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  • Charlton Bolden
    Charlton Bolden 16 minutes ago

    Go, Peggie!!!!!

  • Justine in Valencia
    Justine in Valencia 41 minute ago

    The food looks like its already cold..or is it a bit warm when you eat it?

  • Batbitch 67
    Batbitch 67 48 minutes ago

    If you ever need a place to stay you could stay here in eat

  • hila Gall
    hila Gall 52 minutes ago

    I dont gonna eat at least a week

  • méllany nascimento
    méllany nascimento 2 hours ago

    Must be very good this successful food on your channel

  • Melissa Van Rooyen
    Melissa Van Rooyen 2 hours ago

    Your name should be piggie neo

  • Lisa’s forhead Manager

    P Neo I was at the LAX airport 2nd lvl men’s restroom yesterday afternoon to see if I could get an autograph from you but, I saw that you were filming and didn’t want to interrupt you. So if you don’t mind I’ll try again next week ! Thanks 🤗

  • Ccaines 1278
    Ccaines 1278 3 hours ago

    I'm not sure but I feel like the plane sounds are just audio

  • Boom Box
    Boom Box 4 hours ago

    10 bucks for a burger Ik u lyin aw hecky naw

  • Muskan Jamil
    Muskan Jamil 4 hours ago


  • Cece
    Cece 5 hours ago

    Does she edit airplane noises into background?

  • littleadventurer
    littleadventurer 5 hours ago

    ...about that LA toilet joke...sorry but it ain't funny anymore...

  • Disha Chandra
    Disha Chandra 5 hours ago

    Peggie eats Maggi😂.

  • William Rellstab
    William Rellstab 5 hours ago

    In 3rd grade

  • William Rellstab
    William Rellstab 5 hours ago

    Only thing I have that is special to me is school

  • Moamar Kadafi
    Moamar Kadafi 5 hours ago

    Amazing food

  • Rachel Dawson
    Rachel Dawson 6 hours ago

    Love you!

  • Shanay Francis
    Shanay Francis 6 hours ago

    Question: is she alone live ?

  • Cristina Custodio
    Cristina Custodio 6 hours ago

    Hi new subscriber here from mindanao, Philippines

  • D Santiago
    D Santiago 6 hours ago

    Why the mens toilet? Arent the stalls in the womens toilet bigger??? Inquiring minds need to know! Lol

  • Janet Weyer
    Janet Weyer 6 hours ago

    For me I prefer Taco Bell. However, I do enough eating the macho nachos from dell taco. Watching eat makes me miss the US... they don’t have Taco Bell in Germany.

  • Tarun Kumar
    Tarun Kumar 7 hours ago

    i dont like your voice keep shut your mouth

  • Phantom Captain
    Phantom Captain 7 hours ago

    Costco pizza is the best

  • Pooja Singh_ShaRoN
    Pooja Singh_ShaRoN 7 hours ago

    What's the secret of your fitness girl 🙀

  • Kehkasha Sayyed
    Kehkasha Sayyed 7 hours ago

    You pronounce it was good

  • Made Taravana VERXTREX

    Tbh I like dell tacos beef better

  • Felix Eric
    Felix Eric 7 hours ago

    Is she like actually eating on a toilette?

  • Joanie Fehr
    Joanie Fehr 8 hours ago

    I wish you would say it all!

  • ريتال ريتال

    لو اكل كل هذ الاكل راح انفجع من نفسي وماراح اتحرك من مكاني اوقات وجبتي ما أكملها مشاء الله

  • Gladys Addington
    Gladys Addington 9 hours ago

    Your striped pillow resembles your cheesecake, pattern-wise.

  • Sushim Thing
    Sushim Thing 9 hours ago

    2pm spicy food

  • Joye Miles
    Joye Miles 9 hours ago

    Ok I never compared Taco Bell to Dells Taco 🌮 I pretty much enjoy watching you get your money 💰 worth out of that Dell Taco 🌮 as to where the Taco 🌮 Bell seemed sludgy and the food was falling out Taco 🌮 Bell also have a cord board wrapped around the taco for what?? to keep the shape secure or to hold in the freshness or heat neither I bet it’s a waste why not just create a crunchy good taco shell 🐚 with the different flavors so Taco Bell get rid of the cord board and step yo game up I’m flying with Dell Taco 🌮

  • にゆう
    にゆう 9 hours ago


  • Zane V
    Zane V 10 hours ago

    No food reviews or talking, only eating?....

  • Zane V
    Zane V 10 hours ago

    Is it just me or the video and eating are kinda slow?😊 im craviiing that i want to finish them all immediately 😄😊😉😋😋

  • Zaid Hossain
    Zaid Hossain 10 hours ago

    I am Shreya Zaid hossain is my father I like your asmr all food's it's like so testy

  • Marian Ahinful
    Marian Ahinful 10 hours ago

    Omg you’re eating the food in a public toilet 🤢🤦🏾‍♀️

    • kzzait
      kzzait 5 hours ago

      No shes not? LMAOO where did you get that from dumbass?

  • Syed Munazir
    Syed Munazir 11 hours ago

    When she said this apple pie is going to be so good i almost threw up in my mouth!

  • Syed Munazir
    Syed Munazir 11 hours ago

    And this was just a quick breakfast right!

  • hlg man
    hlg man 11 hours ago

    انا بعمل ريجيم و لساتي ما خسيت و دي تاكل كل ده و ماتسمن هي بتعمل ايه عشان تفضل نحيفة

  • Olga Tontodonati
    Olga Tontodonati 11 hours ago

    Go to Del Taco They got a new thing called Fr esh a voca do FR ESH A VOCA DO

  • #Rock_the_floor Subha
    #Rock_the_floor Subha 12 hours ago

    Show some best parts of the video in the starting. We will be more excited.. love ur videos nd ur efforts are appreciable.😘😘💞

    MINKY ASMR 12 hours ago

    This TACOBELL video makes me so hungry😖🌮🌯🍟🤤🤤

  • Nostalgia For Infinity

    That's not how you eat naan (or curries), you cavewoman. Get your fingers in it. It's food. There's nothing "dirty" about getting food on your fingers.

  • Cecille Ona
    Cecille Ona 12 hours ago

    Try filipino maxs fried chicken

  • kamiko70
    kamiko70 13 hours ago

    i want Nachos for my Sunday dinner now. LOL!!

  • Milly Joinbee
    Milly Joinbee 13 hours ago

    U are lucky you are eating that because I'm hungry and por just like if you believe me😞😞

  • TashaJanine
    TashaJanine 14 hours ago

    Now I want a crunch wrap supreme and a nacho bell grande. Lol

  • Snub
    Snub 14 hours ago

    I just love that Peggie has humour and can be a meme. What a queen

  • Banani Dawka
    Banani Dawka 14 hours ago

    She is soo skinny but how😱😱😱😱😱😱and her cup😱but lv it♥️

  • deepu santhosh
    deepu santhosh 14 hours ago

    you are not man u r godzilla

  • Connie Wiebusch
    Connie Wiebusch 15 hours ago

    Have you tried Sonic? They have footlong chili cheese dogs.

  • Connie Wiebusch
    Connie Wiebusch 15 hours ago

    I like Dave’s single or the chicken sandwich.

  • Jasmin Smith
    Jasmin Smith 15 hours ago

    Food looks amazing!!!!!!

  • Connie Wiebusch
    Connie Wiebusch 15 hours ago

    I don’t care for anything spicy.. I do love their chocolate Frosty.

  • Taneshiac
    Taneshiac 15 hours ago

    Can you eat chipotle next

  • DamnIt Babbz
    DamnIt Babbz 15 hours ago

    Wow I had homemade tacos tonight your like magic haha

  • Ashley David
    Ashley David 16 hours ago

    I like taco bell more....

  • Aleena Posh
    Aleena Posh 16 hours ago

    I think she believes in evil eye... so.. that's what the toilet thing is about.

  • analicia1980
    analicia1980 16 hours ago

    U love beans bcuz they make u fart a lot?!?! WTH?! Really lol

  • Marie
    Marie 16 hours ago

    What happens if you watch Mukbangs but no food till pay day. Will I gain weight from the stress? L

  • shakkaz Bra
    shakkaz Bra 16 hours ago

    That was epic😂😂😂too funny.

  • Amoure Jones
    Amoure Jones 17 hours ago

    Hey Peggie. I prefer Del Taco because they have a Beyond Meat option. Blessings.

  • Simplemente Viri
    Simplemente Viri 17 hours ago

    I like how you actually finishes everything bite !!

  • Ana Jimenez
    Ana Jimenez 17 hours ago

    After watching this i would really love to see you eat chipotle 😩❤️

  • Wholesome Memes
    Wholesome Memes 18 hours ago

    You're one of those Mukbangers that actually needs that many calories in one sitting.

  • blankenbeckler1
    blankenbeckler1 18 hours ago

    Liked immediately after the line, "Yesterday, I went out and bought insurance... FOR MY ASS!!!" 'Cause you know what's going to happen tomorrow

  • Glitter Eyez_queen
    Glitter Eyez_queen 18 hours ago


  • EvaXNatalie
    EvaXNatalie 18 hours ago

    I don’t understand how she lives in an airport toilet

  • alkharraz 23
    alkharraz 23 19 hours ago

    Hey I’ve been watching you for a long time but I think you should visit us in Kuwait you will have many new options for your show we have many restaurants that you will see for the first time in your life and you will gain weight hhhh ❤️❤️

  • terry moses
    terry moses 19 hours ago

    You're shivering because you're going into a sugar shock. You going to be in a sugar coma.

  • Lovely Jandi
    Lovely Jandi 19 hours ago

    wow. love it .anyone else love this channel??

  • Kamaljit Bagha
    Kamaljit Bagha 19 hours ago

    how many spread packets did she have?

  • Fernanda Patricia
    Fernanda Patricia 19 hours ago

    Coloca uma legenda em português

  • Susan S.
    Susan S. 19 hours ago

    I like Taco Bell.

  • Ma Meh
    Ma Meh 19 hours ago

    So much food left (lately), setting aside for the sibling ey?

  • Hyungwon my heart
    Hyungwon my heart 20 hours ago

    request: buffalo wild wings

  • Sandra C.
    Sandra C. 20 hours ago

    wendy's in Portland Oregon is horrible!

  • Connie Wiebusch
    Connie Wiebusch 20 hours ago

    I live in Wisconsin. We have Taco Bell. Otherwise there are Cancun restaurants in the area for more authentic Mexican food.

  • James Noble
    James Noble 20 hours ago

    So five guys isn’t so good if it doesn’t have in-n-out sauce on it? That tells me In-N-Out is the best.

  • Christina Works
    Christina Works 20 hours ago

    Do you have a stable home. I was just wondering.

  • Samantha Haysler
    Samantha Haysler 20 hours ago

    Need to get fish tacos from DelTaco

  • Trigger P
    Trigger P 20 hours ago

    Peggy working for her green card🤔🤔?

  • Sandra C.
    Sandra C. 21 hour ago

    They make that chicken sandwich from the roasted chickens.

  • Skylar S.
    Skylar S. 21 hour ago

    L.A is just expensive period. Travel to other states, and they have combos.

  • Sandra C.
    Sandra C. 21 hour ago

    You should try MOD Pizza. It is 8.69 with as much topping as you want.

  • Rj S
    Rj S 21 hour ago

    You live airport. Cool. I saw movie with tom hanks where he lived in airport

  • Mandalay
    Mandalay 21 hour ago

    On looks alone, Del Taco is far superior. I’ve heard really good things about them, but unfortunately haven’t been able to try b/c they aren’t near me. Wah wah.

  • James Dunn
    James Dunn 21 hour ago

    I love taco bell better

  • Lisa George
    Lisa George 21 hour ago

    No frosty? 😉 looks yum. If you are still in LA you need to try the hat or Tommy’s for a chili burger 🍔

  • Christine Zangari
    Christine Zangari 22 hours ago

    So in other words, Del Taco' s food is fresh, more organic, & healthier tasting while Taco Bell tastes like salty artificial shit. IN! Too bad there's no Del Taco where live. Would love to try the more fresh home style for myself. So when are you returning to Singapore? Would love to see you eating in a clean healthy environment again. A men's room, Peggie in LAX airport? That's a new low even for you. Where do you sleep.

  • Catherine Taylor
    Catherine Taylor 22 hours ago

    How long are you going to be in LA for?

  • DAVONTE 101
    DAVONTE 101 22 hours ago

    We're do you live

  • Arlene Shaw-Cross
    Arlene Shaw-Cross 22 hours ago

    I prefer Bel taco. Especially the seven layer burrito. Yummy

  • I’m_Lonely You’re_Lonely

    I love beans too. Glad to hear a female that loves beans and doesn’t mind farting.

  • moonlighter6
    moonlighter6 23 hours ago

    Good review I'm going to have to try Del Taco food again.

  • Scottie D
    Scottie D 23 hours ago

    why u in a toilet??

  • Shiren Fleury
    Shiren Fleury 23 hours ago

    My favorite pasta food 🍕🌭

  • Karah
    Karah 23 hours ago

    Girl you can’t go to deltaco and not get their chicken soft tacos 🥺

  • Eleanor Telado
    Eleanor Telado 23 hours ago

    Oh! I'm craving tacos when i saw your mhukbang🥰