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  • robert johnson
    robert johnson 4 hours ago

    great song, and a tear jerker..

  • Guillermo Jiménez Cerati

    2:44 name of the woman??

  • Ad A
    Ad A 14 hours ago

    Who clicked the link because they saw tony pro dressed as Santa

  • Ad A
    Ad A 14 hours ago

    Who is here because of the Irishman

  • Adrian H
    Adrian H 20 hours ago


  • dannyboywillow
    dannyboywillow 23 hours ago

    They’re on a path kneeling down off Lordship Lane right next to Dulwich Park. South London

  • speedymonkey2000

    Class tune deep....stephen graham can do no wrong either!

  • Briancito Lepp


  • Briancito Lepp


  • Briancito Lepp

    Tiempo de oír buena música

  • Briancito Lepp

    Súper Genial

  • Briancito Lepp


  • Mark Braid
    Mark Braid Day ago

    He's made enough money from the industry he's got to that stage where he's making music for his own enjoyment rather than for the charts. If it sells then that's a bonus, not like he needs the money. And I respect him for it

  • Finn El Humano

    Cool papá Noel 🎅

  • Carlos Nieva
    Carlos Nieva Day ago

    "Now we all drink Pepsi."

  • Karl Oliver
    Karl Oliver Day ago

    Noel has basically swapped drugs and his music is the evidence

  • bluewonder136
    bluewonder136 Day ago

    Is Santa dead or have they just split up?

  • Azul Cruz
    Azul Cruz Day ago

    qué ganas de cantar esta canción IN A CONCERT IN MEXICO

  • Matteo De Vito

    “It’ll do, won’t it?”. Yes sir. Thank you once again

  • Angelo Márcio

    Mais Oasis ainda faz falta.

  • George Donnelly

    I can't be the only one who thinks this sounds very similar to Dreamer by Ozzy 🤣. Great song

  • JMT Productions
    JMT Productions 2 days ago

    Sounds like a certain Brian ferry song

  • humanité et justice

    Ce mec est un génie Merci à toi pour ta musique Noël 👍

  • millie ward
    millie ward 2 days ago

    ' I'm watching the TV, or is it watching me? ' Is absolute lyrical genius. Periodt.

  • Angelo Márcio
    Angelo Márcio 2 days ago


  • Jim Rustle
    Jim Rustle 2 days ago

    Borrows a bit from Ozzy and The Beatles, but there is a grand chasm between imitation and appreciation. I dig it, and I'm not really a huge fan.

  • Synchronistic Observer 88

    Great song 🔥

  • yu jk
    yu jk 2 days ago


  • Chris Taulbut
    Chris Taulbut 3 days ago

    0:07 true.

  • Ceylon
    Ceylon 3 days ago

    Anyone else gets a bit sad after listening to this gem? o/

  • s j c
    s j c 3 days ago

    That's a tune

  • Nescrun
    Nescrun 3 days ago

    The masterplan 2

  • Nicky Perry
    Nicky Perry 3 days ago

    I'm the only one who turned on the Ozzy and instead of it there is a New Year cover on dreamer?

  • The Greasy Strangler

    Only Noel could get a legend like Steven Graham to appear in a song video.

  • Its 32k Memey 漢
    Its 32k Memey 漢 3 days ago

    i know people in my music vid

  • Nick Brown
    Nick Brown 3 days ago

  • jean art
    jean art 3 days ago

    The christmas bells are really too much!!!!!!!!

  • Nick Bonnes
    Nick Bonnes 3 days ago

    The times when Noel made great rock music, Ive got homesickness..

    • Star Dust
      Star Dust 2 days ago

      Yeah, I mean, how dare an artist change after almost 30 years in the business! They should restrict themselves in order to please other people, even if it makes them unhappy!

  • Karin Bertato
    Karin Bertato 4 days ago

    Togliete chi fischietta chi FA AVANCES chi sorride chi FA aria con la bocca chi FA buh maschi con barbetta e riga di Barbetta vecchie bionde Universitari snelline magrissime donne CHE sono magre anoressiche Entro oggi liberiamonecene da Questi personaggi

  • Shane Kelley
    Shane Kelley 4 days ago

    I'm getting the vibe that the guy in the Santa outfit has died?

    • Zkv96
      Zkv96 2 days ago

      yeah I think that must be the case and his bruises may be from what happened. He's the 'wandering star' for his family looking out for them from above

  • Mark Hoskins
    Mark Hoskins 4 days ago

    Pretty sure that's Noel's mate Scully playing the security guard. :D

  • Star Dust
    Star Dust 4 days ago

    Real Oasis fans recognise that Noel is a true musician and artist, fake fans are bitter that he’s not pretending that he still wants to make music like he did in the 90s.

  • Star Dust
    Star Dust 4 days ago

    Noel has and never will care about what people think - hence what makes him a great musician, he makes what he wants to make for the sake of music. Not to reclaim old glory or any shit like that.

    • jason Squires
      jason Squires 4 days ago

      Listen to hypnotic therapy by insignia

    • jason Squires
      jason Squires 4 days ago

      Try some dacru then you will find music my friend

    • jason Squires
      jason Squires 4 days ago

      @Star Dust it all becomes clear lol my apologies

    • Star Dust
      Star Dust 4 days ago

      jason Squires what do u mean like what? I’m saying that he hasn’t needed to do that so such hasn’t occurred lmao.

    • jason Squires
      jason Squires 4 days ago

      @Star Dust like what

  • Cousin IT
    Cousin IT 4 days ago

    It would be better if Liam was singing.

  • Freedly Beedly Boop

    Only noticed that was Stephen Graham right at the end

  • Jorge DTP
    Jorge DTP 4 days ago

    what a gem , beautiful and emotional perfection

  • best8ever
    best8ever 4 days ago

    i thumbs down couple of weeks ago and have just changed it to up , its a grower

  • Kuy Mesarina
    Kuy Mesarina 4 days ago

    Soundlike Mucky Fingers from Dont Believe the truth, just the beginning

  • Kuy Mesarina
    Kuy Mesarina 4 days ago

    COSMIC POP: THE BEGINNING by Liam Gallagher

  • Martín Índigo
    Martín Índigo 4 days ago

    La música de Noel es perfecta para mí. Es como si yo la hubiera escrito. Es yo. Increíble lo que me gusta su música

  • Lewys Wright
    Lewys Wright 4 days ago

    Originally posted this on sad song but it's sadly never gonna get viewed. Truthfully I think Liam has done his part now, saw him in birmingham last month and was absolutely blown away, can't explain the energy. The only thing missing from the ultimate gig is Noel..... Come on mate, kiss and make up ffs, we are ready!!!

  • Natalie Salt
    Natalie Salt 4 days ago

    We all know we wanted Noel on a horse in a cowboy hat

  • Gary Cowie
    Gary Cowie 5 days ago

    I'm not a man of many words but that's a fucking tune

  • Amygdala
    Amygdala 5 days ago

    Johnny fucking marr and Noel fucking Gallagher, absolutely biblical. Wish he still did tunes like this

  • Hazed
    Hazed 5 days ago


  • ivan de girolami
    ivan de girolami 5 days ago

    Luna pop,un giorno migliore,uguale uguale

  • kevinkilbane2007
    kevinkilbane2007 5 days ago

    Shite song. Let down. Both gallaghers are cnuts. Wankers

  • K&D channal
    K&D channal 5 days ago

    “high school rock” liam gallagher said 😂

  • Ging 442
    Ging 442 5 days ago

    Cool song wor kid

  • Caleb Donnell
    Caleb Donnell 5 days ago

    Possibly my least favourite song from Noel, love the guy but this EP thing needs to fade away now it’s getting very bland

  • Icaro
    Icaro 5 days ago

    First time heard: WTF Noel?! Second time heard: maybe I should listen one time more... Third time heard: But maybe... Fourth time heard: BEST CHRISTMAS SONG EVER.

  • lizard licker
    lizard licker 5 days ago

    U know ur brother is doin better than you when you bring a shit x mass tune should of lent him some doe after his divorce back in the day instead turning ur back on ur own brother.. twat bag . The LG is back now and putting u out of business.#cocanut

  • Mr Richard parker
    Mr Richard parker 5 days ago

    This fucking bangs mate what a tune! Noels vocals jheeez

  • Crissy Stringer
    Crissy Stringer 5 days ago

    This is noel gold x

  • RG 12
    RG 12 5 days ago

    Getting a Talk Tonight and Take Me Away vibe from this song, regardless of which brother you prefer both of them are utterly incredible and Noel always seems to top Liam when it comes to melancholic songs like this.

  • PK
    PK 5 days ago

    this is good y'all

  • Bubu der Böse
    Bubu der Böse 5 days ago

    Sehr geil.

  • Sarah Nabi
    Sarah Nabi 5 days ago


  • Celso Turtelli
    Celso Turtelli 5 days ago

    Gallagher's best song after Oasis. What a tune.

  • Wayne Walker
    Wayne Walker 5 days ago

    Always go forward, never look back. Keep on keeping on.

  • Mattie Mclean
    Mattie Mclean 5 days ago

    what a load of bollocks

  • Garrett Croslin
    Garrett Croslin 6 days ago

    Bloody genius.

  • Star Dust
    Star Dust 6 days ago

    Not gonna lie, it’s genuinely great to see Noel so happy. Also “I felt a tremor..” had be cracking up.

  • GNVS
    GNVS 6 days ago

    We all know the real 'This Is The Place' belongs to Red Hot Chili Peppers

  • Simon Mannick
    Simon Mannick 6 days ago

    What a Fucking Wanker, Shit Christmas song!!!!

  • RobinTaylorJenkins
    RobinTaylorJenkins 6 days ago

    A read the news today, oh boy.

  • Alessandro Davi
    Alessandro Davi 6 days ago

    Santana style solo.. Great tune.

  • MonkeyMetal
    MonkeyMetal 6 days ago

    New Tesco's advert

  • Caroline Bedford
    Caroline Bedford 6 days ago

    You just can't do a bad song Noel Gallagher. X

  • Diego Viegas Ruivo
    Diego Viegas Ruivo 6 days ago

    Se metio un poquito de Gorillaz en Noel. Ah y el video copiado de Wheezee

  • Chris Bills
    Chris Bills 6 days ago

    Noel Gallagher has reinvented himself into a much more solid musician I think. Always saw him a the more talented brother. Never liked Oasis, but I'm loving this...

  • Alessandra Aristotile


  • Ross Heathorn
    Ross Heathorn 6 days ago

    Reminds me of my mum dying. She passed away 13th January 2018 time I got this album. Always reminds me of my mum now peace x

  • Ross Heathorn
    Ross Heathorn 6 days ago

    This should have been released bro. Who ever I played it to loves it. Shame seems waste of good music. Peace world x

  • thomas mccormack
    thomas mccormack 6 days ago

    Who are the 617 who thumb downed?!!!

    • Andrew Birkett
      Andrew Birkett 6 days ago

      thomas mccormack quite simply, complete fucking morons.

  • 권혁빈
    권혁빈 6 days ago

    Oh I like this video.

  • Ross Heathorn
    Ross Heathorn 6 days ago

    I'ts ok but dead in water is far better. Wish he released it. People I played it to said it's a top tune. Better than this, this is ok but after while gets little boaring. In the water is superb, who cares if its oasis sounding. Don't fix what ain't broken Broskie. Your do what you want no doubt peace world any how, happy xmas and new year x

  • Soft Pillow
    Soft Pillow 6 days ago

    Yep! That’s how you do it!

  • Sebastián Fontora
    Sebastián Fontora 6 days ago

    Es un mantra. Q obra q tenes Noel lpm!

  • Javiera Morales
    Javiera Morales 6 days ago

    Snow man killing him self with a hair dryer! 🤣🤣 LOL!!!!!

  • Melody Moon
    Melody Moon 6 days ago

    Loveeeeee 😊😎😋

  • Dark Blud-E
    Dark Blud-E 6 days ago

    Can someone explain the video, because the song is great and the video is good but I don't understand??

  • Yogsrw_
    Yogsrw_ 6 days ago

    Noel Gallagher's High Flying Santa Claus

  • Ross Heathorn
    Ross Heathorn 6 days ago

    It's ok but ain't greatest. Dead in water your best tune in years. This seems pointless, don't know what it is. Don't think it will make me buy it. Sail on is good. Respect anyway your reason I started strumming away thanx fella

  • Ross Heathorn
    Ross Heathorn 6 days ago

    Happy Christmas oasis heads. Be nice if they sorted out their differences and gave us some more rock n roll. Music is so boaring now. Kasabian only decent band. Phonics r ok I guess. Imagine dragons ain't my thing at all who else is there? Help

  • James Searson
    James Searson 6 days ago

    This is biblical, the only way it could be any better is if Liam was singing it with him

  • Jasen Jahn
    Jasen Jahn 6 days ago

    Ricky Martin, she bangs meets The Beach Boys.

  • Johnny Bravo
    Johnny Bravo 6 days ago

    Noel Gallagher ....musician....I wouldn't let this prick carry Paul MC cartneys guitar case.

  • Ross Heathorn
    Ross Heathorn 6 days ago

    1st listen it's ok ain't your best but cant all be good.

  • Rossa4
    Rossa4 7 days ago

    Is that Stephen Grahams wife in the vid?