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  • get fucking rekt
    get fucking rekt 4 hours ago

    Nah, they fucked over markass

  • Calvin Zou
    Calvin Zou 4 hours ago

    that NBA money different

  • Delvin Yosia Rizky
    Delvin Yosia Rizky 4 hours ago

    terus terusno bro

  • Luridmoirai
    Luridmoirai 4 hours ago

    Do they mess with skate shoes on here at all?

  • Killah GoCrazy
    Killah GoCrazy 4 hours ago

    You can tell they tryna make sure they think before they say anything 😂

  • flippin_son
    flippin_son 4 hours ago

    Good variety

  • Jordan Norris
    Jordan Norris 4 hours ago

    Shout Out Hot Ones for the assist!

  • MrAMGcl65
    MrAMGcl65 4 hours ago

    SZ 13 and 14 copss

  • Jenla pongener
    Jenla pongener 4 hours ago

    I believe Joji when he says “ I probably didn’t go out much”

  • Abi
    Abi 4 hours ago

    how tall is joe? anyone?

  • Joey F
    Joey F 4 hours ago

    Your total is twendyzreetowzanfohundraninedyate. Ronaldo had no idea what he said but was like whatever it is i can afford it

  • Ange Ashley
    Ange Ashley 4 hours ago

    Lol 🤣😂🤣😂😁😂🤣

  • jebusgod
    jebusgod 4 hours ago

    JLP wearing pure heat this week, ACRONYM Prestos are the greatest

  • KingKyrie
    KingKyrie 4 hours ago

    Joe looking like he just rolled outta bed with that fit

    THEREALJAYW00 4 hours ago

    I respect him as a fellow sneakerhead but his ball game is ass. He can play a little D but he still trash 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Emilee Foreman
    Emilee Foreman 4 hours ago

    $2,409....for SNEAKERS thats fuckin crazy.

  • Matthew Wesson
    Matthew Wesson 4 hours ago

    Do a Andy mineo sneaker shopping

  • Jesus Herrera
    Jesus Herrera 4 hours ago

    PJ does it again straight 🔥

  • Stephen Leonardi
    Stephen Leonardi 4 hours ago

    yal hate on g easy mgk russ and logic so bad its crazy ..

  • Lounged Up
    Lounged Up 4 hours ago

    Why AK outfits always make me cringe?

  • RedLeaf37
    RedLeaf37 4 hours ago

    This pepper made Chili klaus do the macarena uncontrollably

  • alexis gonzalez
    alexis gonzalez 4 hours ago

    There’s goes a full year of tuition

  • Francois Langevin
    Francois Langevin 4 hours ago

    Coolio got BAallz

  • Kristoff Pistorius
    Kristoff Pistorius 4 hours ago

    Good interview bro!!

  • Killer Vine
    Killer Vine 4 hours ago

    *chris brown

    FULL_SEND JAIME 4 hours ago

    We all know he was gonna wear ninja merch and sweats

  • Shaun
    Shaun 4 hours ago

    No flame shirt, my disappointment is immeasurable

  • nes
    nes 4 hours ago

    ronnie2k disliked the video

  • Luis Espinal
    Luis Espinal 4 hours ago

    He laughs like the exorcist in scary movie 2...

  • nirorinify
    nirorinify 4 hours ago

    One of the sickest fucking episodes

  • eriknava210
    eriknava210 4 hours ago

    Man I was fucking trippin. I literally sneezed at the same exact time Wayno sneezed then I heard Nadeska say "Bless you". I literally dropped my phone freaking the fuck out lol

  • Dae Dae
    Dae Dae 4 hours ago

    Best Moments 10:51 41:05 39:53 40:14 42:34 43:13

  • johnny 2fire
    johnny 2fire 4 hours ago

    Dam Tony the fuck did you get a great interview outta Nate diaz. Nate Diaz got payyyyyyed cause he did sick in this interview

  • Raj Singh
    Raj Singh 4 hours ago

    “What foot wear”

  • Tobbles
    Tobbles 4 hours ago

    Light 14k for sneakers

  • Paige Berard
    Paige Berard 4 hours ago

    I wonder if "homeboy is gonna, like, get it" if he meets Bella in those shoes.

  • legit booty29
    legit booty29 4 hours ago

    "im 69" me: *Nice*

  • MMa Fanatic P
    MMa Fanatic P 4 hours ago

    Jorge will knock out Diaz in round 1 if not round 2

  • Chris Kapur
    Chris Kapur 4 hours ago

    This episode should be called Monopoly money

  • chris hampshire
    chris hampshire 4 hours ago

    deal real records what historic shop for hip hop that was i loved that place i used to take 200 mile trip by my self to be in that little sweaty gritty vibing lil gem of a place they need to do a doc of that shop or sure . big up a-trak been enjoying your needle dropping skills since about 97 rock on scratch djs for life blessings

  • Daniel Cooney
    Daniel Cooney 4 hours ago

    Wow those are overpriced

  • Michael Mutsai
    Michael Mutsai 4 hours ago


  • Rayfil Wong
    Rayfil Wong 4 hours ago

    seems like nice and humble guy ⚽️

  • Young Buddha
    Young Buddha 4 hours ago

    How many rappers got "numb" tattooed on them tho smh

  • Peter Jr
    Peter Jr 4 hours ago

    b0ss? Is that you b0ss? 😢I miss you papu

  • Joe Chill
    Joe Chill 4 hours ago

    Ronaldo sucks

    EFFINPEELED 4 hours ago

    Dana’s lisp tho

  • RealBIGDEE
    RealBIGDEE 4 hours ago

    Ak atleast know bout Ab-soul

  • Last Earthbender
    Last Earthbender 4 hours ago

    Say what you will about Dana but I love he has no filter when insulting people.

  • Luh Ryan
    Luh Ryan 4 hours ago

    Get Luh Kel on this show

  • zepcrazyfre
    zepcrazyfre 4 hours ago

    PJ should've shopped at *'Round 2'* 🤣 btw he lost his crown....let me explain: Click 👇 (2018) 21 pairs cost him approximately *$16,994.57* (2019) 8 pairs (60% decrease) cost him approximately *$33,283.10.* If my mathematical calculations are precise, he took a lose with a 49% decrease differential from just 12 months prior (note he was just *$606.04* shy of legitimately doubling his prior record high...21 pairs for less but 8 pairs for more...not goode) my point is, *'True Pure-Blood Royalty'* (King of Shoe Game Title smh) are consciously aware of their surroundings and most importantly their *WEALTH* whenever their majesty loses sight of those things, the kingdom and castle is comprised and defeat becomes inevitable. You are no King PJ...not anymore. Thank you for your time reader!

  • Mr. Noice
    Mr. Noice 4 hours ago

    Odell Beckham:" breaths" Employee:" gothu gothu gothu..."

  • tontonpacute
    tontonpacute 5 hours ago

    wow 33k? where is that on the list of sneaker shopping?

  • Azo Pucho
    Azo Pucho 5 hours ago

    damn this guy is still a looser xD

  • Dr. Ziegler
    Dr. Ziegler 5 hours ago

    A sneakerhead called "Joe la Puma" hahahaha

  • Balls Deep
    Balls Deep 5 hours ago

    Damn..wayno got ak 😆

  • Dathan Atkinson
    Dathan Atkinson 5 hours ago

    No Joe No Show

  • Janeth
    Janeth 5 hours ago

    I be 14 and hardly copy her 💀

  • Derp Slurp
    Derp Slurp 5 hours ago


  • Mr. Noice
    Mr. Noice 5 hours ago

    P.j tucker: "looks at something " Employee:" whatcha lookin' at over dere?"

  • Butt Hash
    Butt Hash 5 hours ago

    canada is in the future.

  • Jesse Moreau
    Jesse Moreau 5 hours ago

    What this with all the flashing and no epilepsy warning. I MEAN GEEZE!

  • Mr. Noice
    Mr. Noice 5 hours ago

    Comment for "what your feeling " Like for "what your not"

  • The A T N I P
    The A T N I P 5 hours ago

    Good eyes, good tastes perfect 👌🏼❤️ 🇵🇭 🔥 💯

  • PatSorensen
    PatSorensen 5 hours ago

    Kevin Lee definitely a milk first boy

  • Elijah Moun
    Elijah Moun 5 hours ago

    cashier kinda bad

  • oldnavy180
    oldnavy180 5 hours ago

    I miss pink guy...

  • Duotang
    Duotang 5 hours ago

    shoutout to the editors on this one! Great episode!

  • Da Brock
    Da Brock 5 hours ago

    DAYUMMMM 33k man it must be nice

  • Rohan Wicks
    Rohan Wicks 5 hours ago

    Probably my fave ep to date.

  • Red Salimander
    Red Salimander 5 hours ago

    Is it me or does anyone else think P.J. Tucker looks like Garret from the Superstore tv show??

  • Indra Taylor
    Indra Taylor 5 hours ago


  • Kyle Carattini
    Kyle Carattini 5 hours ago

    This man looks like an insect

  • Indra Taylor
    Indra Taylor 5 hours ago


  • BestContentSouthAfrica

    nadeska that hairstyle gotta go now sis...…. come on!

  • Waterdog4506
    Waterdog4506 5 hours ago

    Do will smith. Please

  • MusicMitchy
    MusicMitchy 5 hours ago

    He says "this dude in the MAGA hat"... That used to be his good friend. They even lived together and trained together. Hmmm things change I guess.

  • Chris G
    Chris G 5 hours ago

    The only episode in I dont know how long, that I'd actually buy & rock heavy what the Guest is buyin & flexin. Thx JlP & props as always PJT. Glad I shook your hand @ SConn Bay! ✌

  • Beans 247
    Beans 247 5 hours ago

    Off whites = beaters

  • n0xPlays
    n0xPlays 5 hours ago

    33 rackssssss whaaaat

  • Alec Livermont
    Alec Livermont 5 hours ago

    Joe and PJ look like they swapped sweatshirts before the video.

  • Chancla Man
    Chancla Man 5 hours ago

    I love it when Joji bows, he's so respectful cause of his Japanese culture.

  • Bxullux
    Bxullux 5 hours ago

    It’s the blue hair funny fortnite man

  • GlazedSandwich
    GlazedSandwich 5 hours ago

    I think this show is one of the lamest complex shows. IMO.

  • e soss
    e soss 5 hours ago

    Fuckkk am so happy for for this kid and that CANELO glove blessing Complex ya it the real mvp Real talk Well deserved

  • Martin Liu
    Martin Liu 5 hours ago

    Does complex pay him for coming to the show?

  • Spencer Maichin
    Spencer Maichin 5 hours ago

    Maybe signing with stockX after seeing that green hoody on 👀

  • JobG
    JobG 5 hours ago

    Respect a man when he spends 33k on shoes

  • gunsanroses99
    gunsanroses99 5 hours ago

    That stealing scene was so fake lmaooo

  • Indra Taylor
    Indra Taylor 5 hours ago


  • Waterdog4506
    Waterdog4506 5 hours ago

    I love his sweater. It’s amazing. Comfy and looks dope

  • Anthony Aleman
    Anthony Aleman 5 hours ago

    Dana is fuckin hilarious

  • Zabraih go imeto
    Zabraih go imeto 5 hours ago

    Why she didn’t buy Nike mag

  • reggp1
    reggp1 5 hours ago

    Vans were 🗑 he had less then 10 kicks for 33 bands even rich N can’t be that stupid

  • Indra Taylor
    Indra Taylor 5 hours ago


  • Noah Cain
    Noah Cain 5 hours ago

    Bring on the sneaker don

  • Indra Taylor
    Indra Taylor 5 hours ago


  • Chad Henry
    Chad Henry 5 hours ago

    Wale had these dunks on when he was a model for lrg in the vibe and source magazine's back in the day

  • Blizzard Snipes
    Blizzard Snipes 5 hours ago

    flight club prices craaazy

  • Henry Haines
    Henry Haines 5 hours ago

    Low key comedian