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Twitch Fails Compilation
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  • TheFellClutch
    TheFellClutch 2 hours ago


  • Dats Awesome
    Dats Awesome 3 hours ago

    asmon always butthurt as usual

  • Mission Bugle 811
    Mission Bugle 811 4 hours ago

    I wish I could have walked in...I would have verbally abused the 2 of these weirdos until they apologized. I don't blame Paul for not wanting to do the stream anymore. Every place he went there were losers calling in and trying to fuck his money up, and even involve the police to get him locked up. You cant operate like that with longevity, as it will eventually result in a problem.

  • swiMClub7
    swiMClub7 5 hours ago


  • Charles Buchan
    Charles Buchan 5 hours ago

    Got what u deserve for acting blind

  • Shooter McGavin
    Shooter McGavin 8 hours ago

    this trip will hold a special place in my heart forever r.i.p. good content

  • Doglyvich
    Doglyvich 9 hours ago

    0:53 dat azz

  • Wolfy's Adventures
    Wolfy's Adventures 12 hours ago

    Dude the deaf dude really got me kinda emotional...such a the streams without even hearin shit....duddeee..thats a real fan....🥺

  • Marcie Van Cleave
    Marcie Van Cleave 13 hours ago

    He forgot John Lennon

  • xofficialholliemay musicx

    Fucking hilarious this is decent karma for Pepper, TWAT!

  • Marcie Van Cleave
    Marcie Van Cleave 14 hours ago

    Greeks laugh sounds like Mickey mouse and Pillsbury doe boy

  • The Game
    The Game 22 hours ago

    Lowkey they got pressed

  • Pappy
    Pappy 23 hours ago

    Whos this whore being obnoxious?

  • Pappy
    Pappy Day ago

    I bet those dear are hit more then millenials hahahaha boomer joke

  • Jared Hendrixed

    Uber got his cheeks squeezed then finger shoots the guys ear. If you heard this audio only you would think it was two white guys arguing.

  • sam rossi 91
    sam rossi 91 Day ago

    I miss this content maaaaannnn

  • Stuart Fury
    Stuart Fury Day ago

    I can't believe this is an actual industry. What a pathetic time to be alive.

  • Marc Jacob
    Marc Jacob Day ago

    Yaww my man, don't ever disrespect my man vitalyzz bro, he's my inspiration bro, see ur SUBss first

  • Alex Duverge
    Alex Duverge Day ago

    Damn cx what happened? I stop watchung for 5 months and its nearly gone. I rememeber litauras vids having 300k views. Fuck man.

  • TheFellClutch
    TheFellClutch Day ago

    why the fuck were they smashing someone's phone, i would have beat that ass for smashing my phone, fuck those bitches

  • TheFellClutch
    TheFellClutch Day ago

    boneclinks is a piece of shit

  • cali_young_fly Hernandez

    Yo why does Mexican andy talks like ice ?

  • Arsen Vancevich

    How tf is the guy a “scammer” he weren’t gonna do anything, he asked for Gas or money for Gas, he could see Ice wasn’t able to get Gas, so he said “ah don’t worry” and Ice was like ah no no I will suck you off

  • Meat Hammer
    Meat Hammer Day ago

    That dude actually handled that perfect by just making him look stupid but damn I bet he wanted to break both his fucking arms so he would have a tough time for the next 6 weeks in special ed coloring with his crayons. Also I'm willing to bet that little pussy wouldn't have said shit if he didn't have all his little dork friends with him.

  • Charles Buchan

    Haha they are right they are pussies. And now there trying to justify how much of a bitch they are and no shit it’s a felony but even if u could u get smacked

  • E MAZE33
    E MAZE33 Day ago

    I got Cassandra pregnant. Baby in tummy

  • John Smith
    John Smith Day ago

    Er...Ninja/Shroud is basically all of Twitch atm. The fuck's some 6k-or-less viewer twitch streamers trying to weigh in on guys that 3/4ths of viewers actively watch(formerly) on twitch? Especially when they try to bring money into the equation when no one besides half a dozen executives+the streamer actually know how much the payout is at this point. This isn't an issue with content creators - it's an issue with the platform that enables these sluts to steal views from folks like Shroud, Ninja, Doc, etc, that actually put an effort in: Shroud's one of the best FPS players around. Ninja reels in the pathetic tweens. Doc's a master of entertainment streams. Twitch went too hard into getting woke and strangled their streamer's freedoms while also pandering to big, fake, tits. Twitch 3 years ago was a great company. Since then they thought with their dicks and not with their minds. Ain't no sensible male streamer gonna put up with the bullshit. Edit: pepehands for the neckbeard cock-smoker that tried to make it all about charity and the massive piece of shit that used TAPS to promote his cunty little platform. Spouses and Children broke down in tears to that song, you worthless sack of human crap. Best believe if I reach the end of my ropes your ass is coming to hell with me.

  • Straced_Out
    Straced_Out Day ago

    Haha, I was watching Dr.Lupo's stream when this happened. I still have that $69 top D. xD

  • Ameen B
    Ameen B 2 days ago

    Oh anaheim of course I went to school with these loser mexicans

  • Jack Roberts
    Jack Roberts 2 days ago

    21:07 your welcome boys

  • Toner C.
    Toner C. 2 days ago

    Can someone explain the Laura chick to me. I saw her way back when Tracksuit was chilling with her and she was weird but how is she still around? Does she ever talk? What is wrong with her?

  • Toner C.
    Toner C. 2 days ago

    Lol what is good with this Laura chick? Is something wrong with her. She seems mute, slow and on drugs.

  • Big Seeks
    Big Seeks 2 days ago

    Nat Geo titties at 1:09

  • Big Seeks
    Big Seeks 2 days ago

    Goddamn that little chinese girl was fucking dumb annoying. Yeah just keep repeating yourself to everyone, until they continue to NOT understand. Totally not a waste of time for content.. Lol idk why that pissed me off so much

  • Spiz D
    Spiz D 2 days ago

    The watering can 🤣

  • Sidharth Singh
    Sidharth Singh 2 days ago

    Faker than my ex-wife’s tits

  • Michael's Explorations

    The crazy guy with the cheese pizza lmfao 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Azz Connor
    Azz Connor 2 days ago

    Should of ended the nonce

  • Quickes
    Quickes 2 days ago

    Twitch got Fucked. GG for Twitch.

  • Quickes
    Quickes 2 days ago

    Liutauras??? Lietuvis ??

  • FreeThinker040
    FreeThinker040 2 days ago

    Korean chick with the pink hair is cute

  • Panagiotou Panagiotis

    Better than original music video

  • ManLikeH
    ManLikeH 2 days ago

    Mexican Andy dressed like a Christmas Elf

  • Shaquanna Gray
    Shaquanna Gray 2 days ago


  • Sam Wise
    Sam Wise 2 days ago

    I’m legit so fucking confused rn is she a chick or a dude with boobs

  • E MAZE33
    E MAZE33 2 days ago

    Cassandra is pregnant now with my baby wow times have passed

  • Timothy Collins
    Timothy Collins 3 days ago

    Borg has a wife and he fucked goocheese

  • TheFellClutch
    TheFellClutch 3 days ago

    i would have beat the fuck out of that fat piece of shit bjorn, fuck him

  • King Plop
    King Plop 3 days ago

    I love how hoods these days haaaave to get a suckerpunch whenever they can

  • Toner C.
    Toner C. 3 days ago

    Lol that girl got the most instant karma I've ever seen.

  • Moody
    Moody 3 days ago

    you see Brandon ?? dont do adderal kids !!!

  • R3PTIL3
    R3PTIL3 3 days ago

    Man fuck this shit,im a white person and i would fucking fight him not bitchslap him.He is right how the fuck can u come up with racist approuch and then expect nothing to happen.We are 21 century dawg not medieval ages.I can swear with hand on my heart that i have multicultural friends better than my own race.

  • TheFellClutch
    TheFellClutch 3 days ago

    i hope they aren't expecting that deposit back

  • Big Seeks
    Big Seeks 3 days ago

    6:25 Bjorn shot in the shape of a fuckin smiley face lol! Bjorn Rules All, *BRA

  • Big Seeks
    Big Seeks 3 days ago

    Holy fuck that was Shoenice popping in outta nowhere! Lol fuckin pretty great

  • Galaxy Wave FIJI
    Galaxy Wave FIJI 3 days ago

    Don’t go to fucking France I told you it’s the land of frogs you’ll get robbed and killed it’s an ungoverned cheese land

  • E MAZE33
    E MAZE33 3 days ago

    I'm famous nice

  • Big Seeks
    Big Seeks 3 days ago

    Shes talking about disrespect, after she skanked herself out on dudes bed that he paid for, blew the other dude, then made out with the 3rd homeboy. Spits in his face, What a hypocrite clown whore skank. She got sprayed rightfully because her nasty pussy stunk up the whole ride. She's a real proud one 👌

  • kidmanier
    kidmanier 3 days ago

    If I was loyal to my gf for 4 years and she cheated... I’d record myself pouring kettle water on her fucking body and send it to her parents

  • Pappy
    Pappy 3 days ago

    Yall chilling with just slags brooooo

  • Sean Richardson
    Sean Richardson 3 days ago

    What is wrong with yuber

  • Cruz R
    Cruz R 3 days ago

    The fall of ice

  • Karl Boyd
    Karl Boyd 3 days ago

    bro somebody needs to stomp that kid

  • Blu
    Blu 3 days ago

    That girl praying, I take it she's never been in an earthquake before.

  • Pappy
    Pappy 3 days ago

    They should have defninitley let them fight it out. that is a natural selection moment right there. Sam would get fucked right the fuck up and be left bruised and he'd know his place he'd learn

  • Halen Mahia
    Halen Mahia 4 days ago


  • Method Override
    Method Override 4 days ago

    Brandon’s inner gay is coming out

  • HDZhotz
    HDZhotz 4 days ago

    Does it mean He cant be on both?

  • lucas trudel
    lucas trudel 4 days ago

    Lmfao that guy stole all that shit

  • aquafckface
    aquafckface 4 days ago

    You fuck with the twitch crew, you fuck with all of us. We're family.

  • hcastell1986
    hcastell1986 4 days ago

    Pussy piece of shit

  • mavericksquid
    mavericksquid 4 days ago

    Champion was fightin back tears outside. 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Homeless Gavin McInnes

    What happend to all the video highlights??? Bjorn is in Ireland would have been great if you done some highlights

  • Vorzel _
    Vorzel _ 4 days ago

    Who the fuck is Shroud?

  • ุ
     4 days ago

    Major respect to EBZ.

  • aldo prifti
    aldo prifti 4 days ago

    IF you not help from Police you die in 20sec in greece

  • DemZ
    DemZ 4 days ago

    0:25 shroud's girlfriend is ugly lool

  • Chqqa
    Chqqa 4 days ago

    this faker af

  • Polo Kidd
    Polo Kidd 4 days ago

    mfs acting tough with like 6 people until the 9 come out

  • Simply Terrell
    Simply Terrell 4 days ago

    Having butler stream withdrawals

  • zXTheFoxXz
    zXTheFoxXz 4 days ago

    Up next, tyler dwarf 1 switches to mixer, real game of thrones shit

  • taga buhat
    taga buhat 4 days ago

    fucking brandon pussy af asking those kids to beat up a man, if u were u you'd it yourself

  • Hammer Of Witches
    Hammer Of Witches 4 days ago

    These people are trash

  • Embraced Empathy
    Embraced Empathy 5 days ago

    Lol 😂

  • KiaKK
    KiaKK 5 days ago

    Dear twitch: I quit! Hello mixer!

  • Michael Sisson II
    Michael Sisson II 5 days ago

    Wah? People got to learn to do something productive and society instead of playing video games 😒

  • Jenny R
    Jenny R 5 days ago

    Niantic would take irl streamers first. Free Legendary Pokemon for 7 Day Streak is huge

  • the mighty cfc
    the mighty cfc 5 days ago

    0:25 Bang

  • Scuffed Paul Denino

    Not allowed to drink a soda. Murica 2019

  • Red Reaper
    Red Reaper 5 days ago

    The girls wet af

  • MisFit Flows
    MisFit Flows 5 days ago

    Look at them now

    ZION PLAYS 5 days ago

    If they get Tyler1 it’s over for twitch

  • Alan Gonzalez
    Alan Gonzalez 5 days ago

    Damn you people really hate hot women for invading your gamer space. We know they bullied you in high school but holy shit chill. Most of these girl's don't even reach 2k viewers and you people act like they are an unstoppable force. Just calm down and stick to watching your favorite streamer who just watches Gordon Ramsey or Jubilee videos and still hits 15k viewers. Victim mentality 101

  • Rio Pambagyo
    Rio Pambagyo 5 days ago

    well haters will be haters, shroud is better than hater who can't move on and go stuck this place and stuck pocket money #shroudthebestalwaysnumber1

  • R.K Raghav
    R.K Raghav 5 days ago

    Next is Drdisrespect and chocotaco

  • Reggie Salt
    Reggie Salt 5 days ago

    That chick is crazy. Type you meet in rehab\psych ward when your 19.

  • Nathaniel Malvar
    Nathaniel Malvar 5 days ago

    Is it the "big one" earthquake? Cause we experience too in philipines and its the same name of the earthquake

  • kuhdie jay
    kuhdie jay 5 days ago

    He's getting fat

  • ManLikeH
    ManLikeH 5 days ago

    15:45 Yet he did the ame thing to KevTv when he was trying to sleep, don't fuck with someone when they are sleeping!!!

    GLITCHED MATRIX 6 days ago

    Mexican Andy talking over the TTS is more cringe than the TTS