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  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana 4 hours ago

    The more btc locked- the higher the price. Price grows not of changing hands. The reason is the massive refusal to sell.

  • Ric Wok
    Ric Wok 5 hours ago

    Man - no question the mine 👍 Your knowledge is priceless at this point ... anybody can buy bitcoin

  • BobbyBanks77
    BobbyBanks77 5 hours ago

    Just like the elite keep the price pf PM's to around the mining cost, BTC futures are doing the same to the crypto space. But being a deflationary asset unlike the metals we should break free of that a little with next years halving and then each halving after will break us free from futures even more. It will work out for us early investors but it is just going to take longer than if futures were never brought on the space.

  • John Boyle
    John Boyle 6 hours ago

    Bitcoin is not for everyday transactions, it’s a store of value, hence BCH and LTC! XRP is just like dollars, controlled buy a central authority they can create or burn as much as they want! It’s just more efficient.

  • The Moto King
    The Moto King 6 hours ago

    8:30 So much crap out there and has over 9.2K.

  • carpet tunnel
    carpet tunnel 9 hours ago

    If you were buying $1 million of BTC as an investment/HODL I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have been dumb enough to buy all of it in a lump some.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 10 hours ago

    what if they just burn it

  • Michael Watson
    Michael Watson 13 hours ago

    Excellent video, important insights, much thanks with Blessings 💥Bitcoin 4Ever 💥👊

  • Barrett L
    Barrett L 15 hours ago

    those 9.2 are not just exchange lock ups. those are holders of last resort. Depending what percentage of each is in that 9.2 million is the trick. To me that's just as much a positive signal, corresponds with stock to flow model, people value their coins more than the cash they could have for them, there are long term tax purposes to do this for bullish holders also. Billionaires looking at that statistic thinking they can take the other ~5 million coins off the market for a cool ~40 billion... fed prints 4 times that in one repo session, they could literally just repo for the cash and buy the supply in one night if they were so sinister.

  • Red Panda Mining
    Red Panda Mining 15 hours ago

    Great video, info, perspectives and damn it Jason!

    DAVID HANLON 16 hours ago

    Bitcoin being effectively Hodled through Bakkt is categorically not at all hurting the price of Bitcoin. Quite the opposite. liguidity be damned. the only liquidity that counts is the amount of fiat being buying into Bitcoin.

  • David Rhee
    David Rhee 18 hours ago

    EDIT: I was time crunched on the calculation.. Will get the data all baselined cohesive.. Wait. If you are invested in mining instead of buying BTC, you would made out better in the current environment? Kris, you are incorrect in this analysis and you are making it on a wrong prescriptive assumptions: 1. You have a continuous electric bill, hardware maintenance, and space rental (opex) 2. We did not even talk about the amount of miners you bought as a capex to start as well as in the future 3. The increased hashing power you have to buy to get the same amount of BTC in the past is a diminishing ROI value (as difficulty has gone up) 4. BTC halving only means you will get lowered amount of BTC as reward Now, could you be profitable but it all hinges on other variables... I know mining could be profitable but HODL is a better return in this scenario: When you buy and HODL: 1. No upfront cost for opex or capex 2. The amount of BTC is all based upon the price of BTC (you get the amount based upon the buy rate) If I bought BTC at the 2017 high (e.g. $20,000), I would be at a lost but I would not be having any operational or capex. So the with $1 million, I would have bought ~50 BTC. Currently, the value would be around 1/3 on portfolio. No Opex or Capex in our discussion... Mining: In comparison, if you bought started a mining farm, you would have gotten around 12.5 to 25 BTC per block reward (2/2019 was halving at 12.5 if I am correct). But you know you are not going the full block reward as it depends upon difficulty rate and your hash power (or your mining group) compare to everyone. Year 1: You need 16.6667 BTC Year 2: You need 33.3333 BTC Total: 50 BTC I look at cost of Antminer S9 had Amazon price between $453 (6/2019) to $5179 (2/22/2018). Wattage is around 1350 Watts.. I understand this could not always been accurate but 1 S9 Antminer with wattage (did not even consider cost per Kw/h) comes up as a profit of $2.25 - $4.50 / day (.03 BTC)... I do understand difficulty rate is much lower in 2017 to the present but I am using current since it would hard to calculate it all. So to get .0456 BTC / day (which would be about 16.66667 BTC after 2/2019 halving and 33.333333 before) to get 50 BTC, you would need 2555 TH which would mean, ~ 142 S9s With $3500 at BTC height (around 12/2017) = $497,000 Reserves: TH: 2555 TH Cash Reserve $503,000 Additional Cost: CAPEX: Network Equipments, Racks, Ventilation, Cooling, Maintenance: $100,000 (2 year period) OPEX: Rent for space: $50,000 (for 2 year seems to be a minimum) Cash Reserve: 353,000 This is where electric kills and what makes or break your mining farm: 1350 Watts* 142 S9 = 191,700 Watts Cost at $0.15 KW/hr (with BTC @ $7000), the profit is -$370.81 Cost of Electric is $270,691.30 Cash Reserve: $82,000 Deviations: 1. Difficulty rate was much lower during 2018-2019 until recently 2. Price of BTC was at $7000 (and could have much lower)... The Cash reserve with all values could end up $0.00 during Apr 2018 to May 2019 when BTC was beyond $7,000 and you are paying more operational cost as BTC value did hit a low at $3,500 (and even if we negate the difficulty rate to give more BTC) This is where I would tell you that HODL could be better.. No unknown variable in forecasting.. BTC price will rebound and mining could be profitable.. But mining, you have to keep updating, maintaining, and competing with other minters for BTC.. Imagine if I bought my BTC at 4000 for an extended period of time and held it? HODL will kill the mining because the profits are a given at any point as there are no other cost variables.. As to currency with BTC, you are incorrect about HODL. I know this is your mantra but you are incorrect.. That is what people do with cash.. Why do you see Warren Buffet have a horde of cash? Yes, to make acquisition but that is what people do in saving money for the future. So if everyone save, it does not mean it is not a currency. You are getting definitions and terminologies mixed up as you are placing a conclusion and looking for data points and evidences to "prove" your conclusion.. That is not how you deduct an answer. Right now, the liquidity crunch of BTC is going to be the reason why it is going to go up in price.. Why do you think the institutions are still buying up more at this price? They see the store value... Could BTC be used as currency.. Sure but it is not going work as one until they resolve their level of transaction. Again, currency has store value and that is why US Dollar is the currency that most people hold unto today compare to other currencies..

  • R James
    R James 18 hours ago

    Bitcoin 2020 mining reward halving getting closer every day .....⛷....☃️ Bitcoin shirt sponsors Watford up against Liverpool ⚽️ in the English Premier League 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 this weekend

  • max
    max 19 hours ago

    very true , difficult to see BTC below 6 k in the next future

  • Zeke Maverick
    Zeke Maverick 19 hours ago

    1 million in btc in January 2018 till now ur ass would be grass bro... good move on investing in structure

  • Sammytrades
    Sammytrades 21 hour ago

    Trading bitcoins is now very straightforward unlike before. Being a premium cryptocurrency earner, I have been able to create good history, so I understand

  • Ethan Becker
    Ethan Becker 21 hour ago

    He is saying THE OPPOSITE!.. if you hord bitcoin it lessens supply! not the other way around.

  • IknowIcan C
    IknowIcan C 22 hours ago

    if i follow your though : bitcoin is going to suffer for a long time , then you have a mining farm witch will be obsolete next year .. my question; why are you still there ? only with youtube revenue? you ve been direct so i am

  • Eugene Baldovino

    I have to politely disagree with the *Monthly* time frame setting a *Lower High* ⬇️ and a *Lower Low* ⬇️... technically it has created a *Lower High* ⬇️, but may *potentially create a Higher Low* ⤴️❓.... monthly candle falling below $3000 would create a Lower Low. 💡Protip: verify this by changing candles to *Heikin Ashi* which averages out the price. In other words we are in a Monthly sideways *equilibrium* which explains why moving average crossovers on the Daily and 4H time frames are creating false signals... 🤪

  • Oliver Li
    Oliver Li Day ago

    do you watch David Icke's videos? satoshi is on to the next step to take down Agenda 21. but those reptilians are really insidious, they use etf, custody, and whatnot

  • Maximus Meridius

    Bitcoin won’t go to far below 7k. Wait until after the holidays and bitcoin will break out. Just my opinion.

  • Steve Keene
    Steve Keene Day ago

    Once people understand they can be there own bank the market will take off we are just an app away form that

  • Silver Sailor
    Silver Sailor Day ago

    More hodlers would trade if the exchange volumes and trades were totally physical coins AND the exchanges could be trusted. Get the exchanges in line and real price discovery will occur, shit coins will disappear, and volatility will stabilize.

  • s k
    s k Day ago

    You are becoming insane day by day after you have switched off your miners

    • rina chea
      rina chea Day ago

      I get annoyed when he says we shouldnt hodl. Id probably push that narrative if I had a million dollar mining farm too.

    • Maximus Meridius
      Maximus Meridius Day ago

      Dude.. I thought I was the only one to notice that.

  • Beth Powers
    Beth Powers Day ago

    What else can you do with Bitcoin other then HODL??? There are no use cases for it right now... People can't go easily spend their Bitcoin so you're statement makes no since.... Secondly Bitcoin isn't a currency and it never will be... I believe it will be the backbone to crypto like gold was to many different countries currency's... I think holding is the best use case for bitcoin and always will be, without it the market will never have any real value... Bitcoin really is a digital gold and we are very lucky to be here at this time in life....

  • Ricky Bobby
    Ricky Bobby Day ago

    All about the be way way richer if i buy instead of mine but that was 2011

  • Poutinsky _
    Poutinsky _ Day ago

    Well depends when you'd have had bought in 2018... you could also be up 2x to 4x... which I doubt you are right now with your farm. No way any miner produced 4x it's value in it's cycle

  • Poutinsky _
    Poutinsky _ Day ago

    If bakkt was to put BTC in custody, it's the same principle has the Hodler hodling, or 9 mil btc not moving. Less circulation = less offer = would mean price goes up. Never that easy. There's more forces at play.. simple math. There's just not enough demand to beat the offer. Atm

  • Professor Senn

    The next piece of equipment you need to get is an "On Air" light. jk. Love your videos. You are wearing your heart our on your sleeve, and I really respect that. Mine's in jar on my desk.

  • mike ledesma
    mike ledesma Day ago

    Bitcoin is a multidimensional asset, ignore the noise just HODL long term.

  • Tory Dutton
    Tory Dutton Day ago

    I don’t think 9 million bitcoins being locked up causes the price to go down. Holding is not a problem. Spending bitcoin is absolutely not what’s needed right now. If everyone was like me and not interested is selling bitcoin for less than $100K, then guess what the price of bitcoin would be.... obviously $100K. In order for bitcoin to trade at $7200 now, there has to be an owner of bitcoin who is willing to accept $7200 for it. Not me. I’m a buyer. I was a buyer in the $800s and have been a dip buyer ever since. I’m a buyer right now. You won’t get my bitcoin for $7200. You won’t get a single satoshi from me until bitcoin gets to $100K, and maybe not then. It certainly won’t be a matter of me cashing out at $100K. It might be a matter of me spending a little, but is will certainly be a very small portion of my stack. Since January of 2017, I’ve only put fiat into bitcoin, and never put a single satoshi into fiat. People with strong hands like me are going to make this price go up. People who understand that selling bitcoin is like buying seashells with gold.

  • -ED- Bitcoin SV Channel

    Actually, the only one that makes sense and is not a scam... is BSV... not BTC BTC is pile of shit, get your facts straight as you are also misleading people

  • silverrx
    silverrx Day ago

    I’m Curious how all those transactions will affect your taxes. In fact, I would be really interested to see a video about how you attack figuring out and paying taxes with all the crypto related transactions you are involved with (mining, trading, staking, transcripts using your card, receiving MCO for purchases, airdrops etc )

  • Sgt. Crypto
    Sgt. Crypto Day ago

    That's so true, as bitcoiners we need to opt out of the legacy system and start using bitcoin as a currency and medium of exchange. As a Personal Trainer I told my clients starting in the New Year I'm only accepting bitcoin as a form as payment. Some of them have already accepted the challenge and started paying me in bitcoin.

    • Skyler Kirby
      Skyler Kirby Day ago

      I like this strategy. Think we'll give it a try and see what the playing field looks like. Tx to Mr. K 👍😃

  • veriappelsiini

    You tell us that we should consider bitcoin as our currency. Please can you confirm which bitcoin you mean? Bitcoin cash or bitcoin core? I think there are more real World use in bitcoin cash so I assume you mean bch. :-)

  • Sunsettvu
    Sunsettvu Day ago

    I would of kept the million purchasing only about 10% of it in bitcoin, 5% gold, 5% silver. Then bought a mountain area farm with nice hunting woods with fresh water creek, in a isolated area.

  • yellowpig
    yellowpig Day ago

    show the way BOSS

  • kdel
    kdel Day ago

    Higher demand, higher price PERIOD.

  • janusz sut
    janusz sut Day ago

    The only coin with real use case is xrp with cross border payments ( on demand liquidy) and its getting adopted around the world not bitcoin people just hold bitcoin no real use yet. yes you can pay for stuff with bitcoin but let's be real. Nobody does that .

  • Crazy prayingmantis

    You only would have lost if you sold

  • Chris Yelley
    Chris Yelley Day ago

    Great video. I absolutely agree that Bitcoin/Litecoin are the answers to the upcoming failed fiat money system.

  • Joe Hawk
    Joe Hawk Day ago

    One day Bitcoin 2 will be trading for over $10k ea and you will say why did I not buy more BTC2 when it was under $2.00ea.

  • The Effin dip
    The Effin dip Day ago

    I woulda rather bought an apartment complex and rented it And bought bitcoin. But I don’t know how to mine

  • Norbert Hegedus

    I would have the mining farm instead of bitcoins... ;)

  • boyrecon
    boyrecon Day ago

    So much for decentralized

  • Carlos Alea
    Carlos Alea Day ago

    Great content!

  • Dpp 1235
    Dpp 1235 Day ago

    TPTB are just playing crypto tards HARD !!! It is going DOWN!!! Thanks K !!!

  • Mason Lifestyle

    Lastly Mr. K ... to the million dollar question... i think i would of done like you and setup a mining farm perhaps using a combination of free energy ideas... and be making videos today asking that same question 😎✌

  • I P
    I P Day ago

    so I have screwed up and should sell my btc

  • King Leopold II

    what if XRP gets chosen over BTC in a recession? Isn't that probable?

    • King Leopold II
      King Leopold II 16 hours ago

      @edit name I'm no sheep. A sheep would deny XRP has any potential value.

    • edit name
      edit name Day ago

      The stupidest thing I’ve heard a XRP sheep say is “they will peg XRP to gold” but your comment is right behind his

    • Crazy prayingmantis
      Crazy prayingmantis Day ago

      Xrp hahaaa

  • Mason Lifestyle

    ...i still believe the Major bounce will be at the 200MA 5500ish mark...thus marking the beginning of the long awaited blastoff🚀🚀🚀... at the same time the BIGGEST 6300ish all time support line will have been broken making it the new resistance ceiling which then can reject us way down in the crypto abyss bringing chaos and blood to the streets... and when you think about it... it is probably what the cabalistic moguls us out and make us beggar slaves into the future ☠☠☠... I'm opting for the positive scenario 🚀🚀🚀💰💰💰✌💖🎶💃🏾🍺🏝&anarchy

  • bob the builder

    I have a bit of a different view . . bitcoin being held by any person or institution is functioning in its role as a store of value. It is also gaining recognition and solidifying its position as such an asset. This is an important step along the way to becoming a currency. Of course we can choose to accept and use it as currency as we please, however, global acceptance will come with the cost of global adoption which in turn will take time. For now the first step, gaining global recognition as a store of value, is firmly planted and spreading roots. We just need to tend to it and support it as best we can, and be patient. From a plain common sense perspective.. Institutions hoarding bitcoin have two options: 1 Gain control and destroy bitcoin 2 Gain control and profit wildly Don't be fooled by their ruse, they want your bitcoin.

  • Crypto Yoda
    Crypto Yoda Day ago

    Stop shilling shit coins just because you get payed for it

  • Crypto Yoda
    Crypto Yoda Day ago

    You have to pay for simitri

  • Maurice
    Maurice Day ago

    You said it right there at the end, all altcoins are scams. It's that simple.

  • andre gomes
    andre gomes Day ago

    Are we talking about BCH (Bitcoin Cash) BAKKT futures? Thanks for your good videos! :)

  • Mason Lifestyle

    "Bitcoin needs to be something where people aren't buying into a currency... it BECOMES their currency"... Love it Mr. K 😎🙌💖... just like the must FEEEEL the Bitcoin around You, let it flow THROUGH you ...Become ONE with the Bitcoin" 🙌🙌🙌

  • Bitcoin Space
    Bitcoin Space Day ago

    Great content.

  • james M
    james M Day ago

    So you saying they pushing the price down to lock up the bitcoin imo would make individuals want to hodl even more. It's a matter of time when its not much btc in circulation which will drive up the price. Its alot of things being built on side chains for btc for other use cases but it wont be here over night..I see nothing wrong with btc as a store of value that can also make micro payments in 3 to 5 years . Everyone remembers the pizza guy. Plus if the us government doesn't look at it as a currency or tax it like one right now why would a us resident use it like one?

  • Ryan Long
    Ryan Long Day ago

    Right on Target brother.

  • Will Pháp
    Will Pháp Day ago

    Like btc was an ideal out of the banking system. I invested in projects that wanna change the futur of our society, internet and blockchain ecosystem. Interesting to see that they are under the radar because no one see yet their true value. They gonna go to 0 or 100x I am willing to take the risk....

  • Bitcoin And The Boys

    Buy when there is blood in the streets

    • Bitcoin And The Boys
      Bitcoin And The Boys Day ago

      @Know One been here a long time, I buy when everyone else is scared

    • Know One
      Know One Day ago

      Bitcoin And The Boys heard that before lol.

  • ace 1
    ace 1 Day ago

    Mr Kristof do you believe Bitcoin halvening price is baked? I think we can still see 20k by halvening

    • daburnd
      daburnd 20 hours ago

      @gertjan verbeek Since when is crypto a logical market? Bitcoins price isnt derived purely from its current mining price. And mining itself doenst have a straight forward production value. Mining your btc in europe will probably cost a lot more then mining it in Venezuela.

    • gertjan verbeek
      gertjan verbeek 20 hours ago

      @Mr_Kristof I believe you said to Bitcoin Zombie that the average cost of mining bitcoin is between $ 6,200 and $ 6,500. Is it not logical that after the halvening the bitcoin should be at least around $ 13,000 ?

    • Mr_Kristof
      Mr_Kristof Day ago

      Not so sure right now

  • Eddy Rose
    Eddy Rose Day ago

    Excellent analysis. Thank you!

  • Greg Savchuk
    Greg Savchuk Day ago

    Sounds like ICE/Bakkt's Kelly L. is into real estate 2 & prefers water front property, like all of Georgia? Sheeze, what's next? So what ever happened to the promise/definition that Bakkt Futures would be settled in BTC? All lies. Guess she was gearing up to be a Senator... Do y0ur own math, kind regardz2all.

  • bob the builder

    If production cost was 3,100 in February, what is the justification for it being 6,500 now?

  • M Morse
    M Morse Day ago

    Is Xrp worth buying.

    • gertjan verbeek
      gertjan verbeek 20 hours ago

      Do not ever ask a bitcoin miner the question is XRP worth buying. His answer will always be NO. And without ANY explanation. Because he has no explanation. Do your own research and you will find out that XRP in the future will be a good investment. Why? Because of the usage. Do you want to know what the usage is of bitcoin? There isn't. It is only a store of value. For the time being.

    • Poutinsky _
      Poutinsky _ Day ago

      You should buy BCC! Chance of a life time

    • Mr_Kristof
      Mr_Kristof Day ago


  • David Atallah
    David Atallah Day ago

    All I heard is FUD, most bearish vide seen from your channel so far, meaning will go up, buying more

    • Know One
      Know One Day ago

      David Atallah have you seen the longs. They are about to get smashed.

  • jack dewart
    jack dewart Day ago

    Not 100% accurate. It's all about assumptions. What if. U hear the words crash or the word well it could. Let's be honest ur just a minor and wanna scare other investors

    • jack dewart
      jack dewart Day ago

      Maybe I came in to strong or harsh lol

  • Valryon Meraxes

    but BITMAIN says they wont sell their BTC from hereon. It will be their LTC and BCH to cover their electricity cost

  • NeXt BitCoin
    NeXt BitCoin Day ago

    BTC is going Down Price Suppression Gain Miner Control It's all about Control

  • James
    James Day ago

    I would have just bought the coin.

  • Cryptopreaching Pedro

    The object of it all is to buy at the very bottom, when a market crashes and hold!!! Don’t fomo in and don’t cost average, but get in at the very bottom... BTC will be digital gold, but it’s just one digital asset. We will have hundreds and thousands of other assets, as it is in the real world. The alts are dependent on BTC, at this point, because they are pegged to BTC, but eventually utility will drive the alts value, and they will one at a time, break away from BTC.... as every asset in the real World is not pegged to gold..

  • Crypto Eddie
    Crypto Eddie Day ago

    You need to invest in something? If everything going to crash what should you invest in?. The stock market is going to Crash, Bitcoin is Going to Crash. Looks like Gold and Silver is the only safe thing you can invest your money in.

    • bslangable
      bslangable Day ago

      invest in life, family and experiences, that will do the trick..and..ehh gold is a good option too;)

    • Know One
      Know One Day ago

      Crypto Eddie mining stocks

  • Cryptopreaching Pedro

    I disagree a little. The problem that Warren Buffett was talking about, was no demand for BTC.. BTC has no real demand when every new instruments is paper traded. More manipulation, without increased demand.. I believe that the alts contribute to the demand and the overall value, that is why they are worth something. If BTC was the only thing available on the blockchain, I would not be in this market. I am part of the market because of the alts, the potential, disruption technology. Also Is the same with most of the individuals I know, which is 5 other guys..

  • Sabin Nott
    Sabin Nott Day ago

    And we also know that there is NO TRADE DEAL with China! Let's not forget to factor that in.

  • paul lunney
    paul lunney Day ago

    datadash made a real nice video on halvening the other day that really reinforced the strength of bitcoin just ride it out.

    • Dpp 1235
      Dpp 1235 Day ago

      The halving is MEANINGLESS TPTB have GUARANTEED THAT !!! They WILL put it where THEY WANT IT!!! Halving be dammed!!!

    • roadstar499
      roadstar499 Day ago

      Data Dash also called for a 50K BTC at end of 2018 back in May of 2018... No know where's its going...All smoke and mirror BS... All about the views for there Crypto channels it seems.

    • Mr_Kristof
      Mr_Kristof Day ago

      Time will tell

  • Bigsmok crypto

    If you've ever sold OTC then you shouldn't be complaining about the price. Miners wanted institutional investors these guys know all the tricks. Eth will be next but Hex isnt going to let it happen.

  • DonMohini
    DonMohini Day ago

    3200 my friend...zoomed out double bottom...

    • Crypto Time
      Crypto Time 6 hours ago

      @Zeke Maverick exactly

    • Zeke Maverick
      Zeke Maverick 19 hours ago

      Haaaha keep dreaming... final bottom was Dec 15th 2018 ... price will never b back

    • Dpp 1235
      Dpp 1235 Day ago

      ABSOLUTELY !!!!

  • Wesim Maruwge
    Wesim Maruwge Day ago

    No offence, but I get the fealing that you've shut down yr farm because you don't want take part in mining "expensive" bitcoins? Either way - you are one smart M.F. my friend!🌏😎👊

    • Mr_Kristof
      Mr_Kristof Day ago

      I shut it down because the S9s are no longer profitable. So I am bringing in S17s

  • Elston Haywood Jr

    Are you liquidating your old miners?

  • paul lunney
    paul lunney Day ago

    i bought bitcoin went all in in 2015.

    • VentionMGTOW
      VentionMGTOW Day ago

      I was averaging in during that time except for a slight detour to get jackhammered by cryptsy. Since then I only hodl.

    • Mr_Kristof
      Mr_Kristof Day ago

      Very nice

  • Nguts
    Nguts Day ago

    Thanks bro💪

  • hellboythegod
    hellboythegod Day ago

    Bro chill the IRS watching this 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Richard Keelin

    Bitcoin was just a fad that’s now over. We won’t see an all time high again. Government entities will no longer let its price rise by shorting.

    • supercollider
      supercollider 22 hours ago

      @Richard Keelin sad, but unfortunately true...

    • Carlos Alea
      Carlos Alea Day ago

      I agree with Richard, this has me skeptical.

    • Richard Keelin
      Richard Keelin Day ago

      Parke Jones So, how is it supposed to go up with the “big money” suppressing the prices and the many dirty exchanges selling Bitcoin that they don’t even have. If everyone in the world tried to withdraw all of their Bitcoin from any of those exchanges, the exchanges would not be able to provide it. So, it’s similar to fractional reserve banking. Why do you think it’s going to ever exceed it’s all time high again?

    • Parke Jones
      Parke Jones Day ago

      Richard Keelin so wrong that it’s funny

  • Christopher Park

    First! :D

  • Mr_Kristof
    Mr_Kristof Day ago

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    • Russell Spears
      Russell Spears Day ago

      Hodling will help demand. Using blockchains to create a currency is stupid. Bitcoin is more like gold 2.0 it is an ideal speculative asset a means of securing personal accounts. The only thing blockchains do is create a global Ledger of agreement on value title and public documents.... there may be an apparent lack of a demand because the scammers from one coin are likely still dumping Bitcoin on the market at the same rate Bitcoin is created

  • Curtis Womack
    Curtis Womack Day ago

    There’s not many EOS fans out here. When BTC drops 50% and EOS drops 75%, then you know you bought the wrong token.

  • Daijuan
    Daijuan Day ago

    investing in something that sounds like a ponzi scheme is the dumbest thing i've heard, if they're being dodgey in one area i'd be suspicious that they'd even give me my return. e.g. onecoin

  • Cryptopreaching Pedro

    I don’t invest in scams.... I think, won’t know 100%, till years later... I love the technology!! Check out KAVA, it’s an amazing project, very similar to MKR, has insane potential..

  • Randy Black
    Randy Black Day ago

    MyBit Token (MYB) 6100X Return in 3 Months ? PhantomX . . . Master Node Staking ? Rupaya ?

  • Norbert Hegedus

    Scams always be there, bitcoin or not...still lot of "pop up window call" and thousands of indian scam call centers we should not use our phones or the internet??

  • DinoRexGamingHD

    Got scamed on bitconnect devour finecoin shity huge return platforms got hacked and had 20k xrp taken from now i hold only energi,crpt,vnx,dbc,vet,loki,zrx,bch,link,btt,apl and bat

  • L C
    L C Day ago

    Special request: NODES Mr Kristoff - Love the channel Instructional video on the following. #1 How to properly stake coins in POS protocols for *passive income" #2 How to set up and run ETH validator nodes for 2.0 staking in Q1 2020. #3 How to set up validator nodes to secure chains and protect ones investment. Razzbury Pi's, laptops, computers and units etc. Running one vs using pools and clouds. I'm on a campaign and reaching out to my favorite crypto RUcliprs. Thanks for reading and keep up the great work.

  • Mario Vermeulen

    karatgold coin..big risk big reward. already trading risk free because of my gains

  • Michael Watson

    Much thanks for your thoughts & importantly your insights 🎯Bitcoin 4Ever 💥👌

  • CryptoPhil Phil

    I've claimed my free hex on day 1 and I have staked 90 percent of them for 351 days. I have spent zero money..... They were free. Minted by me...

  • Mason Lifestyle

    ...another great Tim hortons soup Break with Mr Kristof... i would add that investing in general is a risky game we get the Good the Bad and the Ugly in every realm of life ... our women included lol... that said ... been getting gently spammed on Brave by Nexo and now Quadency exchange... anyone have feedback about these 2 platforms?

  • segf sgerrr
    segf sgerrr Day ago


  • Ricky Bobby
    Ricky Bobby Day ago

    I don't like richard heart