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Menace Of Plastic Waste
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  • Tundednut TV
    Tundednut TV 4 hours ago

    APC is scam

  • vera Holy
    vera Holy 4 hours ago

    I am seriously disappointed in the way this Apc channel use to interrogate their guests is unprofessional.They are always fond of interrupting them when they are airing out their views once they notice that is going against their godfather (cow buhadist). We all know he is filling ur pockets that is y u are against Comrade Sowore. The same buhadist that charge Sowore for revolution, carry out a protest on Revolution 2011 & 2015 against GEJ. He overthrown a democratically elected president 1983 no punishment was awarded to him. He has the audacity to charge Sowore! Well as the Senior advocate has said "It's just like a child's play"

  • Anti Mol
    Anti Mol 4 hours ago

    Leave this Adesina alone. He is the master dodger. You will never get him to say what you want to hear. His master pays him well to speak like this. He has mastered the art of deception disguised as loyalty.

  • index cyber cafe
    index cyber cafe 4 hours ago

    Lemu,,, are you sure Nigeria is governed by rules of law?

  • live for today
    live for today 4 hours ago

    You dont know what you are talking about Nigeria government is a disgrace all over the world..

  • Nafiu Shittu
    Nafiu Shittu 4 hours ago

    Keep quiet and continue to collect money from Mumu Sowore

  • Ehis Moses
    Ehis Moses 4 hours ago

    You are not a lawyer if you are

  • Favor Blessed
    Favor Blessed 4 hours ago

    Oh my God... Precious you just speak like South African... Beautiful lady, welcome back home

  • Kizo Black
    Kizo Black 4 hours ago

    But Buhari try to over take Jonathan government in 2011 by calling for revolution

  • wig cap
    wig cap 4 hours ago

    Has long has we have people like this coming on TV to talk to Nigerians our country would never improve!!. I know ignoring Nigerians will be coming after me and I am waiting.

  • bamjoshy
    bamjoshy 4 hours ago

    Flash back - how is this for INCITEMENT / treason - “If what happened in 2011 (alleged rigging) should again happen in 2015, by the grace of God, the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood.’ - "kare jini biri jinni" - Buhari 2014 Obtuse atrophied brian Buhari consistently called for mass action since 2003, with inciting statements at his campaign rallies e.g. "lynch them" directive of his CPC’s unguarded campaign utterances in 2011 and inspired the post election violence that year, and of the strategy of the supporters of the ANPP especially in Bauchi state in 2007, a la his doctrine of protect your votes, a kasa, a tsare, a raka. Justice Ahmed Lemu & his panel verdict: said it is true that Buhari inspired the violence but it is also true that PDP’s rigging machine provoked it. In effect, the report claimed, there is an egalitarian share of the blame.

  • bamjoshy
    bamjoshy 4 hours ago

    Obtuse atrophied brian Muhammadu Buhari led protest marches after each consecutive loss of the presidential elections won by Messrs Olusegun Obasanjo, Yar’adua and Goodluck Jonathan of the PDP in 2003, 2004 and 2014 but was neither arrested nor charged for planning to overthrow the government. Military officers who toppled elected governments in Nigeria in January 1966 and December 1983 and were never arrested and prosecuted by the Federal government. Any political leader who criticized the federal government has always been accused of engaging in sabotage, treason, treasonable felony or terrorism. Individuals and bodies that have been so accused include: “The Nigeria Labour Congress under the leadership of Comrade Adams Oshiomole, the current Chairman of the APC had been accused of sabotaging the economy for protesting against the incessant increase in the prices of fuel under the former Olusegun Obasanjo administration. “In 2010, the Jonathan administration accused former Vice President Atiku Abubakar of treason of saying that those who make peaceful change impossible make violent change inevitable. “In 2010, the Jonathan administration accused ex-military president Ibrahim Babangida, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and other PDP leaders of sponsoring the bomb blast which occurred at Abuja and killed 16 people and injured several others. Chief Raymond Dokpesi arrested and detained. But the alleged sponsors of the bomb blast were not prosecuted due to lack of evidence to substantiate the monstrous allegation. In 2011, General Muhammadu Buhari was accused of sponsoring political violence. “In 2014, the Jonathan administration accused the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) of sabotage for going on strike to demand adequate funding for public universities. In 2015, SSS and armed soldiers invaded the Lagos State Secretariat of the APC and carted away computers. At the end of the invasion, the Applicant / Respondent claimed that it had found evidence of the planned rigging of the 2015 general elections but the leaders of the APC were not charged with any offence “In May 2015, the federal government warned those who were planning a coup de tat to desist from the plot. Even though the Chief of Army Staff, General Tukur Buratai denied the involvement of the Nigerian Army in the planned coup but the alleged coup plotters have not been arrested and prosecuted

  • Gabriel Adebayo
    Gabriel Adebayo 4 hours ago

    Buhari and his cabal have once again demonstrated their illiteracy

  • Henry Okpara
    Henry Okpara 4 hours ago

    I like Natasha..... Somebody give me a hook up

  • mike mike
    mike mike 4 hours ago

    perhaps seun even agrees is as dead as DoDo

  • wig cap
    wig cap 4 hours ago

    I hate this man so much. Everything about him is so fake and he's a con man.

    • Merit Omo
      Merit Omo 4 hours ago

      can you tell us the reasons why you hate a man you didn't create?

  • Samson Ajayi
    Samson Ajayi 4 hours ago

    Baby lawyer go and learn more under a better chamber..

  • TemiTope Tope1
    TemiTope Tope1 4 hours ago

    Lemu sounds like Taiwan or Chinese name cuz he’s not speaking the same language on this issues. The law on seduction has been abolished totally I thought you’re a lawyer what school do u go to

  • Esbamken
    Esbamken 4 hours ago

    APC made Nigerians to now know that PDP was a saint Is now we really have dictators (APC) in power

  • Imafidon Oziegbe
    Imafidon Oziegbe 4 hours ago

    Or middle law exist in Nigeria

  • SEUN A.
    SEUN A. 4 hours ago

    "Dead as Dodo" . I was initially trying to figure out how dodo (plantain) can be dead. Thank God he explained Dodo he was referring to. Ozekhome is a brilliant man. His speeches alone are Master classes.

  • valomo izi
    valomo izi 4 hours ago

    Talk talk this stupid news seun basket mouth when sowore was campaign he never read about him shameless yoruba people. Biafra is on his way. Buhari jubril oshiomole Adam's tinubu etc politicians apc has done worse than omoyele. This is what ur greedy politicians voted an illiterate with no certificate fools Any Buhari is not the government but bakare and co has taken over Nigeria zoo .Aisha Buhari cried out to Nigerians but u all ignored her Aisha told Nigerians to wake up and take back their country so why nobody questions her ..very day grammar grammar about Nigeria...divide Nigeria now let the northerners cabal go rule their bokoharam and fulani herdsmen.

  • Imafidon Oziegbe
    Imafidon Oziegbe 4 hours ago

    Do we have caught in Nigeria we don't have anyone

  • tlig
    tlig 4 hours ago

    Very impressive.

  • Peter Emeka Palmer
    Peter Emeka Palmer 4 hours ago

    What do you expert from an illitrate president, even thé People that surrouds him, he does not understand what you are saying, he understands one language ruga and fulani , ï only blame those that brought and voted for him

  • Paul Michael
    Paul Michael 4 hours ago

    Nigeria is a country of looters started from the president and minister of all cabinet..all barawo.

  • Toni Ngoladi
    Toni Ngoladi 4 hours ago

    I'm really very interested in knowing where the constitution says the Vice President has the responsibility of overseeing NEMA. The 1999 Constitution does not assign any responsibility to the Vice President. He acts only in the absence of the President if authorized by the transmission a letter to that effect to the Senate by the President. The constitution on the other hand gives the president the discretion to assign the supervision of any department or agency of the Federal Government to the Vice President or a Minister. Also, I don't think NEMA is one of the Federal Government agencies established by the constitution. So I'm wondering how the constitution could have empowered the Vice President to oversee an agency which it didn't established. NEMA was established by an Act of the National Assembly. Maybe that Act vests the responsibility of supervising NEMA on the Vice President (not 100% sure) . Otherwise, the President is the only person who can assign that responsibility to the Vice President, not the constitution.

  • Gbenga Ajiboye
    Gbenga Ajiboye 4 hours ago

    Will he take away Fuel subsidy? I doubt it. Will he take away FX subsidy? I doubt it?

  • George Osazuwa Ebehiremen

    Channels TV please get serious and lead discussions in the right direction. Bring known knowledgeable people, known public figures without any political affiliation to air their views on serious issues like this. Not this Lemu guy that is not known.

  • Akhahon Lucky
    Akhahon Lucky 4 hours ago

    Stop that nonsense buhari is dead this is jubril

  • Paul Michael
    Paul Michael 4 hours ago

    Pls arrest the politicians behind it too..

  • Ike Mac
    Ike Mac 4 hours ago

    Rest on mama, you were a big part of my childhood.

  • Clement Nathaniel
    Clement Nathaniel 4 hours ago

    Shame on Buhari Government and saying that Buhari do the right thing they are idiot that miss Buhari is now Above the constitution of Nigeria

  • Gbenga Ajiboye
    Gbenga Ajiboye 4 hours ago

    Hiiiiii La Tasha 😊😍

  • Tajudeen Halimah
    Tajudeen Halimah 4 hours ago

    Thank you so much sir for speaking the truth May God bless you

    • wig cap
      wig cap 4 hours ago

      Why are you saying god bless him for? He's part of the problem in the country. He has money more than your state. How did he get his money? By serving the politician. Get the f*** out of here!

  • Chai !
    Chai ! 4 hours ago

    Professor Soyinka should also come and join the protest, if he's a true Nigerians democratic. We are full of talk but no action.

  • Samson Ajayi
    Samson Ajayi 4 hours ago

    Good answer chief Mike. Everyone laughed.

  • mohamed ahmad
    mohamed ahmad 5 hours ago

    ينقصنا الإرادة والثقة بالنفس لازناقصنا لغة ولا ناقصنا اَي شي

  • Rasaq Ayinla
    Rasaq Ayinla 5 hours ago


  • mohamed ahmad
    mohamed ahmad 5 hours ago

    نحن لازم لازم نتكلم بلغة اهلنا البيفهموه عشان نفهمهم ويفهمونها ونجبر الناس هي اللتتعلم لغتنا

  • Chai !
    Chai ! 5 hours ago

    Am happy Nigerians now have Democracy they requested for. GOOD FOR Soworo among others.

  • mohamed ahmad
    mohamed ahmad 5 hours ago

    عندنا مشكلة كبيرة في كل مستويات المجتمع ويعتبر نقطة ضعف وعائق كبير لتقدمنا وهو عدم التعامل بندية مع الخواجات بالذات متحدثي للغة الإنجليزية ودي مشكلة كل العرب والافارقة عندنا انهزام داخلي واعتقاد خاطئ بان التطور والتقدم هو تعلم الإنجليزية ودي بلداتنا وعدم قدرتنا في التفكير الذاتي والتطوير الذاتي لادواتنا المحلية وخير دليل علي ان التقدم والفهم ما مربوط بالإنجليزي الصينين والروس والإيرانيين ما في زول فيهم شغال بالغة الإنجليزية ولا بيحبوها عشان كدا لازم نحن نفك العقدة

  • ak4j247
    ak4j247 5 hours ago

    The panelists have identified all the issues. But, who will listen to them? Only 120 views? By the way, no point dropping names, it's shameless advertising. So sad...

  • Akintunde Josiah
    Akintunde Josiah 5 hours ago

    Mr Lemu, your analysis is a mockery of justice!. How did Sowore try to take over government through protest? People like you should be more knowledgeable but your argument here is chaotic and unreasonable! You are a shame to your dear profession. So sad😭

  • John mondesir
    John mondesir 5 hours ago

    It is not impossible for Nigerian to have unity and invest in each region?? The problem is the people from the bottom, up sadly a problem of all Black people Especially Nigerians they worship White people....You invest in the West more than u do your home,Devalue your culture to elevate their religion, bow to there Men And women but mad when they call u less than and a shithole ...Smh Black people especially Nigerian don't value themselves

  • barry eekpa
    barry eekpa 5 hours ago

    Adesina, is fighting to keep his job, he has a large ear but only hears what he wants to hear, he is a shameless bigot

  • Sarah Isreal
    Sarah Isreal 5 hours ago

    What do you expect for a president who don't have a primary school certificate Shame to Buhari does who support his evil may evil never finish from their house in Jesus name. Amen

  • Sarah Isreal
    Sarah Isreal 5 hours ago

    God bless you sir

  • ike ojibi
    ike ojibi 5 hours ago

    I tire for dis country ooo, shoooo, what of d one wey Obasanjo tiff na? Now una one borrow another one? Okay ooo

  • Virtue Paragon
    Virtue Paragon 5 hours ago

    There is no Unity at all we most divide

  • Kizo Black
    Kizo Black 5 hours ago

    Mr presenter u are asking wrong question wen Buhari ask for revolution in nigeria in 2011 can u compare that to Libya and Egypt why compare Sowore call for revolution now matter to u

  • Lady Steve
    Lady Steve 5 hours ago

    You are not telling us what is the truth.

  • Charles Emeka
    Charles Emeka 5 hours ago

    Well done sir God will expand your business more

  • Kofi Banana
    Kofi Banana 5 hours ago

    Useless people you are now clamoring for peace because Biafra agitators are making advancement. You can deceive man but not God because the heart of every king is in hand

  • Hon.Daniel Williams
    Hon.Daniel Williams 5 hours ago

    I can't business with any south African man in my life again. Wicked country.

  • Saskia
    Saskia 5 hours ago

    Good Nigerian on this programme. South Africans also don't cover up for our corrupt politicians. They need to be exposed, they rob the citizens.

  • Maddi Maree
    Maddi Maree 5 hours ago


  • Saskia
    Saskia 5 hours ago

    If Zuma, Corrupt previous president of SA stashed money here in a British bank, arrest the thug and throw away the key. Our country cannot get the douche behind bars.

  • Kelvin Okoyo
    Kelvin Okoyo 5 hours ago

    Please sir, we will contribute and get you a presidential ticket from any party of your choice

  • John Fahey
    John Fahey 5 hours ago

    Nice thumbnail reuse. 😂 will the seagulls get stuck in the eco concrete? lol 😆

  • Watching the Hawks
    Watching the Hawks 5 hours ago


  • Thabo Sethipa
    Thabo Sethipa 5 hours ago

    Using student permit to conduct business 😄😄

    • Inthenameoflove
      Inthenameoflove 4 hours ago

      Thabo Seshit Because your government is full of shit you fool, it wouldn't give a fellow African permit to do business, but would issue to whites.

    • 2pac 2pac
      2pac 2pac 5 hours ago

      Yeah we are not dolly like you guys hahaha!!!.

  • Dguy night river
    Dguy night river 5 hours ago

    Great news from Nigeria

  • Thabo Sethipa
    Thabo Sethipa 5 hours ago

    But South Africa investing billions in Nigeria and yet you bring us informal traders with no medical care, who dont pay taxes, but instead are using state resources for free...WE NEED BIG BUSINESS FROM NIGERIA NOT THIS THINGS

    • Thabo Sethipa
      Thabo Sethipa 5 hours ago

      @2pac 2pac They were paying and your Government was scamming them to pay more so politicians can steal more..

    • Gilbert Denila
      Gilbert Denila 5 hours ago

      Your people in SA are lazy bones especially your men. Be there and be dreaming of big business coming to SA. The Whites are the economic backbone of SA. They own the economy and built your infrastructure. They are not complaining of any foreigners. Rather it is you illiterates and unhealthy lot that are looting shops and stealing cans of coke and Fanta. What a shame.

    • 2pac 2pac
      2pac 2pac 5 hours ago

      MTN was not paying taxes here for long. Dubious criminals!!!.

  • Thabo Sethipa
    Thabo Sethipa 6 hours ago

    You tell your parents that you have business in South Africa, but when business fails you sell drugs

    • Nwabu King
      Nwabu King 4 hours ago

      Thabo Sethipa cynicism doesn’t look good on you.

  • Benson Ifeanyi
    Benson Ifeanyi 6 hours ago

    Am sorry for this country because since I was born it has been repairing of the refineries. Another way to defraud the southerners.

  • A Igbo
    A Igbo 6 hours ago

    SOLUDO, don't join the Fulanis. You are nothing but an Alibi to them. The Fulanis are now all Professors and Drs but without any achievements in any sectors of Life. They use the Money to marry 4 to 10 wives and nothing more. Waste of precious time.

  • Ezcon Ezecon
    Ezcon Ezecon 6 hours ago

    Ojiuzor kalu fulani will not save you

  • Eddy Oligie
    Eddy Oligie 6 hours ago

    This is vationpolteinapoltion 😅😅😅

  • Bright Ephraim
    Bright Ephraim 6 hours ago

    Kadu ihe mere na anaghi asu Igbo n'igba a juju onu a. Igbo language is needed in a place like this

  • Frank Okosun
    Frank Okosun 6 hours ago

    Great idea

  • Col. Gaddafi Malema
    Col. Gaddafi Malema 6 hours ago

    Precious Uzoechi Nigeria is capital of poverty not Giant

    • Nwabu King
      Nwabu King 4 hours ago

      Col. Gaddafi Malema Have you ever been to Nigeria?

  • Emmanuel Akpabio
    Emmanuel Akpabio 6 hours ago

    I don’t understand the Igbos. Instead of uniting to archive their goal, they are clamoring for the creation of more states for them. The ones they have now, what have their leaders done to improve the lot of their people? The rest of the country is just laughing at you guys.

  • SAMCEE World Channel

    This is very unacceptable! But, this case it mild, if I show you Anambra's own version you'll shed blood... Stay tuned, it'll come in a while!

  • Col. Gaddafi Malema
    Col. Gaddafi Malema 7 hours ago

    Prophet of our time Mazi Nnamdi Kanu arrived in Japan today to give a Biafrans an update about our nation of Biafra........Say no to one Nigrrrra

  • Xoliswa Martin
    Xoliswa Martin 7 hours ago

    Jeff apologise for your government not SA, we have been reporting crime to your police and we use all structures to whistle blow but all in vain, now South Africa is taking the law into thier hands its not xenophobic, we have tried to informed our government trying to show signal of being unhappy with the way things are going in this country pertaining foreigners smugling drugs and other crime after we informed and there iwas no response on the other of the government people instead people whistle blow were harassed and killed by drug Lords people became fed up and impatient opted to react now the hard way and force the system these are the results of civilian reactions let me remind you in SA apertheit history of our youth, inJune 1976 South Africans reacted against Afrikaans as a language of oppressors, if you remember schools were burnt, consumer boycott imposed, apartheid police were killed including black police who were working with the regime of that time ,if you leaders can collect your minds you will understand that this is not xenophobia that is happening now between South Africans and Foreigners, its a retaliation against loose government and corrupt foreigners, don't confused or misinterpret what is happening here in SA inform the world dont apoligise explain and put the world on board as to what is happening in SA so that they know and feel the pain o f South African people...negotiate with these countries affected to come fetch thier criminal and throw them in thier jails like Timothy Omotoso who came here as a pastor and collet lots of money from merciful people of the South Africa there follow rape scandals from this Nigerian pastor, what do you expect people of this country feel, and the Justice system of SA being so lenient to this foreign pastor favours this pastor to change the judge of his choice being a pepetrator of the crime can you imagine , come on think again before you apologise Jeff Radebe..

  • Omar Mohammed
    Omar Mohammed 7 hours ago

    Well said sis " we so proud of you and your whole time and you have our best wishes keep it up . God be with you sis🙏

  • Dickson Kennedy Edobor Edobor

    Actually the way he handle the Nigeria then was okay but the only problem is when he took Nigeria money to Switzerland

  • One Tribes
    One Tribes 7 hours ago

    Clever sister.. very well spoken

  • Donald Oden
    Donald Oden 7 hours ago

    Only those who believe in perpetual cheating want unity. The lopsided nature of the constitution and political configuration can only lead to chaos.

  • Donald Oden
    Donald Oden 7 hours ago

    No justice, no equity and you want unity ? .... what a joke !!

  • Xoliswa Martin
    Xoliswa Martin 7 hours ago

    Jeff Radebe and your fellow leadership you are the reason these foreigners has been beaten up, if your law enforcement was tight and secured in SA boders, home affairs and SAPS we would not be in this chaos and fiasco, Nigerians should send bocoharam straigjt to you and your families when make thier revenge , All of you ANC government

  • E.D. Akin
    E.D. Akin 7 hours ago

    All these stories going round even from 1st term. Africans so called big men lack shame. This is a VP who already has married children,, who I am guessing has no child he is struggling to pay school fees for. A VP that has worked very closely with the Billionaire Tinubu that packaged this Moronic Buhari President on Nigerians. Unlike most Nigerians struggling to get by today,, money is not Osinbanjo's problem. Why can't he just resign? These people are classless!!! Imagine Ganduje Kano state governor caught on camera collecting bribe during his 1st term, now ruling (they are ALL. rulers, we have never had leaders in this contraction called Nigeria) Kano a 2nd term. In Asia their counterpart would have committed suicide. In Nigeria for the same action the fellow is enjoying a 2nd term in government, a crime that is on U tube. And the president who happens to come from same party with this governor claims to be incorruptible. Very laughable!!

  • Sarah Isreal
    Sarah Isreal 7 hours ago

    Any sensible government, will first work for peace then light then good road. Every other things will follow

  • Josef Obong
    Josef Obong 7 hours ago

    Liar! Tell me in which other country Fulani herdsmen are killing people with impunity as they are doing in Nigeria.

  • Xoliswa Martin
    Xoliswa Martin 7 hours ago

    Hey its a pity that the drugs you smughled in SA and sell to our SA youth are the cause of this fiasco, you were killed by the youth who were all high on drugs as a result when they are high with drugs thier minds don't think straight and work properly they just think and act, Nigerians you reap what you sow, had you not sell drugs in SA you would be safe no nomal people can do this if they were sober , go back to your lousy Nigeria and sell those drugs and cheap fake good in your own country and leave lazy Sa in thier country, you mumu Nigerians

  • Emma Lylyna
    Emma Lylyna 7 hours ago

    adesina is EVIL,one of the biggest problem nigeria is facing and everything about channel television is despicable. adesina you know what am saying, you are a good devil

  • John Iwuji
    John Iwuji 7 hours ago

    Femi Adesina the MASTER of PHOTOSHOP, and MASTER OF LIES

  • Josef Obong
    Josef Obong 7 hours ago


  • E.D. Akin
    E.D. Akin 7 hours ago

    When did Channels TV reduce to this? Is the VP deaf and dump or bedridden? What is stopping Channels from going to interview the VP wherever he is?

  • fowler555
    fowler555 7 hours ago

    Is this supposed to be a joke? How can there be economic development without security? These same idiots organizing pointless symposiums provide tacit and other support to Bokoharam and Fulani herdsmen

  • Titilayo Towobola
    Titilayo Towobola 7 hours ago

    Careless parentage brings about these sort of children. Teenage pregnancy, carelessly accumulating children like property is part of the cause of this problem. Quantitative and focusing on having qualitative family. Omo bere osi bere. Numerous children numerous poverty. Look at her straying about the country and on the long run she got herself into crime. Brother sadiq can never deny her . Why didn't she pick another person?

  • Jesus serve my life bro

    More room to steal money rubbish

  • abimbola abiodun
    abimbola abiodun 8 hours ago

    They are not only scared but also corroborated

  • abimbola abiodun
    abimbola abiodun 8 hours ago

    He has a right to express himself .

  • Ralph Lawrence
    Ralph Lawrence 8 hours ago

    She has a south African accent

  • Doesman cliché
    Doesman cliché 8 hours ago

    South west should grow some balls for crying out loud....

  • M G
    M G 8 hours ago

    Prostitute Maha.. useless

  • Bede Bike
    Bede Bike 8 hours ago

    How can Nigeria ever work when we don't even know who the Nigerians are? We recently absorbed Fulani's all over west Africa into an unstable economy & making provisions for them after all the murders they have committed. Nigeria is a very big joke.

  • Hotep Muh Dyk Amen Ra Nnngggrrr

    “Indian manufactured vehicle assembled in Nigeria.” It’s like buying an IKEA dresser, you assemble it.