The Herd with Colin Cowherd
The Herd with Colin Cowherd
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  • Chris Kreager
    Chris Kreager 6 seconds ago

    Colin hates ANY team that seems fun and exciting. He's a Patriots homer and he wants New England to win every Super Bowl for the rest of time.

  • anthony campbell
    anthony campbell 10 seconds ago

    What about tom Brady? He can only pocket pass.

  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan 22 seconds ago

    Chiefs are 10??? They beat the Vikings raiders and ravens. And nearly beat the packers with a 3rd string QB.

  • Chris Kreager
    Chris Kreager Minute ago

    Colin just thinks the Patriots dynasty has no expiration date. He basically acts as New England's offense is suddenly going to magically catch fire.

  • Hayden Beswetherick
    Hayden Beswetherick 3 minutes ago

    Put some respect on the Rams. #RAMSHOUSE

  • Wendell Mac
    Wendell Mac 5 minutes ago

    Paused it after he trashed the 8-3 Vikings after that comeback win. This dude is TRASH.

  • Z J
    Z J 6 minutes ago

    My chiefs are crippled with injuries and it sucks. Lost hill for a lil bit offence finally returning but need to get there chemistry back. Run game sucks. Run D dreadful. And the offence is smacked in general with injuries and bad run

  • Jonathan Waters
    Jonathan Waters 6 minutes ago

    It wasn't a late hit, stop lying.

  • J Cowan
    J Cowan 7 minutes ago

    Ok the niners at 5 really we lost in a last second overtime field goal when we had no one catching the ball and a kicker off waivers

  • Hidden.Masters
    Hidden.Masters 8 minutes ago

    NFL: These new helmets will prevent concussions and head trauma Myles Garrett: Hold my triceratops

  • Gabriel Langford
    Gabriel Langford 9 minutes ago

    I honestly think these o lines would be a lot better if these guys shed some of that excess size. These defensive guys are 40 pounds lighter but sooo much more explosive.

  • Meowingtons PHD
    Meowingtons PHD 9 minutes ago

    NFL: These new helmets will prevent concussions and head trauma Myles Garrett: Hold my triceratops

  • eyyee
    eyyee 11 minutes ago

    Who is this guy, I like him

  • Red Scare
    Red Scare 12 minutes ago

    I just love how everyone was done with the Bills after their worst game of the year against a team every wise guy had winning the NFC

  • eyyee
    eyyee 12 minutes ago

    Nice to see the saints higher in this ranking

  • Z J
    Z J 13 minutes ago

    Raiders are not higher than my chiefs

  • Jacob Smith, MBA
    Jacob Smith, MBA 15 minutes ago

    Ortiz almost got him the first time but he got the W. To do it again is pretty ballsy. Much respect.

  • Jack Borrett
    Jack Borrett 15 minutes ago

    I turned this off as soon as you had the chiefs behind the raiders, you know they’re gonna get curb stomped by the chiefs at arrowhead right

  • The Modern Day Gamer
    The Modern Day Gamer 17 minutes ago

    Bro I’m not a 49ers fan but saying they aren’t the best is laughable

    • Trevor Hannan
      Trevor Hannan 14 minutes ago

      The niners aren’t the best, they just played bad teams so far

  • Keegan Martin
    Keegan Martin 19 minutes ago

    The Raiders aren’t better than the Colts, Texans or Chiefs lol cmon

  • Buddy D
    Buddy D 19 minutes ago

    49ers at 5!? Really

  • Carlos Pouzada
    Carlos Pouzada 21 minute ago

    I want Ortiz to win but man I love wilder. Seems like a good down to earth dude

    DRE HOT 21 minute ago

    49ers 5? You're on drugs

  • Phishtix
    Phishtix 22 minutes ago

    He's a man

  • Big Cat Phoenix
    Big Cat Phoenix 25 minutes ago

    Doesnt know what hes talking about..Mj was first!..had shoe deal when NBA fined him...had a 20 year head start selling shoes before Lebron even came out....then hip hop music caused sales to increase...Jordan shoes were part of culture before LBJ even took off....

  • Luke Wells
    Luke Wells 27 minutes ago

    Colin has some serious west coast bias. He loves the seahawks, niners, Raiders but hate packers, Vikings, saints

    • J Cowan
      J Cowan 12 minutes ago

      Luke Wells he put us at 5 and we’re 9-1

  • Darius G
    Darius G 27 minutes ago

    6:14 best secondary? That would be Baltimore

  • mattow30
    mattow30 29 minutes ago


  • Gee Money
    Gee Money 32 minutes ago

    Colin has crapped on D. Jackson for the Eagles have no deep threat without

  • david harris
    david harris 33 minutes ago

    Wow that packers had a bye week and moved up 🤣😂come on Colin where’s the consistency? Now you love em?

  • Alex Reese
    Alex Reese 40 minutes ago

    I would say the pats were the best first half

  • TruthSeeker
    TruthSeeker 41 minute ago

    Thanks for finally addressing the Chargers problem, talk about potential Super Bowl appearances...... this “was” the team that had the best chance to stop NE. Not with Phillip Rivers though.

  • Aj Sanders
    Aj Sanders 41 minute ago

    Cams better than teddy Colin

  • JP
    JP 41 minute ago

    Cousins is an MVP candidate

  • Christopher Waits
    Christopher Waits 43 minutes ago

    In January he tweeted that Adam Gase and Darnold would be in the AFC Championship game 😂

  • NYC HeeL
    NYC HeeL 43 minutes ago

    As a Jets fan, Colin is making alot of sense. But because it makes too much sense it will never happen.

  • Tim Mobley
    Tim Mobley 43 minutes ago

    As a Chiefs fan, I'm used to hearing the hate and the doubts. Keep doubting us. It feels better to prove you wrong. We don't need panelists to tell us what our team is. Stay on the New England band wagon while you can. They have the easiest schedule in the league and have barely won most of those games. Chiefs barely win one game and everyone is doubting. That's ok. Keep the hate flowing. Nobody talks about the injuries we are overcoming. We are coming for OUR trophy

  • Martin Penuelas
    Martin Penuelas 44 minutes ago

    9ers win again, drop 5 places? Ill accept 2 or 3 but 5? Stupid

  • noonespeccial
    noonespeccial 45 minutes ago

    New England at 3 is a joke. 8, at best.

  • alex shevchenko
    alex shevchenko 47 minutes ago

    I have noticed whenever he brings on guess he always massages their ego, I guess it's a smart strategy for them to open up.

  • Brett Riley
    Brett Riley 51 minute ago

    I love O lineman

  • god
    god 52 minutes ago

    ortiz not gonna get ko, fight going the distance this time

  • Isixh
    Isixh 52 minutes ago

    How are saints above the niners I'm not saying the saints are bad but I think the niner are better in my opinion

    • Happy Manny
      Happy Manny 49 minutes ago

      they play in 3 weeks . this stretch gon show who the niners are. they at gb , ravens, and saints. Ill see yall in the dome. Will be real interesting

  • Chris O'Reilly
    Chris O'Reilly 52 minutes ago

    8:33 Over and over again.

  • HGL
    HGL 52 minutes ago

    Kawhi left the chat

  • Ryan Holliday
    Ryan Holliday 53 minutes ago

    Man, Rivers gets hated on so much. He’s a great passer if you give him 3 seconds. Plus Gordon returning hurt this team imo. Should’ve traded him for o-line or draft picks.

  • Zahn Romusiae
    Zahn Romusiae 56 minutes ago

    Who woulda thought - Colin overrating the Seahawks

  • Arvind Talukdar
    Arvind Talukdar 57 minutes ago

    Baltimore is no. 1. But most ppl will tell you that their games with New England and Houston were impressive. But Texans should be in top 10.

  • Omar Rodriguez
    Omar Rodriguez 59 minutes ago

    Bet everyone betting on the raiders flip flops after the chiefs beat them coming off of a bye. Say what you want about Andy Reid, but his winning percentage after a buy is all about coaching

  • Big Travis
    Big Travis 59 minutes ago

    Rivers throws interceptions so he can go to the sideline and sit down like an old man at the mall

  • abe el
    abe el Hour ago

    How are the niners not in the top ten

  • Big Travis
    Big Travis Hour ago

    Rivers doesn’t wanna move his sons to LA after he seen what happened to Magic’s son

  • Malcolm
    Malcolm Hour ago

    I was on here telling ya wait for the raiders! Where the haters at now?

  • Kudz 53
    Kudz 53 Hour ago

    Honestly dont even hate this list

  • Mackenzie Hall
    Mackenzie Hall Hour ago

    1) Ravens 2) Patriots 3) Packers 4) Seahawks 5) 49ers 6) Saints 7) Vikings 8) Chiefs 9) Cowboys 10) Bills

  • Vince Rezzano
    Vince Rezzano Hour ago

    I’m not denying that the ravens are good bcuz they are, but I will say that it seems everybody has forgotten the 4-6 browns whooped them in Baltimore

    • Nate Smith
      Nate Smith Hour ago

      In week 4. Welcome to week 12 where our defense is doing much better.

    • Devin Bussard
      Devin Bussard Hour ago

      Vince Rezzano division game flip a coin

    BOSA IS A BEAST Hour ago

    5? *dislikes video and leaves JK but keep hating. they hate us because they aint us

  • Rob Host
    Rob Host Hour ago

    What do you mean bad o-lines is the future of the nfl? Yeah most are beat up this year, but that doesn’t mean they’re gonna stay bad in the future

  • Clint Zuleger
    Clint Zuleger Hour ago

    At 8:09. Since Vick is left handed, would the right tackle be the one actually protecting his blind side? 🏈🏈🏈🤨🤔🤷‍♂️

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis Hour ago

    Lol 50K views for this one and a ton more for the other ones. There’s something wrong with u people

  • Shawn Sanders
    Shawn Sanders Hour ago

    Dude, the Patriots are one of the worst running teams in the league this year. What are you guys talking about?

  • Thomas Urech
    Thomas Urech Hour ago

    If dem Boys aren’t in the top 5 Collin has been replaced by a shapeshifting alien #8 we gotta raid Area 51 again to save Collin! Someone needs to give me false hope every week 🤠🤠🤠😭

  • Jay Terra
    Jay Terra Hour ago

    oakland is gonna lose to the ny jets this week lmao

    • liver666
      liver666 4 minutes ago


    • Keymuandre Abdallah
      Keymuandre Abdallah 31 minute ago

      Nah the Jets OL will get destroyed by the raiders DL creating darnold to be uncomfortable

  • Youtube Svengali

    Teddy got Norv fired

  • Barry Dutch
    Barry Dutch Hour ago

    He is a good fighter, but such a clown and so cowardish, it's a shame. He good make big money if he would have been smarter and had more courage.

  • rose sweet
    rose sweet Hour ago

    That's a pretty good breakdown Colin. I don't disagree with it,except I put Seattle above the Patriots. I put Seattle at #3. BTW Garopolo is NOT in the same Division as Dallas. You meant Conference right? LOL

    • Garrett Stouffer
      Garrett Stouffer 25 seconds ago

      Or same division as Seattle

    • Keymuandre Abdallah
      Keymuandre Abdallah 23 minutes ago

      Honestly I would have the Patriots at 5 and the 49ers at 4 only because the 49ers were a injured kicker away from winning that game and if everyone is healthy head to head I think they would beat the pats

  • Jeff A
    Jeff A Hour ago

    My balls need deflating.

  • Callum
    Callum Hour ago

    Both the 9ers' pass and run game are so heavily centered around George Kittle. He hasn't been healthy since the Carolina game when they scored 51, and their run game hasn't looked as good since. Watch out when he comes back, hopefully on SNF this week??

  • Lukasafer
    Lukasafer Hour ago

    Glad he brought the Seahawks in with New England Not as prolific But y'all couch analysts have always said there is a more consistent and better team than Seattle Harbaugh? Gone. Arians? Gone. Kelly??? People telling me the Hawks are done. Gone. McVay? Struggling. Shanahan? We'll see once you have to pay that d-line Carroll? Missed the playoffs once out of 8 seasons Seahawks know how to last beyond this season

  • boofy
    boofy Hour ago

    left tackle

  • Skeletal Pirate
    Skeletal Pirate Hour ago

    Why does the cowboys defense suck?

  • Henry Joseph
    Henry Joseph Hour ago


  • theteth marasigan

    Well said,,,

  • JSkittle
    JSkittle Hour ago

    Chiefs should have never gave away Dee Ford and Justin Houston, their d is worse than last year, and they didn't pursue secondary help in free agency, they need to draft all out on defense, their offensive draft personnel have all succeeded, it just shows how their defense could do the same.

  • Jaden Moon
    Jaden Moon Hour ago

    How did the chiefs completely shut down Cook, Diggs, and Thielen?

    • Nikita
      Nikita 48 minutes ago

      Jaden Moon Thielen got hurt on the first play

  • Markus Gabriel
    Markus Gabriel Hour ago

    He can't throw a corner fade. He had four attempts to win a super bowl and couldn't do it. Teams want winners, not chokers. His kneeling only makes him less desirable, if he could play, they might look past the kneeling.

  • B Jvu
    B Jvu Hour ago

    Sometimes you must wonder if colin is intellectually challenged. So, if you barely beat a ok or bad team that means you are no good. So i guess, when the Patriots lost to the dolphins last year they were a terrible team if his useless rant make any sense... Now with that said, chiefs biggest mistake was releasing hunt just because of an accusation. Funny how hunt got picked up immediately and now chiefs struggling

  • JORDAN44
    JORDAN44 Hour ago

    Richie Incognito equals white privilege.

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu Hour ago

    Why did he have to insult the city of Cleveland like that? This is about Garrett, not Cleveland.

  • Anthony
    Anthony Hour ago

    He's gotten better at these interviews

  • Gamer702x
    Gamer702x Hour ago

    Saints lose to the Falcons Colin: Saints #2 Pats lose to the Ravens Colin: Pats #3, Saints are better than them Me: 😑

    • ifyoureadingthisurgay
      ifyoureadingthisurgay Hour ago

      It's a division rivalry . And they also are a very good team they just changed their whole defense and beat 2 top 15 teams . You don't even know the facts

  • th3villain
    th3villain Hour ago

    This take aged poorly

  • Cameron Vieira
    Cameron Vieira Hour ago

    Sorry, Patriots should be no.2 their defense just faced a good QB and shut them down. They aren't Baltimore. But they have an unreal defense, the best coach in football. And despite how much their offense is struggling there's still nobody I fear more with 2 minutes left to win the game then Tom Brady.

    • Trevor Hannan
      Trevor Hannan 16 minutes ago

      Cameron Vieira Russell is better in critical moments historically

  • Kevan Patel
    Kevan Patel Hour ago

    1.Ravens 2.Pats 3.49ers 4.Saints 5.Seahawks 6.Packers 7.Vikings 8.Chiefs 9.Bills 10.Cowboys HM: Texans, Raiders, Colts

  • Gambit08
    Gambit08 Hour ago

    9ers should be at least top 3 they’re 9-1 and getting kittle back at some point.

  • Mashader1
    Mashader1 Hour ago

    If anything, having such a deficit and overcoming it in a very clutch 4th quarter performance is something to praise about Kirk. He’s no longer scared of throwing in down field. He’s no longer timid or weak looking. He’s finally playing with confidence

  • Angel Cadena
    Angel Cadena Hour ago

    First time I'm goin to say this bout Collins list.... This list is TRASH

  • Devon Nelson
    Devon Nelson Hour ago

    I respect Colin’s salesmanship and ability to market, but it’s surprising how little he knows about the actual GAMES he covers

  • Vince McMahon
    Vince McMahon Hour ago

    Ravens Nation all day.

  • Devon Nelson
    Devon Nelson Hour ago

    LMAO did anyone else catch how Colin was not even catching Marks drift naming every offensive linemen and d linemen talking about them building team from inside out Mark: “ Hudson an all pro,Richie incognito, Colton Miller” Colin : “HUNTER RENFROW” lmao the look on Marks face. Go to about the 7:00 mark it’s hilarious. Colin’s an idiot

  • virus56777
    virus56777 Hour ago

    Rivers= carmozzie.

  • Archie Comegna
    Archie Comegna Hour ago

    You can’t take the tape out dude! The game happened! Geesh! Gotta be a Democrat!

  • Jesse Kauffman
    Jesse Kauffman Hour ago

    Dallas stopped being America’s team when staubach retired

  • Paul Ramirez
    Paul Ramirez Hour ago

    Hip hop influenced plus goat equals no other shoe will ever come close in sales.

  • tigers9879
    tigers9879 Hour ago

    How many players have the chiefs signed off the street, That wasn’t on the roster opening day.. how many players have been injured thru out this season? We changed defense.. we got new players we went 3-4 to 4-3 Let’s see the pats do what the chiefs are doing this year playing against top teams.., Let’s see us against the weak team soon

  • Devon Wakley
    Devon Wakley Hour ago

    Colin Cowherd is secretly Bill Hader in disguise

  • Adam Gerace
    Adam Gerace Hour ago

    Your funny Colin, Kansas City is better than oakland

  • iz thefaithful
    iz thefaithful Hour ago

    Teams have been 0-99 when down 20 plus at half Vikings and Pats only teams undefeated at home Vikings play at home even down by 20 at half and still win 1-99 Colin: I don’t trust them

  • A Tim
    A Tim Hour ago

    The Rams didn't even make it up to the top 10 I'm not surprised they've been playing so poorly lately

  • geo122297
    geo122297 Hour ago

    In before KC beats both new england and oakland in the next three weeks lol