Don,t Believe Don,t, Play Like That, Karma Will Get You,✝️

  • youknowit
    youknowit 10 hours ago

    The young lady is an entrepreneur. She's building her brand. She ain't thinking about none of these kats!

  • Monica Thorton
    Monica Thorton 10 hours ago

    Lori what goes around come around

  • Oh Coffy
    Oh Coffy 10 hours ago

    This man has daughters smh

  • Louielud B.gasque
    Louielud B.gasque 10 hours ago

    What r you doing get back to raping...

  • Cynthia Luna
    Cynthia Luna 10 hours ago

    Diddy is a duddy

  • Bibi Georgewill
    Bibi Georgewill 10 hours ago

    Steve Harvey wants me to take his advice on relationships, when his daughter is out on Hollywood streets hopping from one rapper’s bed to another.

    • caddi76
      caddi76 Hour ago

      Last I checked, we can't control our kids' every move. We can only express our opinions. I wished it worked that way

  • Joretta Johnson
    Joretta Johnson 11 hours ago

    None of them went there for Jesus, And the Pastor probably was all about 🤑🤑🤑

  • Queensgrindharder
    Queensgrindharder 11 hours ago

    Nah for real first off baby girl don’t ever go anywhere with a rapper u met on ig and then why would u go into his house with no lights no water no fridge?? And stay there for days! Hell nah! He smashed her under those conditions she stayed thinking he was gone come back and but the point is he had to do nothing for youre pussy not even have a decent home to house u

  • Queensgrindharder
    Queensgrindharder 11 hours ago

    First off

  • ghost shadow
    ghost shadow 11 hours ago

    Like juvenile said back in the day she get it from her mama.

  • King Booshay
    King Booshay 11 hours ago

    Anti christ is coming soon this is the start of the industry controlling the church I don’t trust this at all and so many Christians are telling me to not judge and give him a chance but idk man I don’t feel right I can’t agree with something that my spirit doesn’t agree with I have no judgement towards Kayne but he better not mess with my Lord and the believers and lead them astray This has its positives and negatives

  • Amber Lynn Wilson
    Amber Lynn Wilson 11 hours ago

    Lori looks way better than this worn out plain Latina but men will always go for what's easy, broke and therefore easily controlled with the carrot dangling of dollars. The truth is, love or hate Lori, she doesn't have to be controlled by this demon for money like Conchita does. Facts!!! I like that Lori isn't letting the grass grow under her feet.

    • Bibi Georgewill
      Bibi Georgewill 10 hours ago

      I disagree. Both women look good, stop being racist

  • carlista2010
    carlista2010 11 hours ago

    4 get trying to get Diddy back.....she needs to get her senses back!!!!

  • Will Williams
    Will Williams 11 hours ago

    You have my condolences about your mom.

  • April Diamond
    April Diamond 12 hours ago

    She needs to learn from Cassie and Ciara and go find her a real man...Diddy is a male whore!!!

    DA TRUTH 12 hours ago

    Down low men ALWAYS keep a squad of beautiful women around them as a DEFLECTION of who they truly are. DIDDY IS GAY!🙄

  • Myron Day
    Myron Day 12 hours ago

    Turn your back and don't even go near that Kanye is a servant of the beast but fame is their tool to draw you to be influence to come in. People will keep falling and some will rise. I chose the rising team and never support ignorant entertainers while we still have time left on this planet.

  • Larry Temple
    Larry Temple 12 hours ago


  • Alisa Taylor
    Alisa Taylor 12 hours ago

    blasphemy 🔥🔥🔥

  • Alisa Taylor
    Alisa Taylor 12 hours ago

    what a foolish thing these people are doing, Yahshua turned the money changers tables over and said that His House Shall Be Called A House Of Prayer 🔥🔥🔥stop with the selling and idolatry 🔥🔥🔥but what can we expect with celebrities and the 501c3 church...smh...laugh now, but there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth later, if True repentance and salvation isn't received in Yahshua The Messiah 🔥🔥🔥

  • Sarah James
    Sarah James 12 hours ago

    Lori and Diddy are both cheaters. They belong together.

  • Successful Ladies Live

    Black Americans spend 3.7 Billion dollars a year on booze, I think we can give to help other people at least some of those programs will help someone.

  • oh money
    oh money 12 hours ago

    They acting like he forced people to give their money ... Like he taking the money to keep on his own ... He surrendering to God in all forms yet people criticizing & siding with the ones thats mocking him

  • Mario Badillo
    Mario Badillo 13 hours ago

    steve need to leave her,all she is money hungry;

  • Paulette Stewart
    Paulette Stewart 13 hours ago

    Paparazzi is always at Nobu...that's dum Diddy...

  • Richard Wind
    Richard Wind 13 hours ago

    Black Jesus ??? Whatever happened to The Jewish Rumor ?

  • teonney thompson
    teonney thompson 13 hours ago

    Once bitten twice shy.

  • cecil robinson
    cecil robinson 13 hours ago


  • Lamarsha Lewis
    Lamarsha Lewis 13 hours ago

    I doubt her momma went against her and diddy. Oh, Lori quick to block . She blocked me on IG.

  • Goddess Wisdom TV
    Goddess Wisdom TV 13 hours ago

    That church has been through a lot! Jesus

  • D. White
    D. White 13 hours ago

    🔊Trying to Love Two, Ain't Easy To Do🎵🎵🎵🎵 Who is the next guy in line🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Barbara Wooden
    Barbara Wooden 13 hours ago

    Did he warn her about treysong future and the others. She gone do what she wants to anyways.

  • Anthony Holley
    Anthony Holley 14 hours ago

    TI is a big phony, if they would had seated you in the back of the church , your fabricated ego would had complain about that.

  • Rodney Norsworthy
    Rodney Norsworthy 14 hours ago

    My cousin used to be married to one of Hiliards daughters and that man lives like a rockstar. Private jet helicopter several homes. He lives lavish . And for her birthday Hiliards wife tells their congregation that she only wants high end designer items. I was a member of the church for a short time but left the church after they wanted me to fill out forms disclosing my salary.

  • Mark S
    Mark S 14 hours ago

    First Lori was spotted with rapper trouble so puffy should have already been done with lori. But then puffy goes on a date with another lady then is apologizing to lori? Take this L puffy for simping on the next level.

    • Sophia Smith
      Sophia Smith Hour ago

      It's called revenge he is trying to lure her back In just so he can break up with her first in his mind. 😆

  • Susie Q
    Susie Q 14 hours ago

    I only have the first one. The others were not good to me because Chris Tucker was not in the others, always wanted to know why he didn’t do the other films with Ice Cube.

  • Sophia Mc Queen
    Sophia Mc Queen 14 hours ago

    😂😂😍😂😂 lmao

  • Raymond Armstead
    Raymond Armstead 14 hours ago

    Mouth is crazy 😭😭😭

  • ms.justice KITCHEN
    ms.justice KITCHEN 14 hours ago

    You don't have friends in this dirty game called life

  • jesus saves
    jesus saves 14 hours ago

    they are not Christianas but Kanye fans to be part of a Illuminati sacrifice

  • Nicole Clark
    Nicole Clark 14 hours ago

    Diddy said I got grapes ova here

  • Chris Gowers
    Chris Gowers 14 hours ago

    He is loaded. He just doesn't want to pay like he didn't pay his artists.

  • Denise Mitchell
    Denise Mitchell 14 hours ago

    Fluffy puffy that video in the wig

  • Cocoa Renay
    Cocoa Renay 15 hours ago


  • lady lovelace
    lady lovelace 15 hours ago

    Who cares...waiting for you to report on more interesting content.

  • Stacey Kay
    Stacey Kay 15 hours ago

    She love bisexual men JUST SAD

  • Joy Nweke
    Joy Nweke 15 hours ago

    Lori is too beautiful!!!

  • Keyser Soze
    Keyser Soze 15 hours ago

    Latina chick killin lori anyway. No loss.

    • Shell C
      Shell C 10 hours ago

      It may have nothing to do with looks. Men are attracted to women for more than just looks. I see plenty of pretty women that men has cheated on. Same goes for women.

    • Monique
      Monique 11 hours ago

      @Timothy Francis facts💯

    • Timothy Francis
      Timothy Francis 13 hours ago

      You crazy as hell!!! Lori is natural. That damn Mexican is plastic. Get off the gas fam....

  • Shanta Campbell
    Shanta Campbell 15 hours ago

    If you knew this was gonna happen hit that like button 👇🏽 below

  • Quintina Blades Walker Mayes

    Hoes and her woes

  • Sharon Dockery
    Sharon Dockery 15 hours ago

    We already knew they were together. They both r pathetic Apryl know she using Dumb Fizz to hurt O bc he don't want her. They wasn't fooling nobody. Apryl always on live she wants to b relevant she so annoying

  • Chassy B
    Chassy B 15 hours ago

    He will be making I Need A Girl Part 3, but I heard she talking to another ex not Trey Songz sips ☕️

  • Kirk Cherry
    Kirk Cherry 15 hours ago

    Wow! Lori is waaayyy tooo beautiful!!! And she should have listen to steve harvey in the first place!!! And who want that ugly crab face diddy!! Anyway!🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀

  • Karen Lewis
    Karen Lewis 15 hours ago

    These men need Jesus too!

  • Jeannettea Crowder
    Jeannettea Crowder 15 hours ago

    Nobody cares. Everyone is out there sleeping from bed to bed.

    • MelRose
      MelRose 12 hours ago

      Jeannettea Crowder pretty much

    • Donna Parker
      Donna Parker 13 hours ago

      So TRUE who cares same storyline 🤔

    • Candace Oglesby
      Candace Oglesby 14 hours ago

      Jeannettea Crowder right lol

  • Caribbean Ín The House

    that's a dàmn shame for this black woman who puff daddy already pierced her @nal with his pôle which was already been up Usher backside when he was young.

  • YoYo32071
    YoYo32071 16 hours ago

    Throw all their Satanic asses away 😒