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early pregnancy acne
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  • im kaylee
    im kaylee Hour ago

    girl when r u gonna stop craving views

  • Eppsheep
    Eppsheep Hour ago

    If you don’t want to listen to her talking for ever then skip on to 7:18 for the actual reaction to the video

  • Matthew Needham
    Matthew Needham Hour ago

    Honestly, my favourite music video Trish has ever done!

  • Lucy Hurford
    Lucy Hurford Hour ago

    Ps: Reminder : Every time Trisha makes one of these ... like the opiates vid and it back fires 🔥 we then get a “ this is real ... I’m sorry vid🤔🤔🤔

  • Tracey Nunyabiz
    Tracey Nunyabiz Hour ago

    That is drug acne!! Meth picking acne!! You are sick!!!!

  • Gabby Morris
    Gabby Morris Hour ago

    I would love to see what kind of excuse of “I’m a huge fan of anna” you can come up with cause this is absolutely 100% disgusting to think you would make fun of mental illness. On top of mocking someone who passed away. Out of all people you should’ve been the LAST person to do something like this. Who are you gonna make fun of next, Shane? Honestly RUclip should demonetize your channel for a little bit since you seem to do things like this when you seem to be going down a difficult path in life and get lots of hate all at once

  • Claire O’Malley

    she’s finally being herself a clown

  • VaLora Theory
    VaLora Theory Hour ago

    “mum, this is not a phase, i am ronald mcdonald”

  • Olivia Drake
    Olivia Drake Hour ago

    But like she pretty good tho🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Noemi García
    Noemi García Hour ago

    And this is why God doesn't give u kids take it as a sign bitch u are a crazy troll u have no mental issues ur just a sick fuck using real issues as jokes

  • Lucy Hurford
    Lucy Hurford Hour ago

    The problem here is this “person” has come out as Gay, black and now allegedly trans , No one can tell you How you feel or Who you are but if you want to be taken seriously you Don’t make different claims every other week and expect people to believe everything. Trans people go through hell for their identity Trisha just doesn’t think before she speaks . Admiration doesn’t = Transgenderism . This is a identity crisis not a gender crisis look at her sex toy vids???!!! Does that seem like a trans man hiding her/his gender ??!!!!!!😒😒

  • Jessie Earley
    Jessie Earley Hour ago

    So she wants to be a man yet she’s preggers. She’s the cause of her mental fucking health issues

  • Josie Stephens
    Josie Stephens Hour ago

    “Why would I put myself in harms way if it didn’t mean so much to me?” *Cuts to ad midroll* $$$$$$

  • Alexis Aldy
    Alexis Aldy Hour ago

    Do you have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and if you don’t know if you have it, then get checked to see if you do

  • Rachel Barker
    Rachel Barker Hour ago

    Somebody please take RUclip away from this person.

  • alivia hollinsworth


  • Tracey Nunyabiz
    Tracey Nunyabiz Hour ago

    What a F'n piece of shit you are!! I hope people finally realize that with this horrible video! They should have a long time ago but you really messed up this time!

  • Comment On this
    Comment On this Hour ago

    It’s cystic acne. It’s hormonal. That’s why you’re getting pregnancy symptoms and false pregnancy tests. Your hormones are messed up. I’ve had to much estrogen for awhile now and very unbalanced hormones and have had all the symptoms. You will literally get pregnancy symptoms without being pregnant.

  • Lucinda K
    Lucinda K Hour ago

    Wait what

  • мarlene Sarabia

    just say you're bisexual and get over it omg wtf is she saying "trans gay man" HUHHH????

  • Haley Pople
    Haley Pople Hour ago

    I think she has an actual mental disorder she should see someone about it and get help!!!!!!

  • Kaylee Lane
    Kaylee Lane Hour ago

    Canceled. Been canceled

  • BigFat RedMoon
    BigFat RedMoon Hour ago

    Grow up

  • kita cvijeca
    kita cvijeca Hour ago

    Have you considered first to swap your drug dealer? Other people have ,other people do, I've been with trans people ... never once have you sad i feel this and that ,you dont belong in lgbt you just like to f*ck it ..gurl dare you just say stuf like that you gave zero facts?

  • C A
    C A Hour ago

    Gotta take care of your inner child before you decide to bring one into this world☝️

  • eloise brain
    eloise brain Hour ago

    i used to love watching your video and thought you were nice but im unsubscribing

  • Lane Monique
    Lane Monique Hour ago

    Trisha: “let me cover my booty” Also Trisha: does porn

  • Urmi Sharma
    Urmi Sharma Hour ago

    Help I can't stop watching

  • Khalilah Anderson

    I feel like she uploaded this bc she is heading down the same path as Anna-Nicole...Sis is having an actual meltdown like all her content is of her acting completely insane

  • eloise brain
    eloise brain Hour ago

    fucking delete it no one likes you

  • eloise brain
    eloise brain Hour ago

    this is fucking disgusting and has thrown so many people off you have some respect you fat bitch.

  • Numéro
    Numéro Hour ago

    I love how Trisha was just like "nope I’m not running"

  • Chase Clements
    Chase Clements Hour ago

    Can u do asmr please

  • Ava Lewis
    Ava Lewis Hour ago

    Wow you are making fun of drug abuse wow you are unbelievable

  • Emily LaRocque
    Emily LaRocque Hour ago

    Has Zac Efron seen this??

  • Anna Lawson
    Anna Lawson Hour ago

    Trisha jumping is hilarious and also this video is awful 😂😂😂😂

  • Raevyn Elicia Adams

    Guy seems like a real douchebag.. Screw him and his shit attitude. Controlling.

  • Madelyn Bjarnarson

    it's ok if you dont fill i love you not mater what

  • Zoe Miller
    Zoe Miller Hour ago

    The fact that she would post this right after all the drama and her vid talking about mental health I-

  • Numéro
    Numéro Hour ago

    Oh so THATS what she meant by Transgender She was just preparing us

  • m ped
    m ped Hour ago

    I’m confused ... no shade... so you identify as a guy... still want to be with your ex Jason, can’t take care of a dog but, want to be pregnant?

  • Miss B.
    Miss B. Hour ago

    I hope he (Trisha) finds a whole monochromatic outfit to match the eyeshadow. That would look really good on him.

  • rennie rad
    rennie rad Hour ago

    Trish never go to the Google doctor if you do you will find out you have cancer.

  • Dazed Starfish
    Dazed Starfish Hour ago


  • Johnny Thomas
    Johnny Thomas Hour ago

    St george queen

  • Anna Tolian
    Anna Tolian Hour ago

    Okay I know T’s getting a lot of hate and confusion for this video but I’ll be honest? I feel the same way. Some days I really feel like I should be a male sometimes but other times I’m happy being a girl (as I was born) and Im super confused about who I like and how I feel and what is going on so I get where T’s coming from Also fuck all you guys in the comments. I get that this can be offensive because T is controversial but for fucks sake be kind please. Like, I haven’t read a single positive comment, and what if this is actually how she feels a hundred percent and all of the comments are insanely negative?

  • Chan Lanee'
    Chan Lanee' Hour ago

    I find it hard to believe any man that has seen your RUclip channel would fck you without a condom. 😭🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Felicity Schimke

    Now I would buy this merch, it’s iconic, makes a statement and it’s not an overpriced hoodie with just a name on it.

  • Niki C.G
    Niki C.G Hour ago

    Girl needs her eggs taken away ! ASAP .. also last time I checked. . men can get pregnant with a chicken nugget baby ?? Ohhhhh Kay there Dude!!!

  • Dazed Starfish
    Dazed Starfish Hour ago

    You cant take care of yourself or a dog! You cannot have children your poor mother will end up having to raise them just like your dog!!! Worry about getting your mind and self taken care of before you even think of bringing in a child to this world.

  • Sarah Terry
    Sarah Terry Hour ago

    Anna Nicole 😂💗

  • Lynda Bergan
    Lynda Bergan Hour ago

    You probably haven't had your period because you're a guy now! Amiright?

  • Amy Faith
    Amy Faith Hour ago

    That’s hormonal acne! Google it, most people break out in that area right before their period

  • 50hellkat2
    50hellkat2 Hour ago

    God has a plan. Women have amazing lives who do not have children. Appreciate what you have.

  • Shelby Johnson
    Shelby Johnson Hour ago

    QUEEN!!!🤣 👑 👑👑

  • AdelaidesAttic
    AdelaidesAttic Hour ago

    You are getting annoying

  • Rose Yazmine
    Rose Yazmine Hour ago

    You're trying to hard

  • Harry Mcivor
    Harry Mcivor Hour ago

    why would she even do this, shes literally making a mockery of a dead woman what the actual fuck

  • Chronically Uniquely Made

    I've had 4 kids each pregnancy was different and blood panel will tell u but vaginal ultrasound will show sac and possible pregnancy esp. If your late. I was told I wasnt pg then 2 weeks later I found out I was 6 weeks and that was each baby I had. I can get pg easily staying pregnant was my issue. Each pregnancy was a horrible and painful and I lost my 3rd at birth. So go to OB

  • Black Silverchair

    How can anyone offend all the communities all at once?

  • Maelyn Stockley
    Maelyn Stockley Hour ago

    Next she's going to claim she had a "miscarriage" in a few months, once she realizes she can't fake this shit too.

  • nicole Nelson
    nicole Nelson Hour ago

    no way

  • Megan Hiddlestoner

    If your a gay man , then I'm a fucking flamingo!

  • ashley s
    ashley s Hour ago

    That is cystic acne see a dermatologist

  • Ashley J
    Ashley J Hour ago

    Who else think Trisha is back on pills & that’s why she’s absolutely bat shit crazy?

  • Khalilah Anderson

    Something is actually wrong with this bitch no joke 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ She needs to be admitted into a fucking asylum

  • Amy Faith
    Amy Faith Hour ago

    Garbage!! Reporting this, you should really be ashamed Trisha! Being a recovering addict yourself you really should be sympathetic instead of reenacting such a tragic time in Anna’s life! She has a kid ya know? What if her daughter seen this, how do you think that would make her feel? Oh wait you don’t give a shit, all you want are views and to be in the public eye! You’re sick!!

  • Mar at the Bar
    Mar at the Bar Hour ago

    I don’t think false positive tests just happen out of nowhere

  • 50hellkat2
    50hellkat2 Hour ago

    Let’s play who the baby daddy could be.

  • 50hellkat2
    50hellkat2 2 hours ago

    All of the hair products on dye, bleach.....and makeup.

  • It'sKenz
    It'sKenz 2 hours ago

    i- how tf does a gay man get pregnant

  • E Ryan
    E Ryan 2 hours ago

    This is cystic acne caused by hormones.

  • Jada Rose
    Jada Rose 2 hours ago

    Trish i think u need help you crazy girl

  • Chronically Uniquely Made

    Girl make an OB appointment they will do a vaginal ultrasound and there ya go. Hormones will mess with u BIG TIME. So go to OB

  • April 🥀Rose
    April 🥀Rose 2 hours ago

    You’re loaded again, you sincerely have ZERO self control do u? Pathetic.

  • Gacha_ Looser
    Gacha_ Looser 2 hours ago

    She is bigaystraighttransnonbionarypan

  • Emmanuel
    Emmanuel 2 hours ago

    I dont feel like watching is she really pregnant?

  • Ciboulette
    Ciboulette 2 hours ago

    Stop with the crazy lip 💉 Your home was always dirty cause you're a 🐷...sorry.

  • Yamilet Rodriguez
    Yamilet Rodriguez 2 hours ago


  • Lzbth
    Lzbth 2 hours ago

    All the time you spent wondering. and you could have just popped into a medical clinic for a proper test LMAO. Fake news.

  • April 🥀Rose
    April 🥀Rose 2 hours ago

    🚨 Dumb bitch alert! 🚨

  • sushies
    sushies 2 hours ago

    it’s hormonal acne! i have it too. different from regular teen acne. affects women over 25 years old. ask your dermatologist about spironolactone! miracle drug!

  • Biggles Boggles
    Biggles Boggles 2 hours ago

    Honestly.. who’s gonna buy a shirt that says “crying on the kitchen floor”.

  • Carrie Fantastic
    Carrie Fantastic 2 hours ago

    Idgaf if ppl say "ohh, trish idolizes Anna" THIS, THIS VIDEO, RIGHT HERE IS DISGUSTING. Maybe Trisha doesnt see it that way, but, it is. Lets be kind in letting her know that. Maybe she didnt realize how intensely dishononring this is?

  • Ashley Seme
    Ashley Seme 2 hours ago

    When I've been pregnant the early symptoms I get are dark circles around my nipples, tenderness, nausea, deep cystic acne on my jaw and neck even on my chest, feeling unbelievably exhausted, mood swings and yeah ...alot of them are similar to PMS symptoms

  • Isobel Vanderbilt
    Isobel Vanderbilt 2 hours ago

    Trisha got weird when she moved into this apartment

  • Luna MooMoo
    Luna MooMoo 2 hours ago

    I thought she said she couldn’t get pregnant cause of past untreated STDs?

  • E Ryan
    E Ryan 2 hours ago

    If you leave a pregnancy test out too long it can result in a false positive.

  • Nicole Funez
    Nicole Funez 2 hours ago

    Sometimes chin/jaw acne is due to dairy consumption and hormones.

  • Kimmi Sakutsa
    Kimmi Sakutsa 2 hours ago

    So she's trying to pull an anna nicole? Fucking pathetic, cant even be your own trainwreck. Always has to copy someone else

  • Queen of Vegan
    Queen of Vegan 2 hours ago

    Is it 2006 again oh man I thought that phase ended 🤦‍♀️

  • Cédric Ramsay
    Cédric Ramsay 2 hours ago

    I hope she’s gonna live in a gated community and won’t have crazy people inside her house.

    • Chan Lanee'
      Chan Lanee' Hour ago

      Cédric Ramsay so she shouldn’t go in her own house ? 🤔

  • Emmalee Geslison
    Emmalee Geslison 2 hours ago

    Your last video was evil.

  • NoxiousCake
    NoxiousCake 2 hours ago

    how is this video disrespectful compared to the real one? lmfao y’all needa chill

  • Sydney Helland
    Sydney Helland 2 hours ago

    this is fucking insane whatttttt

  • Mish mash
    Mish mash 2 hours ago

    She’s a human wart.

  • Coast Girl
    Coast Girl 2 hours ago

    She begins her story at 5:20. Before that is about her tour and selling sweatshirts then it is clickbait.

  • Melissa Z
    Melissa Z 2 hours ago

    That "ball acne" is called cystic acne

  • Emmalee Geslison
    Emmalee Geslison 2 hours ago

    This is so wrong. So so wrong

  • Jackie
    Jackie 2 hours ago

    sooooo... a gay pregnant drag queen transgender male