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What inspires me..
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Vegan Yorkshire Puddings
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  • Kiki W
    Kiki W 4 hours ago

    Y’all cute! 💛... 😊

  • Ruttley Tash n Marty

    Woohoooooo..... my two fave veegz. Yuss

  • Tabitha Prisinzano
    Tabitha Prisinzano 4 hours ago

    That curry looked insane. Damn!

  • Caitlan Ryan
    Caitlan Ryan 5 hours ago

    Is it alpro

  • Sincerely Shans
    Sincerely Shans 5 hours ago

    Wow, what type of camera do you use to record your videos? Beautiful!

  • Elizabeth Regnes
    Elizabeth Regnes 5 hours ago

    Oh gosh, the second I saw pickuplimes in the collab... i IMMEDIATELY had to click. My 2 favorite Vegan youtubers.... this video/thumbnail is a god send.

  • Yeshe Mengistu
    Yeshe Mengistu 5 hours ago

    Aaaa... two of my favorite vegan RUcliprs😍❤️❤️❤️

  • Monique Powell
    Monique Powell 5 hours ago

    Went meatless and vegan begining of this year, thank you

  • Marilyn Wisbey
    Marilyn Wisbey 6 hours ago

    “ I’m going to try your recipe”... and buy your book, got any tips on getting out Curry stains on a dress!😡🤔😱stain goes yellow. 🙄👏💃

  • Vegans On Thrones
    Vegans On Thrones 6 hours ago

    take a shot of orange juice everytime gaz says amazing. lol

  • jamie squier
    jamie squier 6 hours ago

    Perfect!! Beauty and the facts!! Love it!!

  • Roberta Pardo
    Roberta Pardo 6 hours ago

    Two of my FAVORITE people cooking together!! What a treat!! Thank you for all you do to inspire us and help us stay healthy!!

  • Dee Chaves
    Dee Chaves 6 hours ago

    The best collab eveeer❤️❤️ i love you guys. Both of you and Rachel Ama really helped me trough my vegan journey. Definitely trying those recipes for my next week barbecue.

  • Kapilan Vishnu
    Kapilan Vishnu 6 hours ago

    What specific kind of vegan yogurt are you using in this recipe?

  • Javier Pan
    Javier Pan 7 hours ago

    These two people compliment each other so well, one is an expert in health and the other in flavor, what else do you want.

  • m1mohamad
    m1mohamad 7 hours ago

    And Thank you for sharing Gary's video

  • m1mohamad
    m1mohamad 7 hours ago

    I like the peri peri

  • KDawg Gaming
    KDawg Gaming 7 hours ago

    I use iodized sea salt :)

  • Kaalo Lovett
    Kaalo Lovett 7 hours ago

    Can you freeze these?

  • Gabby L
    Gabby L 7 hours ago

    I’m so sad I have to buy an ice cream maker to make this

  • Wahda Ali
    Wahda Ali 7 hours ago

    Gaz just go with your gut you have naturally realized that table salt tastes like chemicals! Table salt is the cause of high blood pressure .. It's processed and unhealthy! If you want iodine, seaweed is the richest source ... otherwise keep using natural salt whether it comes from mountains like Himalayan or from sea (sea salt) they are the best.... you don't need to eat seaweed daily the body retains this mineral ... and if you can't stand the taste try kombu it has the most mild flavour ... it can be added to soups and to beans .. it's really amazing!

  • Ronnie Nimer
    Ronnie Nimer 7 hours ago

    Amazing stuff! Seeing both points of view, nutritional and flavorwise, its just amazing! cooking the best dishes in terms of taste and health. I love that! you should collab more!

  • Benjamin Foster
    Benjamin Foster 8 hours ago

    As a Gaz-subscriber, this collaboration felt slightly uncomfortable - bit of a power struggle going on but great content!

  • kawaiibanks
    kawaiibanks 8 hours ago

    Take a shot every time Gaz says “Amazing!” 😂

  • Tara Hughes
    Tara Hughes 8 hours ago

    What an exciting and beautiful duo!❤ I love you both!

  • onthedamsquare
    onthedamsquare 8 hours ago


  • Macrophage
    Macrophage 9 hours ago

    I made the skewers for my sister for dinner this evening and we absolutely loved them! and it's so simple! really recommend anyone to try these out c:

  • Pro- Ballers
    Pro- Ballers 9 hours ago

    My hayfever is getting anxiety of the kitchen design😂

  • Sheila Montgomery
    Sheila Montgomery 9 hours ago

    Thank you for your care and your honesty. Much blessings to you, young wise man.

  • Ste Sio
    Ste Sio 9 hours ago

    Can I switch mixed beans with just white beans or with lentils?

  • Lauren Coral
    Lauren Coral 9 hours ago


  • Yves Crettenand
    Yves Crettenand 10 hours ago

    When I saw you too guys standing next to each other, on the thumbnail, I literally stopped for 2 seconds, my mouth dropped, and I asked myself if I had reached heaven. Thank you so much for this amazing collab! Can't wait to give this recipe a try :D !

  • Eveeee3
    Eveeee3 10 hours ago

    instead of iodised salt could you not just take a drop of iodine in water each day? then carry on using sea salt/himilayan salt?

  • Justin Yep
    Justin Yep 10 hours ago

    Great Co-lab here! Loved it.

  • psyltobilly
    psyltobilly 10 hours ago

    1 tub Dairy Free Yoghurt??? What is a tub?

  • Chelsea Lidy
    Chelsea Lidy 10 hours ago

    Im obsessed with this video lmao

  • Sarah H.
    Sarah H. 10 hours ago

    I just love that collaboration! Perfect combination of tasty recipes and nutritious information.

  • Bonnie Bogert
    Bonnie Bogert 10 hours ago

    great combinations all around! Can't believe I've missed Sadia's channel going there now to watch your guest appearances on Pick-up-limes!! Thank you for introducing her to all your fans and visa-versa to her. Great video, as ever!

  • Lori
    Lori 10 hours ago

    I am sitting here having this pasta for dinner. WOW! There are no words to describe how good it is. The best part is my husband (who is NOT a vegan or even a vegetarian) has already finished his serving and is in the kitchen getting more. Bonus...not once has he asked where the meat is!!! I love you Gaz!

  • sicbul
    sicbul 10 hours ago

    One of your best videos, I love the recipe and the food combo! Cheers

  • Chelsea Lidy
    Chelsea Lidy 10 hours ago

    This was a cute ass collab

  • Vendula Hungerova
    Vendula Hungerova 10 hours ago

    two best vegan youtubers together!!! i love you both, single or together!!!!! best collab ever! :) :)

  • Sophia Ariana
    Sophia Ariana 10 hours ago

    he‘s so cute 😄

  • Pernilla S
    Pernilla S 11 hours ago

    And the crispiness!!!

  • Sharlene W
    Sharlene W 11 hours ago

    Both of you are so cute together 😃

  • Bianca de Groot
    Bianca de Groot 11 hours ago

    Thanks!! Great video!

  • Nia
    Nia 11 hours ago

    Loved this collab! love all your recipes Gaz -_-

  • Exype
    Exype 11 hours ago

    I didn't know Æthelstan turned vegan

  • kamu keerthana
    kamu keerthana 11 hours ago

    We need more of these collabs

  • kamu keerthana
    kamu keerthana 11 hours ago

    Every Saturday I try something new in vegetarian I got this planned from next Saturday. Thank you for good wholesome video

  • Curtis Tisberger
    Curtis Tisberger 11 hours ago

    Ide love to toss her salad

  • martitta1
    martitta1 12 hours ago

    How long should I steam my green veggies? I overcooked them a few times :( And what would be a perfect iron rich meal? I can't make it right.

  • vegan fit mumma
    vegan fit mumma 12 hours ago

    Where did you get the plain tempeh from Can't find any Im in the uk 🇬🇧

  • Jeanete Tuyishimire
    Jeanete Tuyishimire 12 hours ago

    Both of my favorite RUcliprs❤️❤️ love all the foods. Amazing just amazing.

  • Levi Hubbard
    Levi Hubbard 12 hours ago


  • agreenscorpio
    agreenscorpio 12 hours ago

    Love this video! Will you marry me? 😅

  • Voodoo Child
    Voodoo Child 12 hours ago

    This was a sexy video

  • Kerry Lee Vickers
    Kerry Lee Vickers 12 hours ago

    So excited for a collaboration with two of my favourite vegan youtubers!

  • Djanaina Salomon
    Djanaina Salomon 12 hours ago

    this is beautiful guys, im crying

  • Married Friends
    Married Friends 12 hours ago

    You both are so good... My favourite.

  • ☆MaRLieS☆
    ☆MaRLieS☆ 12 hours ago

    What a lovely video. Very informative as well and nice to know I'm on the right track when it comes to nutrition. By the way, I got your cookbook for my birthday and I've already made several dishes out of it. I love it! ♡

  • EarthArtBalance
    EarthArtBalance 12 hours ago

    Really enjoyed this. I haven't had tempeh in a while so this is great inspiration to get it back into my diet. Thank you. ~Liz aka EarthArtBalance

  • Starr68000
    Starr68000 12 hours ago

    The absolute dream team of chef/nutritionist knowledge!!! The plate method was so interesting and this entire video is an inspiration for healthy plant-based eating ☺️

  • Aksh Art
    Aksh Art 12 hours ago

    Ever heard of another Indian street food called "Vada Pav" ? I think you will love it because you basically made a Vada Pav using slightly different ingredients.

  • nonamanisss
    nonamanisss 13 hours ago

    This is a win for us all! dream collab, so much joy! :)

  • onlyyoumytaem
    onlyyoumytaem 13 hours ago

    Love you both! Two blessings for a plant based world!

  • Callan P
    Callan P 13 hours ago

    This was such a polite video if that makes any sense haha, loved this format and such great chemistry

  • Dr.Varsha Scooby
    Dr.Varsha Scooby 13 hours ago

    New subscriber 😊 from pickup limes You dish looked very indian 😊😊😊 got inspired from indian chef? Love your content

  • redcrystal69
    redcrystal69 13 hours ago

    What a great collab! I only subscribe to two vegan food channels, yours and Sadia!

  • Meagan Alexander
    Meagan Alexander 13 hours ago

    This is glorious💛

  • Winter Kommt62
    Winter Kommt62 13 hours ago

    OMG, both my VEGAN INSPIRATORS IN ONE VID! I am thrilled, excited and I THANK YOU BOTH for MAKING THIS! <3 <3 <3

  • octagonon 8
    octagonon 8 13 hours ago


  • Jessica Gabriela Ortiz

    Can you say cringe? Gaz is so chill n.n I hope she doesn't have another collab if she cant be natural about the process, not everything n everyone has to Act perfect girl, do your thang ^.^just go with the flow ~{♡.♡}~ i admire both of ya!

  • Beatriz Rodrigues
    Beatriz Rodrigues 14 hours ago

    My dream colab of all colabs

  • Abhi Goswami
    Abhi Goswami 14 hours ago

    I bet it definitely took 20-30 minutes😂

  • Wisteriamaideninsnow
    Wisteriamaideninsnow 14 hours ago

    I can’t believe this has happened! I had been wishing for this forever!!! Thank you so much for the collaboration, Gaz and Sadia😍😍😍😭😭😭😭🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼👏👏👏

  • Yesha Thakkar
    Yesha Thakkar 14 hours ago

    So inspiring you guys!! 🤝

  • Katarina Lazic
    Katarina Lazic 14 hours ago

    My cats enjoy eating wheatgrass. Conclusion: Gaz is a cat!

  • Miriam Waalkens
    Miriam Waalkens 14 hours ago

    Where I live, you can get iodised sea salt. Not quite as much iodine as table salt, but a good compromise 😊

  • Valeria Carrasco
    Valeria Carrasco 14 hours ago

    Thank uuuuu 😊💗 this I’ll try!!

  • madonnella
    madonnella 14 hours ago


  • Catfish
    Catfish 15 hours ago

    Two of my favourite tubes together. Yaaaaa. You both live in gorgeous crockery heaven.

  • Michi Melody
    Michi Melody 15 hours ago

    Can you suggest another milk to use since I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to soy? This is making things so much more difficult since everyone uses soy products when they are cutting meat out not that I'm vegan but i think my body reacts to red meats.

  • suku chougala
    suku chougala 15 hours ago

    More bloopers please

  • Lisa
    Lisa 15 hours ago

    Just found you via Pick Up Limes. Great video's really enjoying them. :)

  • Su Zana
    Su Zana 15 hours ago

    This is just out of space 🙏❤️... Please dear Sadia and dear Gaz, do that more often 🙏🙏... Both of you are special so please collaborate more 🙏❤️😍👏👏👏... And now I'll cook because I'm hungry 😎... Thank you both to the moon and back 🙏🙏🙏

  • Dorota
    Dorota 16 hours ago

    the perfect collab 💚

  • Shawn McNamara
    Shawn McNamara 16 hours ago

    Maybe a stupid question but how do you know exactly how much protein/carbs/fats you're getting when you combined everything in a big bowl then disperse it into separate containers? I kind of go crazy if I don't know exactly how much is in each container...

  • liliana Maxim
    liliana Maxim 16 hours ago


  • kidist Amare
    kidist Amare 16 hours ago

    what a collab

  • Sadie fernandez de cordova

    Very nice looking meal. I would enjoy it greatly.

  • LA Sloan
    LA Sloan 16 hours ago

    Great vlog - massive fan of Picking up Limes✨

  • Veselka Hadzieva
    Veselka Hadzieva 16 hours ago

    So glad to see you both co-working! :)

  • C D
    C D 16 hours ago

    I gave up on red meat when I realized they're mammals and they love their babies the same way we're wired biologically to love our children. Years later I gave up birds, I just can't bring myself to eat such creatures. I should add that I used to consume dairy and at a certain point I became so sick due to hormonal imbalance that my life was hell and no conventional medicine could help me, I ditched dairy and found Life again. Fish is not an option, ocean pollution and we can't even swim in most beaches due to bacteria in the water.

  • Teru SSB
    Teru SSB 16 hours ago

    This guy doesn't know shit about working out. He also uses the word superfood lmfao

  • KimmiePie
    KimmiePie 16 hours ago

    I just bought the book whoops 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • Durgesh Singh Chauhan
    Durgesh Singh Chauhan 17 hours ago

    I almost fell in luv with ur content until i realise u talk a lot ...i mean a a a a lottttt... No hard feelings. Just my opinion. People like me are more interested in recipe.

  • jac gilmour
    jac gilmour 17 hours ago

    I think I need an insulin shot just watching!

  • Marcus Eng
    Marcus Eng 17 hours ago

    Has anyone tried doing this sous vide? If so, what time and temperature would you recommend?